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Hidden Realm (Legends of Lightning Book 1)

Hidden Realm (Legends of Lightning Book 1) by T.R. Slauf

“The next Realm Walker will bring with them a storm. Lightning must fight the Crimson Shadow, or the lands will be cast into eternal darkness.” When she was a child, Esther was plagued with vivid nightmares. Now they have returned to haunt her. Bloodthirsty monsters chase her through a forest of dead trees while a mysterious hooded figure stalks her. After waking with fresh wounds from her dreams, Esther searches for the truth about who she is and the Hidden Realm she is destined to save. Join Esther on her journey of self-discovery as she travels into a world long forgotten. Unsure if she can trust her hooded guide, she is hunted by unknown enemies and smothered by expectations of grandeur. Deciphering friend from foe she travels the lands, trying to unite kingdoms torn by pride.

Redemption (Legends of Lightning Book 2)

Redemption (Legends of Lightning Book 2) by T.R. Slauf

“Blood seems to be the only thing flowing in this Realm. The day I found out the truth of who I was, was the day I died.” “Sometimes you must die so you can be re-born.” Esther escaped the horrors of Castle Rose, but at a cost. Believing her lost guide is still alive deep in the bowels of Adam’s dungeons, she aims to save him, but the other Huntsman are not so sure he’s alive… Desperate to rescue Oisin, Esther makes tempestuous allegiances with dangerous foes. Walking a fine line between enemies and allies, life and death, she rages war against the monsters of the Hidden Realm. Esther’s journey continues in this heart wrenching sequel as she navigates the politics and grudges of ageless Queens. By night, she’s haunted by what she’s seen fighting in a war that was never hers. What she’s done to survive in the Hidden Realm will haunt her forever and she’s terrified of losing herself in the darkness without a star to guide her. Will Esther be able to save Oisin and the lands before the shadows of her mind overtake her spirit?

Savior on the zenith: Fragmented Fates Duology, part 2

Savior on the zenith: Fragmented Fates Duology, part 2 by Nancy Foster

The doubtful. The jaded. The heir. The dauntless. Jarahad questions the mistakes he made during his life. Nobody ever forced him to become initiated in the combative harlequin arts, which only worsens his guilt. The only person that understands his true feelings is acting recklessly for reasons he doesn't quite understand yet. When disaster befalls Almjarhad, Jarahad will be forced to make the most difficult decision of his life. Talgel's fate has become sealed in stone, and there is no turning back. The chess board she carefully assembled over the years has been prepared, and the pawns waiting in their positions for the true hero of this story to perform the first move. With no options left, Talgel hopes she can reveal the prediction that can save Almjarhad before all hopes are lost. Tioja forges an unbreakable bond with the one person who can both save Almjarhad and ruin him. After running away from Almjarhad and fearing for his vanishing sanity, Tioja seeks refuge in the new harlequin enclave of Murdorhiolan alongside his mother, her new husband... and his half-brother named Gulraj. While Tioja gets used to his new life, an innocent remark ignites a butterfly effect that will trigger devastating consequences. Jamarnid suspects something is amiss when a human mage moves into Almjarhad and becomes infatuated with his son Jarahad. Just as he feared, the mage becomes an unstoppable threat that warrants a drastic solution. After being ridiculed by his peers, Jamarnid must set aside his pride and convince everyone the mage threatens the city's safety before it's too late. The demon who has bonded to Talgel's soul stares at the chessboard it helped assemble with reverie and is eager to share its power with the one person that can save the city... for a hefty price.

The Path of Pain and Ruin

The Path of Pain and Ruin by Joel Glover

In the wastes beyond the Last City, all is quiet. Everyone has heard of the Hundred Blessed. Of the Final War between the Empire of Blue and Green and the Empire of Red and Ivory. Of what they did. But the war is never over. You can’t outrun your past. And you can’t hide from what you’ve done, no matter how hard you might try. All you can do is walk the Path the God has set out for you. And try to shut out the screams, and the sound of bones breaking beneath your feet.

The Veil of Death (The Azetha Series Book 2)

The Veil of Death (The Azetha Series Book 2) by Robin Glassey

Tika reaches the place of her birth, hoping to find a home, a family, and a safe haven. But Mortan has other plans for the girl with incredible healing powers. And what is worse than an evil sorcerer who wants you dead? An evil sorcerer who wants you alive. Tika is forced to leave Xanti and find a way to protect herself against Mortan, for even though she denies being Azetha, she can't deny the danger she faces. Only The Veil of Death will provide her with some measure of protection against Mortan and his assassins. But how many more souls will Death claim this time as she travels to The Tower of Sorrows?

The Least of Elves: A Land of Fathara Novella

The Least of Elves: A Land of Fathara Novella by Robin Glassey

Toran looked upon the other Elves in Xanti with wonder. They all had at least one Gift, they all had a trade, and they all knew their path in life. Why did he have to be so different? Toran's only claim to fame had been the attention the queen had given him on his Naming Day. She had called him a harbinger … but of what? And now that he was entrusted with a delivery to the Human village of Kipra, he hoped great things finally lay in store - but feared his history of mistakes might spell disaster.

