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Cold from the North

Cold from the North by D W Ross


Driven by the promise of an ancient prophecy which will bring the dark ways of an old god back to power and prominence, an army of invaders swarms Ogulf Harlsbaneā€™s homeland slaughtering all those who oppose them. Along with his people, Ogulf must seek refuge from this savage force. In his search of sanctuary, he is tasked with finding the one person who can put a stop to the onslaught. Doing so will send him across lands and seas, have him and his closest friend navigate the intricacies of a civil war, and try to win the help of the princess fighting for her throne. If he fails, darkness will prevail and the reign of the Onyxborn will begin.

A Spring for Spears

A Spring for Spears by Derek Alan Siddoway & Katie Cross


The fate of the Wolf Riders falls on an outcast. Astrid would give anything to be one of the Ulfsarkā€”fearless warriors who ride giant Amarok wolves. Like her ancestors, she yearns for the soul-deep bond with a wolf. The connection. The union. A chance to prove her worth and honor her mother's legacy. Yet she's never heard the Wolf Song.Ā  And with each passing year, it's likely she never will. Astrid refuses to accept her fate. Then an encounter with a nature spirit and a foreign princess dashes her last hope and changes everything. Accused of killing a royal guardsman, Astrid travels to the halls of a mad king to clear her name and stop a war against her people. Though she has no Amarok wolf, Astrid refuses to fail her tribe.Ā  Even if she cannot be an Ulfsark. There, she'll discover a regular wolf that opens her heart, friends she never asked for, and a new world far more dangerousā€”and strangeā€”than she ever imagined. Will Astrid save a fragile peace and embrace her destiny? Or will her dreams of the Wolf Song fade in distant lands? Join Astrid and friends on a thrilling new fantasy adventure in A SPRING FOR SPEARS, the first novel in the WOLF SONG SAGA series by bestselling, award-winning authors Katie Cross and Derek Alan Siddoway.

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