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The Legion of the Lost

The Legion of the Lost by Joseph John Lee

All gods bleed. All gods die. Even those of our own making. The flames of war have left a scar through the Heart of the Land, and its once-pristine landscapes have been stained with divine blood. After a battle that has cast a shadow larger than anything the Tribes have ever seen, who memory permits to endure shall be determined by the hand to pen the tale, and for whom it may be penned: For Kamataa, who continues her centuries-long search for revenge, regardless of the cost. For Tez, who must find her place after being stripped of her greatest talent. For Aritz, who will stop at nothing to complete his conquest, and at any means necessary. And for Sen, who must rise above her gravest mistakes to carve a path for her people. But whether for friend or foe, memory shall ever remain a fickle thing, but it shall not forget the Harvests . . . and the legion who survived them.

Halidar: The Last Surveyor

Halidar: The Last Surveyor by Rob Perrier

Thrust into an unexpected odyssey, Tanner finds himself inexplicably transported from the mundane world of school year preparations to a fantastical realm shrouded in forgotten magic. Mistaken for one of a long-lost lineage of mages, he must navigate the world, master lost magic, and unravel the mysteries surrounding both his arrival and the disappearance of those who came before him. Forging an alliance with a band of nomadic players, together they will navigate danger and treachery, unearth the long-buried secrets of the vanished "Surveyors," and perhaps pave the way for the better life Tanner has longed for.

Die Young

Die Young by Morgan Shank

Magon Dross graduated his mage school, the Tower, with flying colors. Then his old schoolmaster burned his runebook and stole his magic. Now the Tower wants him dead. To spare himself, his family, and his people from danger, Magon must find help and answers. His country is on the brink of war, and a school of rogue mages could topple everything. Powerless and on the run, he'll find help through his childhood friend, his estranged sister, a tribal exile, a violent priest, and the daughter of King Terrus, Freytilia's most hated man. This makes for a precarious alliance, but it must hold. The Tower's pursuit spreads collateral damage, and as war approaches, it grows apparent that if the Tower isn't stopped, every country will fall.

Smoke and Steel

Smoke and Steel by Dax Murray

Kraken Collective

At the Crossroads of Tomorrow Being the youngest of the Sua royals never stopped Saritrah from scheming to take the throne. But violent insurrectionists shattered those plans when they stormed the palace and decimated her family. In the years since, she has amassed an army and will return to claim her crown. However, Ashur, her one remaining sibling, has done the same, and she must act soon if she’s to secure her prize before he snatches it from her claws. After Ashur razes the Temple of Yshuld, the surviving Seers promise her the power to ensure victory. But it will mean abandoning her legion to venture into the endless desert and locate a lost city. Soon, however, she suspects that none of the women are who they claim to be, even to each other. One woman cryptically alludes to a paradisical past; another awakens in the night plagued by dreams of a frightening future; the last woman never speaks. But the more she questions her new companions’ motives, the more she must question her own. Is the vision of calamity an omen of what will happen if she fails? Or a promise of what will come if she succeeds?

Flooded Secrets

Flooded Secrets by Claudie Arseneault

Kraken Collective

Fate and friendship brought Horace, Rumi, and Aliyah together in Rumi’s Wandering Wagon of Wonderful Wares, a sentient self-propelling wagon. They seek the forest haunting Aliyah’s dream, hoping for answers about their past and their unique abilities—but for that, they need to traverse a world haunted by Fragments, dangerous shards that can possess travellers. With the Fragments in the wilderness, banditry was the last danger Horace had expected on the road—but not even that could stop Keza Nesmit. Swift and deadly with a staff, Keza drops on the Wagon crew, claiming most of their provisions before vanishing back into the Tesrima Ridge. As if to compound their bad luck, the tunnel that serves as the only pass through the mountain is flooded and impassable. Keza reappears, and she’s willing to show them the source of the flooding, a waterway blocked by Fragments, in the hopes that they can unblock it—and just like with the stolen food, she won’t answer any questions about her motives, no matter how friendly. Abrasive, confident, and eager to bicker, Keza makes for a thorny companion, but they’ll need to work together to free the pass and continue their travel. As they unravel the Fragments’ blockage, so, too, do they chip away at Keza’s walls. But the cost of breaking both is far higher than anticipated, and Horace is about to learn that some secrets are better left untouched.


Deathless by Rob J Hayes

Seven were the Godless Kings who took their war to Heaven. King Ertide Hostain was once known as the Crimson Prince. He fought side by side with angels and pegasi and defended the Sant Dien Empire against monsters. But his pact with Heaven has become strained. He has grown old, his body rots, and he has yet to choose which squabbling prince will be his heir. The Hostain dynasty has ruled over the empire for millennia, but when Ertide finds cryptic notes from his dead father, he realises not all is as it seems. Has history been rewritten? And if so, what is heaven hiding? Immortality has a price, and it is paid in blood. A new epic fantasy saga full of angels, demons, and mystery, from award-winning author, Rob J. Hayes. Perfect for fans of Brandon Sanders, John Gwynne, and Ryan Cahill.


Herald by Rob J Hayes

A thousand years ago, humanity's greatest heroes killed God. Across the land of Helesia, the iron grasp of the Godless Kings is failing. Demons stalk the deep forests, monsters break free of their prisons beneath the World Vein, and terrors of the old world rise again. Deep in the wintry village of Riverden, Renira Washer lives the dreary life of a laundry girl, dreaming of excitement and adventure. But in her blood, hides a secret: the angels are not all gone. When a stranger from her mother's past appears with a dire warning, Renira's peaceful life is shattered and she's thrown headfirst into a millennia old war between Heaven and earth. Only the Herald can ring in the Fifth Age. Only the Herald can bring the God back to life. History is written in blood. The future is forged in holy fire.

