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A Simple Tale of Water and Weeping

A Simple Tale of Water and Weeping by Kami King Larsen

In the frigid waters, off a moonlit beach, a magical transformation is occurring. The Girl Aylee is a shop-keeper’s daughter in a nameless coastal town. Kind, thoughtful, and recovering from a broken heart, she yearns for a life she may never have. She would do just about anything to make her parents happy, including perhaps, living a life she doesn’t want. The Stranger On a brisk autumn morning, Aylee stumbles upon Cailean. He’s an outsider—lost, confused, and very much out of place. Cailean has more than a few secrets, but for reasons Aylee can’t quite explain, the two strike up a quick friendship. The Peril Cailean has lost a very valuable item—one that may mean the difference between life and death. As Aylee and Cailean search for answers, they call on friends and enemies alike in the hope of avoiding tragedy. In the process, Aylee must confront danger in many forms—both human and fey—all while learning just as much about herself as the mysterious people and creatures surrounding her. What will she choose for herself in the end, and who will she lose as she fights for her new friend and her own future? Steeped in Celtic folklore, A Simple Tale of Water and Weeping is a timeless tale sure to bring a smile to your heart and possibly a tear to your eye. It is a magical story of love, friendship, and accepting not only ourselves, but also those around us.

Fruits of the Gods

Fruits of the Gods by William C. Tracy


Taste the magic of the gods! Sisters Kisare and Belili uproot an ancient box in their owner’s orchard and find a miracle inside: a fifth godfruit in a society that knows only four. It is punishable by death for non-nobles to eat godfruit, so the sisters hide the discovery and plot to escape servitude for good. With the power represented in the box, they could live as nobles themselves. But Kisare finds her new freedom more difficult than she imagined, and Belili has many secrets she strives to keep hidden. With the help of a people slowly losing their culture and technology to the powerful nobles, the sisters lead an infiltration of the highest levels of noble society. While Kisare finds she cares for the captured leader of the people helping them, Belili comes to love her noble suitor’s guard—a fierce woman with a similar past to her own. In the end, the fifth godfruit may bring harmony to the world, but the sisters’ only hope of succeeding lies in deciphering ancient mythologies surrounding the gods’ original plan for their people. Genres: Fantasy / Mythology / Adventure / Lesbian / LGBT

Legend of Elberkhan

Legend of Elberkhan by Yuxiao Chen


Thousands of years after dark magic was subdued, unknown danger threatens the seemingly peaceful Hilldown Plain... Aary, a youth of seventeen, is a captive and servant to the King of Elberkhan, a cruel, merciless monarch with a mysterious past. Living under constant mental and physical abuse, Aary's only consolations are his secret haven, a treehouse deep in the forest, and his friends, Rudi and Lyna. He would risk everything for them, but no one he cares about can truly be safe, when the king's biggest enjoyment is Aary's suffering... A number of short music leitmotifs, illustrations, and nested sub-stories completes the transmedia storyline. A live performance of the theme music Kingdom of Elberkhan composed and conducted by the author, performed by the Sydney University Wind Orchestra, can be watched online:

The Song of Thyssia

The Song of Thyssia by S.J. Stiles


The Thyssian Archipelago rose from the deep as six treacherous islands. Islands that were forged from stone and sand, with kings and conquerors alike. Long ago, the gods gave each kingdom a relic to protect. In return, their peoples would remain safe from the servants of the Void. Years bled into centuries as their respect rotted into complacency. Thyssia, the mother island, sheltered three kingdoms on its soil as it reached across the sea. In the east, Trejen’s forests neatly encircled the verdant meadows while new trees crept closer each spring. Cerulean river lands carved through the island under the watchful eyes of house Spessia and everyone drank from its meandering depths. All of this was overshadowed by a solitary broken mountain. Their people’s separation from the gods fractured its stony face into a chasm, a wound that released any magic the mountain held within its stone. Their relic was ruined by abomination in the wake of Haydrian’s touch. Haydrian, an alchemist who relished in the hope of immortality. As the kingdoms of Thyssia disregarded their duty to the nine, so waned their fear of the Void.

Of Shadows and Death

Of Shadows and Death by Sharlene Healy


Rapunzel, Rapunzel. Let down your hair. I have heard my tale told. A story about a princess with long flowing hair trapped in a tower, saved by a handsome prince, who kills the wicked witch imprisoning her.
How sweet. How charming. How wrong.
Except for the hair, of course.
A fateful meeting with the Vampire King and my world shatters. All I'd ever known ground into dust. I must separate truth from lies and become who I am destined to be. Consequences be damned.
This is my story. A story of power. Love. Hope.
And above all?
Revenge. Of Shadows and Death is book one of the Five Queens Prophecy. It is a low-spice New Adult retelling of Rapunzel, with vampires and dark fantasy elements. It can be read as a standalone. It's perfect for fans of Tessonja Odette and Sarah J Maas!

The Humane Society for Creatures & Cryptids

The Humane Society for Creatures & Cryptids by Stephanie Gillis


The Lambros family has never fit in with the town of Pandora, even from the very beginning. Since their ancestors immigrated from Greece with magical creatures in tow, the townsfolk have never trusted them and that hasn't changed in the centuries since. Now, Melpomene, Calliope, and Thalia struggle to live their every day lives. When new girl, Asha Singh moves to town, everything changes. Thalia, once determined to escape Pandora upon graduation, finds herself growing closer to the heiress of the new resort in town and puts her plans on hold as their relationship develops. All the while, a man has entered the grounds, sent by their mother to help prepare for the newest creature en route to the house. His intentions come into question as he tries to befriend the distrustful Calliope, whose own abilities with the animals seem something out of a fairytale. With their mother missing, Melpomene struggles to keep the house together amidst the changes in the town, the newcomers to their lives, and the impending threat of their secret life being exposed to the community and the world. As the three sisters deal with their own personal problems, the divide between them grows wide when they need to band together the most or else it may end with one of them in the hands of their greatest enemy.

