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The Awakening

The Awakening by Mitchell Hill


Follow The Brothers on their bloody journey for vengeance as they traverse a land kept from them. Journey with them, as they come to terms with their new, magically Augmented limbs. Born in war, Augmented in death. Meet Broax and Akii. Twins, opposite in almost every way. United by their mother’s murder. Born during the sacking of their town, their father only just managed to get them out alive. Raised in isolation, their fighting skills were honed as war raged around them. Coming of age, they find out their mother made the ultimate sacrifice for them. This sets in motion their journey for bloody revenge; but vengeance never quite goes to plan. Death finds them at their first battle, but this is only the beginning. Reborn at the hands of a magiik, they discover they’ve been Augmented with new limbs. More powerful than sword and steel, vengeance is back on. Carving their way through the land, they discover they’re embroiled in something much bigger than just their revenge… If you’re a fan of Michael R. Fletcher, Joe Abercrombie or James Barclay then you’ll love The Augmented: The Awakening.

The Thief's Keeper

The Thief's Keeper by Kyrie Wang


A runaway thrall. A clever thief. Together, two orphans will defy destiny or fall trying.

In the aftermath of a rebellion against William the Conqueror, northern England lies in ruins, its people scattered and starved.

Aelfric, a 14-year-old thrall, flees from his master and stumbles upon a cache of stolen laundry. The thief? Aliwyn, a girl around his age ostracized for being “cursed.” In her care is a lost toddler she has rescued from the clutch of greedy thrall traders.

Forced to cover each other’s secrets, Aelfric and Aliwyn form an unlikely friendship...and maybe something more. They embark on a perilous journey to reunite the child with his family and seek a cure for Aliwyn’s mysterious condition.

But time is running out. Aelfric’s master is on the hunt, and the shadows of death loom ever closer over Aliwyn. Will they find the courage to press on and defy fate, or will their quest end in capture and ruin? Immerse yourself in a fast-paced tale of unforeseen twists and heart-stopping challenges. The Thief's Keeper is a thrilling young adult novel that transports you to an alternative medieval world, where Celtic-inspired tribes live alongside the last Vikings. Discover a heartwarming tale where friendship triumphs against insurmountable odds. Start your adventure today!

Blood Runs True

Blood Runs True by Kyle Johnson


A new weapon is forged in the defense of the Empire, a weapon whose blood runs true, but this blade may bring destruction to all he holds dear... Amarl is a hizeen, a half-spirit, and the first of his kind ever to enter Askula Academy, whether he wants to or not. There, he joins the other novices seeking to become ithtaru, the supernatural defenders of the Umpratan Empire. He'll learn the arts of battle and magic, and the secret to the powerful abilities that make ithtaru an invincible force. Askula isn't welcoming to any novice, though, much less one of his unique heritage. He faces challenges from without and within his school: jealous classmates, violent older students, murderous monsters, and instructors who will stop at nothing to forge him into the weapon he must one day become. Amarl's blood runs true, and the power hidden within him is vast and deep. Will it be enough to keep him alive when entire worlds want nothing but to see him dead? Askula Academy is a LitRPG magic and superhero academy fantasy set in another world.

The Light Must Hold

The Light Must Hold by Kriss Gallom


In a world without stars, divine crystals shield the folk of Esiaga from fiends that prowl the darkness. When Lior, a priest who communes with the crystals, prays to the deities and asks for their guidance, he is met only with silence. Guidance is something he yearns for as he watches his convent brothers either fall to creatures that lurk in the shadows or lose their minds trying to harness the power of the crystals’ light. That is, at least, until travelers arrive on behalf of the Queen. Sworn to come to their kingdom’s aid in times of need, Lior and his convent brothers must make the hazardous pilgrimage to the capital, Bangol. The guidance Lior has always sought comes in the form of Elouan, the paladin sworn to guide the convent’s caravan. Where Elouan leads Lior, however, deviates from the known path. The Light Must Hold — a classic dark fantasy adventure that combines fanciful prose and sisyphean struggles.

Hidden Worlds

Hidden Worlds by Kit Campbell


The greatest part of belonging to the Spork Room – a magical writing community – is the Door, through which all stories ever written and yet to be written come to life. There is only one rule: Always tell someone before you go through. But Margery is in a tough place in her story and she really needs to know how this scene goes. No one’s around. Surely it won’t hurt anything to go in by herself just for a few minutes…

If The Walls Fall

If The Walls Fall by Kay Malady


A romance obsessed teen. A fantasy world demanding she save it. Can Grace prove she’s not their prophesied hero without losing her life or her heart? If you live life like you're in a romance novel, ending up in a fantasy saga would surprise anyone. For serial romantic and reader Grace, she's less surprised and more disbelieving. When she arrives in the Kingdom of Dalner, she assumes it's all a dream. After all, Dalner is a world full of magic and attentive love interests, something no rational seventeen year old could believe is real. Even more improbable are the hints that Grace was brought to save the Kingdom from their northern enemies, magical immortals like the mysterious Woman, who seek to tear down the walls caging them in. But as a non-magical human with no special powers (unless turning every situation into a romantic plot counts), Grace can barely keep herself alive, much less harness the skills needed to save the world. While Grace struggles to prove she’s not the girl they’re looking for, outside forces drag her towards a deadly conclusion, one that may cost more than just her new friendships. To escape the evils threatening to destroy the Kingdom and protect her first love, she must confront her own definition of heroism and discover her inner power before it's too late. This book includes some scenes of violence, age appropriate sexual content, an attempted but unsuccessful assault, diversity representation, a fae-like race, a HEA, and no cliffhangers.

For fans of the A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J. Maas, Uprooted by Naomi Novik, and the Folk of the Air series by Holly Black.

