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Qing's Quest

Qing's Quest by Henrik Saetre


Two worlds on the brink of annihilation, an unlikely hero must rise to save everything he holds dear... Isekaied into the terrifying world of Elrydisan, Qing Baker must quickly adapt and survive, armed only with his wits, a mysterious quest, and a growing set of powers from a system he barely understands. He becomes the last hope for Shadowgrove, a village beset by evil. Qing must level up his skills, conquer his fears, and make heart-wrenching choices to unravel the secrets of this new world and prevent a cataclysm. But Qing is not alone in this fight. Joined in his adventures by a grizzled veteran and a fiery young warrior, he'll forge unbreakable bonds with brave allies and discover wells of courage he never knew he had. Yet even as he battles external threats, Qing must also grapple with his own inner demons and the heavy weight of leadership he never asked for. Can an unlikely hero like Qing rise to become a beacon of hope in a land shrouded by darkness? Or will both Elrydisan and Earth fall to ruin? Packed with intense action, emotional depth, and shocking twists, Qing's Quest is a riveting LitRPG portal fantasy perfect for fans of He Who Fights with Monsters and The Way of the Shaman. You'll be on the edge of your seat as Qing faces down undead armies, demons, grapples with agonising moral dilemmas, and discovers his true magical power. An action-packed blend of LitRPG and Portal Isekai, with strong character growth and development.

The Tyrant's Daughter

The Tyrant's Daughter by I.D. Marie

A princess longs to be a hero, while a bounty hunter fights for his freedom. Will they be each other’s ruin or salvation? Welcome to the Empire of Pangaea: a land of legends, mutants, technological marvels, and every form of sin you can imagine. Peace should be within reach in a world united under the global empire. But as a new species of superpowered mutants starts to grow in number, so does unrest. As the world teeters on the edge of war, two enemies must become unlikely allies. Arianne Murray, a forgotten warrior princess, and Blackjack, an infamous bounty hunter, must put aside their differences to survive the growing chaos. Their abilities and humanity is tested as they are thrown into a dystopian journey of survival and forced to grapple with feral mutants, deadly tricksters, and a tyrant who will stop at nothing until he owns the world. Prepare to take flight in the action-packed first installment of the five-part Legends of Pangaea series concocted in the underground labs of Pangaea. The chemical formula is perfect for sci-fi fans who love comic book superpowers, fast-paced action, and romantic spice.

Heroic Measures

Heroic Measures by Joel Shulkin, MD

The medical examiner’s job is to speak for the dead, and protect the living. But what happens when the dead speak for themselves? Stephen Englehart, an Armed Forces medical examiner. dedicates his life to bringing peace to the families of fallen soldiers. Tagged as one of the best, he’s able to spot forensic clues others miss. But when the body of a US Marine, supposedly burned beyond recognition, shows up with hardly a scratch, even Stephen is stumped. Were the bodies switched? Then, in the middle of the autopsy, the impossible happens. The soldier wakes up. Something incredible—and dangerous—is happening to the military’s elite, and Stephen may be the only one who can figure it out. And when Stephen’s sister, a Green Beret, goes missing, the entire military machine seems designed to stop him from finding her. To find the truth and save his sister, one man must stand against an army. Can he be the hero he never thought he could?

Split Decision

Split Decision by David Perlmutter

Jefferson Ball, the mightiest female dog in a universe full of them. Jody Ryder, the mightiest female robot dog in said universe. When they clash, everyone will hear it....

Film Flam

Film Flam by David Perlmutter

The International League of Girls With Guns, the world's mightiest superheroines, discover that they are the victims of identity theft. Aliens have been using their names and identities in the making of movies! But it will take more than just their powers for them to get revenge....


Fandom by David Perlmutter

The International League of Girls With Guns, the world's mightiest superheroines, discover that some obsessive "fans" of theirs are trying to expose their identities via a bizarre "museum". Can they intervene before it's too late?