Undine's Blessing

Undine's Blessing by Tessa Hastjarjanto


A dutiful daughter, a mystical archipelago, and a hidden power waiting to command the tides... Marella spends her days caring for her sick mother and selling her father's fish. Bound by duty and love, she dreams little of adventure. But when her mother must travel to the city for treatment, her father takes her out to sea, despite her fear of water. A storm steers them to Emberrain, home to a tribe of magical nymphs and a place of secrets, where Marella discovers a startling truth: her father is a frequent visitor to these mysterious islands. Soon she learns that Emberrain isn't the only secret he had kept from her. Marella has the power to control water and communicate with aquatic animals. Overwhelmed by the magical but dangerous islands, and the secrets of her father, Marella must learn to harness her powers to save herself and her new aquatic friend before they are separated from their parents forever. Undine's Blessing is a journey of wonder, where fears are faced and mysteries unravel, and a young girl learns that true adventure begins when you dare to embrace who you truly are.

Dawn of the Black Sun

Dawn of the Black Sun by Timo Burnham


A martial arts progression fantasy. In the world of the Silver Empire, there are magical talking swords, martial arts demigods and ancient mysteries lost to time. Ryushu lives the quiet and boring life of a fisherman's son until a single day rips his world apart. Now he must make the journey to the top of the titanic Mount Gharun to learn from the hyo masters--martial artists with the powers of demigods. Can he survive the brutal climb? Does he have the strength, not just of body, but of mind and spirit? Meanwhile an exile wonders the barrenlands, holding a sword that speaks. He slowly gathers a following as he prepares to take the emperors throne for himself. Dawn approaches. A Dawn of death and destruction. The Dawn of the Black Sun.

Burden to Bear

Burden to Bear by Gregory Amato


Telling the Norse myths is a lot easier than living them. 
Ansgar isn't your typical viking: He tells stories of gods and heroes for a living. When viking crews set out to do something insane, they want a chronicler who can spin the crazy into the heroic. Ansgar runs into one band of brothers intent on doing something truly stupid. They need a skilled storyteller, as their last five were all devoured, drowned, or hacked to death soon after joining. That new recruit has to be capable of surviving long enough to tell the tale, though. Ansgar doesn't want some troll to rip his arms off. But damn, it's going to be a great story if he survives. Burden to Bear is book one of Gregory Amato's Norse fantasy series Spear of the Gods, where the myths, magic, and monsters of the Viking Age are all real.

Princess of the Broken

Princess of the Broken by Jasmine K Swinburne


Princess Raylin has spent the best part of fourteen years isolated and alone, locked inside a tower, told it was for her own good—her own protection. Darkness writhes inside her, an endless battle against the light powers of her kingdom. A child born with the never wavering magic of the sun and the moon—the first in 300 years. There are those that would hunt her for her gifts, destroy her without hesitation. But that is the last thing on her mind when she flees her stone prison. Thievery has become second nature, but after being caught inside the palace gates, Raylin is given a choice, a chance at a new path. There’s just one catch, she must live among the royals of Sorrelle and play the part of another princess entirely. When her protector uncovers her secret escape, she gives Raylin a new task—find her long-lost heirloom; a pendant made of the blackest obsidian. With that, Raylin can do what she has always longed for—go home, and reunite with her family at last. Deception is a dangerous game, and around her, secrets and lies burn to ash. No one can be trusted, not even herself. As her powers come to blows, Raylin finds herself wrapped in the hateful fist of revenge.

The Cursed Soul

The Cursed Soul by K.C. Smith


Cursed. Forgotten. Reborn. Doraan and his entire crew are cursed to never walk on land again. For ten long years, they have roamed the sea, attacking and pillaging to survive. Doraan placed all his faith in his family to find a way to break their wretched curse, but when he discovers that his hope of freedom was nothing more than a dream, his world comes crashing down. Kamira is on the run from a life she never wanted. Finding shelter by stowing away on a ship anchored far out to sea, Kamira disguises herself as a boy in the hope of making it to the ship's next port alive. Little does she know—their craft won’t be stopping at any port. Stuck aboard a vessel full of pirates with no destination in sight, Kamira fears they will not only discover that she is a woman but also a sorceress. Now she must face the threat of being thrown overboard–or worse, being turned in to the empire for hiding her outlawed gifts. As Kamira struggles to keep her identity hidden and gain their trust, Doraan sees her as a glimmer of hope for their cursed fate, even if it comes with a steep price. With danger at every turn, Kamira and the crew of the Cursed Soul must navigate treacherous waters in an attempt to not only save themselves but all of Emmoria.

A Curse Within The Waves

A Curse Within The Waves by B. N. Reele


Let The Sea Set You Free Iris sets sail alongside her estranged father, a pirate captain, and his vexatious crew in search of hidden treasure. The dangerous quest begins on Vatune, an island haunted by blood thirsty creatures, menacing ogres, and seductive sirens.

And then, her adventure takes an unexpected turn....

She becomes cursed and transformed into a mermaid, only to be abandoned once again by her father. When all hope seems lost, the only help she can rely on is a gorgeous merman with questionable intentions- but a magical personality that keeps her wanting more.

Once she discovers that the spell can be broken, she must follow her heart and make an ultimate decision that will affect her future forever.

