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Fragmented Fates

Fragmented Fates by Nancy Foster


The hero. The seer. The child. The condemned. After surviving two bloody purges that nearly exterminated both the Grey Clan and Orsenmuray City, the elf and harlequin survivors struggle to bring the tent city of Almjarhad to life. Surrounded by the ocean and desert, these inhospitable lands are slowly being developed with the aid of their magic. As the culprit of their misfortune, the condemned elf Lord Jamarnid is forced to rely on his son Jarahad to rule the city due to ending up disabled before his frantic escape. Bitter about his situation because he wanted to be executed, Jamarnid distrusts the true intentions of the seer Talgel. Unwanted by the Elf Kingdom and his harlequin great-grandfather Hurrujat, Jarahad struggles to accept his fate. As the interim ruler of Almjarhad, Jarahad wishes to complete his sword initiation to protect his people... and gain Talgel's unrequited love. Talgel is a woman of perpetual mystery with dubious morals. Upon awakening magic that grants her the ability to predict the future with absolute certainty, Talgel lost her eyesight. She now wears a masquerade mask to hide her true feelings. Embroiled in this story is a young hybrid elf named Tioja, who doesn't understand his role in the greater scheme of things. Four characters are about to have their fates manipulated, and their willpower tested. All for the sake of a demon inhabiting Talgel's body that will use them for its own nefarious purposes.

Return to the Castle

Return to the Castle by Rose Catherine Khan


Ten years ago, in the land of Centernia, a deadly mage feud left Castle Aurumice trapped under a sinister energy field. Fearful of its evil aura, the cat-like inhabitants of the castle were forced to flee with nothing but the clothing on their backs. Only three people remained in the abandoned castle- the starry-eyed drug addict Misa, her dangerously manipulative brother Teren, and Nico, an alluring fire mage and the last true Lord of Aurumice. Misa is determined to destroy the barrier and save the castlefolk, no matter what trickery it takes. The young woman’s quest sends her across dimensions to Earth, where she deceives her cousin, Jessica Vance Ravenwolfe, a high school freshman with enough problems of her own. Unwillingly, Jessica is thrown into the wild and beautiful world of Centernia, forced to help her strange cousins. The human girl becomes intertwined with the lives of the enigmatic castlefolk and their mysterious fire mage leader.

Witch Stone

Witch Stone by Mandy O'Dell


A half witch with no power. A warlock who’s betrayed his own kind, and the monster that’s hunting them both. Destined to fail, Rossi is only a half witch. Her coven, her mom, even her troll were constantly trying to make up for lack of magic, but Rossi knows. And she’s over being a burden, but unsure how to fix it. On a stormy night, a bolt of lightning makes the choice for her, while at the same time, sending a pulse out into the magical world. Within hours, strangers start showing up in her small mountain county by the bucketloads. An annoying, but somewhat swoony warlock with plenty of his own secrets.
An unusual unicorn who had delusions of grandeur.
A monster that uses tricks of the mind to trap its prey.
And more witches than Rossi could possibly count. All of them interested in only one thing. Rossi.

Curse Breaker Enchanted

Curse Breaker Enchanted by Melinda Kucsera


Start no fires. Carry no weapons. Do no harm. Follow the rules of the enchanted forest and live. Break them, and you will die. Sarn wakes in the enchanted forest, far from home, with nothing but his magic, the clothes on his back, and the three rules he must not break if he wants to survive. Monsters and murderous trees, twisted by the same dark magic he found earlier, stand between him and home. To save his family, Sarn must unravel a mystery before it claims any more lives, but he's never done anything like that before. How will Sarn solve this deadly mystery and defeat its architect before he loses everyone he loves? Curse Breaker Enchanted features two fantasy adventures, starring a loving father and his young son set in an immersive world of intrigue, dangerous monsters, missing heroes, and magic.

The Mountain of Souls

The Mountain of Souls by Marcus Lee


If your life hung by a thread, how far would you go, and what lines would you cross, simply to survive? When Malina is sold at auction, her darkest nightmares become reality when she's delivered to the Mountain of Souls and into the grasp of a mysterious sect. Thrust into a ruthless selection process where failure means death … determination, instinct, and fragile alliances help her survive, but at the terrible cost of a conscience stained by the blood of the fallen. Yet with each hard-fought victory, Malina gains a glimpse of something extraordinary beyond the merciless persecution ... a reason to not only pursue perfection in her training but embrace the perilous life of The Chosen. For it’s revealed that the Chosen are pivotal to the safe return of The Once and Future King … a legendary figure destined to usher in the golden age of humankind. Together, Malina and the other Chosen must be prepared to sacrifice anything, even their very souls, to overcome the malevolent forces that stand in the way of his ascension. The Chosen. A thrilling and intricately spun Epic Fantasy that weaves a relentless fight for survival into a tapestry full of conquest, deception, magic, and an ancient prophecy that will determine the fate of humanity.

Tales of Sand and Stars

Tales of Sand and Stars by Juliet Vane


Let me tell you, dear ones, a tale of sand and stars. The Kingdom of Sand found Nima wandering in the desert as a young girl. Now seventeen, Nima is the storyteller for her adoptive kingdom, weaving tales for their entertainment while yearning to learn the truth of her past. When the king from the nearby Kingdom of Stars demands that Nima be brought to him, she has no choice but to go with the warriors. The palace is dark and stifling, and the king's rule is tyrannous. Nima immediately begins plotting her escape, even though it means traveling back through a desert full of windhaunts—memory-stealing spirits that roam the dunes. As Nima grows closer to one of the king's sons, though, danger from the windhaunts and palace secrets threaten her at every turn. She must use her stories to discover—and create—the truths of her past and the shared history of the kingdoms in order to preserve her freedom, save her people from the windhaunts, and reunite the Kingdoms of Sand and Stars. Tales of Sand and Stars is a luminous, lyrical fantasy full of the beauties and dangers of the desert and the creatures that roam the dunes.