The Book of One

The Book of One by Adam Gaffen


Angels and demons are never meant to cross paths, or so the ancient lore dictates. In 10th Century Rome, a realm teeming with shadowy intrigue and covert power plays, the demon Kalili, aged six millennia, receives a seemingly simple mission: to charm Octavianus, a youthful potential pope. Yet fate takes an unforeseen turn when Faith, an unseasoned angel, is assigned to eliminate her. This extraordinary encounter ignites a conflict beyond their wildest imaginings. Bound by an enigmatic bond and an undeniable attraction, Kalili and Faith are thrust into a labyrinth of danger and deceit. As the last of the legendary Thirteens, their intertwined destinies are key to resolving an eternal battle between light and darkness. Pursued by the forces of both Heaven and Hell, they must unlock nascent powers and unravel millennia-old enigmas to avert an impending cosmic upheaval. Their decisions will forge a new path for the ages, as they journey through a riveting saga of love and fate, a journey marked by harrowing risks and dark enchantments. A saga that leads them to confront their own nature, in a world where every choice could reshape the very essence of life itself. Dive into this spellbinding tale, where the lines between good and evil blur, and the journey of two unlikely allies begins, culminating in a breathtaking saga of passion, destiny, and the eternal struggle between celestial forces. INCLUDING AN EXCLUSIVE BONUS: A DELETED SCENE!


Soulstealer by El McInerney


The high magic of The Wheel of Time combines with the gritty politics of A Game of Thrones in this thrilling epic fantasy series. Five centuries, three peoples, one war An endless feud between nations. Sorcerers who steal souls to feed their eternal life. A world so broken by magic that those who wield it are shunned and despised. Skilled young hunter Ina hides a deadly secret—she has the dark god’s powerful magic, blamed for the genocide of her people five centuries ago. If anyone finds out, they’ll execute her. When she learns that her lover’s daughter has the same magic, she must decide whether to reveal her secret to save the child. But her decision will determine not only the child’s fate but that of the whole world. Because the cycle of violence has begun again, and prophecy decrees she must be the one to end it. The alternative is the unraveling of all creation. Pre-order your copy of this unmissable epic fantasy adventure now!


Chosen by Scarlett Strange


To have faith is to believe not when everything is certain, but when nothing is. Living in a world with no sun, murderous bastards for leaders, and fighting being the highest form of entertainment, Raven has no faith left. Not in the people, not in the universe, and definitely not in herself. But when the deadliest chase of her life plunges her into a world ruled by sunlight, peace, and cities full of abundance, her lack of faith is challenged. Her arrival triggers a thousand-year-old prophecy that sets her on a path far more dangerous than anything she has ever faced before. To survive and find a way back, Raven must learn to play by the rules of this deadly place. The assassination attempts aren't a problem. The court intrigues aren't a problem. Even the dangerous king who seems obsessed with her isn’t a problem. It is the thing that wakes beneath her skin that might prove to be her biggest challenge yet. To survive, she must make a choice. Answer the call she has been ignoring or return to the darkness that now whispers her name. Perfect for those who love epic adventures, high stakes, badass heroines, and swoon-worthy romance.


Liberation by R. M. Krogman


A prisoner scarred by his past, suffocating in his desert hell. A crown prince bound by his family’s tragedy. A myrprincess stripped of command and promised to a human. All must shed the shackles that bind them, but the darkness of the world is spreading quickly—madness in the streets, a ravaging sickness of the body and mind, and enemies at every border. Those gifted with magic, those bonded to dragons, those with a heart for righting the wrongs in the world must decide how to use their abilities. For with freedom to live comes the freedom to resist, to fight . . . and to kill. Their battles stretch across continents but are more intertwined than they can possibly imagine. Liberation is the first book in The Keepers of Midgate series, an epic fantasy set in a world of powerful elemental magic, sentient but reclusive dragons, and fearsome magical races.

The Awakening

The Awakening by Mitchell Hill


Follow The Brothers on their bloody journey for vengeance as they traverse a land kept from them. Journey with them, as they come to terms with their new, magically Augmented limbs. Born in war, Augmented in death. Meet Broax and Akii. Twins, opposite in almost every way. United by their mother’s murder. Born during the sacking of their town, their father only just managed to get them out alive. Raised in isolation, their fighting skills were honed as war raged around them. Coming of age, they find out their mother made the ultimate sacrifice for them. This sets in motion their journey for bloody revenge; but vengeance never quite goes to plan. Death finds them at their first battle, but this is only the beginning. Reborn at the hands of a magiik, they discover they’ve been Augmented with new limbs. More powerful than sword and steel, vengeance is back on. Carving their way through the land, they discover they’re embroiled in something much bigger than just their revenge… If you’re a fan of Michael R. Fletcher, Joe Abercrombie or James Barclay then you’ll love The Augmented: The Awakening.

City of Rain

City of Rain by William Lejeune


An ancient mystery. A sorceress in hiding. And the wizards who hunt her. Daughter of a minor house and fledgling mage, Summer Fontenay yearns for a life beyond her cloistered world. But when her dying master entrusts her with a mysterious parchment, she must use all that she has learned to survive. For there are those in the imperial court who would kill to obtain it and the secrets that it holds. Suspected of murder and pursued by the emperor’s wizards, Summer must deliver the parchment to the distant city of Torrick. But the city is a place of both splendour and peril, its labyrinthine canals and alleyways a mirror of the ever-shifting factions and loyalties that Summer must navigate in order to reach her goal and restore her name. The first in a series of novels, CITY OF RAIN is epic fantasy at its finest, set in a world of honour and treachery, swords and sorcery, plots, counterplots and the deadliest of intrigues; where the Great Houses jostle for power beneath the Nephrite Throne and where the parchment’s secrets threaten to change the very course of the empire itself.


Hallowed by Y. R. Liu


Avenel was once a fabled assassin known as the Blade of Elyria. Ever tight-lipped about her past, she retired from a life of death to wander the world alone. Deena is a sheltered teenage girl unaware of her extraordinary heritage. Raised alone by her mother, she has never been far from home. Their paths cross in Deena’s secluded village, when tragedy obliterates Deena’s home and leaves her orphaned. The two begin a journey across the continent, bound together by Avenel’s promise to keep Deena safe. They encounter allies, both new and old: a biological father, a bastard prince and his friends, estranged family, and a physician who claims to be a member of a long-dead race. Each has regrets and painful memories of their own, memories that Deena soon discovers she can relive through dreams. When a prophesied sign of the end of the world appears, their journey becomes about more than just the fate of a single girl, and the secrets between them may be enough to save the world — or end it.