The Singular Adventures of Jefferson Ball

The Singular Adventures of Jefferson Ball by David Perlmutter

There never was a heroine like Jefferson Ball. And, thankfully, there may never be. She is, simply, the most powerful humanized female dog in a universe full of them. Faster, stronger, more attractive to boys. Unbeatable as a lover. Unfortunately, her brains are not up to this quality, but don’t tell her that. About the only one who can is Major Hamilton Pomeranian, the diminutive ex-soldier who is Jeff’s best friend and conscience. When she gets too big for her limited clothing, Hamilton tells her what for. And it’s usually only after that point that they are able to escape from whatever convoluted situation they find themselves in. This potential collection will have readers both laughing and awestruck at the events that happen. And, hopefully, you will be one of them.

Honey And Salt

Honey And Salt by David Perlmutter

The story is narrated by Olivia Thrift, a.k.a. the Manitoba based pre-teen super-heroine Captain Fantastic. After filling us in about her background, she then proceeds to speak about her first meeting with the members of the Canadian Consortium of Super-heroines, all of whom are her age or slightly older and based in different parts of Canada. She is particularly thrilled to meet her idol Gerda Munsinger, a.k.a. Muscle Girl, also a Manitoban by residence, and even more so when Gerda befriends her. However, the joyousness of the occasion is marred when Captain Fantastic's arch-enemy Gridiron Girl arrives and tricks Captain Fantastic into literally fighting a losing battle with her. In doing so, Olivia loses the personal confidence required to sustain her heroic persona, and becomes meek and helpless, saved only from death by the timely intervention of Muscle Girl. It is discovered that a villainous race of men known as the Merch are responsible for this, as well as the kidnapping of the members of the Consortium en masse when Gerda and Olivia are otherwise engaged. As a consequence, Muscle Girl is forced to call the aid of her colleagues in the International League of Girls with Guns- The Brat, an alien only resembling a toddler; Power Bunny, a truly animated rabbit; Cerberus, the all-mighty Princess of Puppies; and Candy Girl, the Titan of Teens- to help her and a temporarily powerless Olivia set things right. Yet it will not be an easy task. And before it is over, they may all succumb to multiple kinds of weakness that will destroy them permanently....

Eye of Destiny

Eye of Destiny by Tommy-Lee Sexton

In an invasion turned all-out war against humanity, can three brothers save the world and discover what’s been hiding on Earth all along? Malcolm, Walker, and Calvin are three brothers living vastly different lives. Malcolm loves to party and be a jerk to his siblings, Walker is the front man for a band, and Calvin is just trying to survive being bullied while wrestling with his unrelenting anxiety. They never expected to become superheroes. Things change when the Ekronian Empire makes Earth their next target for conquest. Their leader, Reyin, will kill as many people as it takes to get the job done and make Earth like his home planet—a world where children become soldiers, the unemployed become slaves, and those who voice disagreement are cruelly silenced. But Reyin has come for more than that. He’s seeking the Eye of Destiny—an ancient artifact that could bend reality to his will. Unexpectedly armed by a clandestine organization with the only technology in the galaxy that can withstand the Ekronians, it’s up to Malcolm, Walker, and Calvin to stop him. Can they navigate life, high school, and their personal demons while working to save humanity? Or will their family fall apart along with the rest of the world?

As Born to Rule the Storm

As Born to Rule the Storm by Cate Baumer

The star-crossed temporal romance of THIS IS HOW YOU LOSE THE TIME WAR meets the vintage setting and yearning of DIVINE RIVALS in AS BORN TO RULE THE STORM. Cadet Charlotte Amsel will trade her life to win a war- but not all at once. As part of an elite group of experimental soldiers, she can move through time, with each jump taking months from her own fated lifespan as she struggles to prevent the cold war from boiling over into an apocalypse. With her own side just as untrustworthy as the enemy, the only thing she cares about is keeping her best friend and fellow soldier (and in some timelines, lover) safe. But each time loop adds violent complications, and saving anyone before she runs out of life to give may prove impossible.