The Spark

The Spark by Katrine Buch Mortensen


"The Spark is a madcap tale of rebellion and getting caught up in forces beyond one's control, set in a truly strange, magical world. I couldn't put it down until it was done." John Bierce, Mage Errant "The Patron Wars utilizes a magic and combat system where clan warriors can harness the attributes of various animals: wolves, bears, vipers, big cats, ravens, and more. The fight scenes are visceral and beastlike; if you've ever wondered how someone imbued with the strength of a full-grown moose would fare in a fight, you'll find your answer here." - Alexander Darwin, The Combat Codes Daina has always dreamed of flight. To soar above her problems, her doubts, and the conflicts of her clan. And here, where shapeshifting is as normal as breathing, flight is indeed possible. Just not to a mix like her, a barely tolerated member of the clan, not belonging to any of the tribes within it. With parents long gone and no friends except for a curmudgeonly old boss, she has little for her except her dream and a burning rivalry with her longtime enemy, Aisma. So when two of the clan’s gods approach her, offering to fulfill her dream, how can she not accept? But there is a price for everything. As civil war besets the clan, and the gods draw up battle lines, the time for dreams and petty rivalry is running out. There is a price for everything, and Daina might have to pay more than she ever imagined.

Splitting Dawn

Splitting Dawn by Katherine D. Graham


Envied by Her Enemies, Loathed by Her Loved Ones, Frantically Seeking Freedom for Herself... A Reluctant Royal... Princess Kierra never wanted to rule. Inheriting a doomed kingdom besieged by Demons holds no charm for her. Nor does the arranged marriage her mother has set in place to shackle her to the throne. All she longs for is freedom... and something she's forgotten that waits beyond the safety of the castle walls. Enemies, or Lovers? Running away from home on the eve of her wedding feels like the best decision Kierra has ever made. Until she lands in Demon King Draco's all-too-eager arms. The hated nemesis of her people, and reason behind the death of so many loved ones, awakens something dark in Kierra's mind, heart, and soul. Is she who she thinks she is? Is he truly her enemy at all? Salvation, or Damnation? In the midst of a world veiled by secrets and deceit, Kierra must navigate between Humans, Demons, Vampire-Elves, Oracles, and even gods and goddesses, if she is to survive. When all roads lead home in the end, though, she is forced to face the one decision she dreads most: Which path will save her? And does she even want to be saved? Be swept away in the shadows of forbidden love, adventure, and sacrifice in USA Today Bestselling Author Katherine D. Graham's newest dark fantasy romance novel.

Light My Pyre

Light My Pyre by Kat Kinney


EVERWOOD FALLS… a small supernatural community tucked up in the Colorado Rockies where witches, werewolves and vampires can live without fear of discovery, and those with curses they can’t control are sent to keep the existence of magic from being revealed to Mundanes. As a prince of the fae High Court, Asher Heath has always been caught between two worlds—the kingdom of faerie where his fire magic is unparalleled and the human realm where he works as a firefighter. But two months ago, he lost control of a blaze his fae magic was supposed to contain, with tragic results. With his magic poisoned by a demon curse, he can’t risk getting close to anyone… including Gwyn, the fierce and beautiful dragon shifter he encounters out in a thunderstorm in the woods. But trouble has followed Asher to Everwood Falls. An arsonist is setting fires around town using demon magic to possess their victims—and their targets get bigger every time. Gwyneth Drake doesn’t need a prince to save her. She shifts into a twenty-foot fire-breathing dragon who can fight her own battles. A fierce advocate for the dragon community, she was forced into hiding when an ex tried to sear her dragon from the skies. Now dragon blood has been found at one of the arson sites and she and Asher will have to work together to stop the arsonist before they strike again. Someone from Gwyn’s past may have followed her to Everwood Falls, and they’re too close to the case for comfort… With a herd of enchanted elk, carnivorous spruce trees, and sentient pumpkins that stalk the local landscaping, Everwood Falls is a quirky mountain town where scales and fur mean found family.

Blood of the Stars

Blood of the Stars by Karyne Norton


Harnessing the power in her blood could turn the tides of war—if it doesn’t destroy her first. It’s been fourteen years since Prince Gaeren lost Aeliana, the childhood friend he’d sworn to protect. Haunted by the unfulfilled promise, he searches for a way to bring her home. But with threats against the kingdom from both a rebel faction in the south and Mayvus, a power-hungry priestess in the east, he only has time to follow one last clue across the seas. Kidnapped as a child, Aeliana is desperate to be rid of the chaotic magic in her blood, magic her captors use to ravage the land. When she’s found by Gaeren’s rebel enemies, she joins their fight to rescue her mother from Mayvus, but her unwieldy power only serves to attract Mayvus' attention. Aeliana must learn to control her magic before they reach her mother, or risk becoming the weapon Mayvus needs to take complete control of the kingdom. Blood of the Stars is the first book in an epic fantasy series full of magic, intrigue, found family, reluctant royalty, & descendants of Stars on the brink of war.

Guarding Gus

Guarding Gus by Karryn Nagel


What would you do if you found a rare magical animal? Nico, who has just begun passing as a transgender man, relishes the quiet life working as a bonsai bodyguard. But during a chance encounter one night amidst the aftermath of a territory dispute, he meets Brant, an excitable, good-natured cookie bodyguard, and the two strike an instant friendship. They form an irresistible bond with Gustopher, a baby gargoyle in need, setting off on a thrilling 3-day adventure to rescue the little creature and reunite it with its rightful owner. As they set out on their mission, the mismatched duo encounter predicaments unusual to new foster parents. Unscrupulous enemies lurk in the shadows, eager to exploit Gustopher on the black market. In order to ensure Gus's safety, Nico and Brant must quickly learn how to nurture (what do gargoyles eat, anyway?) and safeguard their newfound charge. Fortunately, their journey leads them to encounter Remi the vampire, an eccentric cheese guard from Wisconsin, and Jasper, a seasoned traveler, who faithfully accompanies the renowned Manley Cup, the cherished trophy of a championship hockey team. Together, this peculiar quartet must combine their unique talents navigating both gargoyle-raising and crime-boss hunting. As they traverse the mountain metropolis of Multnomah, their hidden secrets gradually come to light, forging unbreakable bonds and solidifying their motley chosen family. And in the midst of it all, Gustopher surprises them with delightful…qualities, adding an extra dose of astonishment everywhere they go.

