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The Third Shift: Collected Edition

The Third Shift: Collected Edition by D.S. Ritter

This is a collection of the first three books in The Third Shift series. Contains books 1-3. Sam's job has always been a nightmare, but when actual monsters begin to appear, it's not just the boredom that's deadly. In Cthulhu's Car Park, Sam faces off against an ancient evil buried beneath her feet. In Last Cull, she and her friends find themselves caught up in a secret vampire civil war, threatening to tear their city apart. In Dawn of the Brain-Dead, the gang finds themselves lost in a sea of zombie football fans. Catch all the thrills, chills, and spills with The Third Shift: The Collected Edition.

When They Turn: The Miller Massacre

When They Turn: The Miller Massacre by D.S. Ritter

Debbie didn't exactly have a life other women would die for, and now it might kill her. When a group of housewives find themselves stranded in the suburbs and surrounded by inhuman monsters, there's only one thing to do: fight their way out. Armed with only what they can find, the women must face down threats from all sides, including their own friends and husbands. Their quiet, picturesque neighborhood is never going to be the same. Set against the backdrop of the red scare and the atomic 50's, When They Turn is a grisly story of brutality, murder and survival that'll keep you on the edge of your seat.

Dawn of the Brain-Dead

Dawn of the Brain-Dead by D.S. Ritter

Sam just wants a normal life. Is that so much to ask? Apparently, yes. Customers showing up drunk is nothing new, but now they're spewing black gunk everywhere, and a shadowy corporate entity seems to be lurking around every corner. Sam's done her best to hide her strange adventures from her new boyfriend, but will she be able to keep it up once Ann Arbor starts getting strange again? When the local weed festival and college football and paranormal weirdness collide, it might just be too much for one parking attendant to handle. Find out in "Dawn of the Brain-Dead," the third installment in the Third Shift series.

Last Cull

Last Cull by D.S. Ritter

Sam's job sucks. And it's about to get worse. After witnessing a bloody assault, parking attendant Sam is drawn into a world she never knew existed; a world of secrets and darkness. A world of vampires. A threat lurks on the horizon for those bent on keeping peace between the living and the living dead. Just when Sam thought she was done with monsters, something new is coming, and even worse, John, the cowardly magician is back in town. Can she find the source of this new violence? Will her friends save the city’s nightlife, or will they become a part of it? Find out in… Last Cull, the exciting sequel to Cthulhu's Car Park.

Cthulhu's Car Park

Cthulhu's Car Park by D.S. Ritter


There's something creeping around in the parking structure. And this time it’s not one of Sam’s nightmare customers. Sam's job as a parking attendant has always been a drag. Until now. A hole straight to hell has opened up and evil lurks in the shadows of the garage. When management fails to help and her trainee gets possessed, Sam turns to her friends and coworkers. But, can a handful of burned out employees save a city? Especially when a tall handsome stranger is thrown into the mix who may know more than he’s letting on? If you’re brave enough to find out whether Sam will discover the secret of the parking garage without dying—or getting fired—get your copy of Cthulhu's Car Park today. Just so you know, this horror novella contains strong language and some violence. And, slime. Lots of slime.

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