Shadows That Bind Us

Shadows That Bind Us by Amber L. Werner


When magic comes at a terrible cost, who will pay the price? Kayda grew up believing she was only destined for a loveless political match. But when she overhears her bullying stepbrother plotting behind her beloved grandfather’s back, she vows to stop him. Even if it means mastering dangerous magic and allying herself with savage beasts. Conall only wanted a simple life. But after a wolf rescues him from a deadly betrayal, he learns of a plot that endangers his sister, Lark. Now he's determined to save her from trading years of her life away. A chance encounter lands him a traveling companion who offers to help, but can he afford to give her his trust? Lark’s always dreamed of becoming a healer. She jumps at the chance to train with the Palisade Mages, only to stumble into a trap. Now escape is all that matters. Can she outsmart her captors before being sold into slavery? To the east, an ancient evil sleeps. When its cage threatens to crumble, the Kingdom of Dracwood may never be the same…

Embers: Book One of the Ascension Saga

Embers: Book One of the Ascension Saga by Brock Mays


Aleksander awoke to a world on fire with only one clue to his forgotten past: a fresh scar of his name carved into his arm. After discovering the ability to create fire from his hands, he was captured by a race of winged beings called Sangorans; their master, High King Valistaran Talohir, plans to end the war between Talohira and Thanatanos forever. But when he is finished, will anything remain? Now Aleksander and his only ally, a warrior by the name of Shanthah, must fight to survive in the brutal Talohiran slave camp. However, even with the power to create fire, escape seems impossible. One prisoner in particular, a young woman named Mara, appears to hold a key to Aleksander’s past, but may also be instrumental in saving his future. Even if they make it out alive, they will learn one terrifying fact: The world is on fire in more ways than one.

Murder at Spindle Manor

Murder at Spindle Manor by Morgan Stang

SPFBO9 SPFBO Finalist SPFBO Winner

Mysteries abound in Spindle Manor. For Huntress Isabeau Agarwal, the countryside inn is the last stop in a deadly hunt. Armed with gaslamp and guns, she tracks an insidious beast that wears the skin of its victims, mimicking them perfectly. Ten guests reside within Spindle Manor tonight, and the creature could be any one of them. Confined by a torrential thunderstorm and running out of time, Isabeau has until morning to discover the liar, or none of them—including her—will make it out alive. But her inhuman quarry isn't the only threat residing in Spindle Manor. Gunshots. A slammed door. A dead body. Someone has been killed, and a hunt turns into a murder investigation. Now with two mysteries at her feet and more piling up, Isabeau must navigate a night filled with lies and deception. In a world of seances and specters, mesmers and monsters, the unexpected is hiding around every corner, and every move may be her last.

The Path to Vihaan

The Path to Vihaan by Daniel J. Lyons


Magic reigns in the world of Feracio, providing everything that science offers ours, and more: Growing up in the village of Hinter, Aadima Rumetre never quite fit in. Despite being born in a female body, he always knew he was a boy-not something the conservative village could accept and certainly not something that his parents would. After the most tragic day in his young life, he finds himself bonded to an ancient magical weapon-a soul Hilt-yet another strike against him in his community's eyes. Certainly not suitable for a proper elf! When he makes his way into the larger world, he discovers that it doesn't approve of him either. Elves don't belong in proper human society! Then, when he comes face-to-face with a demon-his world's greatest threat-everything changes forever!

The Fear of Moncroix

The Fear of Moncroix by Bryan Asher


All the Waywards have Fallen… After a mission against the Royal Vampiric Court goes horribly wrong, all of the Waywards are slaughtered. All except one. Davion, the last surviving member, must consume potions to mask himself and hide amongst the very people who killed his brethren. After a decade of living this double-life, Davion has resigned himself to his new purgatory. But all will not remain calm for him or the Court. An unknown swordsman arrives, and after killing several Royal Vampires, rumor spreads that he’s searching for anyone still belonging to The Wayward order. Davion decides he must track down this mysterious swordsman. But will finding him bring freedom or his own demise.

Spell Fade

Spell Fade by J. Daniel Layfield


A dying wizard, a thousand years of spells poised to fade with him, and a kingdom that will likely follow if a successor is not found. Too bad the most likely candidate has no idea he's a wizard.

Echoes of Avalon

Echoes of Avalon by Adam Copeland


Patrick Gawain knows monsters. He's seen plenty of the human sort in the Holy Lands, and as he sails home from The First Crusade, a hooded apparition begins to stalk him. Convinced that he's lost his mind, he holes up in a monastery to convalesce and, if recovery proves impossible, to hide his demons from the world. But a stranger comes to find him and presents a barely credible invitation: travel to Avalon and serve with the Avangarde, an order of knights sworn to protect young scholars from around the world. Thinking it will be a fresh start, Patrick agrees, and soon discovers that Avalon is more than a myth; it is the site of a vibrant secret academy - and it's also full of ghosts, goblins, and talking wolves. He can capably protect the castle from the island's supernatural beasts, but in the relative peace of the academy life, his hooded demon returns and his troubled heart causes him to sabotage the love of a young woman, Katherina. When an ancient being with sinister designs for the island infiltrates the academy, Patrick is the first to suspect its true nature when it begins its quest by seducing Katherina. Patrick soon learns that before he can defeat monsters, he must first defeat his personal demons.