The Handwarmers of Immortality

The Handwarmers of Immortality by Karen McCompostine


“Nae woman isna as deadly with a blade” Set in the 16th Century, the 20th Century and some other centuries as well, this daring fusion of epic fantasy, grim dark realisticness, historical inaccuracy, heartwarming romance and illogical magic tale will take you, the reader, on a thrilling journey as the powers of good and evil do epic battle though those centuries. This is not a boring story, though, because it has been expertly (I underline this word for emphasis) edited. (Which means it’s shorter than all the centuries involved.) Within these pages of this book you will follow the adventures of our plucky and limber, greatly emancipated Highland heroine, Connie McSplunge. Connie believes her life as a Highland warrior is her life, yet fickle fate has other ideas and soon young Connie’s life will be turned upside down. And stretched. Will good triumph over evil and will Connie’s aching heart find solace in the arms of a fitness instructor? Find out all this, and much more, besides in The Handwarmers of Immortality!


Landbringer by Karen Lucia


The world must fall. Sade has always lived in the shadows of the Society, surviving only by risking her life in dangerous dives over the abyss during airship heists. But her time among the street gangs of Vale is coming to an end and she must get hers and get out before it's too late. Seeking an escape, Sade agrees to one last airship heist. When the job goes sideways, Sade finds herself in the refuge of an unlikely pair: a spiraling heiress and the ghost of her violently murdered sister. As Sade is hauled into the underworld of magic, she is thrust into the middle of a conspiracy that runs ages deep and Society wide. Forced to confront the reality of her repressed past and the complexities of her own abilities, she discovers the truth of the gods, and the lengths they will go to maintain a controllable populace. To free the world, Sade must risk all life.

The Oathsworn Legacy

The Oathsworn Legacy by K.R. Gangi


Rawley and Baelin make a living the only way they know how—protecting the people of Centrum by slaying the dark things that stole their childhood: monsters, and everything evil. Though the work never ends, and there’s plenty of coin to go around, Rawley and Baelin discover a sinister secret hidden deep within the crevices of Centrum’s past. Centuries of lies and deceit unravel before them, and they soon find themselves shifting from mere mercenaries to a force that will last generations. At least, that’s their hope. Dwarves in the west, Wroughtmen in the north, Elves in the east, and a tyrant king ruling with an oppressive fist, Rawley and Baelin find themselves balancing on the precipice of total chaos. With friends and allies at their sides, will everything they’ve accomplished be enough to save them from the shadows rising, or will a plot that’s generations old finally drag everything into the abyss?


Checkmate by K.D. Tabith


Would you betray your kingdom for your soulmate? Shapeshifter Theodori Hunter Wolfborn must conquer the kingdom of Siacchi to prove his worth. To do so, he kidnaps a man known for his strategic genius – a champion in the much-revered and ancient game of dominance and submission, Cesse. A man who will help Theo secure a clean, bloodless victory. Only, Theo has kidnapped the wrong person. Luka Lockehart, renowned Cesse player, has trained all his life to hide his stigmatized abilities to shapeshift, guided by the unwavering hand of his mother. He never expected he would have to put his training into practice when he is kidnapped by a northern warlord – and he certainly didn’t expect to find this man – this monster – so attractive. Now he must hide his feelings and his identity, for if Theo finds out that he is not the man he says he is, it is not only Luka’s life that is forfeit, but his entire country. Luka and Theo are locked in a deadly game. As the secrets between them only continue to grow, so does the unmistakable pull they feel toward each other, even when such feelings might very well ruin all they’ve ever hoped to achieve. Something has to break. It will be their kingdoms – or their hearts.

Dawn of the Darkest Day

Dawn of the Darkest Day by K.C. Woodruff


An artist plagued by a violent past. An heir destined never to take her own throne. A tyrant bound to life, consumed by his bloody trail.
Dawn breaks over a dying land. Ever since surviving the bloody coup that cost Ara her home and Stedd his family, they’ve found solace in each other’s arms, dreaming of a life where Ara can cultivate her gardening and engineering talents while Stedd flourishes in his art. But the old magic that once held Evenia together has long faded, and when King Vayne Savant learns of Ara’s godly heritage and royal bloodline, she turns from a budding engineer into a reluctant bride, and a pawn in his cunning plan to dominate the continent amid its technological collapse. Desperate to escape her husband’s bloodstained grasp, Ara strikes a dark deal with the king: a child—the heir to two thrones—in exchange for her freedom. Her plan should have been simple, but in between sieges, squabbling, and sessions of pleasure are nights spent waking to assassins’ blades at her throat and the threat of sinister societies formidable enough to outsmart even Savant’s cunning. Unwilling to lose Ara, Stedd sets down his paintbrush and picks up a blade, entering a war he doesn’t understand. But the line between love and hatred is a thin one, and Stedd soon finds himself torn between rescuing the love of his life or pursuing revenge on the man who destroyed it. The fate of the continent lies in the hands of a ruthless conqueror and a pacifistic queen, their destinies far more than they understand. If they can find common ground, Evenia may be saved. But the obstacles that lie in their wake are more than they can anticipate, and the consequences for failure greater than they could imagine.

The Cursed Soul

The Cursed Soul by K.C. Smith


Cursed. Forgotten. Reborn. Doraan and his entire crew are cursed to never walk on land again. For ten long years, they have roamed the sea, attacking and pillaging to survive. Doraan placed all his faith in his family to find a way to break their wretched curse, but when he discovers that his hope of freedom was nothing more than a dream, his world comes crashing down. Kamira is on the run from a life she never wanted. Finding shelter by stowing away on a ship anchored far out to sea, Kamira disguises herself as a boy in the hope of making it to the ship's next port alive. Little does she know—their craft won’t be stopping at any port. Stuck aboard a vessel full of pirates with no destination in sight, Kamira fears they will not only discover that she is a woman but also a sorceress. Now she must face the threat of being thrown overboard–or worse, being turned in to the empire for hiding her outlawed gifts. As Kamira struggles to keep her identity hidden and gain their trust, Doraan sees her as a glimmer of hope for their cursed fate, even if it comes with a steep price. With danger at every turn, Kamira and the crew of the Cursed Soul must navigate treacherous waters in an attempt to not only save themselves but all of Emmoria.

