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A Third Kind of Madness

A Third Kind of Madness by Christiane Knight

When Denny isn’t working as a photographer, they spend their time at the local coffee shop mooning over one of the regulars, the mysterious and beautiful Peri. No one’s more surprised than Denny when she asks them out on a date. What happens that night throws the couple into a world where nothing is as it appears and everyone wants to get their hands on Peri and her powers to inspire artists – especially Joolie, the controlling and egotistical leader of Denny’s art collective. If that wasn’t enough, the powerful, capricious water elementals known as Nyxen have inexplicably taken an interest in Denny. They warn that Peri’s gifts bring nothing but trouble to those around her. It’s hard to argue with them when the magic starts to go wrong; paintings greedily come alive with grasping tentacles, an obsessed ex-lover returns to threaten the couple, and Denny begins to wonder if their grip on reality is beginning to slip…

Dark Summoning

Dark Summoning by James Anderson Foster

When an ancient cult’s dark ritual threatens to unleash a primordial goddess, Special Agent Morgan Thorne and his team must race against time to stop them. In “Dark Summoning,” Morgan Thorne, a battle-hardened investigator for the Department of Anomalous Affairs, is thrust into a deadly game against The Night’s Embrace, a sinister cult intent on bringing the primordial goddess Nyx into the modern world. With his team by his side—brilliant occult analyst Dr. Evelyn Blackwood, rugged cryptid expert Jackson Reynolds, and the enigmatic yet troubled Lucas Reed—Morgan must uncover the cult’s secrets. As the stakes rise and the lines between ally and enemy blur, Morgan discovers that Lucas’s past with the cult might hold the key to their victory—or their undoing. In the heart of darkness, can Morgan thwart the ritual before Nyx’s chaos consumes everything? Perfect for fans of Jim Butcher’s “The Dresden Files” and Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods,” “Dark Summoning” blends gritty urban fantasy with ancient mythology, delivering a pulse-pounding adventure you won’t be able to put down.

Eye of the Ouroboros

Eye of the Ouroboros by Megan Bontrager

The woods surrounding the insular town of Mill Creek, West Virginia, have a habit of taking people and refusing to give them back. The National Parks Service Search and Rescue Team knows this, just like they know when you find a door in the woods, you don’t go through it. But park ranger Theo Buchanan has a knack for sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. Determined to find the truth behind her sister Flora’s strange disappearance, she boldly steps through one such door, catching the attention of the Federal Bureau of Reality. She quickly learns how far they are willing to go to keep their secrets locked tight, even if it means silencing those who stumble upon them permanently. Together with her journalist ex-girlfriend, a fellow ranger, a conspiracy theorist, and a rogue member of the Bureau’s Requisitions Department, Theo must brave the horrors of the Infinite Corridor and its web of connected realities to find Flora…before the Bureau does.

Merely Mortal

Merely Mortal by Michelle M. Pillow

A gripping new first-person POV urban fantasy romance series by NY Times and USA Today bestselling author, Michelle M. Pillow. All I want is a simple, normal life. Unfortunately, normalcy is a luxury I can’t afford as a lowly human born into a powerful supernatural family embroiled in magic. They’ve always been quick to remind me that I have an expiration date. Imagine everyone’s surprise when it’s me standing above their graves, not the other way around. The fire that took their lives wasn’t my fault, yet everyone is blaming me, especially the vampires. Now I have a target on my back and a bounty on my head. Without the protection of my family, I’m caught up in a tangled web of supernatural dynasties and arcane power struggles. So when a handsome stranger and his young daughter take pity on me and offer me a ride, I don’t say no. It’s a mistake. One I hope doesn’t cost us all our lives. Sometimes, being merely mortal really sucks.

A Trick of the Shade

A Trick of the Shade by Stephanie Caye

You can’t put ‘Just saved the world (you’re welcome)’ on a resume. Ask me how I know. -- Jude’s drifting in Montreal, low on both funds and purpose. Eking out a normal life is surprisingly difficult for someone whose strongest marketable skill is her ability to manipulate gravity. Who knew landing a steady job would be a bigger challenge than hunting supernatural creatures? Then her scant few acquaintances begin turning up dead around the city, their hearts missing. All signs point to a vicious shade—a Faerie cursed to live forever in a ghoulish fate worse than death—as the culprit. But Jude’s never even heard of shades before now, so why do these killings seem designed to bait her? Racing to find the answer and stop the murders brings her to old friends, new enemies and every shifty variation in-between. While risking life and limb battling a sinister Faerie monster may not be ‘normal,’ it’s a routine Jude knows by heart. And it beats working retail.

How to Bare Your Neck and Save a Wreck

How to Bare Your Neck and Save a Wreck by D. N. Bryn

Kraken Collective

“I only take what’s owed me, and you, my little swan, owe me blood.” A single kiss from a masked vampire during Shane’s last journalistic endeavor has left him with an obsession and a mission: uncover the secrets of the black-market blood trade and find his mystery vampire in the process. But this investigation is dangerous. One knock at the wrong door and he could have fangs at his throat instead of lips. Andres had been trying to forget his kiss with Shane Crowley by drowning himself in his work as a thief for the blood trade. When he finds it’s Shane’s blood his boss has decided to steal, Andres’s only option is to buy him for every drop he’ll ever produce. This act awakens something in Andres—new thoughts of ownership and chains that he believes could only ever be the desires of a monster. Andres needs blood to live though, and he’s going to have it from Shane, even if it means donning a mask once more. Between the strange desires Shane’s life as a part-time blood slave is stirring in him, and his investigations into the cycle of injustice that so many fanged citizens face, and texts with an odd new friend who feels vaguely familiar, Shane feels pulled in all directions. Little does he know all those paths lead back to the same vampire…

The Ghosts of Nothing

The Ghosts of Nothing by Cecily Walters

** Winner - Indie B.R.A.G. Medallion ** ** Finalist - The Wishing Shelf Book Awards ** The town of Nothing is haunted… …or so its citizens believe. Sixteen-year-old Nelly is skeptical of the stories until one night she spots a strange light sneaking through the abandoned house on her family’s farm. When she investigates, she finds … fairies. Within hours of this discovery, Nelly's grandmother is catatonic, and the otherworldly trespassers are offering up a cure. But only at a terrible price. It turns out that Nelly is a rare find for the fae. And the shocking reason why is buried in a past only the dead can remember. The Ghosts of Nothing is the first book in a fantasy series based on traditional fairy mythology. It's like a spooky version of Harry Potter, but with fairies. Perfect for fans of Holly Black's The Cruel Prince series, Julie Kagawa's Iron Fey or Leigh Bardugo's Shadow and Bone. Now a Wishing Shelf Award finalist.