Stone & Sky

Stone & Sky by Z.S. Diamanti


First book in the award-winning classic style epic fantasy adventure series. Come fly away on griffin-back! Fly off to the world of Finlestia in this epic fantasy story for readers looking for adventure, magic, and just plain fun; a tale where friendships must overcome insurmountable odds and remind readers to never lose hope. From across the sea, a shadow rises. A lone survivor may be the kingdom’s only hope against annihilation. Orin is a sworn protector. As a stalwart member of the Griffin Guard, he’s proud to protect the kingdom against a dreaded nation of orcs. But when the fires of war burn bright from the north, his entire squadron falls to deadly wyvern riders, leaving the devastated Orin bloody and alone. With his squad dead, Orin has his mind set on saving others from the same fate. Teaming up with a local huntsman’s family, Orin and his new friends must push themselves past their limits to face mysterious dangers and ancient magics. Shocked to discover the orcs’ secret weapon, the lone guardian’s last chance to save his home could require the ultimate sacrifice. Buy Stone & Sky to join the battle today!

Blood of The Hunted

Blood of The Hunted by Marc R. Micciola


When things seem their darkest, two heroes decide to rekindle hope by enduring great dangers to their body and soul, all in order to break free of the grip their cruel oppressors have on them. Blood of The Hunted is a tale of a group of rebels made up of mythological races striving to create a world where their people can live equal and free. Weylyn, leader of the rebel group known as The Resistance, his best friend Olwen, and their allies fight for better lives for the Tóráin, but their morale is lower than ever before. Their enemies, which include vile human monarchs, their soldiers, and a masked witch assassin known only as The Dove, continue to tighten their terrible grip on a people they believe are creatures born of a godly evil. After a desperate move to form an alliance with a neighboring nation that has worked towards equality between Tóráin and humans, The Resistance begins to gain traction for the first time. Weylyn, Olwen, and their allies look to spread their rebellion from their country to four others, hoping to weaken them before an all out war is waged to liberate the Tóráin who live there. What follows is a precarious storm full of horrifying violence, impressive resilience, fierce loyalty, and inspiring comradery that will have you jumping back and forth from tears to smiles from chapter to chapter. Blood of The Hunted is a book ripe with emotion, action, diversity, and intensity that strives to show the strength of marginalized communities, as well as the horrors of heavy subjugation and oppression. The story features heartwarming moments as well as gut-wrenching ones. It is a darker tale than most, but it only accentuates the lighter moments throughout the story. At its core, Blood of The Hunted is a story about resilience, family, and the will to see a better world for everyone living in it, no matter where they come from or what they look like.

The Wind at Oak Hollow

The Wind at Oak Hollow by Melissa Widmaier


2nd Place Winner in the 2023 Firebird Book Awards for Dark Fantasy Families can be complicated, especially when the fate of the kingdom rests on yours. Marl Ganwin is more than just a mischief-maker. He's a pain in the ass--the Wind spirit's favorite youth. The Village of Na-ir tolerates his antics, giving him free rein to ramble and rumble. But things take an unexpected turn when Wind forces him to accept an unfathomable fate. Can Marl's family and the entire village survive the implosion of his gifts? Or will his choices send their peaceful world order into a whirlwind? What will he lose when he accepts his power? The first installment of the Realm of Light series!

Seeds of the Fallen

Seeds of the Fallen by Miriam Yvette


Celestials. Light vs. Darkness. Enemies-to-lovers? A secret identity hides the truth, but what happens when it becomes a cage? The irritable and uncommitted Lucan Greystone has to live under an alias, his true self, hidden in a human body. No one can know he's a celestial of the cosmos, as those were the wishes of his mother before she was taken. But when a murder attempt sends Lucan to a small town, he must depend on the Harrow family to trek the long, perilous road back to his friends, all while suffering Elene Harrow's company, the town's heathen who nearly killed him. Elene Harrow wants to undo the wrongs of her past, even if that means fulfilling a Vow of Marriage and leaving her romantic life in the hands of another. Upon meeting Lucan, she finds his existence a danger, yet he's always the one who rescues her, even when he can barely stand her. When Elene discovers one of Rima's children ensnared in darkness, the journey may be more than they bargained for.

After Silence

After Silence by Natalie Northwood


Pity is he who rules the world. Inevitable is she who burns it. Norandia, a human-inhabited land abandoned by its slaughtered deities, is on the brink of war with the rest of continental Halivaara. But it isn’t just humans who call Halivaara home. Here dwell eight other territories, seven nonhuman species called Dwellers, and six reigning kingdoms. Today, they know no peace; historically, they never have. Cerys Odessa is a mage hiding in Norandia, where Dwellers are burned at the stake for daring to cross the border; if they find her, they will kill her. But when Vanadey, one of Norandia’s extinct deities, suddenly resurfaces to burn towns in an act of revenge, Cerys realizes that maybe her hidden magic can help stop the brewing war that Vanadey started a millennium ago. But Cerys can’t rise against her on her own. With the aid of an outlawed shapeshifter, Cerys must cross enemy lines to seek alliances with the last living dragon, a mage queen who enslaves men, and the king of the werewolves if she hopes to stop Vanadey before war consumes Norandia and everyone she loves. After Silence is a dark, gritty tale of forced heroism in a land of murderous deities and brewing war, where every character has only those they love to lose—and love is everything.