Temper the Dark

Temper the Dark by L Ryan Storms


Servant girl Alaris Kahlanik finds out about her family's gift the hard way when she discovers her ability to dreamwalk after being condemned to the Cells. With thoughts of escape, she uses her newfound ability to spy on the emperor and his secret search for something important. Nothing the emperor wants could possibly be good for the people he rules, and so whatever the emperor is looking for, Alaris must find first. Throlani Guardsman Kagan Liis has served the Empire since Emperor Patuk's reign began eight years ago. He can also communicate with a vicious oracle referred to only as the Darkness. When the Darkness tasks Kagan with investigating the Servant girl in the Cells, Kagan takes on a special mission that will require more than his usual interrogation methods of brute strength and intimidation. From vastly different echelons of the same tribal society, Alaris and Kagan are surprised to learn they share one important goal - ensuring the best for the people of their island nation. Alaris discovers what the emperor is looking for - a dragon! But warning a senile dragon against impending danger is no easy task. Together, Alaris and Kagan must save a forgetful dragon and a divided nation...which may mean giving up any hope of saving themselves.

Susan, You're The Chosen One

Susan, You're The Chosen One by Lauretta Hignett


Starting over isn’t easy when your whole world is a pile of rubble and everyone thinks you’re insane. One moment, Susan Moore had the perfect life—a handsome husband, a fabulous career, wonderful friends, and a gorgeous home in Pacific Heights, San Francisco. The next minute, it was all gone. And Susan found herself in a straitjacket, locked in a padded room. An optimist at heart, Susan’s clawing her way back, rebuilding her life brick by brick—not an easy feat when you’re over the hill and it feels like the whole city hates you. But when a group of ridiculously gorgeous models in Fae cosplay barge into her tiny apartment and declare her to be the chosen one, Susan decides to play along. She’s off to save the world. Except they’re not in cosplay. Either Susan has really, truly gone insane this time… or all this magic is real.

Susan, You're The Chosen one is book one in the fun, fast-paced and thrilling new paranormal women's fiction series Welcome To Midlife Magic, by bestselling urban fantasy author Lauretta Hignett.

A Heart of Bones

A Heart of Bones by Lily C. Strauss


Run away to a small coastal town. Leave your dark past behind. Start over. It was a pretty good plan. And Jack Parker is happy living the boring life of a small-town bookstore owner. A life outside of the world of magic. But when a new ghost shows up on his doorstep, followed by an irritatingly attractive detective investigating the murder of his partner, Jack knows his dream of a quiet life is about to magically disappear. Because Detective Richard Zuraw is about to pull him back into the world he hoped he’d left behind. A world of warring magical houses, powerful talismans, and evil cultists who would rather kill a mage like Jack than talk to him. Can Jack and Richard work together to stop the coming apocalypse? And if not, can Jack at least figure out how to get a little action before the whole damn world ends?

Seeds of the Fallen

Seeds of the Fallen by Miriam Yvette


Celestials. Light vs. Darkness. Enemies-to-lovers? A secret identity hides the truth, but what happens when it becomes a cage? The irritable and uncommitted Lucan Greystone has to live under an alias, his true self, hidden in a human body. No one can know he's a celestial of the cosmos, as those were the wishes of his mother before she was taken. But when a murder attempt sends Lucan to a small town, he must depend on the Harrow family to trek the long, perilous road back to his friends, all while suffering Elene Harrow's company, the town's heathen who nearly killed him. Elene Harrow wants to undo the wrongs of her past, even if that means fulfilling a Vow of Marriage and leaving her romantic life in the hands of another. Upon meeting Lucan, she finds his existence a danger, yet he's always the one who rescues her, even when he can barely stand her. When Elene discovers one of Rima's children ensnared in darkness, the journey may be more than they bargained for.

A Song to Wake a Thousand Sorrows

A Song to Wake a Thousand Sorrows by Michelle Manus


A woman with unimaginable power. A king hellbent on ruling the world. An ancient force that could mean salvation or destruction.

The survivor of a brutal childhood, Clare Brighton craves the kind of wealth and notoriety that will mean the horrors of her past can never again touch her. With nothing but a battered guitar and a Songweaver’s talent, she comes to the capital of the Faelhorn Provinces, determined to gain her place. But there is another, more dangerous power that dwells within Clare. An entity she calls the Song, it is ancient and fathomless…and no longer content to be held in the cage she has trapped it in. It is a power the ruthless Jackal King has long been searching for, and should he discover she possesses it, the cost will be far greater than her life. Clare has sworn that she will never again let anyone control her. But escaping the Jackal King’s notice will require the one thing she never wanted to need: help. It will come first from the two lords who have taken her under their wing. Next from the second prince of Faelhorn, who Clare alone knows is not what he seems. And finally, from the Song itself. The Song has the strength to save her—if it doesn’t destroy her first.

Red Flags

Red Flags by Michael Procopio


Mateo Álvarez-Moreno is an undercover agent at the Department of Supernatural Activity (DOSA) and has recently been assigned his worst mission yet: as the lead on the reality TV dating series Red Flags. As if being the first gay and non-white lead suitor wasn’t overwhelming enough, intel from DOSA suggests that one of the other contestants is secretly a demon. Mateo has been tasked to apprehend the monster before it can kill or maim the other contestants and crew members. There’s just one tiny problem. One of the guys he’s falling for might be the demon he’s supposed to kill. Now Mateo must put aside his feelings until the mission is complete or he risks starring in the most murderous season in Red Flags history.