Thorns by Walt S. Williams


Finn Silvers survived a contract with a powerful demon. Surely, he can handle whatever working at a pizzeria dishes out. A new city, a new job, and new friends; that’s what Finn expected to find when he moved in with his aunt. He didn’t anticipate the new romance, another ingredient to his new life. But Finn has made some mistakes that aren’t easily overlooked, so things might boil over before they’ve begun to even simmer. If that’s not enough, a new drug called Thorn has taken hold of the city, threatening to ruin his peaceful, pizza-filled days. Finn’s already dealt with enough calamities for one lifetime, but he’ll have to decide whether to ignore this one and hope things get better, or stick his hands into the fire and risk waking up a part of his past he’d thought he left behind. Are some things are better left sleeping? Finn must decide, because he isn’t about to give up after his first slice of a normal life.

Stone-Cold Alibi

Stone-Cold Alibi by W. B. Biggs


Step into a world where the lines between reality and the supernatural blur in an electrifying new thriller: “Stone-Cold Alibi.” In the heart of New Orleans, a chilling murder rocks a local diner, thrusting Detective Joseph Seraph into a realm where angels, demons, and spirits intertwine with mortal lives. As the body count climbs and cryptic symbols point to an otherworldly presence, Detective Seraph embarks on a relentless quest to unmask a killer unlike any he's encountered before. But in a battle where conventional methods fall short, Detective Seraph unveils an unexpected arsenal—summoned spirits that lend an edge to his investigation. As he navigates a shadowy underworld and uncovers long-buried secrets, he races against time to halt the malevolent schemes of a mastermind. With each turn of the page, “Stone-Cold Alibi” takes you on a roller-coaster ride of supernatural intrigue and pulse-pounding suspense. Can Detective Seraph decipher the cryptic clues, bridge the gap between worlds, and confront the darkness lurking beneath? Or will he become entangled in a web of mystical forces beyond his control? Prepare for a mind-bending journey that will leave you questioning the boundaries of reality and the depths of human darkness. Are you ready to face the unknown?

Hear My Call

Hear My Call by Yvette Bostic


In the haunting aftermath of the Fae Wars, Jess is more than just prey, and Garret soon discovers hunting her might be his biggest challenge yet. All my life, it felt like shadows chased me. Every time we'd find a semblance of peace, my mother's terrified eyes would signal it was time to flee again. For twenty-eight years, the reasons were shrouded in mystery. When the truth finally revealed itself, it was nothing like the stories my childhood imagination had crafted. Garret was sure I'd be just another notch in his belt—a target acquired, delivered, and paid for. A simple job in a life of complexities. But fate is rarely straightforward. Before he could claim his prize, others got to me first. Suddenly, he wasn't just battling for a paycheck; he was battling for our lives. And me? I was caught between the man sent to capture me and the enigmatic pull that drew me closer to him. 
Enter the world of The Wolves’ Challenge, where the legacies of the Fae Wars shape destinies. An extension of the Call of the Elements Series, this tale is charged with tension, passion, and the age-old dance of enemies-turned-lovers. Beware: Expect heart-pounding chases, raw emotion, and situations meant for mature audiences.

Journey back to where it all began with Call of the Elements Book 1: Magisters Bane. Unravel the mysteries and rekindle your bond with your favorite characters in the enthralling world of the Call of the Elements Saga. Don't miss out!

Magic on the Cards

Magic on the Cards by Marina Finlayson

SPFBO10 Gryphons And Grimoires

Never trust a werewolf. I’m the weakest cartomancer who ever lived, but I can use Tarot cards to work magic. Most days. That makes me the natural prey of the Soldiers of the Light, the jumped-up werewolves who police the magic community. They’ve hunted cartomancers for centuries because of some stupid ancient feud. Never speak to a werewolf. I’m helping the local vampires track a rogue that’s menacing our little town when I knock a handsome stranger off his motorbike. He’s badly hurt but refuses medical help. So I take Mr Tall, Dark and Suspicious home—and find out he’s a Soldier. Because that’s just the kind of day I’m having. Never, under any circumstances, fall in love with a werewolf. He’s my sworn enemy, but sparks fly between us. Now I have a monster to catch and a town to save, all while guarding my secret—and my heart—from a man who would kill me without a second thought if he knew the truth.

Obsidian Murders

Obsidian Murders by Nicole Brona


A journalist who's kinda weird. A 500-year-old vampiric detective. Two young women dead from an unknown, magical source. 
Tessa O'Hara is tired of people thinking she is crazy. Growing up sensitive to the supernatural and deemed mentally unstable by every therapist she’s ever seen, Tessa moves to Washington D.C. to start fresh. But when there are two murders in her neighborhood that reek of magic, she's a bit freaked out and utterly regretting her decision to become a semi-functioning adult.

Seeking aid from a vampiric detective, a grumpy house faerie, and several local Wiccan covens, she is determined to use her abilities to help. But Tessa and her new friends are at a loss when the case abruptly goes cold with no leads or suspects.

Can Tessa help find the killer before another woman is found dead?

Obsidian Murders is the first book in the all slaying, no laying Midnight Detective Agency urban fantasy series. If you enjoy a sassy main character, magical sidekicks, and puzzling mysteries, then you will love this novel.

By a Silver Thread

By a Silver Thread by Rachel Aaron


A new DFZ series from the author of NICE DRAGONS FINISH LAST and MINIMUM WAGE MAGIC, now complete at three books! In the world’s most magical metropolis where spirits run noodle shops and cash-strapped dragons stage photo-ops for tourists, people still think fairies are nothing but stories, and that’s exactly how the fairies like it. It’s a lot easier to feast on humanity’s dreams when no one believes you exist. But while this arrangement works splendidly for most fair folk, Lola isn’t one of the lucky ones. She’s a changeling, a fairy monster made just human enough to dupe unsuspecting parents while fairies steal their real child. The magic that sustains her was never meant to last past the initial theft, leaving Lola without a future. But thanks to Victor Conrath, a very powerful--and very illegal--blood mage, she was given the means to cheat death. For a price. Now the only changeling ever to make it to adulthood, Lola has served the blood mage faithfully, if reluctantly, for twenty years. Her unique ability to slip through wards and change her shape to look like anyone has helped make Victor a legend in the DFZ’s illegal-magic underground. It’s not a great life, but at least the work is stable… until her master vanishes without a trace. With only a handful left of the pills that keep her human, Lola must find Victor before she turns back into the fairy monster she was always meant to be. But with a whole SWAT team of federal paladins hunting her as a blood-mage accomplice, an Urban Legend on a silent black motorcycle who won’t leave her alone, and a mysterious fairy king with the power to make the entire city dream, Lola’s chances of getting out of this alive are as slender as a silver thread.