A Strange Bunch

A Strange Bunch by Nikola Stefan


An epic fantasy saga based on myths, legends, and folk fairytales which have enthralled generations worldwide. To lose everything, and remain apart, darkness always round her, darkness in her heart!
To wander the world, without peace or cheer, shadow ever pursuing, and escape nowhere! Deep in the forgotten past, a dark force awakens… The sole survivor of a mysterious devastating attack is hounded by an unnatural pack with a black horseman at the helm. She finds herself on a perilous quest alongside a group of enigmatic misfits, brought together through chance encounters and unforeseen alliances. Chosen by the gods or beguiled into believing so by the far-seeing daughter of a witch, the companionship seeks to unravel the secrets of a fateful prophecy. Experience the thrill of swords and sorcery in wandering a medieval world of mythical creatures, dark forests, and lost cities with these unsung heroes – in a race for their very lives, as they battle deadly shadows rising from the depths of time!

Path of the Guardian

Path of the Guardian by Paolo Danese


The kingdom that had protected him for so many years had now betrayed him. It had torn everything away from him. Now he was alone, and the end was approaching. Boren is a young man with a past far more mysterious than he realizes. He is now desperate, alone, and on the run. His family has just been slaughtered by the assassins of Ferdul, the usurper king of the island kingdom of Siskail. Why me? This is all he keeps thinking. But the answer will not be easy to find. Rescued by one of the last warrior mages, the duo will need to travel far and face their worst nightmare. Little do they know a threat long-forgotten is looming. Path of the Guardian is the first book in the epic fantasy trilogy Portal Wars.

However Many Must Die

However Many Must Die by Phil Williams


Wild Wish was trained to do one thing: kill. Saved from a lonely backwater existence by a global war, Wish couldn't believe her luck when she got into the Blood Scouts. Now she gets to share tents with an all-female platoon of night-stalking, giant-slaying, boat-sinking, battle-swaying legends in the making. The problem is, they keep dying. And they've been given their worst assignment yet. The enemy Dread Corps are combining magics deep within the nightmare lands of Low Slane, to unleash a weapon that could sway the entire war. It's up to the Blood Scouts to stop them – with a journey that gets more dangerous with every step. Far behind enemy lines, death hangs in the air. Monsters lurk around every corner. Are Wish's skills – and positive attitude – enough to keep her Blood Scouts alive? Or will the cost of survival finally break her? Get ready for the first epic entry in a new series, and a new world, of dark military fantasy from Phil Williams. Start reading today!

Demon's Vow

Demon's Vow by R.W. Hert


An inner demon. A secret portal. The struggle for survivial may just end them all... For as long as sixteen-year-old Zade can remember, he’s fought against a powerful presence inside him. When he’s in control, he’s able to wield this dark soul’s powers to protect the nearby village. When he’s not, the demon’s thirst for blood can’t be controlled.The villagers know there’s evil lurking outside their borders, but they don’t realize it’s not the “demon ninja” they should fear—it’s the monsters he fights against who are trying to find a secret portal hidden within the town.After rescuing a young woman form an attack, the villagers capture Zade and force him to live among them. As Zade struggles to keep his demon at bay, he becomes the village’s unlikely hero. He must prepare them to fight their greatest battle, all the while waging an internal was that could destroy them all.Daemarkin: Demon’s Vow is the first book in a captivating fantasy series about perceptions, expectations, and one young man’s struggle to find his place in a strange world. If you like magical settings, incredible plot twists, and demon ninjas, then you’ll love R.W. Hert’s can’t-put-down story.

Fragments of Skyonae

Fragments of Skyonae by Raleigh Markovski Falcone


Commander Ryoko Hyakutake earned it. Her new title, honor, and the respect of the Skyonian Imperial Military. But she'd throw her reputation away in an instant to bring back those she lost. Crippled with survivor's guilt, she, along with the rest of the military, search for the remains of a sacred sword across the war rotted ruins of Macloc to strike back against the god Xilmire and the Corruption: a curse that morphs Skyonians into malformed beasts. When Ryoko becomes the first person to slip free from Xilmire's grasp, she uncovers both a conspiracy against her within the ranks of the military and the horrifying secrets of the god's curse. Each new revelation about the curse could put her life further in peril. But there is a chance those secrets could save her people. Will she uncover the curse's secrets in time to save everyone? Will she save herself? Or will the Skyonian Imperial Military destroy itself?

The Stranger of Ul Darak

The Stranger of Ul Darak by S. C. Eston


Sometimes saving a world means rebelling against it. In an age long forgotten, nineteen hundred and eighty-three Seals were forged—magical disks placed around the world to repel the cosmic chaos beyond. In the centuries that followed, the Sentinels were tasked with protecting those Seals. For countless generations, they succeeded. Until now. At six years old, Shéana is recruited to the order of the Sentinels. A decade later, she displays powers unlike anything any Sentinel has shown before. When she feels the world stirring in pain, she knows the shield surrounding Tyronia has been breached. The great chain is broken. And the order of the Sentinels lies in discord. In the isolated village of Valdur, young Arth struggles to belong. Spurned by the other children, he ventures south to the endless mountains, and the strange barrier marking the edge of existence. The Final Horizon. Here he witnesses the impossible: a man emerging from beyond the veil—where nothing can possibly exist. A man Arth knows he must protect. Now the fate of two worlds rests on a knife’s edge. Only the courage of a village boy and the power of a fledgling Sentinel can save them. But to save their worlds, they must reject all they’ve been taught, leaving behind everyone and everything they’ve ever known.

The Kiss of the Sky

The Kiss of the Sky by Signe Hart


She thought reclaiming her home was the only thing that mattered— until she met him. Myrthe’s mission was simple—infiltrate the dreaded human city and retrieve an artifact that could change the tides of war. As a sylvan—born of the forest—she would do anything to save her people, but when she is caught by an arrogant human mage, her plans spiral out of control. Trapped behind the stone and copper walls of the city, Myrthe has to find a way to obtain her target without giving the mysterious, and enticing, man watching her every move a reason to ensure she never escapes, even if she's beginning to wonder if she wants to leave at all.

Ardin serves the Temple of the Aspectis in the name of finding vengeance, but his powerful magic is slowly killing him. With enemies lurking both within and without the city, the end of his quest is nowhere in sight—until he stumbles upon a woman trying to steal from the temple. Like a spark of bright light in his dim world, she brings a change that may light the way to his future or burn it to ash. This is the first book in the Song of the Sylvan series, an epic fantasy featuring a world conquered by forest and a war between humans and the non-human sylvan people. Slow burn enemies to lovers from opposite sides of the war.