Pawn's Gambit

Pawn's Gambit by Rob J. Hayes


Yuu wants nothing more than to forget the mistakes of her past. The Gods have other plans. Once a renowned strategist and general, five years ago Yuu made a mistake that cost her everything. Now she is on the run, royal bounty hunters snapping at her heels. But what if there was a way to get back what she lost, a way to bring back a murdered prince? Every century, the gods hold a contest to choose who will rule from the Heavenly Jade Throne. Each god chooses a mortal champion, and the fate of all existence hangs in the balance. On a battlefield full of heroes, warriors, assassins, and thieves can Yuu survive long enough to learn the rules of the game, let alone master it? Pawn's Gambit is a stand alone story set in the award-winning Mortal Techniques universe. It's a wuxia adventure filled with heroes, gods, spirits, and magic.

Nicholas Raven and the Wizards' Web - Vol. 1

Nicholas Raven and the Wizards' Web - Vol. 1 by Thomas J. Prestopnik


NICHOLAS RAVEN AND THE WIZARDS’ WEB - Volume 1 4 Kings. 3 Wars. 2 Nasty Wizards. 1 Magic Key. An epic fantasy in three volumes for adults and older teens. Volume 1: Prologue & Chapters 1 - 39 Volume 2: Chapters 40 - 85 Volume 3: Chapters 86 - 120 & Postscript Nicholas Raven, a young gristmill accountant, just wanted a little adventure in his life. But he gets more than he bargained for when tumultuous winds of the past sweep him away on a journey he’ll never forget. Invisible webs are being spun over the lands of Laparia; webs of war, deceit, revenge and manipulation, all by two corrupt wizards with different objectives. When Nicholas becomes an inconvenience to their plans which pass by his very doorstep, he finds himself unwittingly ensnared in their vindictive schemes. After being accused of crimes he didn’t commit, Nicholas reluctantly flees home. But whether by chance or fate, his personal problems collide with the turbulent state of affairs around him, and he soon finds himself on a journey to the far corners of Laparia. Against a backdrop of war, kidnapping, mistaken identity and newfound love, Nicholas becomes embroiled in a rescue mission along the shores of a sprawling sea, takes part in a quest to reforge a magic key that could tip the balance of power in a growing war, and is ultimately drawn into the center of the tangled web of intrigue that has plagued his life from the very start.

A Lady in Crystal

A Lady in Crystal by Toby Bennett


“In Niskar they have perfected the art of stealing dreams, which, in the end, is the art of stealing souls.” A Lady in Crystal is the first complete tale of how the Assassin Akna came to leave the city of night. His failure to kill one of his master’s enemies has left him spiritually crippled, a man barely alive. He must employ the deadly arts he learned in Niskar’s great Asylum to survive in a city filled with petty gangs where death comes quickly to all but those who seek it. Akna will survive despite himself, drawn on by a destiny that he cannot yet understand and the need to be whole once more. He cannot know that his fate is inexplicably bound with a being every bit as dangerous and tortured as himself. A lady in crystal.

Little Secrets

Little Secrets by Alice Johnson


One man cannot end the bloodshed, but he can try. The north rises. Enemies forge a new alliance. One man alone cannot end the chaotic bloodshed, but he can try. Harris Bearwood wants his name to be known throughout the world. His battle tactics have given the warrior a shady reputation, but those who know of him are terrified by him. His burning desire for revenge drives his blackened heart, his rage unshakeable. He will stop at nothing until he has found the justice he desperately needs. Finally promoted to commander of his country’s army, he sees his chance to find the vengeance he needs. A child pulled from the burning rubble of a village has dark powers that he is reluctant to use, but his tormented heart must find peace, even if it leads to untold bloodshed and a terrible massacre. Will her powers be the ultimate piece needed to tip the balance of war in Harris’ favour, or will she lead to his destruction? If you like fantasy adventures, quests for revenge, and dark magical forces, you’ll love Alice Johnson’s thrilling grimdark series, Bound by Blood. Grab your copy of Little Secrets today to find out whether Harris can survive his own animus.

Sealed Empire

Sealed Empire by Norbert Zsivicz


-Norbert Zsivicz first book, the Hungarian Literary Award winner Sealed Empire now available in English by the famous translator Tamás Pétersz (Game of Thrones). Blurb Ser Edward, an experienced sailor, embarks on perhaps the most daring expedition of the Kingdom of Esenworth so far. His mission is to try to earn the blessing of the Reverend Sven, who is none other than his love’s father, probably the most influential man in the realm. But on his journey beset by fierce storms, he and his men encounter something that could shake to the core not only their faith, but their very concept of the world as well. Meanwhile, far from the oceans, his love, Emma, is trying to disentangle herself from the spider’s web of intrigue and scheming, into which she is being drawn ever deeper by Erick the new king. And the dark clouds just keep gathering above – ancient beasts, stranger than ever, appear at sea, on land and even in the skies more and more frequently. They roar with a metallic screech, their eyes glow with an unnatural light, their skin hard and rigid as armor. Can order be upheld in this age blind to divine prophecy, in the largest kingdom of the North, where the monarch’s mind is coming undone just like reality itself? Our heroes must struggle ceaselessly to understand the hidden secrets of their world and their own origins. But what are they going to do once they have the answers?