Things Magical Under The Moon: A Grim Anthology

Things Magical Under The Moon: A Grim Anthology by Alexis L Carroll and Amanda Stockton

To those who wander the woods alone, be wary of Things Magical Under the Moon. For the trees and crows conspire while vengeance is sought by werewolves and vampires. Fairies and spirits linger just out of sight while the witches convene in the dead of night. Magic and malice take flight, while a dragon hungers for your life. So, dear reader, take to heart this warning: Mind the path and you’ll make it to morning. Featuring fairytale mashups of: Cinderella Red Riding Hood The Fox and The Wolf Rumpelstiltskin The Tailor The Fairy Tree of Dooros The Juniper Tree The Crows Fowler's Fowl Wizard of Oz The Crucible

The Blood King

The Blood King by Keith Ward

He's 278 years old. And just getting started. Lord Fathim, ruler of Walkland, has used the magic of Proxies to live a long time. But he wants more -- more life, more power, more slaves. He’s ruled his country for centuries, and his plot to take over the rest of the world is ripening. He has one small problem, though: he's going insane. The Proxy system which has lengthened his life is also breaking his mind. There is a cure. He knows one person -- Mavel, a powerful and famous Span Seer -- who can help restore his sanity. Her dark magic can do that. When his mind is restored, he can put his plan in motion. Mavel knows it, too. She also knows something Lord Fathim doesn’t -- a secret that could end his reign forever. But only if she can find the courage to risk it all. You see, she has failures in her past. Innocents once died while Mavel hid, and her cowardice gnaws at her like an animal digging into a fresh kill. This ancient Span Seer holds the key to Lord Fathim's future, and thus the future of all. Will her own fears block her? Can she stop the Blood King's reign of death?

Hollow Eyes

Hollow Eyes by A.J. Francis

The city had been empty for decades; empty of the living, that is. It had been forsaken for almost as long as Estin had been dead. Horrors lurked in the shadows of the ruins around him, waiting for the rains to end for their chance to stalk the streets once more. It was the last place he expected to find a little girl, lost and alone. And he was so hungry...

The Elf-Witch of Bazzleboo (Running with the Elves Book 2)

The Elf-Witch of Bazzleboo (Running with the Elves Book 2) by Charles G. Stuart

This sequel to "Running With The Elves" takes the reader to darker and deeper places than its predecessor as four of the original characters return for an encore and travel to the coastal town of Bazzleboo. What awaits them there questions their own sense of reality and even their sanity as they fight to unravel a mysterious dark force that holds the local residents in its evil grip. This thought provoking book delves into a thicket of subjects such as religion, philosophy and addiction which the reader must untangle and resolve to his or her own satisfaction. Definitely not a book for young children or the weak minded.

Azetha Rising (The Azetha Series Book 4)

Azetha Rising (The Azetha Series Book 4) by Robin Glassey

WHEN TIKA FOUND OUT KING MARIC AND QUEEN ISLEEN WEREN'T HER PARENTS, LIFE AS THE FORMER PRINCESS KNEW IT CHANGED FOREVER. Accused of trying to kill the king, Tika became a fugitive, dodging Mortan's assassins and the sorcerer’s evil Sha'andari. She journeyed to the deadly Swamp of Tears to obtain the Veil of Death from a mysterious warrior Elf who became her protector and teacher. She was captured and collared by the cunning Prince Perdon and added to his Elemental "collection." And she was forced to battle her beloved sand tiger Herra in Sicor's Arena. In the thrilling conclusion of the epic YA fantasy series The Azetha Series, Tika must complete her journey to the Mercy Mines to rescue King Maric and honor her promise to return Death his stolen cup. But Mortan has other plans for this healer on the run. Tika faces the ultimate betrayal, winding up in one of Mortan’s frozen cells, tortured and stripped of her powers. Is the Human Elven Elemental hybrid really the long-awaited Azetha, or just another one of Queen Lindra's pawns in the Elf's manipulations to defeat Mortan?

99 Days

99 Days by Keith Ward

They stole everything he had. Big mistake. Kertram is a contented man with a simple life. He likes the dangerous, but rewarding work of shepherding baby dragons. He loves his wife. The day his children are born make him happier than he ever thought he could be. That life is destroyed when his village is attacked in a raid between warring regions. His wife is murdered. His babies kidnapped. Kertram's first thought is suicide, and he nearly gives in. But he learns his newborns will be ritually sacrificed on the 99th day of their lives to satisfy the hideous appetites of others -- unless he can get there first. Thus begins a desperate journey that will end a continent away, and a revelation that will shake the world. Kertram is not alone on his quest. Those who risk their lives to help him include a Span Seer -- a powerful witch who questions the morality of her calling; an ex-soldier with a fatal secret; and a guide whose mind is so warped he can’t remember his own name day to day. His mission to save his children may cost Kertram his life. He’s imprisoned, stabbed and viciously betrayed along the way. The pressure builds as he presses on, knowing that each sunrise brings his newborns closer to death. Day 99 is coming. The countdown to death -- or life -- has begun.