The Wind at Oak Hollow

The Wind at Oak Hollow by Melissa Widmaier


2nd Place Winner in the 2023 Firebird Book Awards for Dark Fantasy Families can be complicated, especially when the fate of the kingdom rests on yours. Marl Ganwin is more than just a mischief-maker. He's a pain in the ass--the Wind spirit's favorite youth. The Village of Na-ir tolerates his antics, giving him free rein to ramble and rumble. But things take an unexpected turn when Wind forces him to accept an unfathomable fate. Can Marl's family and the entire village survive the implosion of his gifts? Or will his choices send their peaceful world order into a whirlwind? What will he lose when he accepts his power? The first installment of the Realm of Light series!

Whisper for Eternity

Whisper for Eternity by Melissa Stone


An immortal scholar. A missing goddess. A lost history. The last thing Linndan expected when the gods dragged him back to Melphor was being tasked with locating Tehaksha, the missing goddess of the underworld. Threatened with remaining stuck on Melphor, he agrees to help. His search led him from one end of the country to the other, uncovering the theft of an ancient and evil book in the process. Despite his protests, Empress Hihaye prevents Linndan from completing his task, declaring that the theft is a more pressing matter. The gods are no help, insisting that he deal with this as well. What he finds at the end of his journey will change Melphor forever.

The Eightfold Lairs of Xillenthia

The Eightfold Lairs of Xillenthia by Melinda O'Donnell


The land has gone. The oceans have disappeared. Fearsome beasts roam the wilds. Only pieces of the earth remain, desolate wastelands where scattered pockets of humanity survive, eking out their small lives. But a handful of people are different. They are rare. But they are strong, resourceful, intuitive- and driven by violence and personal loss. ~Sirrea~ has been locked away in a tower since her birth, alone, for crimes she did not commit. ~Kinek~ is a leader of men, helping his people stave off hunger and desperation- at least for one more day. ~Azola~ is a mighty warrior, and a legend in her own right. Old are the tales of the wanderer in the desert, and they are ancient and terrible. They alone can unlock the mystery of the ruin of the world, and perhaps change the course of the future.

Cascade of Sparks

Cascade of Sparks by Mary Stephenson Su


Elves, Magic, and Trouble of Imperial Proportions Born with the ability to see magic, Zaria hides her gifts in an attempt to fit in with her elven community. It’s easier to focus on school and go with the flow. She’s not one to speak up, especially not for the new elf from the Imperial Center who is as infuriating as he is handsome. Jovan is new to the valley, and he's never quite fit in. His ambitions are bigger than life in a small town, and he’ll do what it takes to go after them. Never one to hold back, he calls Zaria out on her refusal to stand up for the truth—and sparks fly. When Jovan finds himself framed for a crime he didn’t commit, only Zaria’s unique gift can save him. They’ll have to work together to clear his name. Will Zaria risk everything to save Jovan, or will she leave him at the mercy of his accusers?

Magic on the Cards

Magic on the Cards by Marina Finlayson

SPFBO10 Gryphons And Grimoires

Never trust a werewolf. I’m the weakest cartomancer who ever lived, but I can use Tarot cards to work magic. Most days. That makes me the natural prey of the Soldiers of the Light, the jumped-up werewolves who police the magic community. They’ve hunted cartomancers for centuries because of some stupid ancient feud. Never speak to a werewolf. I’m helping the local vampires track a rogue that’s menacing our little town when I knock a handsome stranger off his motorbike. He’s badly hurt but refuses medical help. So I take Mr Tall, Dark and Suspicious home—and find out he’s a Soldier. Because that’s just the kind of day I’m having. Never, under any circumstances, fall in love with a werewolf. He’s my sworn enemy, but sparks fly between us. Now I have a monster to catch and a town to save, all while guarding my secret—and my heart—from a man who would kill me without a second thought if he knew the truth.

They Left Magic in Their Wake

They Left Magic in Their Wake by Marilyn Peake


At the end of the world, there will be magic. Earth has been decimated by climate change. Humanity has fractured into isolated tribes. A child born in the southwestern desert of the United States appears to have magical powers, a strict taboo in his part of the world. In four other locations, people discover magical items. No one knows how they work or where they’re from. Although these strange objects capture the imagination, using them is risky and dangerous. The five tribes at the heart of this novel: Southwestern Desert Tribe: Zadie and Nora have fled their tribe where human reproduction is so rare, pregnant women are burned at the stake as witches. Zadie gives birth to triplets, only one born alive. The surviving infant shows signs of having magical powers, another punishable taboo. Northeastern Mountain Tribe: Finley is a young boy too curious for his own good. Meddling with strange technology he finds in a cave, he eventually boards a flying ship that takes him far away from the only world he’s ever known. Tribe in Akihabara, Japan: Exploring post-apocalyptic Tokyo, Emiko, Katsuki, Rin and Ko discover ancient manga and D&D items, as well as glowing cubes they mistake for dice. When the long-dead neon lights of Tokyo begin to flicker, the teenagers get caught up in the most intense adventure of their lives. McMurdo Station Tribe—Located in the Land of Magical Ice, Formerly Antarctica: Settlers at the abandoned McMurdo Station practice a form of mysticism, their ancestors having fled religious persecution as well as the droughts and fires of Australia. Arthur Campbell and Harrison Clark are researchers studying the strange technology that runs the place. Vostok Station Tribe—Located in the Land of Magical Ice, Formerly Antarctica: The original settlers of the abandoned Vostok Station fled the extreme heat, fires and droughts of Brazil. Years later, giant squid and a spaceship emerge from Lake Vostok as the ice begins to melt. Salvador Siqueira and his crew leave their station to investigate.