Roxy Buckles and the Flight of the Sparrow

Roxy Buckles and the Flight of the Sparrow by Nicole Little


Exterminator ROXY BUCKLES, a bounty hunter-cum-mercenary, lives on Aurora, a highly advanced Earth-2 planet in a solar system on the flip side of the Milky Way. At the helm of Buckles & Associates, Roxy takes down space thugs and alien lawbreakers with relish. Her longsuffering best friend, SUKI KWAN, runs the office with an iron fist. She desperately wants Roxy to let go of the past. But Roxy is consumed by a need for revenge… Ten years ago, Roxy’s fiancé, SAM SPARROW, a high-ranking fly-guy at The Academy for Intergalactic Law Enforcement, stood accused of a heinous crime – setting a bomb that destroyed The Academy, killing hundreds of innocent people and leaving Suki Kwan with near fatal injuries. Sparrow insisted his innocence but then he escaped custody, disappearing from the authorities’ eyes… That day, Roxy swore she would bring him to justice, one way or another. Perhaps her time has finally come.

In Sekhmet's Shadow

In Sekhmet's Shadow by JD Rhodes

SPSFC 2023

The year is 2061, and the world has ended. In the city of Asclepion, Sabra Kasembe dreams of a superheroic future yet wakes to the taste of blood and ash. When her father is shot six times in a heist gone wrong, she resolves to bring those responsible to justice—no matter where the trail might lead. To do this, she'll need to team up with a washed-up superhero, a brooding robotic woman, and the very man who shot her father. Because he is her only link to a conspiracy that threatens to shake the Functioning World to its core. But it may be impossible to save a world on the brink of apocalypse without pushing it over the edge. As her reckoning approaches, Sabra realizes that her future may not be filled not with the cries of those she's saved, but the screams of her victims. IN SEKHMET'S SHADOW is a complete anticapitalist "post-superhero" sci-fi thriller, and first of a trilogy (IN SEKHMET'S WAKE, IN SEKHMET'S HANDS.) It is intended for mature audiences and features violence, swearing, and ideas that may be considered traumatic or provocative. But remember this: everyone finds love in the end.

Vigil: Knight in Cyber Armor: A Havenworld Novel

Vigil: Knight in Cyber Armor: A Havenworld Novel by Lewis Knight

SPSFC 2023

In a city where criminals rule ... a former soldier rises from the shadows to make a stand. Jett scrapes out a living in the oppressive city of Neo York: a crumbling ruin of violence and vice ruled by gangs and crime lords. When a masked vigilante called Vigil dies saving Jett's life, he adopts Vigil's mantle and uses his veteran combat skills to wage a one-man war on the city's criminal elements. Along the way, he'll partner up with a mysterious man named Incognito, and find a reluctant ally in Ronnie, a tough and ambitious police officer. But Vigil's enemies won't go away without a fight, and every one of them wants to be the first to kill the city's new hero. Knight in Cyber Armor takes the best elements of Batman, mixes it with the tech of Iron Man, and delivers it with a dystopian twist. Pick up your copy today and join the battle!

Initialize (Mod Superhero #1)

Initialize (Mod Superhero #1) by Samuel Fleming

SPSFC 2023

For this cyborg, power is just an upgrade away. Emmett was used to being caught between college and his engineering internship, but when he gets caught between a powerful hero and an even stronger villain, he becomes collateral damage. Instead of dying, he wakes up a cyborg—a melding of flesh and machine. Turns out his boss wasn’t just an eccentric inventor, and the old man just gave him a shining opportunity to be a hero. Except that’s just the beginning, and things are about to get a lot more complicated. His boss has his own agenda. The boss’s daughter has her own power armor. His roommate works for an evil corporation. And Emmett is just a Class 1 hero. Superheroes aren’t just masks—some work for corporations, or for the government and the military, and even as mercenaries in wars. Shadowy cabals pull the strings of hero and villain alike. The city of Belport might be peaceful for now, but most of the world is in turmoil. If Emmett is going to have any chance at making a difference, he needs to get stronger. A lot stronger. How much of his humanity will he hold onto and how much will he trade away? 4.4 Stars on Royal Road! A new Superhero Progression Fantasy series. This series features a zero-to-hero protagonist, dystopian intrigue, superhero action, occasional swearing and gore, and Ship of Theseus-style power progression.