Faded Moon

Faded Moon by T. L. Morgan

Saros Antarian has been slowly dying since the day he restored his lover’s life. Necromancy is a curse universally feared, and its ostracized users are considered less than human. After seven years of isolation and fighting for his steadily-draining life, Saros finally tracks down his one chance to survive: Jovian’s Tomb, the resting place of the first necromancer. According to myth, the tomb – a lake that only appears under the new moon, and always in a different spot – is the source of necromantic power. And if it can give power, Saros hopes it can also take power away. When a cult bent on purging necromantic power from the world makes an attempt on Saros’s life, and Saros learns that his ex-lover is their leader, he realizes that there’s much more than his own life at stake. The cult intends to destroy Jovian’s Tomb with the help of a resurrected god, and if Saros doesn’t get to the lake first, the cult’s reckless actions will tip the balance of life and death. But every power has its temptations, and as the only one able to offset the cult’s plans, Saros is left with a choice: sacrifice his power, stay out of the cult’s way, and return to the society that rejected him; or strengthen his power, fight back, and let the world fear him.

Hunters of Life and All that Matters

Hunters of Life and All that Matters by Matthew Thompson

A Domino Galaxy Stand-Alone. In a galaxy three billion light years from Earth, creationism on the planet Coalesce comes naturally as nature itself. Millions of DNA-carrying organisms erupt from beneath her surface, forming giant sapphire swarms which snake across the sky; their mission: to coalesce and cocoon a new breed of life in order to claim back the world, or so the theory has come to pass. Mackenzie Scott is a freelance CSC hunter (Coalesced Specimen Control). Haunted by his father’s death, troubled by his illegal substance abuse, he is amongst the last bastion of freelancers. Government-funded CSC United dominate the skies now, forecast to take full responsibility of controlling the Coalesced Specimen within the next decade. But Mackenzie fights to keep the freelancing tradition alive, and for what matters in life: to locate his father’s killer; to overcome his drug addiction; and to become something more than a friend to his childhood sweetheart Lucia.

Ablaze in Mirth

Ablaze in Mirth by Matthew Thompson

“The humans cheered and booed and bet on us blood suckers. And they enjoyed it too, watching us burn every year in the Nile Valley during the summer solstice, the sun beating down on us, incinerating us like bugs beneath a magnifying glass.” Once a year, the Ablaze Games attracts thousands of spectators from around the world for a two-week tournament, wherein the winner attains his or her freedom. Matias De Laurentiis is a contender, risking his life to gain a better one. And it’s not only in the arenas he must strive to survive; the underground Ablaze Complex leaves its competitors to circulate amongst themselves, including assassins. All of which is televised for the human populace, the current rulers of the world. Seven arenas separate Matias from becoming a victor. It will mean keeping out of the deathlight, and to kill his fellow kind. But he’s hungrier than ever, and willing to do whatever it takes to remove the shackles from himself and his loved ones.

Empire of Ash and Blood

Empire of Ash and Blood by Matthew Thompson

Matias De Laurentiis, Ablaze champion 2019, learns his loved ones perished at the hands of the Cult of Ra, a renegade faction out to eradicate bloodmans. But before seeking those responsible, he must escape the Ablaze Haven—the first to do so. Meanwhile, Luna Adjani’s entrapment of human dominance pushes her tolerance to new limits. With inner strength, aided by her faith, she embarks on her purpose. But to see it, first she must survive the tournament of Ablaze—claimed the greatest show on earth. Their lives are destined for change in the Pretorius Empire of 2043, Egypt. They are not alone; a Bloodman Rights inspector breaks protocol to aid the insurgent uprising; and an empress consort, after over twenty years in her role, debates whether to risk abandoning the emperor and his empire.

Twin Spirit

Twin Spirit by Matthew Thompson

A Domino Galaxy Stand-Alone. Lily is a primitive spirit trapped on Earth, and has been from the day she was born, nine years ago and counting. She can’t smell, taste, touch or be heard. Lily wants to experience such sensations. But most of all, she wants her human sister – dead. Rose discovers her twin sibling in a forest, and she and Lily are transported to the afterlife, three billion light years away, within a galaxy called Domino. On the planet Kiian, the twins go in search of their mother, the key to transforming Lily into a fully formed spirit. However, humans and primitives are not welcome. Fearless creatures called the Govern seek to banish the twins from the afterlife and, in turn, from each other.

The Sunless Shore

The Sunless Shore by Toby Bennett

The Sunless Shore is the second book in the Inner Sea Cycle, years have passed since the Fall of Negra but a new threat is stirring. The veil between the living and the dead is torn and the fragile peace of the Inner Sea is swallowed up by a war that can have only one outcome.

The Endless Ocean

The Endless Ocean by Toby Bennett

All oceans are one ocean, water without end and at the heart of it all a secret slumbers, gnawing and waiting, for no secret remains hidden forever. Can two orphans who have never heard of realms beyond their own prevent the destruction that threatens every shore? Only time will tell.

Where Kids Are Monsters

Where Kids Are Monsters by Natalie Kelda

Erica’s world has been turned upside down one too many times in the past week. The last thing she needed was for a talking parrot to dump her, alone, on a crocodile-infested beach on Quarantine Thirteen. She needs to get off the planet, but if she’s not careful, the kids of Quarantine Thirteen might give her the pox and then she can never go home.