Sidetracked by S. K. Kelley


Jayde Palmer considers herself a typical college student, but life is messy. The day before her 19th birthday, a chance meeting with a beautiful young man named Ice Monroe disrupts Jayde's plans for a quiet, relaxing summer. She assumes he's too good to be true—until he calls. Jayde takes the bait, and things go well at first, but the relationship takes a bizarre turn when Ice drops a bombshell secret:
He is a magical human-feline shapeshifter, known as an immortal. As Jayde comes to terms with the existence of immortals and struggles to work out Ice's true intentions in dating her, a series of unexpected and uncomfortable encounters with a figure from his past leave Jayde increasingly unsure who she can trust or what she should do next. Even so, it's clear that something is wrong, and she may have no choice but to act on instinct. --- Sidetracked is part one of a four-part series about dark secrets, difficult decisions, strange dreams, a secret government program, and mental illness. With cats and a little bit of magic!

The Last Lunar Witch

The Last Lunar Witch by S.F. Henne


I only wanted to control my magic, but a single potion catapulted my life into chaos… I’m Nyssa Thornheart, a witch with broken magic. I escaped to the big city to pursue my passion for alchemy, and hide from my coven until I fix my powers.

If my unstable gifts are exposed, they will be stripped away. To live without magic, that’s a fate worse than death. So I drank a long-forgotten potion in a desperate bid to harness my volatile powers. But when I’m cornered by thugs, I unleash a rare and dangerous magic, tearing the veil between our world and a demonic realm. My new powers are growing stronger and resist every attempt to subdue them.

Now I’m a hunted witch, pursued by both demonic creatures and authorities determined to protect our realm from the threat I pose. Can I master my magic, or will I have to sacrifice my powers before the city falls to demons?

The Door to Trilesk

The Door to Trilesk by Shannon Holly


Her family can travel to other dimensions through doors only they can see. But the key to saving those hidden worlds and her missing aunt lies in a childhood summer she can’t remember and a power she didn’t know she had. Kate shouldn’t be here. Yet here she was, risking her mom’s wrath, to come back to a house she can’t remember. A house her estranged aunt lived in until her disappearance a year ago. A house her mom desperately tries to keep Kate from. But Kate can’t resist the pull of the house as it draws her in and soon memories of a forgotten magical childhood summer spent with her aunt start to surface. Seeking answers, Kate discovers her aunt’s hidden journal, locked away. Not sure what to expect, she begins to read and is soon lost in her aunt’s tales of her adventures and danger on other worlds. She also learns her family comes from a long line of travelers and can travel to other dimensions through doors only they can see. When a powerful creature thunders down from a hole ripped in the sky and threatens Kate, she is left shaken with the possibility that her aunt may be alive, held captive for information in the journal that could end all worlds and Kate is the key to finding her. But first she must figure out how to see those doors…

Tabby Swain

Tabby Swain by Sithia Queen


A visionary, genre-bending coming-of-age novel about a group of friends with one thing in common: they’re shape-shifting monsters. If that wasn’t bad enough, they must also navigate the angst of high school, first love, and heartbreak. Matthew Stroud wants nothing more than to live a normal life, but that’s easier said than done with cat ears on his head and a cat tail attached to his lower back. Only two people know he’s a cat boy: one is his best friend and fellow monster boy, Mark Koenigsegg, and the other is Mark’s human mother, Ashley Koenigsegg. Shortly after starting high school, Matthew develops a crush on Emily Thompson, a human who worms her way into his tiny friend group. She quickly senses something’s wrong with her new friends, from their secretive behavior to their animallike appearances, especially when they befriend another boy, John Woodcock, who seems oddly unbothered by everything weird about them. As her suspicions deepen, Matthew must do everything in his power to keep Emily off of his scent, even as he continues to fall for her, because everything will fall apart if she learns the truth.

Hidden Worlds

Hidden Worlds by Kit Campbell


The greatest part of belonging to the Spork Room – a magical writing community – is the Door, through which all stories ever written and yet to be written come to life. There is only one rule: Always tell someone before you go through. But Margery is in a tough place in her story and she really needs to know how this scene goes. No one’s around. Surely it won’t hurt anything to go in by herself just for a few minutes…

Good Bad Witch

Good Bad Witch by Isa Medina


It's hard being a good witch when your clients want bad magic. I'm a witch. Not a powerful witch, mind, but as Grandma liked to say, it’s all in the kindness, not the power. Grandma is gone now, but her dream of having a witch shop lives with me. So, when the opportunity to run my own shop presents itself, I move across the country to take it, no questions asked. But maybe I should have. The sexy local bounty hunter shifter thinks I’m up to no good, my clients keep asking me to use forbidden dark magic, and someone’s trying to sabotage my shop. Probably the same someone who reported me to the Witch Council and left a dead body in my bathtub. Hah! Joke’s on them. As Grandma also used to say, it’s nothing a positive attitude, excellent cleaning supplies, and the complete annihilation of whoever has in it for me can’t fix. Paraphrasing. Join Hope in her quest to save her shop in the Urban Fantasy world of Good Bad Magic, featuring witches, shifters, demons, one sexy bounty hunter, and all kinds of magical creatures. Full of humor, banter, plenty of heart, and a slow-burn romance. Perfect for fans of K.M. Shea, Annabel Chase, and Annette Marie.

