SFINCS The Speculative Fiction Indie Novella Championship

The Speculative Fiction Indie Novella Championship (SFINCS, pronounced “sphinx”) is a yearly competition to recognize, honor, and celebrate the talent and creativity present in the indie community. We are a sister competition to both SPFBO and SPSFC, and we highlight greatness in

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The Ballad of Alchemy and Steel

The Ballad of Alchemy and Steel by AJ Calvin


In the Murkor culture, it is customary for the individuals bound during the unity ceremony of ujar’havel to compose a book of memories detailing the events that led to their first meeting and subsequent desire to be joined. As a Murkor without a mother to guide him, Sal’zar is afforded unusual freedoms in his path to ujar’havel and the selection of a caste. In their strongly matriarchal society, his father’s voice holds little weight. He must forge his own destiny, though he struggles to find the proper way. Sal’zar knows he is unsuited to the soldier’s caste, but is running out of options. One fateful day, he journeys to the sparring ring to test his mettle, where he meets Jal’den. Jal’den is the same age, but has already proven himself a better fighter than most of the older children. Noting Sal’zar is without a sparring partner, Jal’den offers to pair with him, and so begins a long friendship that may ultimately become something more.

Pale Face

Pale Face by W.D. Kilpack III


Honorable Mention: L. Ron Hubbard's Writers of the Future Contest An outcast loner survives the impossible. How can he survive becoming the proof that no one can deny? Hector Whitehorse did not belong — not here, not anywhere. Born on a New Mexico reservation, but educated in the white-man’s school, Hector was part of two worlds, but at home in neither. It only got worse when his entrapment went from a feeling to a reality: trapped between Earth and someplace else. Hector’s close encounter nearly cost him his life. The repercussions could make him wish that he had not been so lucky. Pale Face is "pretty darned good. I love how [Hector] sees the aliens and the white men in the same light. This is good stuff." — Dave Wolverton Pale Face is "absolutely fascinating! Pale Face is, in part, sci-fi. But I found it to be so much more. Kilpack's writing style was mesmerizing." — Jeff Bailey, author of Not On My Watch Pale Face is "a fast-paced combo of sci-fi, intrigue, mysticism, conspiracy thriller, and inevitable romance. The author's writing is addictive and richly layered. Highly recommended!" — Jack King, author of Beyond Blood

The Book of a Thousand and One Destinies

The Book of a Thousand and One Destinies by Gareth Lewis


A paranoid Sultan, an Assassin found only in stories, and a Storyteller caught up in their battle. Once upon a time, a great Sultan was plagued by an Assassin who struck at him with stories and lies. A young Storyteller is gathered with her colleagues, and forced to share her stories with the Sultan before their voices are stilled forever. In a war of destinies, enslaved jinn, and comparative truths, the Storyteller must tread dangerous ground in what may be her final recital. A fantasy novella.

Fleeting Word

Fleeting Word by Andrew D Meredith


War ends. Secrets hide. Faith beckons Nethendel Unteel is comfortable in his life at the father monastery of Pariantur. But when the long-raging Protectorate Wars suddenly end, and life threatens to return to normal, Nethendel learns of a woman the dark gods wish to bind to their schemes. He must decide what to do with the secrets he uncovers. Fleeting Word is a Kallattian Legacy novella, and acts as both the Prelude to the Kallattian Saga and Postlude to the Protectorate Wars by Andrew D Meredith.

All of Me

All of Me by Iseult Murphy


A terrifying body horror novella. Sometimes you are your own worst enemy. Margaret’s unhappy with her life. Overweight, overwhelmed and passed over. When her neighbor gives her a gift, she wakes up a new person - or three. Now Dot, Peggy and Daisy have the freedom to pursue their career, creativity, and darkest obsessions. But is it any easier living with yourself when there are three of you? And why, when they can indulge their cravings, are they still holding themselves back? Perhaps getting what you want, and eating it too, does not lead to happiness. From the author of the 7th Hell series comes a body horror fairy tale about self-talk, self-hate, and insatiable hunger.

