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RowenaMA ✓ book blogger

Ashleigh ✓ book blogger

TrudieSkies ✓ book blogger

Ari_Augustine ✓ book blogger

liana ✓ author, ✓ book blogger

A sci-fi author, a nomad, a dreamer and a reader on a quest. After I realized that most of the science fiction I've read was written by men, I decided to discover as many female and non-binary sci-fi authors as possible.

SpellsAndSpaceships ✓ book blogger

TheBookDrag0n ✓ book blogger


Virag0205 ✓ book blogger

I love every kind of books, I love to read fantasy, sci-fi, young adult and classics the most, but I like anything with a lot of action or great and really detailed descriptions. Maybe with a hint of love because why not :) You can find me on instagram as @nerdy.bookdragon1

voyagerarina ✓ book blogger

Book blogger of SFF et al.

armedwithabook ✓ book blogger

Book blogger, Reader

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