Siphon: Power Comes With A Price

Siphon: Power Comes With A Price by Jason Fox

SPSFC 2023

Apollo, a human-alien hybrid with the otherworldly and unwelcomed ability to kill with a touch, is born and imprisoned in Area 51. A moment of skin-to-skin contact with Apollo instantly turns a person to ash—and creates a massive surge of energy that temporarily ignites other superhuman powers within him. Apollo’s government jailers look to study and exploit him, but he escapes as a teenager and, for a time, finds the simple joys of living as a human before his discovery and recapture.When dark days threaten humanity’s future, will Apollo play the reluctant hero?Combining the mystery of The X-Files, the action of Independence Day, and the humanity found in the Superman mythos all rolled into a riveting tale of loss, destiny, and the price of power. Is our protagonist a man, monster, or hero? Perhaps he’s all three?

Refurbished: The Clover Initiative

Refurbished: The Clover Initiative by Michelle Monárrez

The end of the world came and went. Twenty years later humanity is crafting new and secretive ways to protect itself, but the atmosphere stays clear of threats... Eighteen-year-old academy graduate Alyssa is determined to start her military career as a GENE (Genetically Enhanced Entity) on her own terms. But after being transferred from her native London to America, she struggles to control her powers and find her place among a military unit of underdogs and other enhanced soldiers. When a rogue GENE is taken into custody, Alyssa's empathy for him forces her to choose between her carefully mapped-out life plan, or a path that would put her in direct conflict with her superiors. With the promise of superpowers and a green card on the table, thirteen-year-old Miguel signs a contract to become a GENE. Enduring the enhancement process is sure to be worth it with his refugee status at stake and dazzling dreams of becoming a superhero in the mix. But when he forms a psychic connection with a mysterious girl who could die without his help, he must decide what he's willing to risk to save her. As Alyssa and Miguel embark on parallel journeys, their desire to choose their paths transforms into a fierce battle for the rights of fellow enhanced people. The world might not be ready to find out about GENEs, but it had better brace itself. The protective barrier of secrecy will soon burst, and those called "Refurbished" will make themselves known.

Dead of Knight Issue 1

Dead of Knight Issue 1 by P. A. Hayden

A centuries old legacy destroyed by 'The Event' leaves the United Kingdoms most beloved hero a broken and violent vigilante. He will bring a medieval brand of justice to the criminals of modern day London.


Messiah by P. A. Hayden

'An unwilling hero with an unwanted and flawed power.' Daniel must come to accept his old life is over and learn the extent of his new abilities all while on the run from the mysterious Level 8.

The House of Wonders

The House of Wonders by Frank Krulicki

The House of Wonders is a jaw-dropping space faring adventure spanning the far reaches of the universe. Joshua Davis, abused by an alcoholic father, wants a new life. He doesn’t seem to fit in and bad things have a way of happening to people around him. When he runs away and joins a circus Joshua is forced to, literally, grow-up quickly. Being chased by aliens has that effect on a person! His life makes a dramatic shift taking him on a galactic journey learning the truth about himself - he’s an alien with unimaginable powers. He is Skycruiser, potential saviour of his galaxy Join us on this galactic journey of self-discovery as Joshua Davis aka Skycruiser battles alongside his new family and friends against the evil clutches of Vir Magnus; leader of the Summa - a warring lizard race. Written and illustrated by two fresh new voices in the industry; Frank Krulicki and Alberto Crespo, with lettering and design by comic veteran Corey Breen - this is a story you don’t want to miss!


Balor by Peter Harte

Discover the captivating world of Balor, a modern mythological superhero mystery comic set in Ireland. Join 18-year-old Sean James as he grapples with the tragic murder of his brother by Dublin's notorious drug gangs. In an effort to find solace, Sean journies to Loch Na Suil, where he stumbles upon the mystical Shrine of Balor. Bestowed with extraordinary powers, Sean sets out on a path of vengeance. However, a shocking discovery at a drug shipment forces him to shift his focus to unraveling a web of secrets. Prepare for an electrifying tale of retribution turned investigation in Balor!