The Day They Came

The Day They Came by Natalie Kelda

Officer Kenny is counting down the hours for his shift to end when two strangers arrive unexpectedly. Despite Kenny’s urge for caution towards these newcomers, his superior is more concerned with bribes lining her pockets than potential threats to the people of Amule. This short story is set between book 1 and 2 of the Inner Universe series. It can be read as a standalone or a companion to the River in the Galaxy duology.

The Boy Who Had Nobody

The Boy Who Had Nobody by Natalie Kelda

Drowing a traumatic past in hard liquor, Adrien has no friends except the ghosts of his memories. But then the captain he works for takes on a new foster son. This story is set 18 years before the events of River in the Galaxy: Inner Universe: Book 1. It can be read as a standalone or a companion to the River in the Galaxy duology.

Quarantine Thirteen

Quarantine Thirteen by Natalie Kelda

Since her fight against the last Star-Eater, Tara Polendi's energy-vision has become unreliable — a truth she is too humiliated to share. When Tara unwittingly directs Lucia into the heart of a portal storm, the ship and her crew portal back to the last place they want to go: Outer Universe. Now, they can’t take off from their crash-site, and Tara's unstable vision becomes the least of her worries. There is someone – or something – else on the island. And if Tara doesn’t get control quickly, it might cost the lives of everyone she holds dear. Quarantine Thirteen can be read as a standalone or in connection with the River in the Galaxy Duology.

Outer Universe

Outer Universe by Natalie Kelda

With immense losses, Merlon and his crew have escaped the cannibals of Ivory, but now they are stuck in the wrong universe with no idea which way home lies. There is no time for grieving when it's discovered Lucia's rough flight through the enormous asteroid field has resulted in most of their precious water storage spilling. It's evident Merlon isn't done fighting against his former addiction, but in Outer Universe he finds help from unexpected corners and makes surprising discoveries. Struggling to find a way back to Inner Universe before more of his crew are added to the death toll, new information about Lady Galantria's heritage reveal a threat that hadn't even entered Merlon's worst nightmares. Will he succeed in returning to Amule, or will they be stuck in Outer Universe forever? Outer Universe is the continuation and conclusion of Merlon's story in the Inner Universe series.


Defiant by Michael R. Miller

The great powers are stirring, and Holt and Ash are ready to return to the fight. A summons from the Life Elder sets them on a perilous mission, leading to steaming jungles and blistering islands where ancient secrets will challenge everything they know of magic and dragons. Talia, the Red Queen, is beset on all sides by pirate raiders and marauding mercenaries. Empress Skadi has abandoned her, battling uprisings in her own lands. As the noose tightens on Feorlen, Talia faces a difficult choice: let her people suffer or turn her powers against moral foes? Osric Agravain has found hope with his newly bonded black dragon, but some wounds run deeper than flesh and bone. Along the Fallow Frontier, he seeks the inner peace that has long eluded him. And within the sanctum at Falcaer, Paragon Adaskar is struggling to unite the fracturing riders. If he fails, ruinous chaos will break across the world. For when Elders and Paragons quarrel, kingdoms fall.

Part-Time Monster Hunter

Part-Time Monster Hunter by Nicholas Woode-Smith

I was orphaned and left for dead… Until a ghost found me and taught me to slay monsters. My name is Kat Drummond. Part-Time Monster Hunter. After watching a necromancer dissect my parents, I swore vengeance against the undead and the maniacs who bring them into the world. But hunting monsters isn’t easy. Especially in Hope City. Lucky for me, I’ve got a ghost from another world here to train me. He’s got a bone to pick with the undead just as much as I do. Together, we’ll become the greatest monster hunters Hope City has ever seen. There’s a new necromancer on the block, and an army of undead monstrosities at his command. This could be my shot at entering the big leagues. Or wind up a walking corpse.

The Fealty of Monsters Volume 1

The Fealty of Monsters Volume 1 by Ladz

Chipped Cup

Illustrated by Soren Häxan Winter 1917. After years on the run from a dangerous cult, Sasza Czarnolaski and his father have found themselves among the Odonic Empire’s ruling class. One problem: vampires aren’t supposed to get involved in human governance. What the aristocracy doesn’t know, cannot hurt them. But aristocratic rumors blame the vampires for a summertime massacre months unsolved. Sasza suspects that same cult has finally shown up on his doorstep. It’s already in his bedchambers. Though his pro-proletariat lover, Finance Minister Ilya Górniak, has always been against putting working class lives at risk, he cannot say the same for his other comrades. Despite all rational arguments against it, the Emperor declares war upon the vampire states as vengeance. Ilya does not protest, and Sasza finds himself alone in a den of political wolves. Diplomacy has failed and insurrection comes from an unlikely source—the emperor’s own progeny, Świetlana. She invites Sasza into a bloody plan which will save his station and the lives of thousands at the cost of those he swore to serve. He will do anything to preserve his peace—even if it means giving into the monstrosity he spent so many years concealing from even himself.

