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C. E. Page writes emotionally rich, character driven tales of magic and adventure. Her stories feature demigods and other divinely assisted misfits who would prefer it if megalomaniac fools would stop trying to destroy the known realms in their search for power.



A Melody of Death

A Melody of Death by C. E. Page

Deana is gone. Stolen in the night by the powerful shrouded one, Astrid, who insists she is not aligned with Idir. But as Astrid begins to teach Deana how to embrace her power, the seething rot of Idir’s curse starts to show beneath her honied words and motherly actions. If Deana doesn’t figure out how to escape Astrid’s clutches fast, then she risks becoming the very thing she has always feared: the avatar of destruction that will destroy the isles and all in them. Agnes is finally free of Kent and Savita, but the trauma they put her and her magic through has grim consequences. Is it just magical exhaustion or something more sinister, and can she be saved once the magical trap Idir seeded inside her keen two decades ago is triggered? As they race to find Deana, save Agnes, and stop the curse Idir started several centuries ago from destroying the isles, Bran stumbles upon a revelation of his own. One that will clear the mystery shrouding his origins and reveal the true nature of his destiny.

A Song of Sorrow

A Song of Sorrow by C. E. Page


Keep your head down, stay silent, and never use your magic. These are the rules that Deana has lived by ever since she and her brother lost their parents in a tragic accident. Now Kai is gone as well. He was the only thing keeping her anchored to a world that will never truly accept her. A world that sees her connection to Grandmother Ocean as a curse and her magic as an anomaly that will eventually spin out of her control and destroy everything. When Bran arrived in the Faridean Isles to study the magical affliction plaguing its young prince, he didn’t expect to be thrown into a race to stop a tyrant from unleashing chaos. But when Prince Samir is kidnapped and Deana—the only person who knows the truth about the mysterious shrouded ones—goes missing, he finds himself swept up by the machinations of a centuries-old curse. A curse that when triggered will drag the Isles and all in them into the fathomless deep.


Sovereigns by C. E. Page

The barrier has been torn asunder. Now they must find the seat of the Sovereigns’ power before the mortal realm and the Between collide, altering the fabric of the know realms forever. Under the Usurper’s influence, Leon has left nothing but destruction and undead in his wake. A chilling reminder of the future the world will face if Nea and Garret cannot find the Thrones of Eternity before the Usurper does. Hunting for clues to the thrones’ whereabouts, Nea races to the enchanted isle of Quel’sapar. But with the death ward now linking her keen to Garret’s, the itchy stirrings of his corruption could prove a fatal distraction. The hunt leads them deep into the mountains of the Spine where they will finally face down the Usurper and learn that to liberate the Sovereigns, one of them will have to sacrifice everything.


Brightling by C.E. Page

The hunt for a cure led them right into the heart of the Between, but what price will they have to pay to secure it? Caught in a deadly trap made of their own memories, Nea and Garret must find their way out before it’s too late. But as they delve deeper into dangerous intrigues that cross realms, they are confronted with knowledge that changes everything. Can they overcome this new threat? Or will they lose themselves in the unfathomable wilds of the Between? Back in their home realm, Margot is desperate for a distraction from Nea and Garret’s prolonged absence. With mounting rumours of restless dead and a tangled web of secrets left behind by Nea, she goes on a quest for an explanation that will lead her all the way to the City of Stars. There awaits a revelation that could plunge the known realms into chaos. As they all close in on the answers they seek, will they persevere or be swept away by powers beyond any of their control?


Deathborn by C. E. Page


Corruption is a disease with no cure that ends with a rapid descent into madness and violence. And until now it only targeted mages. When an infected warden shows up challenging everything Margot thought she knew she is thrown into the chase to find the impossible cure. But to understand this new revelation she needs someone who knows possession ... She needs Nea and lucky for Margot, her warden friend Garret has been tasked with tracking the rogue necromancer down. Garret is used to dealing with deadly mages so this should be like any other job: find the mage and deliver her to the king. But from the moment he finds Nea he is dragged into a deadly game of dark secrets and brutal machinations. Now he must make a choice: deliver Nea as promised and place a weapon in the hands of a mad man or deny his king and change the lives of wardens and mages forever.

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