Visions of Snapdragon

Visions of Snapdragon by Jana Sun


Jack has always known she was a gifted psychic, her magic guiding her through life's mysteries enough to own a shop specializing in psychic readings. But when she discovers her magic stems from one of the ancient goddesses known as the Seer, her visions start to include her own life-possibly ending. Diego's punishment for shattering the links between Earth and the magical realm of Obius finally catches up to him, making his fractured heart run out of the magic to keep him alive even faster. Drawn to Jack's magnetic aura, Diego believes that only she can help him recover the fragments of his shattered heart and-maybe-restore the severed connection between the realms. As Jack and Diego join forces, a forbidden love ignites, but it's a tale Diego knows the ending to. Her visions are getting stronger though, and Jack can't shake the feeling that's a greater threat that comes along with Diego's desire to heal his heart. As the stakes rise, Jack's learning what it means to be a Priestess as her growing feelings for Diego intensify, testing the very bounds of her magic. In this enthralling urban fantasy, Jack and Diego's quest intertwines fate, love, and destiny. Can they mend the broken pieces of Diego's heart before it's too late? Or will Jack's dark visions come to fruition? Prepare to be enchanted by an unforgettable tale of magic, sacrifice, and romance as Jack and Diego's destinies collide, forever altering the fate of both realms.

The Burning Fire Rises

The Burning Fire Rises by Jeff Walker


A paranormal thriller with elements of science fiction and supernatural fantasy! Welcome to the mysterious world of Professor Darkk and Miss Shadow.

FBI Special Agent John Mathers is investigating a strange crime scene in a forest near Flint, Michigan. A large crater has been discovered with the charred remains of a group of people. It appears to be a case of spontaneous combustion. That's when he encounters Professor Darkk and Miss Shadow, a couple with supernatural powers, who are also investigating the strange event. Who are they? Why are they interested in aiding him in unraveling this unexplainable enigma? John Mathers is suddenly pulled into inexplicable events and must confront terrifying creatures that seem to come straight from nightmares and from an unseen realm that overlaps with our world. Navigating a never-ending labyrinth of unfamiliar dangers and peculiarities, he is guided by Professor Darkk and Miss Shadow. Can he trust them? Are they equally evil and lethal as the one he's attempting to locate for all those who were burned? Do they have secrets of their own? The adventure starts as Special Agent Mathers joins with this mysterious pair, a teacher and his gorgeous student, as they explore the dark and deadly world that's trying to break into our reality.

This is Part One of their epic first full novel!


Unmagical by Jenn Lessmann


In a town hidden by illusions and protected by centuries of spells, it's up to unmagical Cate Corey to reveal the truth.

The Gate that hides Cate Corey’s magical hometown from the rest of the world is about to close. Permanently. Descended from gifted witches with no power of her own, Cate thought she’d left home and magic behind. These days, she’s a stressed college student and an underpaid barista. It’s a blessedly normal life. But when her father goes missing, she realizes his disappearance is linked to a crisis that threatens to destroy the community and reveal their magic to the world. And Cate’s missing Gift might be the only clue. Now she must choose between family and freedom. Because she has to go home if she wants answers, but going back now might mean giving up the unmagical life she loves... For good. Fans of Practical Magic and Veronica Mars will love this new novel about surviving the cozy apocalypse, making your own magic, and finding your family— literally.

Evil's Unlikely Assassin

Evil's Unlikely Assassin by Jenn Windrow


"Evil's Unlikely Assassin is a promising urban fantasy debut that features all that's great about the genre--action, attitude, and ass-kicking." -Jaye Wells, USA Today bestselling author of The Sabina Kane and Prospero's War seriesVampire Alexis Black is on a mission - to rejoin the human race.Coerced into signing an ironclad contract by an Angel-with-attitude, Alexis must hunt down and assassinate at least one vampire, werewolf, or creepy crawly every night for fifty years to become human again. Too bad the contract didn’t mention the badass vampire who now rides shotgun in her brain, insatiable bloodlust, or her new I-hate-everything-with-fangs sidekick. If she can fulfill her end of the bargain, her humanity is restored, if not she will be destroyed.But when a revenge-seeking bloodsucker threatens her city, Alexis must risk everything to ensure there’s a humanity to return to. Since her vampire nature is her greatest weapon to defeat the monsters that threaten her friends and future, Alexis must choose to accept her inner beast or watch those she loves die.

Splintered Magic

Splintered Magic by Jilleen Dolbeare


Brigid Donovan is down on her luck. Her husband dumped her for the biggest stereotype around, his secretary, and her family mansion is a decaying wreck. All she wants is to get it restored, enjoy the peace and quiet of living in eight hundred acres of primordial forest, and rebuild her life. Fate seems to be against her. First, her cat starts to speak to her. And what does he say? He's not what he seems to be—seriously? Like a talking cat is normal. He does tell her that she's the great-granddaughter of a fae lord, and very powerful. Only, that doesn't seem right. Where's her magic? Why didn't her family tell her? Things aren't as picture perfect as they seem in her hometown of Kilchis, Oregon. In fact, they haven't been for a long time. For one thing, her restoration team is a pack of werewolves, and her new bestie is a witch. What's going on? Brigid has to find out fast or she could lose it all—her mind, her magic, and her life.

The Saga of Bjorn Unfrid

The Saga of Bjorn Unfrid by John Simons


The omens are not good. Ancient forces are at play… …and ancient forces are known to be assholes. Bjorn knows this because he’s not like other people. He sees the past and future, ghosts and gods. Sometimes he talks to them. But he never expected or wanted to get dragged into the business of the spirit world. He already has his own problems, like how to start a conversation with the woman he followed all the way to Texas so he could stay close to her. He’s pretty sure that wouldn’t go over as a great opening line. Unfortunately, the spirit world and the physical world are tied together and Bjorn is tangled up in all of it. It’s a lot to handle all at once in your freshman year of college, and UH is not the college experience he was expecting. But when things turn dark and the lives of his loved ones are at stake, it’s the place where he must awaken to his destiny whether he wants to or not.

Here There Be Monsters

Here There Be Monsters by Josh Wright


800 years ago, Witches from another dimension tried to take over the world. 300 years ago, the paranormal beings they left in their wake came out of the shadows to join human society. Now, a knight cursed with immortality, a mummy with eldritch powers, and a werewolf police captain are on the trail of a serial killer hunting paranormals. The reasons why will lead them deep into a world of corruption where religion mingles with politics, humanity's xenophobia is on full display, and the monsters aren't necessarily the ones with claws and fangs.