First Contact Last Resort

First Contact Last Resort by Singularative Ranch


A team of scientists must prove their surprising discovery or surrender it to conspiracy in this breakout soft sci-fi series exploring the pitfalls and virtues of human nature. In 2033, a rogue experiment in a Berkeley astrophysics professor’s lab leads to discoveries that astound humanity—but have uncertain consequences for the planet. Those uncertainties incite a popular conspiracy theorist to spread apocalyptic doom. The discoveries also stir heretical ideas that provoke a firebrand religious crusader and her acolytes to vilify the leader of the Berkeley lab, a young professor striving to advance her career. While battling to overcome all that often violent backlash, the roller coaster lives of the professor and her colleagues careen into even more chaos when their collaborations with a gutsy biotech entrepreneur, an alt-lifestyle activist, and a divergently-developed child reshape society—in beneficial but also divisive ways. As the intimate stories of this cadre of trailblazers unfold in the face of this changing world, some will be triumphant. Others tragic. The First Contact Last Resort series dramatizes how civilization is revolutionized by a chain of new technologies, scientific discoveries, and social movements. This crisply written saga of raw human experience will make you question our destiny—and our origins.

The Dinosaur Hunters

The Dinosaur Hunters by Patrick Samphire


Mystery, murder, and adventure on Mars… Mars in 1815 is a world of wonders, from the hanging ballrooms of Tharsis City to the air forests of Patagonian Mars, and from the ice caves of Noachis Terra to the Great Wall of Cyclopia, beyond which dinosaurs still roam. Sixteen-year-old Harriet George has never had the chance for an adventure. Now her older sister is determined to marry her off. Harriet can’t think of anything worse. Meanwhile, her brother-in-law, Bertrand, has a problem. He’s never been much of a police inspector. As far as Harriet knows, Bertrand has never caught a criminal in his life. But now the famous jewel thief, the Glass Phantom, has come to Mars, and Bertrand has been given the job of tracking him down. If he fails, Bertrand will lose his job and the whole family will be ruined. Harriet will not let that happen. So she comes up with a plan: she will capture the Glass Phantom herself. Even if that mean that she and Bertrand have to follow the thief’s intended victim, the Countess von Krakendorff, on a dinosaur hunt in the perilous Martian wilderness. But there is far more going on in this expedition than mere robbery, and the dinosaurs are not the greatest danger. If Harriet cannot solve the mystery, her family won't just be ruined. She and Bertrand may not make it out of the wilderness alive. The Dinosaur Hunters is a thrilling adventure set in the world of Secrets of the Dragon Tomb.

Ghost Town

Ghost Town by Maria Schneider


Sometimes even in the middle of nowhere, trouble finds you. When you're a librarian working the night shift, it's even more likely, but Ava has a few tricks up her sleeve for dealing with the shifters, visitors and creatures who roam in the dark. If she's very lucky, the new stranger in town will prove to be a boon rather than a hindrance. A cozy, romantic fantasy.

If you enjoyed Ghost Town, check out Witch Way and Null Witch.

Ghost Town was originally released at my blog one chapter at a time. Check the blog for new stories or follow me here on Amazon for the latest updates!

The Choice of Weapons

The Choice of Weapons by Alex Valdiers


Ren is an officer on the rise, going from planetary conquest to conquest, until he crosses path with a senior female officer from his native Japan. His meeting with Izuna ends in a bloody duel — the first of many. As the war against other species progresses, Ren’s obsession for Izuna grows and his discontentment for army life along with it. When Izuna gets isolated on an icy hell, Ren volunteers to rescue her for what may be his ultimate mission. The Raoke Gang series is prime entertainment with heart and brains, humor and sex (occasionally, when the story commands it), and, most of all, incredible characters running wild in the most exciting of settings: the Far West in space!

Reparations USA

Reparations USA by Philip Wyeth


America, 2028. The War for Equity has begun! A new bureaucracy called the Historical Reparations Administration oversees enforcement of restitution for colonialism and slavery. This is the story of everyday people caught in the crossfire between idealism and technology. Supercomputers scan old documents while drones monitor both Debtors and Beneficiaries from coast to coast. Reality TV shows and religious cults help the nation atone for its sins. Reparations USA is the frantically inventive future history that creates an entire world, complete with its own slang and a diverse cast of sympathetic characters. Philip Wyeth’s exuberant debut novel sets the stage for this timely series which is full of heart... humor... and total surveillance! This is Book One of the Reparations series. 36,500 words.

Hot Button Issue: A Roller Derby Witches Romance

Hot Button Issue: A Roller Derby Witches Romance by Catrina Bell


After a surprising, new law passes restricting reproductive rights, a roller derby witch and the shifter she has a crush on must work together to plan a last minute protest. ~~~~ Good Blanca is a high-profile lawyer with a brilliant legal mind. She's everything her parents hoped she would be - impressive and successful. Bad Blanca is a beautiful mess. She dresses in fishnet tights, flirts with sexy werewolves, and just made the Hel Stars roller derby team. Oh, and she’s secretly a witch. Thorin is her opposite in every way. The happy-go-lucky flirt struggles with supernatural aggression he can’t quite control. His attraction to Blanca makes things even more complicated. When Blanca’s powerful client, a state senator, proposes new legislation restricting reproductive rights, the line separating the good and bad in her life becomes blurry. Derby is chaos, and soon everything goes off the rails. How far will she go to defend her values and the people she loves? ~~~~ This steamy, cozy, paranormal romance has a strong pro-choice (bodily autonomy) theme. Please be aware and read accordingly.