The Dreams Thief

The Dreams Thief by Bella Dunn


THE FAE LIVE AMONGST US. Brun MacLugh is weary. For five hundred years he endured a life of loneliness, impatiently waiting for his days to come to an end and his grief along with it. Fate, however, has other plans: a new heir to the legacy he is duty-bound to protect is born, two hundred and fifty years after his greatest failure. Brun has no choice. He has to fulfil his purpose. And hope this task will be his last. Elizabeth “Lizzy” Endell was prepared to spend a very long summer in the company of her parents when the news of an astonishing inheritance in Scotland wreaks havoc on her otherwise ordinary life and puts her on the path of the captivating Brun MacLugh. And of mortal danger. To survive, Lizzie and Brun will have no choice but to unearth layers of secrets and solve ancient riddles. Will they find a way to defeat the faceless creature known as the Dreams Thief? Warning: Contains Mature language, Intense Violence, Graphic Sexual Situations. Expect magic, both Seelie and Unseelie and remember that the Fae live amongst us…

Quaint Creatures: Magical & Mundane

Quaint Creatures: Magical & Mundane by Andrew D Meredith


When a city councilor comes into Quaint Creatures and asks veterinary doctor Norrik Softstep to investigate the magical crate confiscated by his customs agency, the entire staff of Quaint Creatures will need all their skills and knowledge to unravel the troubles threatening the relatively peaceful city of Brightfall. From liches seeking city approval for their public adventurer dungeon, to strange goings on at the pet food factory, no problem is too magical nor mundane for Rik and his friends.

The Plagued Elf

The Plagued Elf by Armanis Ar-feinial


In a race against time, Quarala battles against the unknown, desperately striving to save the life of Anaergienne, Malitu's hunter. Armed with her vast knowledge and unwavering determination, she must unravel the mysteries of a disease that has eluded even the most skilled healers. Will she succeed in her quest to find a cure and restore him? Dive into this gripping tale of magic, courage, and sacrifice, and prepare to be spellbound.

Into FaerLand

Into FaerLand by A.J. Ponder


“We never steal children. We only swap them. An eye for an eye, a child for a child." Aiden's mission to retrieve the Sword Master from demon territory doesn't go to plan as he falls dangerously in love with the Swordsmaster, Keera. She's pretty as a fae, and a strong, graceful fighter and with every movement she makes, he falls harder. Keera and Aiden both ignore all the warnings, marry, and have two beautiful daughters. Meanwhile, Keera’s swords, forged with cold iron and adorned with fae silver, have angered the fae. Determined to pay the humans back, the ruler of FaerLand, Queen Persephone, orders Lettie to switch her beloved changeling, Nada, for one of Keera and Aiden’s children. Lettie’s heart breaks as Nada is torn from her hands and replaced with a snotty human child. Now, the one person she loved in all the world is gone, she will do anything to bring Nada back... ...including killing Keera and Aiden to end the fairy bargain. If you love fae, fairytales, and heart-pounding adventure pick up your copy of Into FaerLand today.


Trollgrave by Alex S. Bradshaw


Something stirs in the Forest of Broken Trolls... Despite all his skill in healing and runecraft, God-Speaker Alvir Einarson could not save everyone. In the wake of failure, he seeks aid from an old mentor and witnesses a wave of darkness sweep over the land that, for a single moment, extinguishes all magic. In the capital, he discovers a fellow god-speaker is missing and the streets swarming with Windborn - resurrected warriors gifted with supernatural powers by the gods’ enemies. Answers await in the Forest of Broken Trolls, but within its sinister depths even the gods’ protection may not be enough, and no more so than now, when the gods’ strength may be fading and dark powers are on the rise. One thing is certain: Alvir Einarson would rather die than let the gods fall. Trollgrave is a standalone Norse fantasy filled with fanatical outlaws, strange magic, and vicious monsters.

Beast's Mercy (MM Fairytale Retelling) (Iranora Tales)

Beast's Mercy (MM Fairytale Retelling) (Iranora Tales) by Rebecca Massey

Four years ago, the Kingdom of Creatia closed its doors on the world. Now, the gates are open. Dalvin has returned to fix the wrongs of the past and help Prince Vincent find a worthy bride. But something dark has taken up residence inside the palace, and Dalvin has to find a way to slay the beast before it takes his prince from him. For Dalvin, it was a tale as old as time. For Vincent, it was a dark path to happily ever after. It is time for the beast to tell the real story. *This book contains subject matter suitable for a mature audience.

The Earthly Blaze

The Earthly Blaze by Alice Poon

The Earthly Blaze is the concluding part of the Sword Maiden from the Moon duology. This duology is a blend of the wuxia and xianxia genre that evokes vibes of cdramas like The Untamed, Nirvana in Fire and Word of Honor. In this propulsive sequel to The Heavenly Sword, the heroine Sai’er is beset with grim challenges as she leads the White Lotus Sect to oppose Emperor Zhu Di. When the Green Dragon threatens to kill villagers to punish Sai’er for wounding Zhu Di, she is forced to fight the demon in an undersea battle. Aided by her immortal friends and found family, Sai'er engages in violent clashes with the enemy camp. All the while, she yearns to start a new life with her lover Sanbao, but is haunted by the prospect of a final showdown with Zhu Di. The Earthly Blaze is the second and concluding part of Alice Poon’s magnificent duology combining Chinese mythical folklore and speculative history into a sweeping tale of family love, fellowship loyalty, loss, sacrifice and kung fu rivalry.

Undead Samurai

Undead Samurai by Baptiste Pinson Wu

Japan, 1625 A new Drum Master has risen, and soon the nation will fall to the curse of Izanagi. Answering the call of his kotsuzumi, dead warriors abandon their peace to once again roam the land of the living, swinging rusty blades and chattering rotten teeth at his behest. Japan’s last hope lies in the hands of the nine warriors gathered by the young daimyō of Owari. To reach Onijima, where the source of the curse’s power awaits, the Nine will not only have to face swarms of undead samurai and waves of shinobi mercenaries but even more dangerous to their mission, their inner demons. Against the undead, the Nine only have two choices, fighting as one or becoming them.