The Throne of Eleven

The Throne of Eleven by Novae Caelum

Chipped Cup

Raen was an emperor of peace. Now he serves an emperor of war. A month ago, Raen was the ruler of a desert empire who’d ushered in an era of peace. But emperors only serve for five years under the watch of the mysterious Remnants of Eleven, and then they disappear. Now, cut off from his family and everyone he knows, with his name and face changed, Raen is a servant to the new emperor—an emperor bent on tearing down the peace Raen worked so hard to forge. The Throne of Eleven is a standalone novelette set in a fully queer-inclusive world! Available now in ebook and digitally narrated audiobook.

You Fed Us To the Roses: Short Stories

You Fed Us To the Roses: Short Stories by Carlie St. George

Chipped Cup

Final girls who take care of each other. Dead boys still breathing. Ghosts who whisper secrets you can never share. Angels beyond the grave, yet not of heaven. Wolves who wear human skins. Featuring ten contemporary dark fantasy and horror stories, You Fed Us To the Roses is a visceral, triumphant collection by Carlie St. George that you won’t want to miss. Stop by for the murder…and stick around for the feels. Cover art: Evangeline Gallagher ISBN: 978-1-949936-47-6 (ebook) | ISBN: 978-1-949936-48-3 (paperback)

Isaree of the Wild Isles

Isaree of the Wild Isles by Noor Al-Shanti

Sandwiched between the mighty High Kingdoms and the great Land of Sunsets, the Upland villages did not have much claim to greatness or power. Many of these villages did not even have names. When an army of Sorcerers from the High Kingdoms was mobilized to invade the Land of Sunsets it was these small villages, stuck in the middle, that bore the brunt of that army’s march. In one of these villages Isaree has just discovered her own magical power, but even dreaming of what this could mean for her is made impossible by the presence of the sorcerous armies. When they hear that the Sorcerers have begun to forcibly take anyone with power, the village elders decide that those most likely to be taken must flee. In the blink of an eye, Isaree finds herself at the head of a group of runaways, responsible for leading them to safety, with nothing to rely on except her knowledge of the nearby woods and caves and the food that their families have lovingly packed for them. Isaree and her friends must stick together and survive in a world much bigger than any of them could have imagined. A world full of wars and empires, sorcery and power, and – tucked away in forgotten corners – impossible creatures of legend. In this vast, frightening world, Isaree must learn not just how to survive, but who she wants to be.

The Den of Stone

The Den of Stone by Roger Sandri

Courtney Mays discovers the reason when she comes face to face with a living gargoyle. Her daily life selling appliances is thrown on its head as she learns to live by the sword in a shadow war against monsters. Edthgar, the ancient gargoyle leader, has plotted for centuries, and as Courtney’s abilities grow, so does the threat to his plans. Those she cares about become targets, and she must fight to protect them. Even if it means battling into the heart of their den of stone…

They Dreamed of Dead Ships

They Dreamed of Dead Ships by Byron M. Kain

Chipped Cup

It’s the dream that kills you… Gabe has it good: a steady job, a nice house, a girlfriend he wants to spend his life with, and a well-planned future. (Sometimes he even gets a solid eight hours of sleep.) Until one day, when he finds a weird silver tile embossed with a ship while on a morning jog. And then the world goes mad. People are dying by the millions from the silver tiles that spawn in bodies of water. Everyone dreams of a dead ship that is rising from uncharted depths. Gabe and Jennie flee inland, desperately trying to find a way to keep each other safe. But where do you run when the threat is in your dreams?

Hero's Choice

Hero's Choice by Merc Fenn Wolfmoor

Chipped Cup

Never get between a Dark Lord and his son. * * * Lord Mrakota adopts the boy who is prophesied to kill him and raises Hero as his own son. Despite the meddling of rangers, wizards, and Old Mentors, Mrakota protects and guides Hero to follow in his path as a Dark Lord. However, as Hero’s fifteenth birthday approaches and everything conspires to lead him to a final confrontation with Mrakota, Hero doesn’t know if he has a choice at all. Is he doomed to fulfill his destiny and kill his own father? * * * Hero’s Choice is a (sometimes darkly) humorous fantasy 15,000-word novelette parodying classic tropes of the genre while retaining lots of heart—because in the end, the family and friends we choose are always more important than fate.

The Wolf Among The Wild Hunt

The Wolf Among The Wild Hunt by Merc Fenn Wolfmoor

Chipped Cup

A disgraced knight must survive a night among the most deadly hunt ever known. With cover artwork by Asmo Grimae and six b&w interior illustrations by Andrew Garin Skythulf wants to live. Raised in the fight pits, trained to kill or be killed, he yearns for freedom that’s out of reach. He’s a scythewulf: a wolf-shifter considered neither fully man nor beast, his life worth nothing to his keepers…until Brennus, knight-champion of Saorlland, rescues him from certain death and offers him a new life. When he mistakenly kills a corrupted nun, Skythulf has one chance to redeem himself and restore his honor. He must run with the Wild Hunt: an age-old trial of blood and courage, where every step hides peril and carnage. If he survives, he will be pardoned. If he fails, Brennus will die brutally at his side. Few have ever returned from the fae-haunted land, where horrors unnamed dwell beside the enchanted and the damned. There is no rest, no relent, and no mercy. In the Wild Hunt, you run or you die.