Blood of The Hunted

Blood of The Hunted by Marc R. Micciola


When things seem their darkest, two heroes decide to rekindle hope by enduring great dangers to their body and soul, all in order to break free of the grip their cruel oppressors have on them. Blood of The Hunted is a tale of a group of rebels made up of mythological races striving to create a world where their people can live equal and free. Weylyn, leader of the rebel group known as The Resistance, his best friend Olwen, and their allies fight for better lives for the Tóráin, but their morale is lower than ever before. Their enemies, which include vile human monarchs, their soldiers, and a masked witch assassin known only as The Dove, continue to tighten their terrible grip on a people they believe are creatures born of a godly evil. After a desperate move to form an alliance with a neighboring nation that has worked towards equality between Tóráin and humans, The Resistance begins to gain traction for the first time. Weylyn, Olwen, and their allies look to spread their rebellion from their country to four others, hoping to weaken them before an all out war is waged to liberate the Tóráin who live there. What follows is a precarious storm full of horrifying violence, impressive resilience, fierce loyalty, and inspiring comradery that will have you jumping back and forth from tears to smiles from chapter to chapter. Blood of The Hunted is a book ripe with emotion, action, diversity, and intensity that strives to show the strength of marginalized communities, as well as the horrors of heavy subjugation and oppression. The story features heartwarming moments as well as gut-wrenching ones. It is a darker tale than most, but it only accentuates the lighter moments throughout the story. At its core, Blood of The Hunted is a story about resilience, family, and the will to see a better world for everyone living in it, no matter where they come from or what they look like.

The Will of the World

The Will of the World by M.J. Lindemann


"May the will of the world guide your path." Plagued by the relentless husk, the populace must seek refuge behind barriers powered by crystal pylons provided by the Guild. But maintaining these safe havens comes at an extortionate price. As settlements are lost to greed, the tide of abominations surge, threatening to sweep humanity away. Four lives intersect amidst the storm: A mercenary with a penchant for thievery and a hunger for glory. An assassin on a path of vengeance for her lost life. A senator with machinations to save the world from inevitable collapse. A mystic with immense potential and little control. All four possess the power to save the world. Will their efforts avoid the coming calamity? Or incite catastrophe? If you enjoy the magic and intrigue from books and series such as The Sword of Kaigen, The Wheel of Time, and Shadow and Bone, you should check out The Will of the World.

The Songs That Beckon

The Songs That Beckon by M.A. Brown


Their grief binds them The Song calls them The Darkness wants to claim them As winter wraps Areth in its frozen embrace, nightmarish beasts descend upon the Hastings household kidnapping Mr. and Mrs. Hastings and leaving behind their daughter, Bianca, as sole witness. In the wake of their abduction her quiet world is turned upside down and shaken revealing the secrets and lies her parents have buried. As truths unravel it binds her to those who have similarly lost. Together they must wade through the thorny tangles of growing love and grief to find those that they hold dear before the looming threat of darkness is unleashed to destroy them all. Travel worlds in this dark, dreamy and romantic debut filled with dusty books and pining looks.

The Outer Darkness

The Outer Darkness by M. V. Prindle


An ancient and magical wall of Darkness surrounds the Land of Light, ringing the known world. Within it, an ancient evil stirs... The sources of Light have begun to fail. Demons muster at the borders. A horde of the risen dead shamble in from the west. The Fallen gods prepare to invade. Yet hope remains, for a handful of champions stand against the Darkness… Abraxes has forsaken his family fortune to escape his father’s control. When a god employs him to steal a sacred object, will he find the destiny he searches for? Anaya is a monk of the Iron Way. Her temple has been destroyed and her master murdered. Can she fulfill his dying command? Merrick has joined the holy order of the Royal Guard, just like his mother wanted. When he’s called upon to investigate a mysterious massacre, will his faith bear the weight of what he uncovers? Tallyn is one of the most deadly assassins in the world. When fate leads her to an ancient hidden city, will she survive the path the gods have laid for her? The hungry Darkness approaches. In this standalone work of dark fantasy from the author of Bob the Wizard, join the battle against the Fallen gods’ demonic children. And remember: Don’t let the Light go out.

Rites of Passage

Rites of Passage by M. D. Presley


Corbin James has never been so lost. Able to dowse since a kid, he’s adept at finding missing things. But after weeks on the run from the FBI, the teen’s luck has finally run dry. Enter the enigmatic Mister with a tempting offer: find an enchanter who has disappeared inside the mysterious Harmon House. Recruited into a reluctant crew of motley magicians, Corbin only has days to navigate their shifting loyalties to earn his freedom by entering the Inner Circle. Lucky for him he’s got his trusty dowsing rod, a defaced 50-cent piece, and enchanted iPod.

Echoes of Memory

Echoes of Memory by M. Anthony Harris


If you can't trust your memories, what can you trust?

This question gnaws at Aris Ravenscroft after foreign memories invade his mind and nearly get him killed during an assassination attempt on the Emperor, a hero beloved by all. A hero he's sworn to protect. Kestrel, a street-smart orphan, also finds his mind filled with memories that aren't his. Memories that say that his world is nothing like it seems. Now the duo must make sense of the alien memories while unraveling the mystery of the Emperor's true colors while dodging attempts on their lives by the mysterious Inquisitors, crooked politicians, and a host of dangers in a world where the greatest villain is the biggest hero.

The Highwayman Kennedy Thornwick

The Highwayman Kennedy Thornwick by Lisa Kuznak


Framed for murder and horse theft, Tommy Fellham is stuck in Magelock Penitentiary, rotting like a bad pickle in too small of a crock. Capital punishment was banned, how convenient—instead of getting hanged he spends his time learning how to fight, steal, gamble, and drink. There isn't much else to do with himself until his best friend and teacher, the notorious highwayman Kennedy Thornwick, confides in Tommy his plans to escape. When Tommy receives a visitor that promises fortune at the expense of a newly built bank, that settles it. He has to help Kennedy. But what Tommy doesn't account for is how much the prison has shaped him, and not only will he have to get used to magic outside the walls, but come to terms with who he has become . . . All while trying to avoid the mage hunters after the price on his head. Kennedy might have been too good of a teacher.