Marshbank by Josh Hanson

When a child goes missing, the spirit of the marsh takes on a corporeal form and teams up with the village witch to find the source of the evil haunting the nearby village. A dark fantasy of love, story, and the deep powers of place.

The Beast of Talesend

The Beast of Talesend by Kyle Robert Shultz

Fairy tales aren’t real. Private detective Nick Beasley knows that. This is 1922 E.A. (Ever After), an age of big cities, automobiles, and airships. Nobody in the Afterlands believes in magic and monsters anymore. Especially not Nick, who’s made a name for himself in the city of Talesend by debunking fraudulent “magical” phenomena. But when a misadventure with alleged enchantress Lady Cordelia Beaumont goes awry, leaving Nick with claws, a tail, and quite a lot of fur, he begins to rethink his stance on magic. There’s only one way for Nick to regain his humanity. He and Cordelia will have to retrieve a powerful magical artifact from a ruthless crime lord—who happens to be Cordelia’s father. Otherwise, Nick won’t be the only monster roaming through Talesend. The fate of the Afterlands lies in the hands of a renegade enchantress and an extremely hairy detective. What could possibly go wrong?

The Final Shroud

The Final Shroud by Nathan Burrage

The Holy Land, 1099: Jerusalem has fallen. As the Christian factions vie for power, Godefroi de Bouillon and his companions unearth markers to the Keystone, a mystical artefact with the power to shape history. Yet progress has its price: Godefroi's bodyguard lies gravely wounded; the Arabic cabal guiding Hugues is broken; and the forces of Severity are gathering to claim the Keystone. France, 1307: Bertrand de Châtillon-sur-Seine was a knight for a single day before fleeing with the mysterious Salome. After a pitched battle that claims most of his brethren, Bertrand agrees to become Salome's new Shroud, binding his fate to hers. A refuge lies across the English Channel, but will they reach it in time? And when will Salome finally reveal her secrets? The Keystone awaits, but is it meant for mortal hands?

The Hidden Keystone

The Hidden Keystone by Nathan Burrage

July 1099: sweltering in the merciless heat, Godefroi de Bouillon’s desperate army finally breach the walls of Jerusalem. Concealed within their ranks are members of a secret fraternity. The Salt Lines seek a mystical artefact called the Keystone, and they’re willing to sacrifice everything Godefroi values to possess it: the lives of his closest confidants, the only woman he has ever loved, even his very soul. October 1307: when Bertrand joined the Brotherhood of the Temple of Solomon, no one anticipated the brutal suppression of the Order that followed. Forced to flee for his life, Bertrand unwittingly becomes the only person who can lay the Keystone to rest. But can he resist its temptations whilst evading the forces of the French throne? With the veil of secrecy in tatters, truth has become the most dangerous possession of all.

Hidden Realm (Legends of Lightning Book 1)

Hidden Realm (Legends of Lightning Book 1) by T.R. Slauf

“The next Realm Walker will bring with them a storm. Lightning must fight the Crimson Shadow, or the lands will be cast into eternal darkness.” When she was a child, Esther was plagued with vivid nightmares. Now they have returned to haunt her. Bloodthirsty monsters chase her through a forest of dead trees while a mysterious hooded figure stalks her. After waking with fresh wounds from her dreams, Esther searches for the truth about who she is and the Hidden Realm she is destined to save. Join Esther on her journey of self-discovery as she travels into a world long forgotten. Unsure if she can trust her hooded guide, she is hunted by unknown enemies and smothered by expectations of grandeur. Deciphering friend from foe she travels the lands, trying to unite kingdoms torn by pride.

Redemption (Legends of Lightning Book 2)

Redemption (Legends of Lightning Book 2) by T.R. Slauf

“Blood seems to be the only thing flowing in this Realm. The day I found out the truth of who I was, was the day I died.” “Sometimes you must die so you can be re-born.” Esther escaped the horrors of Castle Rose, but at a cost. Believing her lost guide is still alive deep in the bowels of Adam’s dungeons, she aims to save him, but the other Huntsman are not so sure he’s alive… Desperate to rescue Oisin, Esther makes tempestuous allegiances with dangerous foes. Walking a fine line between enemies and allies, life and death, she rages war against the monsters of the Hidden Realm. Esther’s journey continues in this heart wrenching sequel as she navigates the politics and grudges of ageless Queens. By night, she’s haunted by what she’s seen fighting in a war that was never hers. What she’s done to survive in the Hidden Realm will haunt her forever and she’s terrified of losing herself in the darkness without a star to guide her. Will Esther be able to save Oisin and the lands before the shadows of her mind overtake her spirit?


Cinderwild by Coranna Adams

A reimagined fairy tale romance set in 17th-century France intertwines the Little Mermaid and Cinderella in a powerful tale of female friendship and second chance love. Marina, godmother witch, and her young apprentice, Cendrillon, must escape witch hunters and keep war from destroying the wild Black Forest, the source of witches’ power.

Weight of the Crown

Weight of the Crown by Jennifer Willcock

He is the new king, but someone else wants the throne. Can he protect his kingdom and those he loves? No longer the playboy prince, King Teo is determined to be the ruler Wolf Kingdom needs. When a toxic plant found in the forest threatens the safety of the kingdom, he is desperate to find answers before someone dies. Stalked by his own anxieties and an unknown threat to his reign, the young king isn’t sure who is friend or foe and fears the worst is yet to come. Can Teo save himself as well as Wolf Kingdom, or will his paranoia turn him into his cruel, dictatorial father, destroying his world in the process? Weight of the Crown is the thrilling sequel to the YA fantasy Red Riding Hood retelling, Into the Forest. If you like brotherly bonding, love triangles, and fighting evil, then you’ll love Jennifer Willcock’s engrossing tale.