The Coven of Ruin

The Coven of Ruin by T. K. Tucker

The merciless God of War, a healer witch, and that meddlesome thing known as Fate. Trista was a healer. But that was before. Before she was dragged to Olympus for a crime she didn’t commit. Before she almost died. And before she made a life debt to the god who saved her. The very god who killed the Mothers and damned all of witchkind centuries before—Ares, the God of War. The Witchbane. Now she can’t stand the sight of blood, and her simple, duty-filled life is upended. When she receives an invite to the capital of Witch Country to attend the social season, though, she is hopeful the time away will help her heal. What she doesn’t expect to find there is something much more sinister than political games and poorly disguised attempts at matchmaking. Between masquerades and tournaments, Trista is pulled farther into the dark and bloody history between witches and gods. And amidst it all is Ares. Since Trista is the only witch in existence who knows who he is, Ares keeps her close. So close that the lines between enemies and allies begin to blur and she doesn’t know who or what to trust. But before she can figure that out, an ill-fated choice and an ancient prophecy may lead them both down a path they can’t survive. The Coven of Ruin series is a Greco-Roman myth-inspired, slow burn, adult romantic fantasy set in a different world.

Ember and Eclipse

Ember and Eclipse by T. K. Tucker

There’s a bounty on her head. After committing a brutal crime against Romul’s prince, Rel fled the mortal-dominated north to Witch Country. She wasn’t welcomed in the covens, though, so she found a sanctuary in an empty swamp instead. And that’s where she’s been hiding ever since. Until the Wolf of Romul, the deadliest witch hunter, somehow finds her after two years. Even as she fights with knives and teeth to get away, the witch hunter continues to hunt her and ruins any of her escape plans. As they journey further from her swamp, they’re forced into situations that reveal more of their truths, and it soon becomes apparent both are more than what they seem. Lines are blurred, morals questioned, and touches stolen until the hunter becomes just as trapped in his snare as she is. And neither of them may survive it. Ember and Eclipse is a steamy, enemies to lovers, witch X witch hunter, adult fantasy romance. As a Coven of Ruin series standalone, it can be read before or after book 1, The Coven of Ruin.

Over the Dragon’s Gate

Over the Dragon’s Gate by Juliana Jones & Riley Sanderson

Treya has everything he needs in his pond: food, shelter, and other fish to swim with. It’s painful to wonder if he had another life once, so he ignores the fragments of disturbing dreams that plague him. But when a boy falls into his pond, Treya discovers he’s more than a fish. He can also become a boy, and now he has a friend: the irrepressible Eli. During secret meetings in the garden surrounding the pond, Treya and Eli forge a bond that even dark magic can’t break. But when Eli starts asking questions about who and what Treya is, the two of them discover that questions are dangerous, answers have a cost, and their fates depend on unraveling the mystery of Treya’s past.

Paragon Exordium

Paragon Exordium by Mikel Melwasul

aragon Exordium is an easy-to-read character-driven fantasy novel that combines classic magical elements with a modern-day setting full of non-stop action, world-building, and high stakes. -In Paragon, Georgia, the battle for survival has begun.  After the Shattering, everything changes. When technology falters, the remnants of humanity must unite against an onslaught of creatures beyond their wildest imaginings. Basilisk, orcs, elves, dwarves, and other terrifying creatures now populate the planet.   With the creatures causing havoc, strangers are forced to join forces. Private military officer Peter Blair grapples with enigmatic dreams brought on by a black sword, and his inability to save everyone. While journalism student Sarah Young discovers newfound magical powers and the responsibility they bring. With refugees flooding in and danger on the rise, Peter and Sarah must embrace their new reality or risk surrendering Earth to the Fae - losing everything they hold dear.   Fans of The Walking Dead and Lord of the Rings will be enticed by this genre-bending epic that rings with themes of survival, sacrifice, and self-discovery. 

Caste of the Mountain

Caste of the Mountain by Nicolin Odel

Young Hata Vasara is in the midst of discovering her first love as all hell breaks loose. Her father, Baal Vasara, a Foreman miner in the mountain city of Oitilla, discovered something deep within the earth—an ominous archway of steaming red light. Finding such an unnatural creation in such a place, Baal chooses to cover it up. Unfortunately, his right-hand man, Alvar Kovaa, has other ideas. We find the Vasara family, Baal, Brena, and Hata, in turmoil as the village chieftain accuses the family of lies and notions of thievery. The family is forced to fight for their place in Oitilla or be exiled as treachery follows in their wake.

Stone of Shadows

Stone of Shadows by Camilla Vavruch

In the slums of Gereon, sixteen-year-old Will struggles to survive and keep food on the table for his siblings. Working each day in the fields, he endures regular torment from privileged bully Tristan Arrington. But when a dragon snatches Will, he discovers a stone that grants him the power of invisibility. Returning to the city, Will uses his new ability and stumbles across a much darker truth about Tristan and his powerful father. Suddenly, the world is no longer black and white. There are people who are much more dangerous than Will ever thought. As a tentative friendship forms amidst a web of secrets, one boy’s life hangs in the balance—and just how much of himself is Will willing to risk?