Seeds of Truer Natures

Seeds of Truer Natures by LS Johnson


In 15th-century Florence, two vampires plot against Lorenzo de’ Medici in this prequel novella to the forthcoming Prima Materia series. A year ago Adrian and Magnus walked out of the dungeons of their king, Gabriel, but his renewed favor is tenuous. Now they have an opportunity to make amends for good: to steal a book Gabriel desires from Lorenzo de’ Medici, the most powerful man in Florence, on the condition that they do so without being detected. To secure their prize, they decide to talk their way into Lorenzo’s home—save that Adrian and Magnus are not men, but what later centuries will call vampires. Unable to walk in sunlight without burning, fearing discovery by the Florentines, they find themselves relying on an unlikely intercessor: a young monk named Girolamo Savonarola, already famous for his visions. Soon, however, Adrian and Magnus realize that nothing about their task is what they expected, and their success could have catastrophic repercussions. To survive Gabriel’s dark agenda, they will have to confront their shared past—or risk sacrificing their future.

Astra Idari and The Drift Divoon

Astra Idari and The Drift Divoon by Darby Harn


Astra Idari is out of fuel and out of luck. Astra Idari is a Stargun Messenger out of fuel and out of work. She's aboard The Drift Divoon, a starplane tender, to seek work in a faraway star system. When a passenger is murdered aboard the tender, Idari finds the work she's looking for. Only it's far from what she expected. Idari's investigation leads to a powerful shipping magnate whose own presence aboard the tender raises major questions. The deeper she looks into the crime, the more dangerous it becomes for Idari, desperate to find some fuel to light ahead of the shadows chasing her. Discover Idari's past in this intriguing prequel novella to STARGUN MESSENGER!

Dark Heart of Ilmoure

Dark Heart of Ilmoure by Cara N Delaney


Years ago, all she wanted was to leave. Now, a web of secrets might ensnare her forever. When Iris Grey returns to her hometown of Ilmoure years after a bitter parting, she hopes for reconciliation in the face of a tragedy. Instead, she arrives to a town changed for the worse, a cold welcome from people she once loved, and a family that seems to be keeping secrets from her at every turn. When those secrets become too heavy to ignore, Iris starts to dig deeper. What she finds leads her to question her very perception of reality. Faced with old wounds and new revelations, Iris finds herself mired in a plot that threatens to swallow herself, the town, and the people she once loved.


Caduceus by Alex Robins


Some lies cut deeper than any sword. War has come to the fragile city-state of Carenos. A self-proclaimed ‘King of the South’ sows destruction among its outlying villages, cutting a bloody swathe towards the capital. As smoke from the burning wheat fields blackens the sky, Carenos beseeches its northern allies for aid. Dexios, general of the Thenean phalanx, is one of those chosen to answer the call. After braving the tumultuous Sea of Scales, he arrives in Carenos at the head of three hundred hoplites, determined to put an end to the enemy incursion. One threat, however, can often hide another. Something is stirring in the shadows of the sun-drenched lowlands, an age-old legend, abandoned and forgotten. Drawn from its den by the need to satiate its ravenous hunger. And the enticing scent of blood.


Desolate by Jonathan Shuerger


From mother and refugee, to warrior and nun, to traitress and Destroyer. Hell hath no fury like a mother betrayed.The Signovencian Church paints Sevara of the Blooded as a Hellwitch responsible for the burning of dozens of churches across Samothrace. Congregations whisper hushed prayers that her demonic gaze might pass over and spare them the ravages of her malicious coven, the Blooded of Ruin. She was not always so. According to the forbidden writings of Father Joseph, excommunicate shepherd of the Blooded, a tribeswoman of the Hellscape fled her master to save her infant son from ritualistic sacrifice. She finds sanctuary on the other side of Bel Farak in a small parish and hides there. Now, to prove she is no spy of Hell, Sevara volunteers to enter the war on the side of the Kingdom as a warrior nun of the Anointed. While fighting to survive the monsters, demons and savages from the life she abandoned, she has no idea of the political wheels turning behind the scenes, and the danger that her supposed allies present to her and her son. Desolate is the tragic origin story of the Destroyer’s champion, Sevara of the Blooded, and a prequel to Shades of Black Afterlight.