The Rescue

The Rescue by Lucy Gould

One choice. Lady Wendy Darling has dreamed of having her daring adventures of Peter Pan published in bookshops but engaged to a man of whom she has heard too many rumors about, Wendy’s dream must stay a dream. That is until she gets the chance of a lifetime, a chance to go to Neverland. The magical island is as if pulled straight from her notebook but even magical islands present their own troubles. Wendy has everything she ever wanted: love, a home, freedom, a family, but how far is she willing to go to keep it? And how far is her newfound family willing to go to keep her? The first in a trilogy, The Rescue introduces readers to the reinvented world of Neverland and a diverse cast of characters in a plot sure to leave you on the edge of your seat.

Monster Ridge

Monster Ridge by Meri Benson, Marie Sinadjan

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Victor and Silje thought they’d already left Hotel Fen and its horrors behind. But hunting them are Victor's godly brothers: Thor the Thunderer, Tyr the Battle-God, and Hodr, the God of Winter. Convinced that Ragnarok, the end of all things, is about to begin, they either want Victor fighting on their side — or out of their way. With Ada the gretten katt and their dwarven weaponsmith Ivaldi, Victor and Silje set off for Vanaheim, seeking out the Vanir runemistress Freya, and a safe haven. But the more their pasts unfold, the more they realize that they’re caught in the crosshairs of an ancient feud between Odin, the King of the Nine Realms, and his blood brother Loki, the Destroyer of Worlds. This is the second book of The Prophecies of Ragnarok trilogy, continuing the journey that began in Hotel Fen. Stay tuned for Mist Gallows, the final installment, coming this October!


Darragh:Dragon by Arden Erimitis

Quiet and curious, Dragon Gaelen isn’t a typical dragon. For one, she was raised by gnomes- Carrick, Aideen, and Annalene Gaelen who live in the beautiful countryside of Mossbark Acres within Gnome Colony of the enchanted land of Darragh. Having lost everything in a tragic storm before she was hatched, Dragon knows very little about her origin. Growing up among the cob houses of peaceful Gnome Colony, she’s always felt accepted and loved- but never quite like she belonged. When her adoptive family enrolls her in the impressive Breezemaple Academy, Dragon believes it holds the key to the missing pieces of her past. Surrounded by students and teachers from all across Darragh, she hopes she’ll finally stop feeling like an outsider. However, Breezemaple isn’t at all what she expects. On her first day, she feels lost, overwhelmed, and betrayed by two particular students- a fellow dragon named Azric and a phoenix named Kora. Dragon believed meeting other students would help her find herself. Instead, she becomes the target of their jokes, teased for her differences and never embraced as one of their own. Filled with shame and self-loathing, Dragon must choose to stay silent and bury her past- or find her voice among the pain. A powerful story about being true to ourselves, Dragon takes us on a journey of self-acceptance- illustrating how the choices and innate power within each of us impacts the magic we wield

The Weird & Unexpected World of Ronald Taylor

The Weird & Unexpected World of Ronald Taylor by Jack T Canis

Recently retired, Ronald Taylor worried about his future, stuck in his bungalow w his wife of 40yrs. Then he encounters a Brownie relieving itself in his hedge. And he was worried he was going to be bored!

The Quiet

The Quiet by Sylvie Greenhart

Chipped Cup

Ilia has never feared the sea. But when her sister vanishes on a clear night under a river of stars known as the Quiet, Ilia is the only person in her village who believes Adana is still alive. To find the truth, Ilia will wade into the ancient lore of her people armed only with her childhood journal, her wits, and a trio of enchanted relics that have lost their magic. Adana is out there somewhere—but so are the mythical, fearsome beings who dwell in the deep. A second-world fairy tale about believing in magic after we’ve grown up and about healing the old wounds that haunt us with the help of love we find along the way. This book is written in British English and includes relative diction.

River of Thorns: An Elven Gods and Mortals Fantasy Romance (The Waters Aeon Book Four)

River of Thorns: An Elven Gods and Mortals Fantasy Romance (The Waters Aeon Book Four) by Sylvie Greenhart

Chipped Cup

A blisteringly cranky apothecary . . . Siúdar didn’t ask to be stuck caring for a comatose god–especially one known for both bloodshed and greed. But since she fell out of the sky and almost literally into his lap, no one else will take responsibility for her, and Siúdar is as stalwart to duty as he is stubborn. He can’t decide which is stronger: his resentment or the instinct to protect her. A still-grieving mother-god remembered only for war . . . Cladánei is just trying to get home. She remembers waking in tomb, she remembers one of her magical artefacts spinning out of control with the force of a hurricane, and she remembers her flight over the sea. After that, she remembers nothing but a haunting melody and the torment of her long-dead son’s face . . . until she opens her eyes to find the world has painted her not as a god of life but as a god whose hands are red with blood. Unwilling to be shipped off to strange mages to be poked and prodded, Cladánei refuses to subject herself to the indignity of letting others decide her fate. Siúdar is as bullheaded as he is dedicated to his arts, and after saving Cladánei’s life more than once, he’s not about to let her run off into the wilderness to waste his hard work. The waters have willed it, but even fated love demands more than magic to overcome the wounds of the past. Even gods deserve a second chance.