Knights of the Alliance

Knights of the Alliance by Stefanie Chu


Nineteen-year-old Mirari fears her magical powers more than anything else in the world. They are the reason she ran away and concealed her identity. But when her childhood best friend, Gaven, is framed and sentenced to death, Mirari must strike a deal with the only man who can save him — Lord Fangbane. Fangbane strongly believes that all it will take to end centuries of passive disdain is to establish a nonpartisan selection of fighters whose mission is to enforce unified peace. His efforts lead to the recruitment of elite fighters known as the Knights. Meanwhile, Mirari and Gaven only desire to live their lives in peace, far away from the chaos of the world. Fate, however, has other plans for them as they are forced to reunite and thrust into the midst of Fangbane's quest. As they gather a motley crew of misfits to join their cause, bonds form, and secrets are revealed. The Knights must come together not only to protect the Alliance but also the lives of their new friends. Trust, friendship, and revenge collide in this epic tale of magic, loyalty, and bravery as our heroes fight for their survival and the greater good. Will they rise up as legends or fall as pawns in a dangerous game? Step into a world where pulse-pounding action, uproarious humor, and gripping political intrigue collide. Immerse in this heroic tale today! A New Adult Speculative Adventure dubbed "RARE" and "DAZZLING." Fans love this original story that intertwines George R. R. Martin’s enthralling world-building with the epic elements of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

The Youngling

The Youngling by Stephen Harrington


Magic, mystery, and destinies entwine as two worlds collide. In the world of The Midgarden, Synesthesia is the only Youngling. Orphaned as a child, her solace lies in the companionship of her loyal dog, Bron, and the tales within her cherished books. But an unexpected twist of fate alters her path forever when her uncle insists on her enrolment at the prestigious Academy. On her treacherous journey, fate intervenes in the form of the enigmatic Griffinkat, a mysterious creature with the uncanny ability to delve into her thoughts, unravelling secrets she never knew existed. Within Synesthesia lies a power shrouded in the mists of time, a force that defies comprehension and beckons her to unlock its hidden potential. In parallel narratives, Seth awakens in a foreign realm, his body battered and carrion birds circling ominously above. His rescue by a mysterious figure, sets in motion a mesmerizing saga that crosses the borders of worlds, unveiling mysteries and interconnected destinies. Meanwhile, Brother Octavion, overseeing his monastery, catches sight of a blaze in the valley below. Investigating the aftermath, they discover the scorched remnants of a traveling show, the lone survivors being a peculiar girl shielding a dying boy. Villagers brand them as demons from hell, but their true identities remain shrouded in mystery. In this mesmerizing novel, worlds collide, destinies intertwine, and secrets unfurl as the lives of Synesthesia, Seth, and Octavian converge in a captivating tale of magic, mystery, and destiny that transcends generations.

Beyond the Burning Sea

Beyond the Burning Sea by T.B. Schmid & R.Wade Hodges


It has been over two hundred and fifty years since the sky fell and the Young Gods died.On the mainland of Niyah, the city states of Gundlaan strive to form a united nation. On the fringe of their western frontier, there are whispers of a sinister force gathering. The Laegis Templars, the mortal remains of the Young Gods' army, are dispatched to deal with the problem. But in the vast and untamed Deckoran Wilds, Death itself is never far away...Meanwhile, the SKS Peregrine, pride of the Sea Kings fleet, has done the impossible: she has traveled beyond the Burning Sea, long thought to be the southern edge of the world of Ruine. Now, all that remains of her crew struggle to find their way back, led by a young man bearing a book filled with dark secrets, who must decide whether to reveal the terrifying truth that pursues them...

Messengers of Ilbeor

Messengers of Ilbeor by T.J. Klapprodt


Messengers connect six races of the verdant and beautiful land of Ilbeor, and newly trained messenger Alanda feels the promise of her adult life as she steps into the world to find her fortune. Faithful dog Alis at her side, Alanda traverses the mountainous wilderness only to be punished by storm and sun before becoming the first elf-friend in generations. When she meets charming messenger Tostig and feels the spark of a connection unlike any she’s ever known, she believes her life has truly begun. After being greeted by tragedy and a brother changed by primal magics she does not understand, Alanda must travel the icy wastes with an unlikely companion to discover the answers to her brother’s prophetic gifts and her own heritage. With only a mysterious artifact to guide her way, she knows only one thing: her entire destiny is about to change. In Tostig’s attempt to race to her side, he is waylaid by the mysterious Sashu toward his own changed future as powerful magician and a hand of the gods themselves. As Alanda and Tostig uncover who they were fated to be, they learn the appearance of peace in Ilbeor is only given by the lack of outright war…and when they each come to the attention of vengeful elven mage Altoneir, they stand to find out just how much they have to lose.

The Enchanter's Counsel

The Enchanter's Counsel by Thalib Razi


All compasses point to Fridheim, a holy city at the north pole of a spinning, coin-shaped planet called Quatrain. A hundred years after the millennium-long “Old War” between the coin’s faces over its sacred and gemstone-rich rim, the city’s “New Peace” is threatened by earthquakes, extremists, and tensions between its goblin, elf, and dwarf inhabitants. The son of immigrants who run a café in Fridehim’s goblin quarter, Mizan al-Wasati has just graduated with a degree in gemstone enchanting and is determined to prove to himself (and his overbearing parents) that he’s worthy of a job in that prestigious, modern field of magic. But his journey home in search of work and love ends up putting him in the middle of his hometown’s postcolonial politics, a religious feud between mystic traditionalists and violent literalists, an awkward reencounter with his childhood crush – and a strange magical disaster that suddenly falls upon him and his friends to fix. The debut fantasy novel of Sri Lankan American Muslim writer and singer-songwriter Thalib Razi, The Enchanter’s Counsel turns the tropes of the high fantasy genre on their heads (or tails, if you will) and explores a world where East and West literally cannot see eye to eye, where the epics of good versus evil are just biased accounts from a forgotten era, and where people rely on convenient magical devices instead of the power in their bones. Nothing like our world, of course… Turn the pages to find out more!