Monarch’s Mission

Monarch’s Mission by Emma L Adams


As a squad leader who frequently rides a ferocious war dragon into battle for the nation of Laria, Yala is used to narrowly escaping death. Her sole objective in war is get her team back home in one piece, and she’s never had cause to pay attention to the gods or the Disciples who wield their power. Until, that is, her monarch sends her team on a covert mission to seize control of a mysterious island. At first glance, the island contains nothing but the ruins of a long-abandoned temple, but a closer look yields a shocking discovery. The temple belonged to adherents of the god of death, Mekan, the one deity whose power is forbidden in Laria. Trapped and surrounded by the forces of the dead, Yala soon finds herself fighting for her life amid the ruins. Even if she pulls off a miracle and gets her team out alive, nobody walks away unscathed from the god of death…


Blackcap by Benjamin Aeveryn


Kade Blackcap was once a famous detective. Overburdened with guilt at sending a man to the noose, he finds himself unable to take a case for fear of the consequences. But with the taxman breathing down his neck, he has to find work soon, or he'll lose the house his father left him. He has one hope left. Long has he suspected the myths of old were creeping back into the world, and with his detective background he has all the skills to hunt them. But once he finds himself on the trail of a monster, he realises how out of his depth he is. He might have the skills to track such a creature, but what will he do when he catches up with it?


Lira by Armanis Ar-feinial


Lira is an innocent little girl, struggling to survive in a cruel, heartless world. As her father dies, she is left to fend for herself. Each day is a desperate and exhausting search for food, scouring through the Abyss, the only home she knows. Acute awareness does not always protect her from the very real risk of cannibalization or worse-- being abducted. This is a horrifying reality that no child should have to face in a brutally poetic tale

The Haunting of Bardane Manor

The Haunting of Bardane Manor by AKM Beach


An unnatural snow covers desolate vineyards. A beloved nobleman's ghost torments his family. The mystic sent to save them is at death's door. Now a lowborn novitiate must work alone to unearth the secrets of Bardane Manor before the corrupt spirit brings everything to frozen ruin. This creepy novella is set in the same gothic fantasy world of the Banshee's Curse Duology. It is a standalone ghost story featuring Ysoldette, one of the main protagonists of Lady Vago's Absolution.


Dragonmeat by Angela Boord


Dragonmeat is poison. But what if you’re starving? Peri will do anything to keep her chronically ill father alive in their starving city. Using her now useless scholarly talents to research thievery, she’s become a highly successful food thief—small, ordinary—invisible. In Medeas, gripped in the iron fist of its mad governor, ravaged by dragons, hiding is a way of life. Then her stealing triggers a riot, and a mysterious stranger steps in to save her. Frost has food and he’s willing to share his secret...but talking to him might be the most dangerous thing Peri’s ever done. How can she find the courage to leave her safe shadows and take a stand when her father’s life hangs in the balance? Dragonmeat is a fast-paced novella set in award-winning author Angela Boord’s Eterean Empire universe--a lush, dangerous world of empire and resistance inspired by Rome and Renaissance Italy.

A Sorrow Named Joy

A Sorrow Named Joy by Sarah Chorn


Joy desires nothing more than her husband's happiness. She spends her days creating the perfect life for him in their idyllic suburban home. Everything is neat, predictable, and in its place. When Joy finds a picture that hints at a past she cannot remember, the facade cracks. As secrets are revealed, Joy realizes her blissful life is crumbling and to find herself, she must first lose herself. Perfect, after all, is only an illusion. Winner of the Bronze Quill for Best Novella from the League of Utah Writers in 2022.

Far From Normal

Far From Normal by Karen Eisenbray and LeeAnn McLennan


The band St. Rage is on tour from Seattle, and they bump into the supernormal Brighthall family in Portland, just when the city is being overrun by monsters. Eisenbrey's Rage Brigade books smash into McLennan's Supernormal Legacy trilogy just in time to save the day. Truth. Justice. Rock'n'roll. And lots of superheroes!

Merchant Magician

Merchant Magician by John Champaign


Exiled from his family of traders in mystical goods and services on his 23rd birthday, the merchant magician must make his way in the world: meeting mermaids in San Francisco, Midwestern leprechauns, Icelandic dwarves and the girl of his dreams, who happens to be a cultist devoted to the rise of the great old ones who will consume the world in ash and fire when they awaken. Blending real-world negotiation theory with a coming of age story in an urban fantasy setting, this book will appeal to fans of Jim Butcher, Charles de Lint and Neil Gaiman.