A Single Spark

A Single Spark by Mandy Burkhead


After her father is murdered by witch hunters, nineteen-year-old Mackenna loses control of her fire magic, burning down part of her village and killing two soldiers. Exiled and wanted for murder, she flees her village, pursued by witch hunters. She is rescued by a Wanderer named Foulan and his pet wolf, Myst. The Wanderers are refugees without a permanent home, roaming between the small countries of the Realms of Etylania. The rising tensions between Etylania and Srahinza—the lands they once called home—mean that they are unwelcome and unwanted by many. Seeing a kindred spirit in Mackenna, they invite her to travel with them. Despite his clan welcoming her, Foulan doesn’t trust the girl he rescued. His suspicions are confirmed when bounty hunters come for her. After escaping together, he finds himself roped into assisting her as she seeks out the elusive Fae, who may have a cure for her fiery curse. However, Mackenna and Foulan are stalked by the nonbinary, shapeshifting bounty hunter Kazumi. Looking to prove their worth, Kazumi believes that capturing Mackenna will finally help them make a name for themselves. While Mackenna and Foulan are reluctant traveling companions at first, over time they begin to open up to each other and fall in love. What they hoped would be a short journey takes them across a colorful continent to the arctic sea, searching for an entrance to the hidden world of Faerie. Meanwhile, each trial Kazumi faces in their attempt to capture Mackenna just makes them more determined and obsessed. This young adult/new adult fantasy novel is perfect for fans of Tamora Pierce, Dawn Cook, Kristen Cashore, and Holly Black. Themes: LGBTQ+ characters, immigration and refugees, religious and racial conflict, mental health

A Searing Faith

A Searing Faith by Audrey Martin


When sixteen-year-old Rena finds herself the sole survivor of the fire that destroyed her home town, the only thing keeping her going is the suspicion that the tragedy wasn’t an accident. She is determined to find those responsible, no matter how far her quest might take her. But no one in charge of the kingdom of Kal-Hemma seems to care that this isn't the first town destroyed by a mysterious fire. And according to Rena’s travelling companions, there’s a lot the members of the Royal Council aren’t telling their subjects. If Rena is truly the only survivor of the tragedy, why did she find her sister’s ring outside of their destroyed home? Who planted the strange bird figurines around the town’s church before the fire? And what do the old, forgotten Gods have to do with any of this? A Searing Faith is the first book in an epic fantasy series and based on the award-winning, interactive audio drama The Heart Pyre.

Bob the Wizard

Bob the Wizard by M. V. Prindle


Bob, a chain-smoking, foul-mouthed, shotgun-wielding ex-garbage man, chases his family’s killer—the gray-skinned Galvidon—through the realms of the mysterious Astraverse. The trail leads him to Hub, a world in turmoil populated by wizards, blue elves, faeries, giants, dragons, and unfortunately, plain old humans. Chained by his addictions and haunted by his past, Bob must find a way through this dark, magical realm and uncover its secrets, or lose all hope of ending Galvidon once and for all.

Mystic Mist

Mystic Mist by Lisa Vandiver


A mysterious mist descends upon the Earth, bringing with it the Hellavey. Join teenagers Erich Keenton and Iseabail Craig in this exciting fantasy adventure as they become Earth's first line of defense against the Hellavey, who have recently arrived on Earth. Aided by the mystical woodland fairies, they might have a chance. Mystic Mist; New Breed is book 1 in the first part of the Enchanted Worlds Series.

The Dungeon that Walks Like a Man

The Dungeon that Walks Like a Man by Alex Raizman


It’s not easy being a house that eats people. Zaria was just a normal woman, living a simple life - until demons burst through her door and ate her heart. Reborn from tragedy, Zaria rises from the ashes as a Core, but with a twist. A rare mutation has turned her into a Mutant Core, destined to explode unless she forms a bond with a human witch to become a Striga. Her mutation? Legs. With the power of a full dungeon compressed into a walking house that is her body, Zaria sets out on a journey to find her Striga and avoid detonation. Along the way, she battles demons, builds her dungeon, and feeds her mimic mobs. This is not the life she once knew, but it's the one she's determined to make work, no matter who she has to walk through to get there. This book includes people that get devoured and language your grandmother wouldn't like.

Blood of Vengeance

Blood of Vengeance by Angel Haze


In the gladiator’s arena of blood and death, magic cuts deeper than steel. Stolen from the streets and condemned to battle as a gladiator, Killien survives by deceit and subterfuge. He must play the role of “Killer,” the prince’s savage, bloodthirsty champion. Undefeated in battle, Killien wields a secret advantage: the magic enhancing his weapons and fueling his attacks. The cost of losing carries a price worse than death. A wager between his vindictive master and a conspiring rival pits Killien in a fight to the death against a mysterious warrior—one he has no hope of defeating.

Blood of Vengeance is the prequel to the Battleborn Mage series. It is a dark epic fantasy tale of magic, battles, betrayal, and revenge, of gladiators, warriors, monsters, and criminals pitted against each other in a deadly struggle to survive. If you are looking for an action-packed fantasy adventure, escape into the world of Arcanthia where nothing is as it seems.