River of Veils (The Waters Aeon Book Three)

River of Veils (The Waters Aeon Book Three) by Sylvie Greenhart

Chipped Cup

A snarky sailor . . . Scia lets no one know her except her beloved sister Bí–she’s perfectly happy sailing the rivers of Diacilé on a merchant ship to provide for Bí’s studies until her unscrupulous captain asks her to take the place of his first mate and, by proxy, become complicit in his swindling. She knows her choice could make a splash, but she doesn’t expect it to be so literal. A god who has run out of tricks . . . Muánne is known for showing everyone in the world a different mask instead of his true face. With his grand plans thousands of years behind him in the blink of an eye and a shaky truce with Giam and Tiathéna, he figures he might as well go home. But in the harbours of Siúchdrei, he finds far more than he bargained for. An ancient tool falls into his lap. His magic comes raging back . . . and Muánne is plunged headfirst into a strange new world where the joke’s on him. Scia seems to see the masked god as he truly is, but can either of them trust their own eyes? With storms raging and hearts laid bare, a whisper of the waters draws them closer together. The waters have willed it, but even fated love requires more than magic to overcome the wounds of the past. *** An elven gods and mortals fantasy romance set in a queer-inclusive second world where magic is mundane and relationships between any and all genders are commonplace, the elven world of Diacilé is a place that, for many earthlings, would feel quite different. Future books will include f/f, nb/f, m/m, and other pairings. The Waters Aeon are written in British English, so some spelling and punctuation conventions may differ from American norms. May the waters bless you, reader.

River of Dreams (The Waters Aeon Book Two)

River of Dreams (The Waters Aeon Book Two) by Sylvie Greenhart

Chipped Cup

A black sheep . . . Maithin is a stranger among the people she has known all her life. Seen as cursed by her kin and tolerated at best, her one respite has been an all-too-brief journey to help an injured man . . . until she literally falls into a tomb with a just-waking god and finds herself caught between his need for her knowledge and the fierce, wild woman hunting him. A hunter on the prowl . . . Tiathéna hates being wrong. She especially hates being wrong when it means the oldest of the gods, famed stick-in-the mud that he is, was right. But even waking to depleted magic and an unfamiliar world cannot get the god of the hunt down for long—not when she catches the scent of her prey and discovers the woman he’s taken from her people is far more enticing. Step by step and mile by mile, a whisper of the waters draws them closer together. The waters have willed it, but even fated love requires more than magic to overcome the wounds of the past. Even gods deserve a second chance. *** An elven gods and mortals fantasy romance set in a second world where magic is mundane and relationships between any and all genders are commonplace, Diacilé is a place that, for many earthlings, would feel quite different. Future books will include f/f, nb/f, m/m, f/m, and other pairings. The Waters Aeon are written in British English, so some spelling and punctuation conventions may differ from American norms. May the waters bless you, reader.

River of Mists (The Waters Aeon Book One)

River of Mists (The Waters Aeon Book One) by Sylvie Greenhart

Chipped Cup

A lonely mortal . . . All Bhiarai wanted was her florist shop and her tiny Thiadrei flat. But when her past comes calling and threatens her future, she finds herself caught in an unknown spider’s web, fleeing from the simple life she fought so hard for. The All-Tree’s ancient magic is her only hope for answers. But Bhiarai doesn’t make it far before tripping over a complication—an imperious, beautiful stranger who needs her help. A punished god . . . Giam is lost. His dominion is broken. His plans are shattered. With his very gifts and immortality dissolved by the Waters Aeon themselves, he must adjust to living as a mortal once more—and seeing mortals as equals. Bhiarai doesn’t care who he is or was, and she’s more than willing to walk away if he can’t control his rudeness. Giam only knows his waning power responds to her presence, and he must find out why. Step by step and mile by mile, a whisper of the waters draws them closer together. The waters have willed it, but even fated love requires more than magic to overcome the wounds of the past. Even gods deserve a second chance. *** An elven gods and mortals fantasy romance set in a queer-inclusive second world where magic is mundane and relationships between any and all genders are commonplace, the elven world of Diacilé is a place that, for many earthlings, would feel quite different. Both Bhiarai and Giam have had attractions to more than one gender of partner, and future books will include f/f, nb/f, m/m, and other pairings. The Waters Aeon are written in British English, so some spelling and punctuation conventions may differ from American norms. May the waters bless you, reader.

The Resplendent Throne (The Transcendent Green Book 3)

The Resplendent Throne (The Transcendent Green Book 3) by Mati Ocha

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Earth has ascended… Magic tears through an unsuspecting planet of humans, bringing mythology and monsters to life—and providing humanity a chance to prove their mettle. A creeping infection and an enemy from the deep… Anomalies won’t stop coming. With the community of Oban researching to the best of their ability, the ever-changing landscape only provides new challenges. The ascension has remade Oban, and the people are thriving, but Calum knows that can’t last when new threats are born every day. Dangers in the sea to the west. Anomalies overland from the south. Every additional ally brings news of encroaching dangers. Oban may have built a bulwark against this brave new world, but when the anomalies claim a friend, the race is on to find something–anything–that can fight yet another wave of change in the ascension’s arena. Oban has had a taste of what it could be like to thrive. First, they’ll need to survive what has risen from the abyss.