The Collector

The Collector by Stjepan Varesevac Cobets


They were kidnapped. Nobody knows where they are. They all receive instructions to follow the path through the forest. What they discover will come as a true shock. The truth is hidden under a veil of secrets.

The Re-Emergence

The Re-Emergence by Alan K Dell


A strange probe from a long-forgotten satellite network appears in the P’hori star system. Its message: a dire warning signalling the return of an ancient mythological evil. Imperator Da’kora Corasar and the crew of the Qesh’kal are sent to determine the probe’s origin, and find that the satellite is not as they had expected. Corasar trusts the satellite’s data, but not everyone aboard agrees. Tensions rise and loyalties are tested as they track down the source of the signal. Thrust into conflict, the crew of the Qesh’kal must chase their foe across the galactic arm and save their home from certain destruction.


Serenissima by Orazia Moritmer


Would you risk knowing the future? Venice, 1470. The city is filled with rumours of a Turkish fleet sailing the Mediterranean. Isabetta Zorzi, who walks the fine line of being a respectable courtesan, worries about the for-now distant threat. That threat seems even more distant to her twin, Catarina, living a quiet scholar's life in a convent. But a chance encounter with a sailor changes that. They now possess a magic glass gem that Catarina can use to see the future. It's a future no one wants to see: a future where Venice's colonies fall to Ottoman armies, while the Venetian fleet does nothing. The women can't tell anyone what they know, though, because they would be denounce for witchcraft. They need a man, but the only one who knows about the glass gem is a runaway slave from an enemy city. Can a courtesan, a nun, and a (former?) slave save Venice?

The Darkest Curse

The Darkest Curse by Rachel Rowlands


Annice's hair is cursed. It kills every other living thing it touches. And no one knows the cure. Locked away in a tower ever since she can remember, Annice longs to be free to travel and live a normal life. But she knows the outside world must be protected from her, as her mother Gothel always reminds her. She's even tried cutting her hair off, but the dark magic means it always grows back with a vengeance. Annice passes her days playing music, with only limited visits from her mother. When the handsome, well-travelled bard Cyrus passes her tower and hears her playing her lyre, Annice knows she shouldn't get involved with him. But his lifestyle and adventure stories draw her in, and she soon finds herself longing more fiercely for a life outside. When she begins a fresh search for answers about her curse, she unravels a web of deceit that will change everything she thought she knew about love and family. This novella introduces a series of standalone fairytale retellings set in the world of Nethervale. The Darkest Curse is a Rapunzel retelling with a sweet love story, cosy vibes, and a splash of darkness and adventure.

Death Rider

Death Rider by Zamil Akhtar


A disgraced warrior seeks an honorable death on the battlefield, but an eldritch god has other plans for her.

Nyarai: Traveler of the Circle

Nyarai: Traveler of the Circle by Noor Al-Shanti


When her grandmother is kidnapped from their small farming village Nyarai sets out to find her and bring her back home. In a town on the edge of the Kingdom of Jade she stumbles upon a small orphanage and uncovers a dark secret that brings back memories of the Giant War she escaped as a child and propels her into an impossible quest. A quest that pits her against the terrifying Sorcerers of the High Kingdoms. Join Nyarai on an adventure that takes her from the highest peaks of the High Kingdoms to the darkest secrets below the ground...

In the Lab of Love

In the Lab of Love by Melissa Bobe


Genevieve loves her life as a witch in Dela City, even if the local witch authorities are a bit of a drag (and Genevieve should know, as her big sister is one such authority). But when the city at large catches word of a scientist who has supposedly invented a cure for all things love and romance, Genevieve is intrigued. Is Dr. Alta Anoma for real? Or is she just another witch trying to capitalize off of a basic love potion? Always a bit too curious for her own good, Genevieve decides to investigate. What she discovers makes her question everything she knows about the politics of magic in her beloved home city. Meanwhile, Dr. Anoma's work continues to garner attention, and the Dela City witch authorities are not about to take the threat of exposure lying down…

Molting of a Queen

Molting of a Queen by Peter Foote


Can a new world heal an old wound? Nina Carson is a part of a health & safety team and wants nothing more than to curl up with a bottle of wine to drown out the voice of her long-dead twin brother. But when the team’s helicopter hits a mysterious storm and falls through a hole in the sky, it crashes on an alien world ruled by insects, and everything changes. Survival in this alien world requires more than finding water & shelter. It also means Nina must learn to trust her own instincts — even when they go against all she’s ever learned. Because something in this strange world is trying to make a mental connection with her, and its intent is unknown.

