The Dark Secrets of Oliveto


The Dark Secrets of Oliveto by Stefano A. Giovaannoi

The sleepy little town of Oliveto is full of secrets. Magical beings coexist amongst unsuspecting humans. Casting spells and enchantments are the norm amongst certain members of the community. And someone, or something, is abducting members of its fey community... When an unexpected and mysterious death in the family calls Nico home from college, he brings along his best friend Sofia for support. Their relaxing spring break visit suddenly turns into a wild adventure as they are thrust into a hidden world of magic that Nico never knew existed...or did he? Soon they are enlisted by prominent member of the town’s fey population to help find and stop the Oliveto Abductor, before another fairy is taken. Together Nico and Sofia must piece together all the clues, as they learn about his family’s magical past, in order to solve the many secrets that Oliveto contains. Will they learn enough in time to survive? Tags: dark magic, light magic, mythical creatures, grimoire, fairy doors, fae, fey, witches, Italian culture, banshee, curses, garden gnomes, secrets, graveyards, shapeshifters, vampires, tarot cards, spell casting, prophecies, magical realism, urban fantasy, paranormal mystery, young adult, new adult, college.

New AdultFantasy/ContemporaryFantasy/DarkFantasy

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