Lord of Thundertown


Lord of Thundertown by O F Cieri

In the movies, Thundertown was depicted like a real town, with boundaries, Folk-run businesses, and a government. In real life, Thundertown was a block here or there, three businesses on the same side of the street, an unconnected sewer main, or a single abandoned building. When an epidemic of missing person cases is on the rise, the police refuse to act. Instead, Alex Delatorre goes to Thundertown for answers and finds clues leading to a new Lord trying to unite the population. No one has seen the Lord, and the closer Alex gets to him, the farther Alex gets from his path home.

AdultFantasy/DarkDiversity Representation/LGBTQ+Fantasy/ContemporaryFantasy/Cozy, Low, Mundane, and Slice of LifeFantasy

Content Warning: gore, death, substance abuse

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