Alter Ego

Alter Ego by Kate Sheeran Swed

Hollywood days. Vigilante nights. To the world, she's a star. To the league of heroes who raised her? She's a liability. Mary's got a penchant for gadgets, a resume packed with criminal-busting credentials, and a reckless streak that tends to land her in trouble. So when a potential recruit blazes a trail through a local bar--literally--Mary blows off league protocol and whisks the girl off to HQ. But Mary's heat-of-the-moment rebellion endangers her family when the recruit's father shows up; more blowtorch than human, he's got a vendetta against the league and powerful investors to back him up. Instead of letting Mary help, the league banishes her to a stint of camera-courting under the guise of her celebrity secret identity. But Mary's got no intention of benching her grapple hooks; she chases her own leads through a web of secrets that threatens to unravel her history with the league. As conspiracies pick her family apart, Mary must question everything she's been raised to believe--and what it really means to be a hero--before her fiery enemy sets his sites on the rest of the world. ALTER EGO is a twisty superhero saga for fans of Umbrella Academy and Renegades.

The Hollow Boys: The Dream Rider Saga, Book 1

The Hollow Boys: The Dream Rider Saga, Book 1 by Douglas Smith

THE DREAM RIDER SAGA, BOOK 1 Winner of the 2023 Aurora Award for Best YA Novel Winner of the 2023 juried IAP Award for Best YA Novel Vanishing street kids. An ancient evil. The end of the world. Our only hope? A hero who can't leave home. At seventeen, Will Dreycott is a superhero…in his dreams. And in yours. Eight years ago, Will's parents, shady dealers in ancient artifacts, disappeared on a jungle expedition. Will, the sole survivor, returned home with no memory of what happened, bringing a gift…and a curse. The gift? Will can walk in our dreams. At night in Dream, Will hunts for criminals—and his parents. During the day, his Dream Rider comic, about a superhero no one knows is real, has made Will rich. The curse? Severe agoraphobia. Will can't go outside. So he makes his home a skyscraper with everything he needs in life—everything but the freedom to walk the streets of his city. Case, an orphan Will's age, survives on those streets with her younger brother, Fader. Survives because she too has a gift. She hears voices warning her of danger. And Fader? Well, he fades. When street kids start vanishing, the Dream Rider joins the hunt. Will's search becomes personal when Case breaks into his tower to escape her own abduction. Fader isn't so lucky. As Will and Case search for Fader and the missing kids, an unlikely romance grows between the boy with everything and the girl with nothing except the freedom Will longs for. But as they push deeper into the mystery, they confront an ancient power feeding on these forgotten kids to restore itself. And once restored, no one in the world will be safe. To defeat this creature, Will must do the impossible. Go outside. Indiana Jones meets Teen Titans in The Dream Rider Saga, a fast-paced urban fantasy trilogy from "one of Canada's most original writers of speculative fiction" (Library Journal). "Editor's Pick: This arresting series kickoff grips from the start as it introduces its inventive milieu, its flawed but fantastically powered hero, its playful worldbuilding, and a host of tantalizing mysteries. … That’s just the start of Smith’s vigorously imaginative scenario. … Takeaway: Thrilling YA fantasy." —BookLife "Smith has created a dramatic, vivid fantasy world … The Hollow Boys is an assured, confident novel with strong world-building, sharp dialogue and the perfect balance between action and emotional growth for its main characters. … In short, this is a must-read story for YA fantasy fans." —Blueink Review (★ Starred review) "The Hollow Boys is inventive, engaging, and boundless fun" —The Ottawa Review of Books

The Darkest Memories

The Darkest Memories by Alyse N. Steves

My name is Hadley Gordon. Parahuman mutations: telekinesis and telepathy. Employment: Agency for Parahuman Affairs. Age: twenty-six, not that I remember the first twenty-one. We’ll get back to that. I thought digging through criminals’ minds for a living was hard enough, but then a serial killer came for my friends. The good news? I saw him. I fought him. I survived. The bad news? He got away. Oh, and remember that memory loss thing? Now, my missing memories stand between us and a killer, and he’s determined to finish what he started.

