Goddess Ascension


Goddess Ascension by Jordan Tuck

"In the time of gods, there dared arise a Goddess" Through a life of struggle, Vantaiga and her mate build a mighty forest in a desert world. As leaders of a powerful Order, the couple must complete their realm by joining the gods and becoming a force of nature. Their rise to divinity, however, does not go as expected. The gods have been keeping secrets. The world is growing jealous. There is no place for a peaceful forest in this cruel land. Now the pair must battle a hostile desert, a disapproving heaven, and their own doubts, to keep their love and forest alive. For in the time of gods, it takes more than faith for those that dare arise a Goddess.

AdultFantasy/Mythic, Retelling, and FolkloreFantasy/Romantic and EroticFantasy/Dark

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