Stakes and Bones

Stakes and Bones by Julia Vee


Roxy's got two hammers, a bit of Breaker magic, and the deathbed promise she made to her father. The Seattle Slayers, an elite cadre of fighters dedicated to protecting the city, is having their Trials for new initiates. My dad was a Slayer--one of the best. I thought his legacy might give me an edge in the Trials, but I was wrong. If anything, it made them harder on me. But joining the Slayers is my best chance to save my mom. And, maybe, I need to see if I can fill my dad’s shoes. The only things standing between me and my dreams are all the other elite fighters and magic users who want their spot on the Slayers too. I will battle them all--fae warriors, river demons, and a vicious animage who hates my guts. I've got my hands full but a certain vampire princeling further complicates my life even as he saves it. He’s powerful, handsome, and deadly–a combination I find hard to resist. If you enjoy slow-burn romance and rooting for the underdog, cross over to Twilight Veil, where life is cheap and vampire blood spends the best.

Black Dot White

Black Dot White by JPS Marinho


Balance is a hard thing to maintain. Even more when a war is brewing… The Two Continents used to be one until the Almighty Greysui separated them and forbidden Yin and Yang from meddling with mortal affairs; and for 3000 years, the Sacred Books of the two gods have been kept hidden by their orders. Sam, a thatcher who thinks that the life he lives must not be all that is destined for him, finds the incomplete Book of Yang. At the cost of his mother’s life, he manages to escape his pursuers, and sets on a quest to try to find the Temple of the Order of Yang. Lax’Bo, wielder of the Book of Yin and a gladiator fighting for the everlasting glory in the Eternal Battle, finds himself climbing the power ladder in the northern city of Barverm, through a series of chance events, that entangle him in the web of the Royal Family’s own political games, which he is not sure he wants to be in. Both try to cope with their newly-found power while managing the threats around them; but they have to be careful, for their Sacred Books can take them down the same path that led to The Breaking of the Continent.

Destiny Awaiting

Destiny Awaiting by Jan Foster


She stole away to discover a new world, but interrupted a thief. Now Aioffe can’t escape from him, the impending war or her growing curiosity. Lost and alone in Henry V’s dangerous world, runaway fae Aioffe must rely on her newfound human captor, Tarl, to keep her safe. Yet his secrets could put both of them in greater peril than either could have imagined. Forced to enlist with Henry V's army, Tarl battles his conscience to keep flighty Aioffe hidden, while she struggles to find her place in medieval human society. As they travel through medieval Scotland, Wales, and England towards war with France, they must discover the power of true love and reveal themselves if they are to survive the destiny awaiting them at Agincourt.


Dango by Jack Long


Dango, a retired half-elf army scout, sets out with his friends to start a quiet new life on The Dark Frontier. Maybe raise some tuskers, no more fighting. But fate has other plans. Kidnapped by savage elves Dango must fight for survival, but escape is just the beginning of his trials as he finds himself embroiled in a struggle for dominance of the territory with the vicious Gradokk Gang. Join Dango and his friends as they fight corrupt ranchers, murderous elves, and the mountains themselves. Welcome to gritty and visceral chases, murders, pit fights, betrayals, battles, and redemption on The Dark Frontier with this volume of The Dark Frontier Adventures - DANGO!

Mother of the Fallen

Mother of the Fallen by J.R. Manga



Detective Garcia is plunged into a world of betrayal and darkness. Ritualistic murders are plaguing the city, and she is unknowingly linked to these phenomena. Demons are real, and they threaten the life of her son. What would a mother do to protect her child, what steps would she take to keep them safe? Natalia will have to answer these questions like any other parent, but the answers will take her down a path of blood and torment, a path she may never be able to come back from. This path may lead Natalia Garcia into the pit of Hell itself.

Dual Fires

Dual Fires by J.L. Anderson


Some are called by Destiny. Some stumble into it. Gyver Lightbreather is meant for greatness, and he will achieve it on his own terms. A possessor of light-powered abilities, he dreams of becoming his people’s most heroic warrior. Working beyond the Quorum of Light’s influence, and running from his family’s fallen past, he will do whatever it takes to stake his place in history. But a desperate boast leads him to startling discoveries and to a path even he may not live up to. Joined by his unassuming sidekick, Hessen Airbreather, Gyver must navigate the perils the Darkness has planned for him… and the dangers the Light will illuminate as well. All the while he must respond to the question he was never born to answer: Who is he that breathes dual fires?

The Fate of

The Fate of by J.E. Lynn


Evangeline is a cleric at the Church of Stars - an institution dedicated to healing and taking care of the people of Lovern amid a mysterious plague. After being warned that there is a cult infiltrating her beloved home, she starts her investigation. She aims to uncover the truth of who they are and what they want while maintaining her secretive relationship with her childhood friend. Dianthus, memoryless and with nowhere else to go, has been living with the city's royal family ever since they awoke five months ago, found confused and delirious by the youngest prince. They've become accustomed to the family's lavish lifestyle, ignoring the burden of discovering their past identity in favor of the comfort they offer, but as the days move forward and a courtship with the crown prince begins, they start to find that they can only turn away from themselves for so long. Harr is a wayward assassin who recently joined a strange circle of collaborators pursuing immortality. Haunted by the memories of her past and profession, she works to find the key to living forever while trying not to lose her head in the process. The Fate of is the first novel in a seven book series set in a dark fantasy world with inspiration taken from the cosmic horror and gothic genres. It follows three protagonists as they slowly uncover parts of a larger conspiracy that threatens the peace of their city but none of that will matter if they can't overcome themselves.