Clean Install

Clean Install by RZ Held


After being infected with nanites from a dead Pax Romana super-soldier, Genevieve should have died, like every other infected civilian. Instead she survived, remade in the image of the so-called Installs. Unable to truly trust her any longer, her people send her deep into Pax Romana space with a mission: upload a virus to destroy the Install reserves. When she arrives, she finds not the reserves but the self-destructive dregs of the program, the few who didn’t die on the battlefield. Not allowed to retire, these Installs are charged with watching over dying infected civilians—but Genevieve knows those deaths aren't inevitable. To win a chance to save them, all she has to do is confess that she's from a conquered, enemy planet, to the empire's most efficient killers.

Shattered Magic

Shattered Magic by Emily Huffman


Rocco has his future figured out. One magical tournament is all that stands between him and admission to the Academy--the most prestigious school for magic in the world and the place where he will finally belong. But when a mysterious stranger shows up with an offer from the God of Magic himself, Rocco is left with a choice: swear fealty to the god or follow his own path. Fueled by the desire to realize his dreams, Rocco plunges forward, but the God of Magic cannot be ignored, and Rocco soon learns there is more to lose than just the tournament...

Manticore Park

Manticore Park by Quenby Olson


When Mrs. Rachel MacGinley arrives at Llewellyn Park, it is with little more than the clothes on her back and a wall around her heart. Falling prey to her affections has harmed her in the past, and she is determined not to let it happen again. But at the first sight of Mr. Rhys, the enigmatic beast of a man who will live and work with her at Llewellyn Park, the protections she’s so carefully constructed around herself begin to crumble. And so she must ask herself, can she continue to keep her heart under lock and key? Or does she even wish to? *100% of both ebook and KU royalties will be donated to the Juniata County Food Pantry in Pennsylvania*

Solace of Memory

Solace of Memory by Allegra Pescatore


Midwinter is a time for Remembrance. When the candles are lit, the dead walk among the living. Devotions are renewed, vigils are held, and forgotten souls find their peace. But for Gabriel, who has never believed in the Gods, there is little peace to be had. Gabe’s last year at the Academy of Tirit Mindel promised to be a great one: good friends, a chance at a coveted spot in the College of Science, and work that he loved at the school clinic. All that was changed by the call for volunteer medical students to assist in an outbreak of wasting fever. Working with the dying in the sweltering heat of southern Miriel was hard, but coming back from the front lines of the epidemic might prove even harder. Haunted by what he saw and faced with unexpected personal loss, for Gabe, this Midwinter would be different than all those before it. For the first time in his life, Gabe needs a little faith, and what the Gods won’t provide, his friends and found family might be able to help with.


Revelation by JH Moore


With everyone he cares about either dead or long absent, Cowl Coven has lost interest in life. Despite the endless distractions of a high-profile job as a programmer in the Hub and nightly runs into the chasm below for the black market, he still finds himself looking for a way out. When a hacked piece of data reveals what seems to be human life on the desolate, alien-infested surface of Earth, he thinks he might have just found it. What he finds instead is secret government project that has destroyed the lives of thousands. Human beings are being mangled and equipped with mechanical devices that rob them of all self-agency. Cowl is forced to decide if he will hold on to a safe life he doesn't really want or if he's going to accept the danger to save one of the victims

We’re All Monsters Here

We’re All Monsters Here by Amy Marsden


When Anna is invited to a secluded retreat full of selfish, greedy humans, of course she doesn’t say no. Not only did she manipulate the CEO of the world’s largest oil corporation, Peter Beyer, into organising the four-day getaway in the first place, but no self-respecting vampire would ever turn down such easy prey. Her weekend gets even better when she meets Saira, one of Peter Beyer’s employees, and they begin a whirlwind affair. Blood and beautiful women are Anna’s idea of a great time. She should have known it was too good to be true. Hunters are dangerous, deadly, and dedicated to eradicating vampires. When a group of them turn up at the retreat, Anna must use her centuries of experience to escape their ever-closing net. Will she get out unscathed, or will they finally catch up to her? Will she give into her intense and unexpected feelings for Saira, or will she leave her to burn as she destroys all evidence she was ever there? A fresh twist on urban fantasy, with an added splash of sapphic romance.

The Horror at Camp New Woods

The Horror at Camp New Woods by Aurora Dimitre


JUNE 2004 For Elliot Roth, having to go to summer camp means spending one less month with his less-than-emotionally-invested father, so really--he's all for it. And at first, camp seems fine. He likes the guys in his cabin, he likes his counselor, and being outside for four weeks shouldn't be bad. But then he finds an abandoned cabin in the woods, and a kid nearly drowns in the lake. Elliot initially brushes off his suspicions as a result of listening too much to Nick, the resident horror movie expert at Camp New Woods, but when someone shows up dead, he has to admit--something's going on here. The only question is whether he and his cabinmates can make it out alive.