The Monsters We Feed

The Monsters We Feed by Thomas Howard Riley


The morning before he found the dead body, Jathan Algevin thought he had his whole life just the way he wanted it. He knows his city inside and out, and doesn't bother carrying a sword, trusting his wits and his fists well enough to get by, hustling extra coin by ratting out loathsome magi to the law for execution. He and his sister, Lyra, have watched out for each other ever since the day they were orphaned by a bloodthirsty rogue sorcerer, and now they finally have steady work, good friends, and the freedom to spend every night laughing at the bottom of a bottle. But nothing lasts forever.When he stumbles across a brutal murder, Jathan discovers a strange crystal lens that opens his eyes to an invisible world of magick and terror lurking just beneath the surface of his own, making him question everything he thought he knew. But will gazing into this new arcane realm lead Jathan to save lives, or help destroy them?With dangerous people hunting for the lens, monstrous lies unraveling his life, and a hidden underworld calling to him, it is only a matter of time before his whole world comes crashing down. Will he find the answers he is looking for, or will he only find a monster needing to be fed?Rated-R Dark Fantasy Noir in a city of hope, lust, and brutality, where swords are banned, and magick is just as likely to get you killed as it is to save your life.There are always things about ourselves that we don't want to see.There are always things we can't stop doing no matter how hard we try.We all lie. We all have secrets.We are all feeding monsters.

A Gamble of Gods

A Gamble of Gods by Mitriel Faywood


Life used to be good. I had money. I had fame. I had respect. The same thrill during work every day. A different woman in my bed every night. Best fighter to hire for dangerous jobs. Most famous thief in the Nineteen Kingdoms. Half the world sought my services when they needed the impossible done. The other half wanted to sleep with me. Then one day this strange guy showed up with his even stranger pet, the latter a bit of a gift horse by all accounts, and turned it all upside down. They claimed to have come to save my life, and while they were at it, I got them to help out with the most important quest of my existence: finding the Supreme Key of the Dragon. Needless to say, none of it turned out quite how I expected. But we had fun, even if it was hell sometimes. In the end, what we found was worth it all. My name is Conor Drew, the Gods destined me for great things. But I turned them down.

Embrace of the Shade

Embrace of the Shade by Amanda Muratoff & Kayla Hansen


Amarie’s legendary magic could incinerate her enemies, but it’s her sword she trusts. While running from the men who killed her family, she learns of an ancient text locked within the Great Library that might be the final key to understanding her curse. During the daring theft, a stranger inserts himself into her scheme. Kin’s roguish good looks and boundless charm threaten to distract her, but she has no intention of landing in the city jail. Kin’s life, riddled with shadows and death, is as dark as his soul. He embraces his power, given by a wicked master, but when he meets Amarie... She shatters the walls he’s built, piercing his solitude with vibrant light. But if she learns he hunts the power cursing her family, he will lose her forever. Trusting him could risk her heart and her life, but it might be the only way to destroy the world’s most sinister evil. Unless Kin’s master finds her first… Embrace of the Shade is Part 1 of The Berylian Key Trilogy, and Book 1 in the Pantracia Chronicles. This series is perfect for readers who enjoy Sarah J. Maas, Jennifer Armentrout, Leigh Bardugo, and Holly Black. It is recommended for 18+ as it contains sexual content, violence, and language.

Church of Thieves

Church of Thieves by IQ Malcolm


When a priestess discovers a dark secret…

…she’s murdered to keep it that way.

Can her acolytes uncover the truth in time?

Tallis dreamt of becoming the world's greatest thief. Mother Sienna's death scattered those plans in the wind. With the vultures circling, he would do anything it takes to keep his found family together… Even if that means following her into the grave. All Nerea has ever known is struggle. The refugee-turned-inventor agreed to join Cuvar's temple to save her ailing mother. When she discovers she joined a church of thieves, her skills and morals are put to the test. Can she survive in this secret society… …or will she become one of Cuvar's misfortunates? You will love this fast-paced new adult fantasy because it's filled with morally gray characters, political intrigue, and witty banter.

Fairywood Falls

Fairywood Falls by Steven Paul Watson


An Appalachia Fairy Tale…. Naomi and Garrett are making big changes to their lives. Deciding to leave the city life behind, retire early, and move back to Eastern Kentucky to live a simpler life with their dog Growler and horses. They quickly realize something about their new property isn’t quite right. There is something or someone dwelling on their land and everything points to something straight out of a fairy tale. Do winged creatures really live among the earie woods of Kentucky? Naomi and Garrett will soon find out what tiptoes through the forest at night…but can they escape the crossfire from those that already know what lurks deep within? From the author of the Howling Moon series comes a new vision of what could be lurking out in the hills of Appalachia.

Blood Will Out

Blood Will Out by Lara Lynwood


I was meant to fight monsters. Not become one. And then I died on a routine vampire hunt gone wrong. Now I've gone from Cassandra Blackthorn, one of the Guild's best hunters, to Cass - outcast, fugitive, inhuman. I don't know what I am. I don't know how it happened. But I do know two things. One - I'm not a vampire. I'm something else - something new. And two - I'm going to find the vampires who took everything from me, and get revenge. No matter what it takes. Blood Will Out is a fast-paced, action-packed all-slaying-no-laying urban fantasy adventure! If you like badass female leads, mystery, and suspense, then Blood Will Out is for you - get it now!

The Fires of Time

The Fires of Time by Alexander Wyatt


Young mage Kya has a list of questions she longs to ask her guardian Dwen, who took her from her parents as a baby, allegedly to protect her from the Wooden King. Why can’t she leave the imprisonment of the walls of Raftengrad? Why does he allow her friendship with Thyme, a ghost girl who clearly makes him uncomfortable? Why has he spent her entire life training her to fight with magic? And how did he know the oil mage who tried to kill her? After the attempt on her life Kya tries to learn more about her forgotten home across the Serpent Sea, and hatches a plan to escape her captor. With the help of a rare cricker and accompanied by Thyme, Kya breaks the seal of the Journey Stones, hoping to find freedom in Myrsguard, where she was born. But instead of freedom, Kya finds trouble in the land once ruled by the All-Queen. The invasion of the Wooden King is imminent, and her role in the war was put into motion long ago. Before long, she’s caught in the middle of a deadly struggle that can have catastrophic consequences. Now, Kya realizes by trying to run from Dwen, she may have run straight into something far worse.