Runelight by J.A. Andrews


Kate thought finding the puzzle box would give her all the answers. But it only holds far more desperate questions. Kate is a Keeper—a storyteller, magic-wielder, and researcher—but a single mystery has evaded her all her life: What happened on the tragic day when two strangers stole not only the puzzle box that hummed with magic, but so much more? She and her brother Bo have searched for twenty years with no luck. Until Venn, a surly elf, shows up on the hidden doorstep of the Keepers’ Stronghold, with that same aenigma box—and a message that Bo has disappeared. Kate needs a guide back to Venn’s homeland to search for him, and Venn needs to find him for reasons of her own. Reasons she refuses to explain. Despite their mutual distrust, Kate and Venn form a grudging alliance. Somewhere in the midst of infiltrating dwarven tunnels, discovering the secrets of the aenigma box, and stumbling onto shocking ancient relics, the alliance shifts to friendship. But as the search for Bo grows increasingly dangerous, they uncover a complex plot woven through centuries, devastating not just individuals, but entire empires. And even working together, the inexplicable forces standing against them may be too much. Half treasure hunt and half rescue mission, this epic fantasy adventure is a tale of puzzles, mysteries, and the kinds of friendships—both old and new—that shape the soul.


Sneakthief by J. R. Rainville


In Eldingar, magical ability is a gift granted by the One Above. Those born without it, the ungifted, are sentenced to serve in the church or be executed as heretics. Theodore Tolliver can't cast a spell to save his life, but he'll be damned before he resigns to a life of servitude. When he's conscripted into a shadowy band of ungifted bandits, he begins to make a life for himself as their Sneakthief. At home in the shadows, it's not the life he imagined, but it's better than what he'd been headed for. Nicholas Alcyon watched, helpless, as one of his best friends was taken into church custody two years ago. As the scion of Eldingar's oldest family line, his whole life has been curated to position him for success, and he's intent on using that to make good on his promise to change the world. When the Sneakthief is sent into the capital city of Umbrial to rob the church itself, it should be the heist of a lifetime. Instead, it sets in motion events that could help them both achieve their dreams--if they're willing to work together. And if they can survive.

Dread Child

Dread Child by J.L. Doty


Is the birthmark on a young boy's arm just a patch of discolored skin, or the dawn of an ancient curse? Ket is the half-breed son of a Scairn bondservant and an unknown Duchies man. To him, the birthmark on his arm is just a smear of discolored skin. But the wizard Kainborne sees in it the Dreadmark, a portent of both evil and greatness. With his mother murdered, and him kidnapped by Kainborne's assassin, Ket must survive the enemies about him. But can he survive the curse of the Dreadmark?

By Blood, By Salt

By Blood, By Salt by J L Odom


Azetla has served the Maurowan Army for thirteen years. There are seven left to pay. A pariah and a debt soldier, he is a commander with no rank, a soldier without citizenship, and wears a sword that it is unlawful for him to either own or use. He has learned to hold his tongue or risk losing everything. When Azetla’s battalion is sent into the desert to catch a Sahr devil—one of the famously brutal inhabitants of the region—his tenuous position is threatened. He discovers that there is far more to this mission than catching a fiend. For the Emperor of Maurow, it is a way to prove that he fears nothing, not even devils. For the Emperor’s brother, it is a stepping-stone to rebellion. For Azetla it could be deadly either way, as he is cornered into choosing a side in the coming coup. But the devil that Azetla finds in the desert is not what anyone expects or wants. As the conspiracy against the Emperor becomes entangled with the simmering ambitions of the desert tribes, Azetla must decide if he’s willing to strike a bargain with a devil in order to survive. Naturally, she is not to be trusted. But then again, neither is he.

The First Scars

The First Scars by Ivor K. Hill


"A most enjoyable fantasy adventure ... Dark but fun." (Jon Oliver, proof reader of Way of Kings and Rhythm of War.)

Before resurrection, there must be death.

The immortal Branded are needed once more; the Druidic Curse has returned to the Fatherland, and an entire city has fallen. The Great One calls for aid, and the devout and the desperate come in droves to sear their skin with His mark. Niko Puchev, reeling from his banishment from the Old Magic Inquest, seeks to prove his detractors wrong, and can see no better path than to take the brand. But Tasha Zolanova volunteers with a single question on her lips; can the Cursed be saved? To end the nightmare, Niko, Tasha and the other Branded must destroy the source. They will scour the bloody, hate-ridden streets of Ranitsa City, their every step stalked by the ravening Cursed. And they will die, over and over, only to wake once more, clinging to their swords and the tatters of their wills. But the truth lurking behind the Curse will tear them from their souls.

Drenai Saga and Malazan meet Elden Ring and Bloodborne.

Tears of an Indifferent God

Tears of an Indifferent God by Isom Ashe


In Pelesia, quests are abundant, and genuine heroes are few. That doesn’t stop many from trying, though. From the dusty streets of Petrolix to the perilous peaks guarding the giant Ruk's nest, Tears of an Indifferent God follows Sola, a sandal-maker driven by a burning need for vengeance. Orphaned at a young age, Sola blames the legendary hero Gordoneus for the untimely deaths of his parents. When fate cruelly throws them together, Sola finds himself banished and reluctantly journeying alongside the very man he has vowed to destroy. As they traverse a landscape populated with mythical beasts and hostile city-states, Sola's quest for revenge transforms into one of self-discovery. Amid the dangers of their monumental quest to seize the coveted egg of the giant Ruk, Sola encounters unexpected camaraderie, challenges that test his mettle, and a love that might just redefine his understanding of justice and heroism. Set in a world inspired by the Bronze Age Mediterranean, full of political intrigue and the whims of unpredictable gods, Tears of an Indifferent God is a tale of action, myth, and transformation, where personal vendettas collide with the destinies shaped by the gods.

The Dragon Legion

The Dragon Legion by Isaac Hill


Broken generations ago in the Cleansing,The Sunborn Bloodline persists. Dragh the Sunborn Empire’s last son rises in the ranks of the Second Legion, a Legion of criminals. Sent to quell the rebelling Northern Tribes, the last Sunborn son finds himself in a cruel world of politics, murder and betrayal as he struggles to survive. Welcome to the Sunborn Series, where Empires rise, fall and against all odds, rise again. The Dragon Legion is born.

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