Of a Strange World Made

Of a Strange World Made by Anthony W Eichenlaub


Scientist Ash Morgan doesn't mind breaking rules, but this is ridiculous. The colony of Edge is a bastion on the frontier of space and science, governed only by laws designed to bring humanity to the stars. Successful laws. Outdated laws, if Ash has anything to say about it. But when a child is born strange, Ash must decide which of the colony's rules must be followed, which ones can be broken, and which ones will inevitably lead to Edge's ultimate destruction.

From the Ashes

From the Ashes by B. S. H. Garcia


The civil war ends now. Igtheos and his rebels have fought tirelessly against a would-be dictator and his army for almost two years. The city they’ve holed up in has become a prison, soon to be a tomb if they cannot arrange a means of escape. When the enemy leader offers an armistice that’s too good to be true, Igtheos reluctantly accepts, thinking it will buy him enough time to smuggle those loyal to him out of the city. But he quickly learns the cost of choosing hope over caution as he finds himself caught in his enemy’s sinister plan, fighting a final unexpected battle. Failure means death, or worse, the loss of his loved ones. And he only has one night to determine everyone’s fate. From the Ashes is a prequel novelette that takes place over two thousand years prior to the events in Of Thieves and Shadows—volume one in the epic fantasy series, The Heart of Quinaria.

The Strange Task Before Me

The Strange Task Before Me by Sean Gibson


Decades before the events of The Camelot Shadow, a young William Upton is intent on ensuring that his late father’s bookstore continues to thrive, even if that means taking a commission from a mysterious client who tasks him with finding an arcane—and possibly magical—tome. With time running out and a large reward hanging in the balance, Will chases down every possible lead, braving the macabre underground laboratory of a sadistic nobleman before embarking on a daring, late-night library break-in. Told through Will’s own diary and with his characteristic wit, “The Strange Task Before Me” is an intense race against the clock that mixes action, humor, and a bit of magic—all while laying the groundwork for momentous events to come, expanding on the mythology of The Camelot Shadow, and introducing a key new character in the unpredictable Baron Frederickson.

The Godmother

The Godmother by Katherine D Graham


Flames rise on the horizon. The Godmother rises to meet them. Eliza Farrington the Third is the top Fairy Warrior in the universe, undefeated in both magic and physical strength. She is also The Godmother -- the protector and trainer of the Fairy Crown Princess. For twenty years Eliza has prepared her charge to bring change to the rule of terror the tyrannical Fairy King and Queen have inflicted upon the worlds. The Princess's kindness and mercy are already renowned, and her coronation is only a month away. But the Dragon Emperor's legions landing on their doorstep threatens everything. When the Dragon Emperor presents the sole remaining royal Dragon Egg to the Fair Folk with a deadly proposal, can Eliza change the fate of her beloved Princess? Or will the hate of multiple generations snuff out their only flame of hope?

Trial Run

Trial Run by S Lynn Helton


A Wild Heritance prequel novella from a time before Duplicity of Power. An impossible theft, a dangerous duel, and a scheme that could too easily fail… all for a place among the Shadowers, guild of rogues… Just shy of her eighteenth year, Namid has been preparing for this moment for two years. Her chance to become a Shadower! Before she can take her place in this select guild of rogues in Rhadanthus, city of thieves and thugs, she faces her Trial: a demanding ordeal designed to test the limits of her skills with weapons and thievery. All Namid must do is overcome this final test – survive and succeed at it – to earn acceptance within the Shadowers as one of their own. With challenges facing her both in the city and from within the guild itself, Namid is determined that nothing will keep her from her goal. She only hopes that she’s not outmatched…

The Collector’s Lost Things

The Collector’s Lost Things by Jessica A McMinn


Blind Those Who See… Rei-Hai Shaw is a Collector, and he is very good. At just thirteen years old, Rei became the youngest recruit ever to join the ranks of the Tower, the shadowy organisation that oversees the fulfilment of Whyt’hallen’s darkest requests. Favoured by the masters but distrusted by his peers, Rei comes to learn the price of his accolades when the Tower demands more than the simple procurement of trinkets. They want him to steal lives, too. When his latest missions thrusts him back into the world of his childhood, Rei is painfully reminded of all he left behind—and what he can’t bear to lose again. Includes additional short story, The King & His Shadow.

