Curse Breaker Enchanted


Curse Breaker Enchanted by Melinda Kucsera


Start no fires. Carry no weapons. Do no harm. Follow the rules of the enchanted forest and live. Break them, and you will die. Sarn wakes in the enchanted forest, far from home, with nothing but his magic, the clothes on his back, and the three rules he must not break if he wants to survive. Monsters and murderous trees, twisted by the same dark magic he found earlier, stand between him and home. To save his family, Sarn must unravel a mystery before it claims any more lives, but he's never done anything like that before. How will Sarn solve this deadly mystery and defeat its architect before he loses everyone he loves? Curse Breaker EnchantedĀ features two fantasy adventures, starring a loving father and his young son set in an immersive world of intrigue, dangerous monsters, missing heroes, and magic.

AdultFantasy/Sword and SorceryFantasy/Epic and High

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