Summoning and Sacrifice

Summoning and Sacrifice by Nathan Hartle


A hunted woman. A missing god. The adventure of a lifetime. All that Shada desires is peace and freedom. What she has is fear and hunger. She’s a servant on the run from her cruel master, who is determined to lock her away. Then comes a chance at a new life. Alone in the vast, cruel city of Ronia, she meets the Lady. This enigmatic spirit makes her an offer: Shada can accept her dismal lot… or undertake a quest to find Ronia’s vanished god. For the gods disappeared without a trace in the long-ago age of legend, leaving the worlds of humans to chaos and war. Without its god, Ronia’s once-mighty empire is crumbling toward an abyss. To save their people, Shada and her ragtag companions will journey to the ends of the universe. But first, they must escape Ronia alive. Many in this city of blades, poison, and shadow mean to stop them at all costs. If they fail, slavery or death await them... and their world will fall into darkness. Summoning and Sacrifice is the opening book of the Liturgy of Worlds epic fantasy series.

Crystal Gunslinger - The Obsidian Outlaws

Crystal Gunslinger - The Obsidian Outlaws by Oliver Laws


The Warped Scorch is known as the most dangerous area on the continent of Lux for good reason. Ever since a strange meteor hit the land and transformed it into a crystal hellscape, all four bordering nations have been trying to establish a foothold in the extremely dangerous new territory and lay claim to its many treasures. Cyrus is a crystal gunslinger, one of the individuals that face the horrors of the Scorch on a daily basis in order to make a living. With his trusty ruby repeater and plenty of experience, he is prepared to deal with whatever challenges the strange creatures and deadly environment can throw at him. But Cyrus will soon learn that the true horrors of the Scorch are much more human in nature, and no matter how hard he tries, escaping his past will be nearly impossible.

Love Crafted

Love Crafted by RavensDagger


To Enter Five Peaks Magical Academy you must have a familiar. Abigail hoped for a bird, maybe an owl like her best friend's, or a cuddly cat or loyal hound. She would have been happy with a particularly smart toad, even. Instead she got you.

The Nightingale Prince

The Nightingale Prince by Zack Bel


The crown of a Fae Prince is a dangerous thing Toby’s boyfriend just kicked him to the curb, so when he inherits a decrepit mansion in the remote Aussie bush, he jumps at the chance for a break. He finds a charming little town full of big personalities, and a handsome, mysterious gardener. But Toby will soon discover that everything he thought he knew is a lie. He’s not even human. The Fae are real, and he’s one of them. The ancient nature Fae Amaethon has buried the pain of losing his lover a century ago. These days, he finds plants easier to talk to than people, but Toby pulls him out of his shell so easily. When the same evil that took his lover returns, he'll fight to protect Toby and the chance to love again. An ancient magic is reawakening, and Toby is the heir. To make matters worse, Fae hunters want him dead, and they’ll destroy this quiet town to stop the Nightingale Prince from rising. Amaethon and Toby will have to fight together to survive, and failure means the end of all Fae kind. The Nightingale Prince is a paranormal MM romance with a touch of the gothic. Book 1 of The Songbird Princes, each book follows a different main couple with a HEA, but the series must be read in order. May contain: Lots of chocolate chip cookies, a crumbling mansion with a library to put Belle to shame, an eccentric old lady who might’ve given King Arthur his sword, a magical housekeeper, and a badass witch librarian. It contains explicit content. Check the copyright page for content warnings.

Hearts Lost

Hearts Lost by Meredith Hart


I was sent to stop the monsters. I'm trapped with one of them instead. In exchange for my sister’s freedom, I have to enter the Lands Below, stop their attempts to bring down the barrier that keeps them all trapped underground, and kill Princess Elanerill. There’s no way this ends well, but I don’t have a choice. Not if I want my sister to make it out of King Grathgore’s court alive. But my borrowed magic backfires, knocking me out of the Lands Below and into a forest filled with strange shadow animals where the ground itself shifts beneath my feet. And I’m not alone. Aloserin, the dangerous Royal Guard from the Lands Below who’s trapped with me, calls this place the void. He claims those who enter the void’s twisting forests and shifting paths rarely return. Still, I have an advantage those previous travelers did not: I can communicate with the shadow animals that so terrify Aloserin. Perhaps the two of us can survive long enough to find our way out. As long as Aloserin doesn’t discover that I’m the reason we’re both trapped here.

Perfect for fans of Uprooted and A Court of Thorns and Roses, Hearts Lost is a complete stand-alone fantasy romance adventure that's impossible to put down!