Birthrights by David A Trotter

The old gods are dead. The new ones are silver and steam. A lone warrior must rediscover their identity, all while coping with copious amounts change. Gone from the hills and wilds of the north, Darius must acclimate to city life. He must learn to trust in a city filled with deceit, all while trying to discern the true meaning behind these strange dreams that take him far into other realms.


Stormfire by Jasmine Young

In the final hour, the broken and weak will show themselves the mightiest of all. The Air Sages were once greater than even the dragons of old. Now that they have perished, war and terrors blight the land. A mountain boy, branded a cripple by his own people, dreams only of escaping his servitude on the chilly alps. But when royal soldiers arrive and execute his brother for treason, Jamian Pappas is thrust headlong into a destiny beyond what he could ever imagine… The crown has discovered he is a Sage, the last of his kind. Jaime must enter a deadly race to master the forgotten art of the elements if he is to bring restoration to his ravaged realm. But his true enemies are not who they seem. For the cruelest beings of the Old World lurk in the night, manipulating, plotting, and hungering for the last free Sageflesh... To rise into his destiny, and challenge the unseen, will mean accelerating an inevitable prophecy that will bring the 3,000 year old Empire of Sages to an end. Enter the sweeping Third Age, where the old races of demons, mages, and dread-gods will sunder the Age of Sages, a world order that has reigned supreme for three thousand years - and where hope may ultimately rest on the most broken and weak of all.

imPerfect Gods

imPerfect Gods by C.N. Rowan

And so it comes to this. A showdown. An ending. But if we fail - if I end - then reality might follow along behind me. We've been through so much. Torture. Murder. Trap after trap mainly sprung by me blundering head first into them and one of my friends saving my stupid behind. But there's no room for mistakes now. We've got an inkling of what the scumbag we're up against is after. Enough to know what his next target is. Enough to know it's probably his last one. Enough to know it's everything he needs to complete his nefarious plans. If we don't get there first, he wins. Simple. And I'm not sure ... but my gut says if that happens, every living thing in the universe loses. No pressure, right? imPerfect Gods is the sixth book in The imPerfect Cathar series, and completes the first story arc. It is a darkly funny supernatural suspense mystery, containing dark humour and graphic violence.

imPerfect Hunt

imPerfect Hunt by C.N. Rowan

At last a warm trail, through blood and bones and long dead kings. The hunt is on… We’re back in Toulouse, and for once we have the upper hand. Our foe has no idea I’ve escaped from his trap in Fairie and we’ve got an actual lead. The famous discovery of a certain hunchbacked English king’s remains gives us a tantalizing clue, and now we’re hot on our enemy’s heels with him none the wiser. Except nothing ever runs that smoothly. Hob kings, goth vampires and back-stabbing double-crosses are all lying in wait. And that’s just for starters. To make it back to France we’re going to need serious magic, might and high-level brainpower. Two out of three’s not bad, right? Because if we don’t manage it, the hunter might just become the hunted. imPerfect Hunt is a darkly funny supernatural suspense mystery that spans the south of France, England and Paris. Contains dark humour and graphic violence. WINNER - BEST SERIES 2023 - SUPERNATURAL THRILLER CATEGORY - AUDIOBOOK REVIEWER AWARDS

imPerfect Bones

imPerfect Bones by C.N. Rowan

The good news? There’s a way out of Faerie. The bad news? It’s through the heart of the Unseelie Court of Winter. And that’s not all. Maeve, Winter’s ruler, has been stealing human kids for her own twisted delights. Not only do we have to find a way to sneak into her lands, but also we’ve got to break in, rescue the stolen children and get them out again without her knowing. Or ... we go to war with the entire nightmarish Unseelie Court. I’m not so much running on empty as trying to push myself forward with the handbrake on. The odds of survival seem minimal. But who wants to live forever? 800 years is good innings by anyone's standards. I can't leave the kids behind to suffer her sadistic indulgences. We’ve got to get them out - or die trying. imPerfect Bones is the fourth book in ‘The imPerfect Cathar’ series, a darkly funny supernatural suspense mystery spanning Fairie and the south of France. Contains strong language and graphic violence. WINNER - BEST SERIES 2023 - SUPERNATURAL THRILLER CATEGORY - AUDIOBOOK REVIEWER AWARDS

imPerfect Fae

imPerfect Fae by C.N. Rowan

Body-jacking a legendary assassin when I’m running on empty. No problem, right? After the last few misadventures, I’m not so much broken as ruined, a shell of my former self. But I can’t stop. The trail of those who betrayed me is getting cold, and if I’m going to get any answers, I need to follow it, and now. Except it leads to Faerie. And the way is barred to all but the Fae. So I’m forced to go toe-to-toe with a mercenary assassin whose name has been spoken in terrified whispers throughout the ages. One who got the drop on me the only time our paths crossed. The Jack of Plate. Half-Marred Jack himself. A man who may be more than a monster. Survival isn’t just unsure. It’s highly unlikely. imPerfect Fae is the third book in The imPerfect Cathar series, a darkly funny supernatural suspense mystery following a trio of immortal heretics in the south of France. Contains strong language and violence. WINNER - BEST SERIES 2023 - SUPERNATURAL THRILLER CATEGORY - AUDIOBOOK REVIEWER AWARDS