A Night of the Burntmen

A Night of the Burntmen by Emmanuel Akeyo


The world of Loviah is covered in eternal darkness by the god who lives in the mountain and hasn’t seen a sunrise for thousands of years. The creatures and people have adapted to the darkness and a special few can harness the magic of the dark. Meka, a former soldier of the empire, is forced to flee with his daughter, hide in remote towns, but the empire still searches for him. The empire has orders to kill his daughter who has the ability to harness the magic in the darkness. Her power comes once every hundred years and the empire fears what the god of the mountain might do to them if they don’t find the child in time. To keep his daughter safe, Meka must find the creyder, a resistance group, but the road to the creyder will take them deep into the dark and dangerous lands of Loviah, filled with monsters and demons where they’ll have little to no friends. But when has a soldier ever had friends?

King's Imitation

King's Imitation by Erin Grunke


Fraud. Lies. Deceit. It was everything that Princess Andrea's life was built on when she finds out she was not the King and Queen's legitimate daughter. A warrior to the bone, she demands to ride across the kingdom and retrieve the real heir, determined to make sure he has what it takes to rule a kingdom. But things go wrong as she and the troop of soldiers sent to protect him get decimated by assassins. Now it's up to Andrea alone to protect Prince Gavin in the journey to the palace. However, he seems just as determined to avoid the throne as she is to get him on it, and the kingdom is no longer the same as when she left it. With a grand cast of characters weaving the story together, King's Imitation is a spell-binding read that will leave you on the edge of your seat, keeping the pages turning until you devour every last word.

South Breaks

South Breaks by Hannah Steenbock


South Rabbit thought she could accept giving her life to sustain the magical Veil protecting the Holy Empire. Fate proves her wrong, but can she escape the Priest’s wrath? As a Wind, South supplies power to the Pillars working their magic in the service of the Holy Empire. She has already watched her beloved Moon die on the top of a pyramid and her own Sacrifice is approaching. When Fate changes the path of her life and reunites South with her family, she realizes that everything she has been taught was a lie. Feeling beyond lost, South struggles with finding a new purpose for her life and her own powers. Just as she finds her bearings, disaster strikes her newfound family. South has to sneak back into the Empire and risk everything to avert new tragedy and even more death. Winds of Destiny is an epic fantasy series with low magic and high stakes. If you like a slight Aztec vibe, fast-paced action, clever mules and a heroine growing into her powers, you’ll love South Breaks by Hannah Steenbock.


Runelight by J.A. Andrews


Kate thought finding the puzzle box would give her all the answers. But it only holds far more desperate questions. Kate is a Keeper—a storyteller, magic-wielder, and researcher—but a single mystery has evaded her all her life: What happened on the tragic day when two strangers stole not only the puzzle box that hummed with magic, but so much more? She and her brother Bo have searched for twenty years with no luck. Until Venn, a surly elf, shows up on the hidden doorstep of the Keepers’ Stronghold, with that same aenigma box—and a message that Bo has disappeared. Kate needs a guide back to Venn’s homeland to search for him, and Venn needs to find him for reasons of her own. Reasons she refuses to explain. Despite their mutual distrust, Kate and Venn form a grudging alliance. Somewhere in the midst of infiltrating dwarven tunnels, discovering the secrets of the aenigma box, and stumbling onto shocking ancient relics, the alliance shifts to friendship. But as the search for Bo grows increasingly dangerous, they uncover a complex plot woven through centuries, devastating not just individuals, but entire empires. And even working together, the inexplicable forces standing against them may be too much. Half treasure hunt and half rescue mission, this epic fantasy adventure is a tale of puzzles, mysteries, and the kinds of friendships—both old and new—that shape the soul.

Dragon Princess

Dragon Princess by Jason P. Crawford


To the commonfolk of Aetheria, the monarchy are the stuff of legends, descendants of the Uniter. To the lesser nobles, they stand as bastions of courage and political skill, deftly balancing the concerns of the people and the country. High Princess Amalia strives to live up to both expectations, forging herself into a Queen that her nation will one day be proud of. A hard task for any young woman, but for one blinded at birth, nearly impossible. Approaching her seventeenth year, and finding her worth under scrutiny from all corners, Amalia learns a devastating truth – dragons, the fabled foes of her ancestors, have returned. To defend her people and her kingdom, every last one must be destroyed…but her convictions are shaken when she discovers that they are not the unthinking beasts of her nation’s collective nightmares, but intelligent creatures much like herself. Amalia must uncover the secrets hidden in the shadows if she is to avert a war that could end in the deaths of everyone she holds dear. But some truths may be better left buried…

Shadow of the Soul Blade

Shadow of the Soul Blade by Jay Roland


If you’re looking for an Epic Dark Adventure filled with magic and mystery, embark on a thrilling journey through the perilous world of Ashana. Join Bastian, a feral warrior, Xander, a gifted mage, Kumori, a stealthy rogue, and Reinhardt, a master swordsman, as they overcome personal differences and cunning foes in their quest to save themselves, and Ashana herself. Accompany these unlikely heroes, as they engage in epic duels and wield awe inspiring magic in the face of overwhelming odds. Order your copy today, to unravel the mystery of the Soul Blade, and uncover the true source of evil threatening this majestic world.

Cthoma's Fated

Cthoma's Fated by Jeffery A. Smith


Every twenty years the red comet Cthoma lights up the night sky. Every twenty years, the emperor Shaucrim Vlaide must fear for his life. Throug Slagger was meant to be the chosen one. Born under the comet, he was fated to defeat the emperor and end Shaucrim’s reign of terror before it began. Leaving his family when he was ten years old, he trained with an ancient order of monks and embarked on a quest to find ten powerful Ixafore rings, set on fulfilling the prophecy. He failed. For nineteen years, Throug has been trying to forget his failure at the bottom of a flagon. With one year remaining before the return of Cthoma, he is offered a chance at redemption. Thrust upon a journey the length of the empire and beyond, can he find the tenth ring, recover what has been taken from him, and face Shaucrim Vlaide under the red light of the comet, or is it already too late?