The Awakening Fire

The Awakening Fire by Cassidy Faline


The price of war, The plague of death, Was Ancients' curse Of final breath. The sea, it carried us, Time passed over us, But we did not repent. Faithful people! Lift your eyes! For future's sake, We must rise! Faithful people, Take your stand! Bring the Ancients back To our holy land. Even though the Ancients have been gone from the world for nearly a thousand years, their law still holds sway over the minds of men. Three men hold a claim on the kingdom's empty throne, each jockeying for power with their own conflicting ideology. With unrest brewing among the citizenry, violence breaking out between the lords, and a dark secret kept just under the palace floors, can the kingdom of Retall survive another war of the Ancient

The Blood of the Lion

The Blood of the Lion by C. D. McKenna


An Empire is rising . . . the question is, will you join? **** Destiny is irrefutable. And Syra, Morei, and Cyrus all have something in common: death. The Demon Killer, once responsible for the Diyrặllian Massacre, has been found after being lost for centuries. Millions of lives fell victim to this treacherous relic . . . and now Syra holds it. Torn from the sanctuary of her home, she must learn to live on the run in search for freedom, hunted by forces known and unknown. Fate can be cruel, and Morei Geral knows this firsthand. As the king and sole heir to his bloodline, Morei must hide the twisted truth of who he is becoming. But as the king slips further into his curse, war becomes inevitable, and he will have to make a choice that could undo everything he's worked for. Meanwhile, as chaos rages and fear grips the heart of all, attention is turned on the first Dragon Rider to rise in nearly eight centuries. Cyrus wants nothing to do with prophecies and war. But he will protect his dragon, Sozar, above all else. His only choice is to cast aside the life he once knew and traverse the mysterious Releuthian Mountains, said to be the home of the God of Darkness himself. Everyone has a destiny. No one can be trusted. Not even the Gods. **** The Blood of the Lion is the first of a nine book saga and Silver Medalist in Fiction-Magic/Wizardry with 5-Star Recognition from the 2022 Readers' Favorite International Competition.


Beta by MT Zimny


Samantha Havardson is not an Apex. Seriously. She's completely ordinary with a totally normal family that just happens to be moving to the Apex epicenter of the world- the manmade island city of New Delos. Although she thinks her lack of super Apex abilities will keep her out of the limelight, it quickly becomes apparent that the city has different plans, sweeping Samantha up in a world of secret identities and super powers where anyone, even those closest to her, might be an Apex. Plagued by missing students, secret Apex teams, and a mysterious man named Adrestus, Samantha searches for answers, causing secrets to unravel about her classmates, her family, and herself that drag her deeper into the secret world of the Apex.

City of Mages

City of Mages by A.J. Cerna


Born a fire mage, destined for something greater. For hundreds of years, Sombria has lived in peace thanks to the delicate balance the Council fosters between those with magic and those without. But unrest is brewing under the surface of Sombria, and the Council's tenuous hold may be on the verge of collapsing. All Alara ever wanted was to become a soldier, fighting to protect Sombria from the bruya rebels that threaten its borders with their chaotic magic and lawlessness. In order to succeed, she must first conquer her worst fear--her own innate magical abilities. Quenti, raised to hate the oppressive thumb of the Council, has only ever wanted a life of peace away from those who wish to control her. When her abilities are revealed, she finds herself at the center of a world she grew up despising, where magic is suppressed under the illusion of control. And her only means of escape may lie in trusting those she grew up doubting most. When Alara is given one final chance to prove she's worthy of being called a Mage of Sombria, the key to her success may lie within the untrusting Quenti. And Quenti doesn't plan on making things easy. Though as their two lives come crashing together, trusting each other may be the only choice they have to survive what's coming.

Prince of the Fallen

Prince of the Fallen by M. H. Woodscourt


Raised by ghosts. Trained by gods. How far will he go to save those who betrayed him? Abandoned in the wilderness, Lekore lives with ghosts and fallen gods, until his efforts to rescue a traveling princess and her entourage bring him into a civilization unlike anything he’s ever known. Caught in a net of silk and secrets, Lekore finds himself ensnared by court intrigue, midnight assassins, and a deviant faction of the Church of the Sun Gods—all thirsting for his blood. He just wants to find the man who deserted him, until a storm rises out of the north, furious enough to destroy the city and outlying lands. Now Lekore must find the source of its wrath, deep in the wilds of the deadly Lands Beyond, if he can flee a city that won’t let him escape.


Darkstrider by Aaron Hodges


A man outside of space and time, Mikael Heaton wakes in a new world. One hostile to his very existence. Offworlders are not welcome in the Seventh Realm. But with his memories veiled in an enigmatic haze, Mikael must defy his physical limitations and forge new alliances if he is to survive. There is power in this world—magic. Impossible, his instincts scream. Here though, its secrets could mean the difference between life and death.

As his journey unfolds, Mikael uncovers pieces of his forgotten past. Tantalizing fragments. Of a world of technological wonders. And a dark secret, one best left buried. A mortal does not simply cut the ties of reality without sacrifice. But there are greater forces at play in the Seventh Realm, and Mikael will need every scrap of cunning and resolve he has at his disposal to outwit them.

Can an Offworlder reforge his destiny in a new world?
Or will the forces beyond the veil crush him before he has the chance? Discover a new fantasy world by New York Times Bestselling Author Aaron Hodges as the enigmatic Mikael Heaton struggles to survive in a world of gods, monsters and magic!


Regeneration by Cassie Greutman


Nobody defied the Faerie Council… until now. At sixteen years old, Trisha has been in the foster care system for years and has barely survived. She has always felt different. An outsider. That’s how it must be. After all, she has a secret to protect. But the time to hide her truth may be at an end. Dragged before the Faerie Council, her fae lineage makes it mandatory for her to bend to their will. A hunt is underway for a fae fugitive and she is to join the team tracking him. Saying no isn’t an option. The stories of what they do to those who disobey orders chill her to the bone. Who else is on this mandatory squadron? None other than her ex, who shot her and left her for dead. Sure, she healed. But that kind of memory stings. Can they find the fae on the run before he comes into his powers? Or worse, before Trish destroys any chance she has of staying with the foster parents who love her? A perfect read for fans of YA Urban Fantasy full of action and found family!