Stakes and Bones

Stakes and Bones by Julia Vee


Roxy's got two hammers, a bit of Breaker magic, and the deathbed promise she made to her father. The Seattle Slayers, an elite cadre of fighters dedicated to protecting the city, is having their Trials for new initiates. My dad was a Slayer--one of the best. I thought his legacy might give me an edge in the Trials, but I was wrong. If anything, it made them harder on me. But joining the Slayers is my best chance to save my mom. And, maybe, I need to see if I can fill my dad’s shoes. The only things standing between me and my dreams are all the other elite fighters and magic users who want their spot on the Slayers too. I will battle them all--fae warriors, river demons, and a vicious animage who hates my guts. I've got my hands full but a certain vampire princeling further complicates my life even as he saves it. He’s powerful, handsome, and deadly–a combination I find hard to resist. If you enjoy slow-burn romance and rooting for the underdog, cross over to Twilight Veil, where life is cheap and vampire blood spends the best.

Light My Pyre

Light My Pyre by Kat Kinney


EVERWOOD FALLS… a small supernatural community tucked up in the Colorado Rockies where witches, werewolves and vampires can live without fear of discovery, and those with curses they can’t control are sent to keep the existence of magic from being revealed to Mundanes. As a prince of the fae High Court, Asher Heath has always been caught between two worlds—the kingdom of faerie where his fire magic is unparalleled and the human realm where he works as a firefighter. But two months ago, he lost control of a blaze his fae magic was supposed to contain, with tragic results. With his magic poisoned by a demon curse, he can’t risk getting close to anyone… including Gwyn, the fierce and beautiful dragon shifter he encounters out in a thunderstorm in the woods. But trouble has followed Asher to Everwood Falls. An arsonist is setting fires around town using demon magic to possess their victims—and their targets get bigger every time. Gwyneth Drake doesn’t need a prince to save her. She shifts into a twenty-foot fire-breathing dragon who can fight her own battles. A fierce advocate for the dragon community, she was forced into hiding when an ex tried to sear her dragon from the skies. Now dragon blood has been found at one of the arson sites and she and Asher will have to work together to stop the arsonist before they strike again. Someone from Gwyn’s past may have followed her to Everwood Falls, and they’re too close to the case for comfort… With a herd of enchanted elk, carnivorous spruce trees, and sentient pumpkins that stalk the local landscaping, Everwood Falls is a quirky mountain town where scales and fur mean found family.

Susan, You're The Chosen One

Susan, You're The Chosen One by Lauretta Hignett


Starting over isn’t easy when your whole world is a pile of rubble and everyone thinks you’re insane. One moment, Susan Moore had the perfect life—a handsome husband, a fabulous career, wonderful friends, and a gorgeous home in Pacific Heights, San Francisco. The next minute, it was all gone. And Susan found herself in a straitjacket, locked in a padded room. An optimist at heart, Susan’s clawing her way back, rebuilding her life brick by brick—not an easy feat when you’re over the hill and it feels like the whole city hates you. But when a group of ridiculously gorgeous models in Fae cosplay barge into her tiny apartment and declare her to be the chosen one, Susan decides to play along. She’s off to save the world. Except they’re not in cosplay. Either Susan has really, truly gone insane this time… or all this magic is real.

Susan, You're The Chosen one is book one in the fun, fast-paced and thrilling new paranormal women's fiction series Welcome To Midlife Magic, by bestselling urban fantasy author Lauretta Hignett.

A Heart of Bones

A Heart of Bones by Lily C. Strauss


Run away to a small coastal town. Leave your dark past behind. Start over. It was a pretty good plan. And Jack Parker is happy living the boring life of a small-town bookstore owner. A life outside of the world of magic. But when a new ghost shows up on his doorstep, followed by an irritatingly attractive detective investigating the murder of his partner, Jack knows his dream of a quiet life is about to magically disappear. Because Detective Richard Zuraw is about to pull him back into the world he hoped he’d left behind. A world of warring magical houses, powerful talismans, and evil cultists who would rather kill a mage like Jack than talk to him. Can Jack and Richard work together to stop the coming apocalypse? And if not, can Jack at least figure out how to get a little action before the whole damn world ends?

Rites of Passage

Rites of Passage by M. D. Presley


Corbin James has never been so lost. Able to dowse since a kid, he’s adept at finding missing things. But after weeks on the run from the FBI, the teen’s luck has finally run dry. Enter the enigmatic Mister with a tempting offer: find an enchanter who has disappeared inside the mysterious Harmon House. Recruited into a reluctant crew of motley magicians, Corbin only has days to navigate their shifting loyalties to earn his freedom by entering the Inner Circle. Lucky for him he’s got his trusty dowsing rod, a defaced 50-cent piece, and enchanted iPod.

Strangers in Our Heads

Strangers in Our Heads by Bri Eberhart


Gemma, a seventeen-year-old orphan and empath, wants nothing more than to be normal. But after her older sister is killed in a hit-and-run, she discovers she can drain the energy out of any living thing. Fearing she might hurt someone with the faintest touch, Gemma flees from her foster home—guided by a boy she’s dreamed about for years but doesn’t believe is real. Meanwhile, Theo, the eighteen-year-old astral-projecting leader of a ragtag group of magical misfits, is doing everything he can to protect his found family after he failed to keep his little sister alive. From rummaging through dumpsters for food, stealing from convenience stores, and throwing punches in illegal fighting rings for extra cash, there’s nothing he won’t do to keep the crew safe from the Authorities who are hunting kids like them. When Gemma shows up in Theo’s world, their dreams become a shocking reality. The problem is that neither thought the other truly existed. Now they have to learn how to trust each other in person, as much as they had in their fantasies, if they want their secrets to remain hidden. What’s worse, Theo didn't guide her there. Instead, a vengeful entity hell-bent on stealing Gemma’s powers did. She and Theo must work through their grief to banish him or risk losing each other for good. But doing so won’t be easy when kids with powers are being hunted by something far, far worse than a ghost. In a cruel, contemporary world, can a handful of teens rely on one another to beat the odds?

Moon Bitten

Moon Bitten by C. S. Churton


She didn’t believe werewolves were real…
…until she was attacked.
Will Jade be able to come to terms with her new shifter life? For as long as she could remember, she wanted to go to Uni and study law. When she got bitten, everything changed. Jade’s not ready to accept her new reality, but she had better come to terms quickly, because it’s her only way out. There are rules at the shifter academy. They’ll keep her locked up if needed. Facing the realities of her new life, her strange powers, and the fact that she’s more prisoner than student, Jade has some tough decisions to make. What she doesn’t know, though, is that there’s something sinister going on. People are in danger. Another gets bitten. The adventure has just begun. You’ll love this new Shifter Academy series, because every young woman has a hero inside of her she didn’t know existed.