Twelve Blades in Contempt

Twelve Blades in Contempt by Jorden Darrett

To her clan, she is nothing. She will use their contempt for change, and her strength for war. Aiya is a Ginju, a hidden assassin within the Egaishan Empire. As the black sheep of her clan, she grapples for a connection with her deity, ridiculed by her own family and forced into doing their biddings. Chafing under the heavy expectations of her father, a collision with a rival clan provides her with the chance to prove herself. But a grievous mistake causes their plan to backfire, forcing Aiya to choose between loyalty to all she’s ever known or independence for all she’s ever loved. As civil unrest widens cracks in the empire, Aiya must decide for herself how best to forge her path. To protect her brothers and win respect in the land, she’ll need to turn a new leaf and oppose her clan and her empire. She must conspire with clans once held in contempt and reach new heights of power to create a new world of their own, in a world of spirits, deities and conniving lords. Along the way she will be forced to find her place, her morality and her strength. Medieval Japan-inspired progression/epic fantasy, for fans of Mistborn and The Poppy War



Samantha Havardson is in hiding. All things considered, it could be worse. For the time being, she’s safe from the immortal warrior hellbent on settling a thousand-year-old vendetta against her. However, an unknown assailant has been inside Samantha’s head, turning her into a liability to the very people trying to protect her. Meanwhile, Adrestus enacts the final stages of his plan, positioning himself to subjugate all of civilization. Options are slim, time is running out, and Samantha must come to terms with the fact that some villains can only be taken down from the inside, even if it means running the risk of becoming a weapon to be used against those closest to her.


DELTA by MT Zimny

Samantha Havardson still isn't an Apex, but that's about the only thing she's sure of anymore. Her family and her identity have splintered and an immortal warrior named Adrestus is at fault. Now, Samantha must scramble to pick up the scattered pieces of her life while juggling high school and being the only kid on Apex Team without super abilities. Things only get more complicated when a cryptic message appears: NEW DELOS WILL BURN. Samantha's past continues to bleed into her present, getting in the way of friendships, sword practice, and final exams. While the city runs out of time, Sammy grows increasingly desperate to save the people she loves and her efforts just might land them in more danger than they were in to begin with.


Unburnt by A.M. Weald

A different kind of superhero story... After emerging unscathed from the house fire that killed his father, Ed Stoneman had recurring dreams about rescuing himself as a boy, sitting amongst the flames, unburnt. The dream stopped once he became a firefighter, later earning the nickname of "Dodge" by surviving a lethal flashover fire. Dodge embraced his supernatural imperviousness to the heat of fire by going in when no one should, breaking the rules of rescue because he had to, because he could. With the Wyoming steppe becoming increasingly arid and fires igniting every few days, his 'talent' is needed now more than ever. On his 50th birthday, Dodge dreams of the boy not on fire for the first time in over 30 years. Chalking it up to stress, he thinks nothing of it. With retirement from active fire duty in his near future, he's depressed and aimless. Other than firefighting, what purpose does he have? Twice divorced and childless, believing himself to be infertile in exchange for his superpower of unknown origin, he has no one to confide in but his cat, and he daydreams of walking into a wildfire just to see if he'd finally burn. But when he answers an emergency call about a local house fire, renewed purpose greets him in the flames, making him question everything he once believed.

Cheerleaders from Planet X

Cheerleaders from Planet X by Lyssa Chiavari

Kraken Collective

Aliens are among us. And humanity’s only hope just happens to carry pom-poms. Laura Clark thought she was just your average college freshman—until the day she saw a cheerleader on a skateboard get into a superhuman brawl with a lightning-wielding stranger in a trenchcoat. And the weirdest thing of all? Nobody else saw it happen. Nobody, that is, except the beautiful but standoffish Shailene, one of the mysterious (and possibly super-powered) cheerleaders from Laura’s rival school, Bayview University. When girls start disappearing all over the City, Laura suddenly realizes that she may have seen more than she should. And if she wants to keep from disappearing herself, she needs to find some answers. But though Laura can’t shake the feeling that they’re somehow connected, Shailene is more than a little reluctant to share her secrets. With strange, bug-like creatures and a sinister man in a dark coat stalking her every step, Laura will have to uncover the truth fast if she wants to survive. The fate of the planet just might hang in the balance.