Secrets of the Sorcerers

Secrets of the Sorcerers by Joan Marie Verba


A vengeful plan. An impossible impasse. When confronted by the magnitude of past deeds, will she be caught in a spellbound standstill? High Sorcerer Marlys has earned the respect of her colleagues. Twelve years after freezing her ruthless predecessor in time to protect her region, the powerful leader has worked hard to bring about peace and tranquility. But while presiding over a beautiful double wedding, a rival enchantress traps Marlys’s friends with an identical spell in malicious payback. Denying the intruder’s demand to free Marlys’s predecessor after more than a decade bespelled, Marlys and her companion sorcerers frantically search for a way to crack their adversary’s magic. And with each side refusing to compromise and driven by distrust, they face a mountainous task—to find the legendary Library of Sorcery, which they hope contains the knowledge to restore their friends. With their opponent also on the passage to the Library, can Marlys and her companions reach their destination first to end the magical deadlock? Secrets of the Sorcerers is the refreshing first book in a quest fantasy series. If you like strong characters, gentle humor, and action-filled adventure, then you’ll love Joan Marie Verba’s enthralling story. Join the sorcerers on their quest. Buy Secrets of the Sorcerers to break the spell today!

The Black Crown

The Black Crown by John A. Douglas


It is the dying days of the Age of Adventures and the Orc Wars have ended. The Crown Pantheon, authoritarian rulers of Allspire, slaughtered the marauding Orcs by the tens of thousands and returned peace to the continent of Evergrad. But among the many half-orc bastards left in the wake of the war, one was Prince Ragoth Brightsorn, son of the notorious Warlord Thorgoth and Seranna, Queen of Namaria, the sole human-ruled kingdom. After seventeen years of isolation, Ragoth is cruelly forced out of his life of luxurious comfort and into exile on the eve of his royal Crowning before he can receive his gilded mark, the magic sigil that proves his royal birth. Unable to prove who he is or return home, he embarks on a quest to reach his father’s tribe, the Sunderfang, in the lawless wilds of Dreadmour. But his venture is not taken alone. He earns the company of Cortland Lowhelm, a pugilistic human farmboy hellbent on finding a legend to fill, and Denith, a compassionate, if helpless, elvish goodwill worker. To ensure safe passage, they acquire the services of Val’Mora, a world-weary veteran adventurer down on her luck. Together, they cross the kingdoms of the Crown Pantheon with nefarious forces seemingly at every step. The Black Crown is a coming-of-age epic fantasy packed to the brim with action & adventure, political intrigue, found family, vengeful dragons, dark abominations, and, most of all….ORCS!

Molten Flux

Molten Flux by Jonathan Weiss


As the freshest conscript aboard the walking fortress of Revance, Ryza forges a name for himself in battle. The enemy are the smelters, bandits that trade in reanimated corpses. But for Ryza, the bloodshed represents a path of redemption for an upbringing he’s just escaped. His prowess with a rifle draws the interest of the Locusts, a clandestine faction within Revance’s ranks. It turns out that not all aboard the fortress seek to stamp out the plague of molten flux, the mysterious liquid metal that fills the bodies of the dead and makes them walk again. Some seek to profit. The reanimated corpses —known as autominds— are used to control enormous contraptions of magnetically enchanted metal, forming the backbone of The Droughtland’s factories. The only thing stopping the smelters from expanding their illicit industry is Revance. The Locusts make Ryza an offer. Either help overthrow Revance to do the smelter’s bidding or reveal his father’s legacy as the very thing Ryza now fights against. The former is unthinkable. The latter means death. Ryza resolves to infiltrate them and expose the mutiny, plunging him back into the murky underworld of the smelters, testing his convictions, and even leading him to the ancient origins of molten flux itself.

City in the Dragon's Eye

City in the Dragon's Eye by Jordan Loyal Short


Red Dragons. Black Comedy. White-Knuckled Adventure. Viktor’s magic is turning him into a dragon. And it’s not pretty. To save his friends who've bumbled into a deadly ambush, Viktor draws too deeply on the power of the Dragon Well, and now a magical tumor has begun to change scale at a time. Viktor sets off on an irreverent quest for a cure that will lead him to a remote sanitarium. Here, he will uncover a mad doctor’s strange experiments, a stubborn dwarf with stinky feet, and rumors of an ancient mirror that may hold the key to Viktor’s very survival. As a mustache-twiddling secret society of dragon fanatics closes in, Viktor must choose between the power his transformation offers, and the hope of finding a cure. To the fabled Tyrant’s Tomb, Viktor races the mysterious Thule Society, where deadly traps and cryptic puzzles protect a treasure of unspeakable power. With every heartbeat the tumor’s corruption spreads. Can a court dandy and a disgraced scholar help Viktor find his cure? Or is it too late to save the city from a mad doctor’s dark designs?

The Oathsworn Legacy

The Oathsworn Legacy by K.R. Gangi


Rawley and Baelin make a living the only way they know how—protecting the people of Centrum by slaying the dark things that stole their childhood: monsters, and everything evil. Though the work never ends, and there’s plenty of coin to go around, Rawley and Baelin discover a sinister secret hidden deep within the crevices of Centrum’s past. Centuries of lies and deceit unravel before them, and they soon find themselves shifting from mere mercenaries to a force that will last generations. At least, that’s their hope. Dwarves in the west, Wroughtmen in the north, Elves in the east, and a tyrant king ruling with an oppressive fist, Rawley and Baelin find themselves balancing on the precipice of total chaos. With friends and allies at their sides, will everything they’ve accomplished be enough to save them from the shadows rising, or will a plot that’s generations old finally drag everything into the abyss?