Balfair’s Confinement

Balfair’s Confinement by Phil Williams


Isolated in the derelict estate of the engineer Balfair, with only a miserable fellow slave for company, Deni dreams of changing her arduous life. When her master drags something new from the swamp and excludes her from his secretive project, she finally sees her chance. Deni will do whatever it takes to break free - even if it means bringing the full weight of the war-mongering Guard down on Balfair. The results may be devastating, but they will notice her at last - and she will be free. Balfair’s Confinement is a return to the cloud-covered post-apocalyptic land of Estalia, where the fossils of an ancient civilisation are revived in new and terrifying technologies. Loosely connected to the novel Wixon’s Day, this novella is a full, standalone story of an isolated household in a changing world.

Sunset on Maior Pales

Sunset on Maior Pales by Benjamin X Wretlind


CYN-4329-2316-ACBS-092134853a--known to itself as Cletus and assigned a male gender in one of its first acts as an AI consciousness--has a bug in its programming. Against all logic, the ghost of a young man has muddled its circuits and promised to give it a soul...provided one small thing that only a self-aware robot with a yearning to self-actualize can do. After centuries of exploration, humans are finally on the move to settle new worlds. To better facilitate settlement, advance teams of sentient robots have been sent ahead to build new towns and roll out the red carpet for the arrival of their masters. Now, just one month before the big event known as Arrival, Cletus is about to mess it all up. The ghost of Boone Richards claims his family was murdered hundreds of years ago, and on board the shuttle that will deliver the humans to the western-themed town of Free Point, the direct descendant of that murderer has put together a gang of other outlaws to wreak havoc on the newly dubbed planet Maior Pales. When the ghost of Boone’s sister, Delphine, speaks up, Cletus finds himself faced with a dilemma for which its programming is incapable of processing. How do you follow orders when doing so would break one law but not doing so would break another? And just how does a robot gain a soul?

Roxy Buckles and the Flight of the Sparrow

Roxy Buckles and the Flight of the Sparrow by Nicole Little


Exterminator ROXY BUCKLES, a bounty hunter-cum-mercenary, lives on Aurora, a highly advanced Earth-2 planet in a solar system on the flip side of the Milky Way. At the helm of Buckles & Associates, Roxy takes down space thugs and alien lawbreakers with relish. Her longsuffering best friend, SUKI KWAN, runs the office with an iron fist. She desperately wants Roxy to let go of the past. But Roxy is consumed by a need for revenge… Ten years ago, Roxy’s fiancé, SAM SPARROW, a high-ranking fly-guy at The Academy for Intergalactic Law Enforcement, stood accused of a heinous crime – setting a bomb that destroyed The Academy, killing hundreds of innocent people and leaving Suki Kwan with near fatal injuries. Sparrow insisted his innocence but then he escaped custody, disappearing from the authorities’ eyes… That day, Roxy swore she would bring him to justice, one way or another. Perhaps her time has finally come.

Becoming Solo

Becoming Solo by Joyce Reynolds-Ward


WHAT WILL A WITCH DO TO SAVE THE MAGIC FAIR THAT PROTECTS HER POWERS? Yesenia Cruz is ambitious. She wants to become a Solo witch, one who doesn’t need to renounce her powers at age twenty-one unless she becomes part of a protective family spell matrix. She has plans with her best friend, Kirsten Rogers, to open a boutique selling magic-spelled goods to the non-magical. But. In order to become Solo, Yesenia needs to win the Bright Star Magic Fair crown for a third year. She can’t afford the academy that will qualify her to become Solo. Her family wants her to give up her dreams of becoming Solo, marry Saul Ramos and become part of the Cruz family spell matrix. And a strange new witch, Shadow the Question, from a Lost Fair, is a potential challenger—even as Yesenia and Kirsten become aware of a new threat to Bright Star Fair. They have to draw on Shadow’s knowledge to save Bright Star—but is Shadow’s knowledge sufficient? Can these three witches save the Fair? For if Bright Star fails—then all magic fails. Eventually.


Spellswept by Stephanie Burgis


In the world of the Harwood Spellbook, 19th-century Angland is ruled by a powerful group of women known as the Boudiccate - but in order to become a member of that elite group, any ambitious young politician must satisfy tradition by taking a gentleman mage for her husband. Amy Standish is a born politician...but Jonathan Harwood is her greatest temptation. On the night of the Harwoods' Spring Solstice Ball, in an underwater ballroom full of sparkling fey lights and danger, Amy will have to fight the greatest political battle of her life to win a family and a future that she could never have imagined. It will take an entirely unexpected kind of magic to keep everything from crashing down around her. Warning: this novella contains forbidden romance, dangerous magic, and political intrigue in an underwater ballroom. What could possibly go wrong?

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