Touched by Magic

Touched by Magic by Celine Jeanjean


I’m Apiya. No, I’m not a badass magical assassin. I’m a barber to the supernatural. My magic is very weak and very niche—it works best with keeping things clean. I know. I can sense your awe at my power already. And I’m sure you can see why barbering suits me well. Although now that I’ve mastered the art of trimming a weretiger’s regrowth, my biggest challenge is fielding the insults of the shop’s cat. Sometimes I wish I had enough magic to go deeper into the city’s magical underbelly. You know what they say—be careful what you wish for. Everything changes when a pair of forest fae come into the shop one night, asking for help to protect their youngling. Something’s got them properly spooked, but they won’t say what. If it’s big and bad enough to scare the fae, it’s most definitely powerful enough to make a mouthful of me—probably a small mouthful, at that. And now that the fae have come to me, whatever’s after them is also after me. My weak magic and a sarcastic cat for backup are unlikely to be enough to keep me alive and save the fae youngling. How the hell am I going to get out of this mess? Grab Touched by Magic to see if I make it. Oh, and don’t get offended if the cat insults you…

Death and the Taxman

Death and the Taxman by David Hankins


Never trust a dying auditor. Allies are few and hijinks are many in this hilarious race against time as the Grim Reaper himself tries to cheat death and avoid an audit by Hell's Auditor and the Office of Micromanagement. After sharing an ill-advised cup of tea with IRS auditor Frank Totmann, Grim finds himself trapped in Frank's life amid a world of dangers: love, betrayal, reckless cabbies, implacable demon hunters, and the incessant needs that keep his body ticking . . . for now. But what happens when Death isn't shepherding souls to their final destinations? When bodies refuse to die in a world-wide epidemic of miraculous survivals? Grim has seen this once before. He knows what's coming, and it's not good . . . Written in the witty comedic styles of Sir Terry Pratchett and Piers Anthony, Death and the Taxman is a lighthearted contemporary fantasy that began as an award-winning short story of the same name published in Writers of the Future Volume 39. Acclaim for that short story by readers and critics alike called it "brilliant and hilarious," "delightful and quirky," and "laugh-out-loud funny."

Wolves Running

Wolves Running by Deborah Jarvis


The secret is out about the shapeshifters of the world, and as they face the wildly disparate reactions from all parts of the globe, the local groups of shapeshifters are trying to adapt to being in the public eye. For some, like Sasha Wellington, the revelation of her status as a wolf shapeshifter is not something she can reveal just yet in her role as a biology teacher at a Boulder, Colorado high school. As a matter of fact, that is probably the last thing she should consider. Things begin to change when one of her friends from student-teaching days suddenly discovers he is a shapeshifter, and she has to find a way to get him trained so that he will be able to keep her secret. Bringing the younger wolf home to her family’s house for New Year's, Sasha discovers that there is more to her young protégé than she originally thought and finds herself at a crossroads between the world she has built for herself in Boulder and the life that has always been hers amid the snow-capped mountains of Wyoming. In order to make these two parts of her life work, she will have to risk not only her livelihood as a teacher, but possibly the safety of her family and her friends in order to help achieve the lasting peace all of the shapeshifters desire.

The White Mask Society

The White Mask Society by A.M. Colwell


When Yara Rivers has a vision of her capture by a mad scientist, she tries to discover if her future is set in stone or if she has control over her own destiny. Alongside her three Guardians, including a nymph and a shape shifter, her life changes from that of a simple girl trying to make it through her last year of high school to a seer fighting for her life. Book 1 in the White Mask Society series.

Merewif: the Mermaid Witch

Merewif: the Mermaid Witch by Amanda Adam


When Madge receives a moonstone necklace on her sixteenth birthday, she discovers she is not only a mermaid, but also, a witch. Problem is, she never knew either existed in the first place. As if wrapping her head around the fact that she’s a mermaid-witch isn’t enough, it also turns out her parents were royalty to her kind and didn’t die as she’s been told her entire life. Instead, they were murdered by her estranged aunt Viviane, who is now after her. If Madge is to prove herself fit to lead her kind, she’ll have to hone her newfound Vala and unravel clues from her mother’s tome. But when Madge uncovers the dark power her murderous aunt wields, will she have what it takes to save them all?

A Rose Among Thorns

A Rose Among Thorns by Ash Fitzsimmons


Runner-up, The Book Bloggers' Novel of the Year Award 2023 No one said anything about an attack vine. Rose Thorn should never be left unsupervised around plants. Potted things tend to die around her as if on principle. But when her great-aunt calls and asks Rose to watch her garden nursery for a few days, Rose can hardly say no. After all, Aunt Lily is the closest thing Rose has to a grandmother—and the only family she has left—so Rose doesn’t mind driving out to her tiny mountain town to look after the place. Aunt Lily never mentioned anything about an inspection, however. Rose is taken aback when an agent from an organization she’s never heard of arrives and panics to find Aunt Lily missing. As it turns out, Aunt Lily hasn’t been entirely straight with Rose. She’s not visiting a sick friend—she’s in danger and on the run. She keeps a hidden greenhouse on the property in which she grows highly regulated magical plants. And she’s an elf…as was Rose’s grandfather. Though stunned to witness magic at work and shocked that no one ever divulged the family secret, Rose refuses to abandon the nursery until her great-aunt is safely home. But as she and the agent, now awkward housemates, try to keep up their cover story and find the missing grower, they realize that whatever led to Aunt Lily’s disappearance might not be the only magical crime in progress. And while Rose has no green thumb, another talent of hers may be budding…