The Handwarmers of Immortality

The Handwarmers of Immortality by Karen McCompostine


“Nae woman isna as deadly with a blade” Set in the 16th Century, the 20th Century and some other centuries as well, this daring fusion of epic fantasy, grim dark realisticness, historical inaccuracy, heartwarming romance and illogical magic tale will take you, the reader, on a thrilling journey as the powers of good and evil do epic battle though those centuries. This is not a boring story, though, because it has been expertly (I underline this word for emphasis) edited. (Which means it’s shorter than all the centuries involved.) Within these pages of this book you will follow the adventures of our plucky and limber, greatly emancipated Highland heroine, Connie McSplunge. Connie believes her life as a Highland warrior is her life, yet fickle fate has other ideas and soon young Connie’s life will be turned upside down. And stretched. Will good triumph over evil and will Connie’s aching heart find solace in the arms of a fitness instructor? Find out all this, and much more, besides in The Handwarmers of Immortality!

Blood of the Stars

Blood of the Stars by Karyne Norton


Harnessing the power in her blood could turn the tides of war—if it doesn’t destroy her first. It’s been fourteen years since Prince Gaeren lost Aeliana, the childhood friend he’d sworn to protect. Haunted by the unfulfilled promise, he searches for a way to bring her home. But with threats against the kingdom from both a rebel faction in the south and Mayvus, a power-hungry priestess in the east, he only has time to follow one last clue across the seas. Kidnapped as a child, Aeliana is desperate to be rid of the chaotic magic in her blood, magic her captors use to ravage the land. When she’s found by Gaeren’s rebel enemies, she joins their fight to rescue her mother from Mayvus, but her unwieldy power only serves to attract Mayvus' attention. Aeliana must learn to control her magic before they reach her mother, or risk becoming the weapon Mayvus needs to take complete control of the kingdom. Blood of the Stars is the first book in an epic fantasy series full of magic, intrigue, found family, reluctant royalty, & descendants of Stars on the brink of war.

Splitting Dawn

Splitting Dawn by Katherine D. Graham


Envied by Her Enemies, Loathed by Her Loved Ones, Frantically Seeking Freedom for Herself... A Reluctant Royal... Princess Kierra never wanted to rule. Inheriting a doomed kingdom besieged by Demons holds no charm for her. Nor does the arranged marriage her mother has set in place to shackle her to the throne. All she longs for is freedom... and something she's forgotten that waits beyond the safety of the castle walls. Enemies, or Lovers? Running away from home on the eve of her wedding feels like the best decision Kierra has ever made. Until she lands in Demon King Draco's all-too-eager arms. The hated nemesis of her people, and reason behind the death of so many loved ones, awakens something dark in Kierra's mind, heart, and soul. Is she who she thinks she is? Is he truly her enemy at all? Salvation, or Damnation? In the midst of a world veiled by secrets and deceit, Kierra must navigate between Humans, Demons, Vampire-Elves, Oracles, and even gods and goddesses, if she is to survive. When all roads lead home in the end, though, she is forced to face the one decision she dreads most: Which path will save her? And does she even want to be saved? Be swept away in the shadows of forbidden love, adventure, and sacrifice in USA Today Bestselling Author Katherine D. Graham's newest dark fantasy romance novel.

Echoes of Memory

Echoes of Memory by M. Anthony Harris


If you can't trust your memories, what can you trust?

This question gnaws at Aris Ravenscroft after foreign memories invade his mind and nearly get him killed during an assassination attempt on the Emperor, a hero beloved by all. A hero he's sworn to protect. Kestrel, a street-smart orphan, also finds his mind filled with memories that aren't his. Memories that say that his world is nothing like it seems. Now the duo must make sense of the alien memories while unraveling the mystery of the Emperor's true colors while dodging attempts on their lives by the mysterious Inquisitors, crooked politicians, and a host of dangers in a world where the greatest villain is the biggest hero.


Worldbreaker by Becca Lee Gardner


The Dark hungers for Ksara. It has plagued her since she was a child. She is desperate to control it. As a Land Mage, she should be able to control it. But the Dark is growing wild. She cannot pass within fifty feet of a noktum without its inky arms lashing out to drag her inside. Even the most commonplace shadows have begun to reach for her. Now her brother lies dying on the deck of her ship. Her only hope of saving him is to sail to Nokte Murosa, a city wedged between two walls of noktum. There, she must strike a deal with the city’s vengeful leader, avoid a fanatical cult that wants to own her… And resist the whispers in her mind. Voices that accompany the shadows. The Dark is alive. It wants her, and once it succeeds… It will swallow the entire continent.

The First Assignment

The First Assignment by Billy Kramer


Dead. Seventeen-year-old Shawn Turner no longer belongs to the world of the living. Armed without a heartbeat, he starts his afterlife as a reaper. After being given the name of a person destined to die in the next seven days, he must go out and collect their soul. As Shawn separates himself from the living and moves below ground, he attends Wayward Academy which teaches him the training and traditions all first-year reapers need to know to perform their duty. The only thing is, Shawn isn't sure he can handle this new responsibility. Dying at seventeen, Shawn never got to make the impact he wanted. So, when an opportunity arises, he has a choice to make. Does Shawn stay in his lane as a reaper, or go out of his way to make a difference?

Dragon Thief

Dragon Thief by Blake & Raven Penn


Best Book of the Year 2023 - Indies Today Outlawed magic. Thrilling heists. Dragons like you've never seen before. "If I got executed again, my dad was going to kill me." Asher of Steel Rim might be a halfway-decent thief, but he's not exactly the realm’s most popular guy. As an outcast among outcasts, some hate him for his scale-tipped, pointed ears. Others wish him dead because he’s a magi in a land where those born with etherarchy are outlawed. In the wild, desert wastelands of Drakfell, Asher finally finds the opportunity he’s been waiting for: A chance to avenge his mother’s death by taking down the legendary leader of the Mage Hunters herself. The Black Valkyrie. To get his shot, Asher joins a crew of Knights determined to steal a true dragon egg. But Asher’s journey of personal vengeance lands him right in the middle of a war that goes far beyond anything he could’ve imagined.

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