The Transcendent Green (The Transcendent Green Book 1)

The Transcendent Green (The Transcendent Green Book 1) by Mati Ocha

Chipped Cup

Earth has ascended… Magic tears through an unsuspecting planet of humans, bringing mythology and monsters to life—and providing humanity a chance to prove their mettle. Old grudges die hard… All Calum Green wants is to reach what remains of his family. Ninety miles of the Scottish Highlands stand between Calum and his family home in coastal Oban. He does not want to make that trek with his cheating ex-girlfriend’s bestie at his side. Eilidh MacIntosh has always disliked Calum, and now she’s armed with a bloody claymore on top of her haughty disdain. But the ascension directive is clear: humans cannot survive this new world alone—and this pair makes an annoyingly good team. With Calum’s magic and their combined bad luck, the unlikely duo accidentally trigger a rare ascension quest: to find the perpetrator of a dangerous, corrupt magic that could make all of humanity into an endangered species. Contains strong language in the face of the end of the world. You’ve been warned.

Terra Incognita (A Transcendent Green Novel)

Terra Incognita (A Transcendent Green Novel) by Mati Ocha

Chipped Cup

A World On the Precipice . . . Will Grayson knew he would probably live to see the end of the world, with the way things have been going—he just didn’t think he’d live through it, let alone with an insufferable git by his side. A System Glitch . . . Hiking in the Peak District at the moment Earth is—accidentally—infused with magic and thrown into an indifferent and muddled system, Will returns to his Derbyshire village to find a ghost town. No bodies. No blood. Only a verdant, pervasive green that has overtaken his home as if it’s had a hundred years to grow. But this new magic is alive, and it’s not alone. Neither is Will. Accompanied only by the person he’d vote Least Likely to Team Up With in an Apocalypse and a literal baby dragon, Will searches for traces of his family and instead finds only dangling threads of clues. Tugging on those threads might lead to answers . . . or they might unravel what’s left of Earth. Contains strong language in the face of the end of the world. You’ve been warned.

Bearly Gold

Bearly Gold by N. D. Jones

On Earth Pact, no species is as feared as the Impundulu shifters of the United Wake of Benekal. For Fayola, a veteran nearing the end of her compulsory military service, being a soldier had never been more than reluctant duty. As she prepares for her final special operation, her goal remains the same: Complete her mission so she can return home to her father. Tasked with rescuing a humanitarian doctor from a war zone, but not the orphaned children under her care, Fayola must decide how much she is willing to risk for the future she deserves. Jwahir, a human in a nation of warring shifters, finds herself holed up in a medical clinic with other orphans, praying for a miracle or a painless death. But when an Impundulu soldier arrives, stoic and determined but with a reserved tenderness she tries to hide, Jwahir knows she has met her Dela Eden–her savior. However, people are not always who they seem, and crimes against children are too often ignored. For Jwahir, her true test of bravery begins not in a medical clinic in a war-ravaged country but in a bear shifter's cabin home in a peaceful forest. For Fayola, twenty-five years of retirement planning changes in the blink of an innocent child's golden-brown eyes. But what will she do when her goodwill pact goes horribly wrong?

Our Vengeful Souls

Our Vengeful Souls by Kristi Mcmanus

When magical mermaid Sereia saves her little sister and overshadows brother and rightful heir, Triton, the position of next ruler of the sea is in question. Determined to keep his throne, Triton curses Sereia, transforming her into a human and stripping her of magic. Banishing her from their underwater kingdom, he gives her a final warning: if you should ever return, you will become a monster. Left for dead, Sereia washes up on the shores of Atlantis, discovered by a kind merchant with a tragic past. Patient and charming, he helps her build a life on land, leaving her realizing that everything she was taught about humans may have been wrong. But legends are powerful forces, and mermaids are burned for their magic by humans who fear their power. Sereia is forced to keep her true identity a secret, even as her feelings for her savior deepen. Channeling her skill with a blade, she finds a place within the ranks of the Atlantean army, finally giving her the chance to become the respected warrior she always desired. During her training, however, she discovers the legend of a trident of equal power to her father’s exists, and is within her grasp in Atlantis. With a way back to the sea in her grasp, she wavers between the pull of revenge and the possibility of love on land, all under the hateful eye of a vengeful enemy within her ranks. But when the fate of a friend is in the balance, she must make the hardest decision of all: be burned at the stake as a witch, or turn into a monster should she return to the sea.

Wizards of the Apocalypse: The Forgotten Prophecy

Wizards of the Apocalypse: The Forgotten Prophecy by X Zombie

SOMETHING IS CREEPING IN THE DARK… Tristan Skeleton's life is already busy. Being the king of Skeletonia is no effortless task. With zombies roaming the earth and the human population reduced to villages, Tristan's plan is clear: protect and survive. Surrounded by strong castle walls, security seems easy. That is until four uncanny zombies break into the Skeletonia library. After the break-in, Tristan discovers the undead have been developing their skills beyond their lethal bites. They're learning to read, wield weapons, and even use magic. Tristan and his friends soon learn that Malice, a dangerous demon, is assembling her army of zombies, and it’s up to them to stop her before she conquers what’s left of the world. They must find the hidden Apocalypse Grimoire, which holds the key to Malice's defeat. But to do so, Tristan must cope with his forbidden powers.

The Fall of Ahilon (Zaure's Reign Book 1)

The Fall of Ahilon (Zaure's Reign Book 1) by Samantha Shaye


Forced to flee her kingdom, an Elvish princess prepares to return and reclaim her birthright with magic, blood, and steel. When the Elvish kingdom of Ahilon is attacked, Princess Zaure Rhistel—the sole heir—is forced to flee. Her mother always told her when there is war prepare for death, but she didn’t listen. Now, she finds herself woefully unprepared for the challenges ahead. Until she meets Torin, a spellcaster who has vowed to protect her. As Zaure travels with Torin, using her handmaiden’s name as an alias, two more heroes join their circle: Cagdas, a warrior from Zaure's kingdom who was sent to aid her, and Alrik, a bard who has seen too many of the world's evils. Zaure has no choice but to trust and let the others in, as she will need their help pursuing the powerful enemy that has destroyed her kingdom. The key to saving Ahilon is closer than she knows. Finding it is going to prove difficult. With the fate of her people in her hands, she will stop at nothing to save them. Even if it means sacrificing herself.