Tigris Vetus

Tigris Vetus by D. L. Lewellyn

When destiny gives you three paths, choose the fourth. I doodle this in my art journal because it seems like the answer to my riddle. Some say having choices is a good thing. I've learned that three possible roads to the future mean confusion and heartache. It all started when I shot an alien prince on a highway near Lake Tahoe… Well, to be honest, it began when I met a towering man with chestnut eyes who captured my heart despite his best efforts to leave me out of his dangerous world. Andras is my mate, but he's compelled by fate to join forces with a rival alpha to support my prophetic mission. Elliott and his pack are family now, and Elliott looks at me like Andras does. Both men tug on my heartstrings—and that's not my biggest problem. After a battle with said alien prince, we regroup at my brother's fishing lodge in Ketchikan. I haven't seen Dylan in years. There's a reason for that, which makes me sadder than our separation. Then, my vampire friend enlists my help on a mission. When Andras finds out, I learn what happens when you poke an angry bear. I'm about to make it worse when my instincts urge me to leave my bear and my dragon to follow the ancient tiger, aka the alien prince, to his lair—my third path in a destiny of choices marked by the moon goddesses of Anurash. ~ Selena Aires ~~~ ​​​​​​​Enjoy this thrilling and romantic conclusion to The Starlight Chronicles! *This is not a standalone.* Book One, Ursus Borealis is the start of Selena's journey. Book Two, Drago Incendium dives deeper into her fate and introduces exciting new characters. Review for Tigris Vetus: I cried, I laughed, and I was angry. The ride was so worth it! This series was my introduction to reading this genre. I have found this to be some of the best writing, story telling and follow through on all character paths of any prior reading of any genre. ~ Amazon Reviewer, USA

My Name is not Alice

My Name is not Alice by Angelika Rust


Alice is a high school princess. Blonde. Beautiful. Shallow. Until she meets a little white rabbit, and her world turns upside down. The line between reality and fantasy blurs, then vanishes altogether. And Alice becomes a girl who attracts Trouble. Trouble with a capital T.

Heart of Outcasts

Heart of Outcasts by Nico Silver

Change is coming to the Autumn County werewolves, and someone would kill to keep it from happening. Justin thought a nice long run in the woods would help sort out his problems; he’d get some fresh air and exercise, and if he just happened to disappear then he wouldn’t need to worry about losing his job, his apartment, and his future. But when he wakes up in the dirt, bloody and confused, with a naked man leaning over him, asking if he’s all right, he suddenly wants very much to live. Because even if Bjarni is way out of his league, he can’t deny the spark between them. Bjarni is the asshole of the family. He’s the middle of three werewolf brothers, and a womanizing, hard-drinking, fight-starting disgrace. So when he finds a newly-changed werewolf in the woods, everyone he knows would have expected him to just dump the young man on his older brother and pack leader. Instead, Bjarni finds himself unexpectedly attracted to Justin. When it comes to light that someone in the Autumn County pack is changing humans into werewolves without their consent, Justin may be the only one who can figure out who it is. But he’s busy trying to cope with his new werewolf abilities and his doomed attraction to his mentor, and he’s messed up everything else in his life anyway, so what can he do? But if he doesn’t do something, more wolves will end up dead.

Surrendered Twilight

Surrendered Twilight by Emma Flemming

In the past, created, rather than born, Dmitri is thrown through life and used by one person after another. Part of an organisation, hidden both from supernatural and humans, the werewolf follows orders, all while striving to be more than what he was made for. Happiness finally finds him when he’s not looking. But the fates have been rarely kind and it’s gone, before he ever really had it. In the present, all but a ghost in her own life, Kaylah Bannon drifts through existence with nothing to cling to. No real friends and no family to call her own. Just barely existing, until one late night fate lands her at the feet of the tall, dark and grumpy Mikhail, far from home and her life changed forever from a single bite. A werewolf and the Alpha to the Hawthorn pack, Mikhail is not happy to have Kaylah tossed into his relatively controlled life. And a turned human to boot? There hadn’t been one in years! Keeping her put is a challenge and training her is a pain, but when he starts to fall for her, that’s what frustrates him the most. The past and present are about to collide, with two different worlds aligning. Who will be standing when the dust clears…?

The Festival of Hungry Ghosts

The Festival of Hungry Ghosts by Stephen Frame

Once upon a time, there was a wolf. He was a big bad wolf and in 1929 he left Fairyland to go work as a private eye in Los Angeles. He’s got a new case he doesn’t want; finding the kidnapped son of a local crime lord. He’s got a new partner he doesn’t trust; a chaotic female gangster who likes dames, booze, and bullets. Those are just the start of his problems. There are monsters in his way and not all of them are human.

Tales of Mundane Magic: Volume One

Tales of Mundane Magic: Volume One by Shaina Krevat

Nothing too strange ever happens to Gertie and Bridget Mallon. The sisters don’t have magical adventures fighting off dark lords or saving the world. Gertie spends her time learning the skill of enchantment, and Bridget has the ability to see things no one else can see with her left eye, which was bewitched in an accident many years ago. Sure, they attend Flories Boarding School, where Gertie takes a potions class and Bridget plays basketball, and the occasional magical anomaly takes place, but who doesn’t deal with the occasional poltergeist or curse? Life is relatively calm for the Mallon sisters, but things might not be quite as mundane as they appear.

Verona Green

Verona Green by Victoria Raschke

In a city where magic and art collide, Verity Green, a skilled witch and art restorer, guards a dangerous secret: she possesses the ability to channel the spirits of deceased artists and breathe life back into their masterpieces. For years, she's hidden her extraordinary gift, but whispers of her talent have reached the wrong ears. Shadowy forces crave her powers, willing to exploit her abilities for their own criminal purposes. When her best friend is kidnapped, Verity's world shatters. A clandestine society emerges, one with secrets darker than any painting she’s ever done. In her quest to save her friend, Verity must navigate these ancient rivalries and confront a nefarious plot that threatens the integrity of art itself. Amid the chaos, Verity finds an unexpected ally, an enigmatic architect with his own murky past. As they delve deeper into the shadow of the art world, a romance sparks. But time is running out, and Verity must harness her magical prowess to rescue her friend before it's too late. Verona Green is a spellbinding, cross-genre contemporary fantasy, recommended for fans of Alice Hoffman and Neil Gaiman. Within this world where art becomes a conduit for the supernatural, Verity proves that the truest magic lies within the human heart.