Super-Borg Dies

Super-Borg Dies by Tac Anderson

SPSFC 2022

After being forced out of his last startup, Trent Daeshaun uses his technological prowess, and a good publicist, to become Super-Borg, Seattle's preeminent super. As rumors of homeless people being abducted coincide with an increase in violent attacks, Trent suspects that someone is weaponizing the homeless population and doing it with technology he created. With help from fellow tech entrepreneur Max Roman, a homeless girl from the camps, and several of Seattle's supers, Super-Borg must uncover who is behind the attacks and stop them. But the truth of who is behind the attacks and why, are far more complex than Trent imagined and stopping them will require great personal cost.

Origin of Pietas: Bringer of Chaos

Origin of Pietas: Bringer of Chaos by Kayelle Allen

SPSFC 2022

Traitors stripped the immortal king Pietas of everything. Now, marooned on a deserted planet, his only hope of finding his people lies with the human who imprisoned him. That doesn't mean Pietas will humiliate himself by asking for help. Enough is enough. He's already died a thousand times. But if he fails, he will doom his people to eternal exile, and end his own immortality. Their ultimate salvation relies on the one thing he swears does not exist. The honor of a human...

The Faceless Minion: Nemesis: Volume 2 of the Faceless Minion

The Faceless Minion: Nemesis: Volume 2 of the Faceless Minion by AE Icolas

In a world of superheroes, the great mastermind behind it all is...that faceless minion over there?! A (mostly) lighthearted comedy about a minion trying to make his chaotic world less annoying! Book 1 of a 4 part series! Bob was your everyday, average henchman working for a great supergenius...but everything changed when the superheroes attacked. And now, as Bob picks up the pieces, he comes up with an idea. An idea that will change everything. that will take these gods and geniuses and bring them down to Earth. Can one faceless minion change the world? Can he find a way to move mountains and hold heroes and villains in the palms of his hands? The story of the Faceless Minion begins now! About the Series: Watch a simple minion explore and manipulate a world filled with heroes, villains, magic, monsters, martial artists, and more! Learn how the villains find all those minions in the first place, and watch as a normal, powerless man outsmarts them all! An affectionate parody on the superhero genre, with references to other genres such as SciFi, shonen anime, and xianxia!


Beta by MT Zimny


Samantha Havardson is not an Apex. Seriously. She's completely ordinary with a totally normal family that just happens to be moving to the Apex epicenter of the world- the manmade island city of New Delos. Although she thinks her lack of super Apex abilities will keep her out of the limelight, it quickly becomes apparent that the city has different plans, sweeping Samantha up in a world of secret identities and super powers where anyone, even those closest to her, might be an Apex. Plagued by missing students, secret Apex teams, and a mysterious man named Adrestus, Samantha searches for answers, causing secrets to unravel about her classmates, her family, and herself that drag her deeper into the secret world of the Apex.

Villain's Vignettes:

Villain's Vignettes: by Drew Hayes

A town of magic and danger, where what one dons becomes who they are. A desperate priestess in another world calling for a champion, only to receive an unstoppable monster. A night of joy and giving, of grudges and combat, all as the winter snow falls. Between grand adventures, what mishaps may occur in the world of the Villains’ Code? These are the smaller selections, short sagas within the greater story. These are the Villains’ Vignettes.

Blood Reunion

Blood Reunion by JCM Berne

People are dying, their corpses left savaged and drained of blood. The obvious culprit: vampires. But vampires shouldn’t be able to sneak around Wistful undetected or shadowstep freely inside her body. Soon the station herself becomes oddly uncooperative, leaving Rohan and Wei Li bewildered and all her inhabitants in danger. Finding and defeating the killer will require a deep dive into the ancient history of Wistful and of the il’Drach people. Into the connections between the Ursans, the wormholes, and the races that preceded them. Into the dark past of a tormented space station that yearns only for death. Rohan will be forced to fight, and maybe even to kill. He’ll have to face those who bear grudges from his past, the Empire he once served, and his own reluctance to again become the warrior he sometimes needs to be.