Apple Seeds in the Snow

Apple Seeds in the Snow by Helen Rygh-Pedersen

A pampered princess. A killer king. The seeds of ruin. Now that her schooling is over, pampered princess, Ouna Domonov must turn her attentions to the needs of the realm; such as marrying a Waterborn Descendant of the Naiads to help uphold the Balance. But she doesn’t want her hideous intended, nor her responsibilities. All she wants is to have fun with her best friend, who must soon face her own royal duties. As a last hurrah before the wedding bells sound, the friends head north for Vinterfest. There is just one problem: L’adu. The grumpy guardsman her intended has hired to protect his “interests”, seems intent on spoiling her fun and shielding her from the only man she deems worthy of her hand, the dashing King Olaf von Oderberg. But when intentions are misconstrued, the merrymaking ends. Ouna’s freedom is under threat and the destruction of her country at stake. Can she put her naivety and prejudices aside to fight for what and who is truly important?

The Price of Thorns

The Price of Thorns by Tim Susman

In this land where stories are as much a currency as gold or silver, secrets—the stories you don't tell—also have their price. Nivvy the thief keeps many secrets, having left his home for the Thieves Guild, then having left the Thieves Guild—involuntarily—for a life alone. His fortune changes the day Bella, a mysterious woman in an ancient dress, hires him for a nigh-impossible theft: to steal back the kingdom she claims is her own. If Nivvy is equal to this epic task, surely he will be admitted back to proper disreputability in the Thieves Guild. But Bella has secrets of her own, and her quest is not what it appears to be. As Nivvy uncovers some of the truths behind what he'd dismissed as ancient stories and Bella's improbable connection to those tales, he realizes that this journey is more dangerous than he could have dreamed. If he survives this adventure, merely stealing a kingdom couldn't hold a candle to the rest of the story…



Elora's past lies hidden in a web of lies and half-truths, raised by her uncle where her true identity was kept secret to keep her safe. But when she defies the rules and sings a forbidden song, she unknowingly sets a chain of events that will merge a fantasy world with our own, unleashing dark demons and beasts that are hellbent on destruction. As the stakes grow higher and the danger more intense, Elora struggles to stay true to the mission while navigating the treacherous terrain of a world on the brink of destruction. Her life hangs in the balance, and every decision could mean the difference between salvation and annihilation. As the only one who can stop the impending chaos, Elora must face her darkest fears, yet the most dangerous demon of all might be herself.

Stone Soup

Stone Soup by E. B. Mann

On a dark and dismal morning, Green Eyes awakens to find herself scratching at her mother’s door. She’s had the dream again—the one in which she’s a cat trying to climb a mountain to save a girl in distress. The confusing dream haunts her as she treks to the nearby village to sell the mysterious wooden figurines her mother carves. She lives her life in fear: Will today be the day she earns enough money to please her? Or will she return home to face yet another beating? She never knows what to expect until she walks through the cottage door. Her only hope is that her mother won’t damage the wooden prosthetic she must wear after losing her hand as a baby. As she’s on her way home, she encounters Arduon and Paduon, a pair of wise-cracking crows who tell her she’s not who she thinks she is. They urge her to go in search of her true self, but Green Eyes resists, afraid of her mother and of the dangers of the world. It’s only when she learns that her mother is in fact a witch who put a spell on her that Green Eyes finds the courage to escape. Armed with the crow’s wisdom—and a magical sword gifted to her by her friends in the village—she sets off on a journey to discover her true identity.

Princess Cayce Is Still My Name: the spring campaign

Princess Cayce Is Still My Name: the spring campaign by P D Ball

There’s a lot wrong with the world I find myself in. The earls are angry about the knighthood, worried about my blood-ties to a foreign power, and likely working behind my back to take the kingdom for themselves. The suitors ever vying for my attention, my hand in marriage. The crazy behavior of the foxes and ravens and crows who seek me out just to bow. And the coming war. All these I could handle, well almost handle, but for the raging magic inside me. Powerful, angry, wanting out. And I feel it. Want to release it! Yet using magic would not only guarantee that the mages would hunt me down, it would endanger everyone around me. And I just couldn’t let that happen. But when did this world give me a choice?

My Name Is Princess Cayce: unwelcome attention

My Name Is Princess Cayce: unwelcome attention by P D Ball

Firmly in control of Bechalle’s castle and duchy, autumn and winter looked to be safe and secure, time to recoup and recover. To train hard, introduce new weapons technology, to strengthen my army. Yet the upcoming coronation brought trouble and danger. The powerful Laemacian emperor to the northeast demanding I marry him, or he’ll conquer my lands. The mighty Barclay church, whose Father Inquisitor I killed, demanding a harsh penance. My own earls, enraged that a girl leads the kingdom, working behind my back to rid themselves of me. Worse, if you’re me, suitors from all over the kingdom began arriving, making their case for marriage. Because of Brin, that meant wearing hated dresses and make-up and being a cute girl princess to grumpily receive them. On top of all this, uncontrollable magic growing inside me threatened my very existence and everyone around me. If I told the mages, they’d kill me. If I confessed to my friends, they’d likewise face death. Nowhere to go, no one to confide in, no help coming. This was my life now. --- It’s been so long that Princess Cayce is close to letting the game theory go. And that means surviving in this world, relying on her army. But changing the kingdom through new technologies might not be the solution Cayce thinks it is. Rather, court intrigue and politics opens up a new world of deadly realpolitik – one that she only slowly realizes she’s living in.

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