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GinaM book blogger

diyanosaur book blogger

kevinscorner book blogger

DBRook author / book blogger

Hello! I am the author of the Wayward World Chronicles as well as various other dark fantasy/grimdark shorts. I am a contributing reviewer at fanfiaddict and also run a series of character interviews on my own website entitled "Ripped from the page"


StephW book blogger

I'm Steph and I've been blogging about books at Bookshine and Readbows blog since 2017. I am open to reading most fiction genres, but my personal favourites are fantasy and crime.

HelenGarraway author / book blogger

Helen Garraway is the USA Today Bestselling author of the award winning epic fantasy Sentinal series which was first published in 2020. An avid reader of many different fiction genres, Helen supports Indie Authors by reviewing Indie books and posting Author interviews.

Boe book blogger

Proud Dog Dad ā€¢ Founder of the Page Turners Discord ā€¢ SFF Book Reviewer

cyrereads book blogger

tinyelfarcanist book blogger

Neurospicy indie fantasy reviewer from Mexico City. Pushing the woke agenda by just existing.

jlhines78 author / book blogger

AmberHerbert author / book blogger

For years, I've been publishing fiction and poetry. In April 2022, I published Lipstick Covered Magnet, my debut novel. After Wendy, my sophomore novel, is currently in the query trenches. As a reader, I'm drawn to immersive fiction, compelling characters, and poignant prose.

TheEclecticReview book blogger

tandewrites author / book blogger

On a cold Autumn evening back in 2008, seven-year-old Tegan Anderson began to write their first short stories, finding a more creative way to learn their spellings. Many years and many more short stories later, they haven't stopped for anything.

PetalsPawsPages book blogger

Rollaine book blogger

I love reading. In 2019 I changed my entire blog to focus on three of my passions: books, nature and photography. I began doing book reviews and have found it so rewarding to share the books I love.

jamedi book blogger

Book Blogger | Devourer of Books | Open to ARCs (2024) | SFINCS judge) | Living in Spain | He/Him | 27 | ENG / ESP | Contact:

margaret_adelle book blogger

Hello! I've been reviewing indie books on my booktube channel since January of 2019.

elementarymydear book blogger

CTPhipps author / book blogger

Endalia author / book blogger

I read and write speculative fiction. Check the review policy on my site if you want me to review your book.

JudeintheStars book blogger

Sapphic book blogger. They/them.

rainanightingale author / book blogger

Raina Nightingale has been writing high fantasy since she could read well enough to write her stories with the words she knew (the same time that she started devouring any fiction she could touch).

mfennig author / book blogger

rebeccacrunden author / book blogger

basically obsessed with books

SuesMusings book blogger

BehindthePages book blogger

FantasyBookNerd1 book blogger

AdityaB author / book blogger

jamesgarmisch author / book blogger

Greetings. I go by James Garmisch. Iā€™m a veteran of the Marine Corps and Army. A fascinating story is character-driven, teaches, and goes beyond just mindless entertainment. I blog, review sci-fi/dystopian, and have no filter. :)

RowenaMA book blogger

Writer. Nerd. Writing, one word at a time. D&D player and DM, and enthusiastic Disaster Tiefling. She/They. Bookblogger. BBNYA panelist 2021.

Ashleigh book blogger

TrudieSkies book blogger

Ari_Augustine book blogger

liana author / book blogger

A sci-fi author, a nomad, a dreamer and a reader on a quest. I like exploring other worlds, alternative societies, possible futures, interconnectedness, weirdness, values, complexity and human relationships both with each other and the outside world.

SpellsAndSpaceships book blogger

TheBookDrag0n book blogger


Virag0205 book blogger

I love every kind of books, I love to read fantasy, sci-fi, young adult and classics the most, but I like anything with a lot of action or great and really detailed descriptions. Maybe with a hint of love because why not :) You can find me on instagram as @nerdy.bookdragon1

voyagerarina book blogger

Book blogger of SFF et al.

armedwithabook book blogger

Book blogger, avid reader, writer. If I love a book, my gushing review can take about 10 min to read. I love working with authors and hosting them at my little place on the Internet.

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