The Flying Tiger: Ready

The Flying Tiger: Ready by Henry Spencer M

Aaron Melisandré, an autistic, African American transgender man in his thirties, nearly lost everything he held dear years ago. The only thing keeping him sane and alive is his trans nephew, Mico. Little does Aaron know, the tragedy that ripped his brother away is part of something far bigger than he could ever imagine. There is a very real multiverse, and not only that but Aaron along with being human, is part of an ancient multiversal species known as the Katians. Aaron must embrace and wield his true power, face trauma new and old, and be ready to do what he must in order to save the Katians and infinite other lives from Circuit-Breaker and the fabled Mortal Engine, a machine that is said to grant one the power of a god using mortal souls.

False Idols (The False Idols Saga)

False Idols (The False Idols Saga) by Mark Damon Brooks

In a world where superheroes exist, it will take one normal man to remind everyone what it means to be a hero. Malcolm Mills has a problem with the Newton Force. He has his reasons. Yet the rest of the world loves the world’s only superheroes. Gifted with super strength, flight, telepathy, and indestructible skin, the Newton Force aren’t the heroes they appear to be. They’re more comfortable doing commercials and signing autographs than fighting crime. When an exo-suit clad criminal conducts a brazen attack in broad daylight, it results in the death of Malcolm’s friend. Now Malcolm is going to do the one thing the Newton Force won’t. He’s going to find the criminal and save the day. Along the way, Malcolm discovers a criminal who is as brilliant as he is ruthless. And who is rapidly evolving from a low-level villain to a full-fledged supervillain.

The Lifeline Signal (Chameleon Moon Book 2)

The Lifeline Signal (Chameleon Moon Book 2) by RoAnna Sylver

Parole is still burning. And now the day everyone has been waiting for is finally here: it’s collapsed. A lucky few managed to escape with their lives. But while their city burned, the world outside suffered its own devastating disaster. The Tartarus Zone is a deadly wasteland a thousand miles wide, filled with toxic storms, ghostly horrors, and just as many Eyes in the Sky as ever. Somehow, this new nightmare is connected to Parole. And it’s spreading. Now Parole’s only hope lies in the hands of three teenagers reunited by their long-lost friend Gabriel - in their dreams. Growing up outside Parole, Shiloh Cole always had to keep xir energetic powers a secret, except from xir parents, Parole’s strategist-hero Garrett, and Tartarus expert Maureen. When Parole collapsed, all contact was lost. Now, connected by Gabriel and their colliding pasts, xie joins collapse survivor Annie and the enigmatic, charismatic Chance on a desperate cross-country race, carrying a disc of xir mother’s vital plans, whose encrypted contents may be Parole’s salvation. First they’ll board the FireRunner, a ship full of familiar faces that now sails through Tartarus’ poison storms. Together, they’ll survive Tartarus’ hazards, send a lifeline to lost Parole - and uncover the mystery connecting every one of them. The world outside Parole isn't the one they remember, and it didn’t want them back. But they'll save it just the same. It's what heroes do.

Chameleon Moon

Chameleon Moon by RoAnna Sylver

The city of Parole is burning. Like Venice slips into the sea, Parole crumbles into fire. The entire population inside has been quarantined and left to die - directly over the open flame. Eye in the Sky, a deadly and merciless police force ensures no one escapes. Ever. All that's keeping Parole alive is faith in the midst of horrors and death, trust in the face of desperation... and their fantastic, terrifying, and beautiful superhuman abilities. Regan, silent, scaly stealth expert, is haunted by ten years of anxiety, trauma and terror, and he's finally reached his limit. Evelyn is a fearless force on stage and sonic-superheroic revolutionary on the streets. Now they have a choice - and a chance to not only escape from Parole, but unravel the mystery deep in its burning heart. And most of all, discover the truth about their own entwining pasts. Parole's a rough place to live. But they're not dead yet. If they can survive the imminent cataclysmic disaster, they might just stay that way...

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