imPerfect Curse

imPerfect Curse by C.N. Rowan

The problem with ancient promises? There's always a price to pay. I’m exhausted. Done in. Needing a stiff drink and about a week’s sleep. But that’s not going to happen. Because Franc is dying, struck by a curse placed on him by the Sistren Of Bordeaux, one of the most powerful groups of Talented in France. And because of our deal, it’s on me to find out what the hell is going on, and how Franc has offended the Sistren. Apart from by simply existing, of course. Except a simple trip to Bordeaux turns into a living nightmare as the past comes back to not just haunt me but to kick me square in the nuts, and I'm sent to the one place no Talented ever wants to go. Where those with magic either vanish or get ruined, left as nothing but empty husks. This time, it might not be the world at risk. It might be my very soul. imPerfect Curse is the second book in The imPerfect Cathar series, a darkly funny supernatural suspense mystery following a trio of immortal heretics in the south-west of France. Contains strong language and violence. WINNER - BEST SERIES 2023 - SUPERNATURAL THRILLER CATEGORY - AUDIOBOOK REVIEWER AWARDS



Elora's past lies hidden in a web of lies and half-truths, raised by her uncle where her true identity was kept secret to keep her safe. But when she defies the rules and sings a forbidden song, she unknowingly sets a chain of events that will merge a fantasy world with our own, unleashing dark demons and beasts that are hellbent on destruction. As the stakes grow higher and the danger more intense, Elora struggles to stay true to the mission while navigating the treacherous terrain of a world on the brink of destruction. Her life hangs in the balance, and every decision could mean the difference between salvation and annihilation. As the only one who can stop the impending chaos, Elora must face her darkest fears, yet the most dangerous demon of all might be herself.

Rilari: Book Four of New Blood

Rilari: Book Four of New Blood by W.D. Kilpack III

November 2023 Editor's Choice, The future of Mankind relies on the Guardian of Maarihk. Can he and the Knights of Ril resist forces bent on destroying Mankind's last hope? In the absence of the Guardian of Maarihk, the Usurper’s venom has extended beyond the Gulf of Braag, seeding unrest and hatred for all things Maarihkish. Natharr and the Knights of Ril must overcome malice and the ramifications of Ellis the Elder’s boundless past that even Sight cannot reveal. The Rilari stand alone in a world in turmoil as they discover the tremendous reach of the Usurper’s vizier. Even the endowments of the Daemons of Order are unable to withstand the ravages of fighting to survive on Rilari loyalties. Meanwhile, Nathan and his summoned companion must rely on the teachings of both Natharr and Quiet One to carve out their place in the Maarihk Empire. Skill with a sword is only the beginning of their treacherous path, as fraught with peril as Darshelle’s as she flees the animus of the ancient wood. "Rilari is a triumph, offering an enthralling adventure filled with courage and the enduring spirit of humanity." — "If you are tired of reading the same old books that are lackluster and forgettable, then take a chance with Rilari. I promise you that you will not be disappointed!" —

Demon Seed: Book Three of New Blood

Demon Seed: Book Three of New Blood by W.D. Kilpack III

2023 International Firebird Book Award • April 2022 Editor's Choice, The future of Mankind relies on the Guardian of Maarihk. Can an ancient force, lost aeons past, overcome fate? Despite growing power of the forces of chaos, there is a glimmer of hope as Natharr realizes that there are also forces of order in play. It is made plain when he and his comrades escape the faceless realm and Natharr’s Sight is released. It reveals just how strongly the world needs the Guardian of Maarihk and the return of the legendary Knights of Ril to the land where Mankind was created. Racing for home unwittingly leads to unearthing an ancient force created by the Olde Gods, believed lost aeons past. Meanwhile, Darshelle and the crown prince struggle to make the most of their lives without Natharr’s protection. Forced to make their own way, the fruit of Quiet One’s efforts comes fully to bear, as Nathan and his summoned companion reawaken the animus of the ancient wood. The ramifications are horrible and far-reaching, changing their world forever. Demon Seed is "thrilling and fast-paced ... [a] brilliant tale where the stakes are as high as ever ... full of twists that will keep you on edge from beginning to end! Demon Seed is an incredibly suspenseful novel ... a wonderful fantasy tale that will keep you hooked!" — Demon Seed "takes readers on a thrilling journey ... immersing readers in a richly imagined universe where Natharr's internal struggles add depth to his journey. Kilpack's prose is evocative and vivid ... the descriptions of the ancient forces and the consequences of their awakening are haunting and thought-provoking. Demon Seed is a must-read!" — Just Pratibha (India) "I love the values taught in [Demon Seed, such as] loyalty [and] the true meaning of love! Events in the story come to life! Demon Seed is well recommended to lovers of adventure and suspense ... the story will keep [you] till the very end!" —

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