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The Dragon's Wrath Bounty

The Dragon's Wrath Bounty by Patrick Dugan

Cowboy Bebop meets the Witcher With the Ashen Orb in hand, Saria and the Shadow Blades return to Moonbourne to collect payment for their retrieval mission. But perhaps they were too successful, for now the temperamental sorceress Brar Opalback, whom Saria already suspects of deception, wants to hire them for a second job. Pretty please can they infiltrate the Dwarven capital to steal another teeny tiny artifact? After barely surviving the last bounty from Opalback, the Blades reject the offer in favor of a nice, simple missing person case. Or it would be simple, if a rampaging dragon didn’t seem bent on becoming their new worst enemy. When a dragon is hot on your trail, it’s far too literal, and it doesn’t help when your missing person turns out to be some kind of tricksy wizard. All that Saria and the Blades want is to make Southern Holm a little safer and earn enough coin for food and festivities while they’re at it. But now it looks like they’re today’s special on a dragon’s menu.

Never Steal from Dragons

Never Steal from Dragons by Patrick Dugan

Welcome to Hub! Just a few simple rules apply: 1. Never Steal from Dragons 2. See Rule #1 3. Never Work for Dragons In Hub, a city of treachery and deceit, Gelsey, a pixie, is one of the best thieves around. When a smash and grab assignment turns into a job interview with a powerful dragon, Gelsey finds herself a part of a crew including five more of the best criminals Hub has to offer. Her crew includes Silai, a con artist with a deadly secret. Kelthar, a mage who’s bent on self-destruction. Aikila, a smuggler set on avenging her father's murder. Nyx, a hacker coming off a busted run, and Lorcan, a mercenary whose child is being held hostage. The dragon pulls all their strings, forcing them to accept an impossible job: break into a fortress nobody in all of Hub’s long history has ever cracked. And if they fail, they’ll end up dead one way or another. A wild mix of fairy tale and Cyberpunk that hits all the marks of classic crime capers. Reads like Elmore Leonard and Neil Stephenson playing D&D in a pixie-infested bar and having the time of their lives way past last call. Kat Richardson, Bestselling author of the Greywalker novels Dugan weaves an excellent heist story by blending the fantasy, cyberpunk, and even noir genres. The world building is top notch, including the lore which uses familiar creatures, but in new ways. This is the book for you if you enjoy cyberpunk, urban fantasy, heist stories, or any combination thereof! Bishop O'Connell Author of American Faerie Tale series and Two-Gun Witch

The Ashen Orb Bounty

The Ashen Orb Bounty by Patrick Dugan


Cowboy Bebop meets the Witcher In a land torn asunder by a monstrous invasion, the only thing protecting the enclaves of thinking people in Southern Holm are high walls and the valiant warrior troops that strive to beat back the hordes, one troll at a time. When Saria and her Shadow Blades are asked to take on a secret bounty to retrieve a magical artifact from a forgotten temple, Saria’s suspicions aren’t aroused.She’s too busy hiring an archer and preparing their new mage to worry about anything but the job ahead of them. At least not until another troop attempts to collect a bounty—on the Shadow Blades’ heads. Saria should have known better than to accept a mission to recover this Ashen Orb for the notorious sorceress Brar Opalback. After surviving the assassination attempt, she and her fellow warriors—Lithia, the shadow fae archer, Perric, the human paladin, Ayre, the elven thief, and Jileli, the half succubus blood mage—must outwit wild and deadly forests, ingenious traps, and undead armies if they hope to get any answers. It would be a shame to die without ever finding out who wanted you dead.

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