An Inheritance of Ash and Blood

An Inheritance of Ash and Blood by Jamie Edmundson


The One They Fear is The Hero They Need 
Sorcery is dying out.

No one misses it. Feared and despised in equal measure, Sanc is only tolerated because he’s the son of the powerful Duke of Morbaine. But Sanc is more important than he knows. When his life is threatened, he is forced to confront his true inheritance. For a new god has arrived in Dalriya. Unstoppable, Ezenachi brings only conquest and slavery. Sorcery is dying out, and now Dalriya needs a sorcerer more than ever.

An Inheritance of Ash and Blood is the first book in a new series, Heirs of War. It combines coming of age character journeys with rich worldbuilding, dark sorcery, political intrigue, and bloody war.


Opanumbra by N.R. Gravel


The inlet battle has concluded. In its wake, a fleet bearing the departed travel across the Sequent Sea. What was thought to be a time of mourning converts into something worse. The Clergy leader of Vattarmere has been abducted, leaving only a trace of blood. With a staunch response, Hieronostad Castle is laid siege. After a swift victory, Coradryx and his companions discover a ransom letter indicating their troubles aren't nearing an end but have increased substantially. A journey west toward the lands of Har-mortrock must be taken while a pressing urgency beckons that they leave the realm of Verdoon. Each step toward their goal unravels a cumulative number of perils. Each peril, more drastic than the previous.

Grace Defend Us

Grace Defend Us by Michael J. Hedayat


Ghosts. Heroes. Monsters. Magic. When the ghosts that haunt Valentino’s palace tell him that he’s won the apprentice lottery, he is ecstatic! Finally, the student he’s been waiting to teach is walking the ghost path to his fantastical world. When those same ghosts tell Valentino that giant, talking snakes have ambushed his apprentice in the haunted forest, he becomes furious. Valentino, son of the Gorgon, is not the kind of prince that allows a member of his household to become some monster’s dinner. Unfortunately, even if he does save his new student Sophia—the serpents that he’s trying to stop already have an invitation to the festival being hosted at his House of Grace. Either he’s going to be without an apprentice, or these giant snakes are going to come back for a second chance at a free meal. Can Valentino save his new student from becoming dinner? Can he teach her enough to survive her next encounter with these fearsome monsters?

The Mambo Wizard: Breakfast is Served!

The Mambo Wizard: Breakfast is Served! by Giordano J. Lahaderne


Meet Jeremy Fletcher, boy wizard and orphan extraordinaire. After years of study, Jeremy finds himself expelled from Pigpimples Academie of Magick. He only ever mastered the single spell of transforming everyday objects into breakfast food items (a novice trick at best, and one not found in any of the Headmage’s textbooks). But perhaps Jeremy's luck is due for a change. Moe and Zippo crash-land their starship on his family's property. They're space pirates on a quest to fish radio broadcasts out of black holes and build the ultimate night club. They also appear to be famished. Is this Jeremy’s chance to provide a complete and balanced breakfast? In the spirit of J.K. Rowling meets The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, enter an alternate history where humans made contact with alien races, and where magicians are still embarrassing! Featuring a cast of wizard school dropouts, small furry animals, and other various weirdos! Come join the gang in a swashbuckling adventure through dysfunctional magic academies, dwarven convenience stores, and night clubs on the moons of Jupiter!

The Mambo Wizard: Breakfast is Served! Truly a gem of the orphaned wizard genre!

Lady of Ravensmere

Lady of Ravensmere by Mary McKenna


In a richly-imagined fantasy world, against a backdrop of alliances and betrayals, a young girl grows to a woman.  Jenevra Louvet, the thirteen year old daughter of the Earl of Allandale, travels to the north to be betrothed. Well-born, well-bred and well-trained, she would not embarrass a king. But no king awaits her. Instead she will marry the new made lord of a dilapidated castle threatened by war. Far from her family and the life she knows, with little support, she must find a way to grow into the woman and lady her new land and husband need. Brilliantly imagined fantasy, Lady of Ravensmere chronicles the beginning of Jenevra's journey, a journey that will change her and the world around her.


Bioshifter by Natalie Maher


Hannah has a routine. Wake up, take a shower, go to school, go to work, come home, and pass out. It's a perfectly normal routine for a perfectly normal girl who does not have to remember how her limbs work every morning because of haunting nightmares of being a very different creature in a very different world. But that's all she thinks they are—nightmares—until one night they're all too lucid, and her body on Earth starts to change. Slowly, Hannah's humanity starts to slip away... but surely she can continue just sticking to routine, right? It'll be fine. It has to be. A mix of urban and traditional fantasy, Bioshifter is a story in two worlds, with magic leaking in from one to the other. It's a story about love, self-acceptance, neurodivergency, and a whole lot of trauma. Strap in and enjoy!

A Sword of the Three Rivers

A Sword of the Three Rivers by Seth Hobbs


Begin an epic journey in a forgotten time, where empires rise and fall, helping or destroying smaller provinces along the way. Follow the bloody and lusty adventures of young Bovir of the Woodlands, as his destiny becomes intertwined with the many colorful characters, beautiful vixens, kingdoms, politicians, priests, bankers, and terrifying warlords that he meets along the way, simply trying to return home and find his revenge for the many wrongs dealt to him. Alongside these quests, he must deal with the whims of the gods, ancient prophecies, and the corruption of the religious overlords that keep their secrets. An odyssey for a new generation of readers and fantasy fans.

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