The Lost Expedition: The Dream Rider Saga, Book 3

The Lost Expedition: The Dream Rider Saga, Book 3 by Douglas Smith

The Thrilling Conclusion to the Multi-Award-Winning Trilogy Will is the Dream Rider, the superhero who walks in our dreams but never in the streets of his own city. Case is his girlfriend, a survivor of those streets who hears voices warning her of danger. Fader, her brother, is very good at disappearing. In The Hollow Boys, they defeated a body swapper and a witch to save the world. In The Crystal Key, they battled warring cults to protect an ancient artifact tied to Will's affliction. The Chakana. The Crystal Key. But the key to what? To finding answers, they hope, to the questions that rule their lives. What caused their strange powers? And Will's crippling agoraphobia? Can he be cured? Why did their parents travel to the jungles of Peru eight years ago? Are they still alive? Behind every question is the Chakana. What is the mysterious relic? Why will people kill to possess it? What hold does it have on Will? As creatures from Inca myths haunt the three friends, another attack on the Chakana threatens Will's life. To save him and solve the mystery of the lost expedition, only one choice remains. Return to Peru. With the Chakana. There, they find friends and foes, both old and new. And behind it all, an unseen enemy moving them like pieces on a chessboard. To win this deadly game, Will, Case, and Fader must master new powers to defeat the most dangerous adversary they've ever faced—a god. At stake this time? Every life, every world, every universe. Everything. Indiana Jones meets Teen Titans in The Dream Rider Saga, a fast-paced urban fantasy trilogy from “one of Canada’s most original writers of speculative fiction” (Library Journal). “A lavishly concocted ride brimming with magic, mystery, and mayhem… [and] bursting with dark magic, beastly protectors, and a slew of extraordinary fantasy characters … Smith skillfully probes deeper messages behind all the fun, as the main players face the consequences of humankind’s disregard for the Earth—and each other. … Takeaway: Explosive conclusion to this spectacular fantasy joyride.” — BookLife (Editor's Pick) Praise for The Hollow Boys (The Dream Rider Saga, #1) 2023 Aurora Award Winner for Best Young Adult Novel | 2023 IAP Award Winner for Best Young Adult Novel “This arresting series kickoff grips from the start as it introduces its inventive milieu, its flawed but fantastically powered hero, its playful worldbuilding, and a host of tantalizing mysteries. ... Takeaway: Thrilling YA fantasy” —BookLife (Editor’s Pick) “A must-read story for YA fantasy fans.” —Blueink Review (Starred review) Praise for The Crystal Key (The Dream Rider Saga, #2) "This thrilling superpowered urban fantasy series continues to grip.” —BookLife (Editor’s Pick) "This fast-paced story delivers in a big way—and Smith has all his ducks lined up for an explosive conclusion that readers won’t want to miss.” —Blueink Review (Starred review)

The Crystal Key: The Dream Rider Saga, Book 2

The Crystal Key: The Dream Rider Saga, Book 2 by Douglas Smith

Sequel to the multi-award-winning The Hollow Boys "Give me the Crystal Key!" Will Dreycott is the Dream Rider, the agoraphobic teenage superhero who can walk in our dreams but never in the streets of his city. Case is his girlfriend, a survivor of those streets who hears voices that warn her of danger. Fader is her brother, who is very good at disappearing. Together, they defeated a body swapper and a witch to save the world (The Hollow Boys). Now, Case battles guilt over living sheltered in Will's tower home while her street friends still struggle. Blaming his affliction for Case's sadness, Will searches for a way to live a normal life with the girl he loves—a way to go outside. But his efforts draw the attention of dark forces. Sinister figures hunt Will in Dream. Intruders scour the vast warehouse of antiquities "acquired" by Will's missing parents. And a masked swordswoman attacks Will, demanding "the Crystal Key" before disappearing into thin air. Are they all searching for the same thing? Something from Will's parents' shady past? For the swordswoman leaves behind a flowery scent, Will's only memory from the lost expedition eight years ago that gave him powers in Dream but cost him his parents and his freedom. A trail of dark secrets leads Will, Case, and Fader to a mysterious world. Trapped between warring cults willing to kill for the Crystal Key, the three friends must master strange new powers that grow stronger and wilder the closer they draw to the truth. This time it's not just the fate of the world at stake…but the multiverse. Indiana Jones meets Teen Titans in The Dream Rider Saga, a fast-paced urban fantasy trilogy from "one of Canada's most original writers of speculative fiction" (Library Journal). Praise for The Crystal Key: "The richly inventive Dream Rider adventure continues in this second appealing entry…with an exciting plot… always enlivened by the Smith hallmarks of crack dialogue, fun sleuthing and puzzle-solving, a strong throughline of emotion, a swift pace…and a principled refusal to settle for the familiar. Takeaway: This thrilling superpowered urban fantasy series continues to grip." (New readers should start with book one.) —BookLife (Editor's Pick) "The engrossing second installment of Douglas Smith’s Dream Rider Saga trilogy. … Smith continues to demonstrate an ability to expertly weave multiple complex fantasy elements into a cohesive whole. … This fast-paced story delivers in a big way—and Smith has all his ducks lined up for an explosive conclusion [to the series] that readers won’t want to miss." —Blueink Review (★ Starred review) Praise for The Dream Rider Saga: "Vigorously imaginative... Thrilling YA fantasy" —BookLife (Editor's pick) "A must-read story for YA fantasy fans." —Blueink Review (★ Starred review) "Inventive, engaging, and boundless fun." —The Ottawa Review of Books

The Chronicles of the Virago:: Book II The Apprentus

The Chronicles of the Virago:: Book II The Apprentus by Michael Bialys

Makenna Grace Gold is the Virago. At barely thirteen-years-old, she has been entrusted by the forces of good to protect her twin siblings Emi and Noah from the evil forces that seek to destroy them. The infant twins are destined to lead our world into its next age of Hope and Enlightenment; if and only if Makenna can protect them. As she begins to settle into her new role as the Virago, Makenna receives a cryptic warning from none other than the Grim Reaper himself. She is told that her immediate future promises to be life threatening to both her and her entire family. It will take all Makenna’s new-found skills along with the assistance of her Fairy mentors Bree, Dee and Marigold, best friend Stephen and her sidekick Fluffy the wisecracking earthworm, to defeat the machinations of the malevolent, multi-billionaire Malvado Seaton. All this while Makenna and her family are on an international field trip with her classmates in China! And who is her mysterious new trainer Tai-Pan?

Shattered: The Awakening

Shattered: The Awakening by Birdy Rivers

Emmy's world is shattered on her seventeenth birthday. Everything she thought she knew was wrong. Emmy is thrown into the magic world, and at every turn, new secrets are revealed. Can she handle the truth? Can her old life and new life coincide together or will she have to choose? Will she remain shattered, or will she find a way to put herself back together again?

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