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The Glowing: 3

The Glowing: 3 by Tom Rimer

HE BOKAI HAVE RETURNED Kamryn Coe and her friends are spread out across the east coast, struggling to stay alive and find answers. Her powers are growing, but at what cost? She begins to realize that her unique gifts may not be all that unique, after all. THE FINAL BATTLE APPROACHES Spider stalks the dreams of the survivors, a talent stolen from another. The orange sneakered goblin believes that she will be rewarded, provided she can complete one more task. THIS IS HOW IT ENDS And Quinn Flowers, after a beyond the grave visit from Lucy, realizes that he may have a more important role to play in the salvation of all things. Heath, Dani, Gabe, Wyatt, Jordan, Olin, Trip, they've all come so far, but sacrifices must be made. NO ONE IS SAFE FROM THE GLOWING

The Glowing: 2

The Glowing: 2 by Tom Rimer

The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout... Six months have passed since the Bokai swarmed the Earth. Kamryn Coe, Quinn Flowers, and their friends are just trying to make it through. When Lucy has a dream that an old friend might still be alive, Kam runs head long into danger on a rescue mission. ...down came the rain and washed the spider out... With the group divided and dangers lurking around every corner, do they have any hope of surviving? Will Kam discover her truth? Or will she meet a sticky end? BEWARE THE SPIDER

The Glowing

The Glowing by Tom Rimer

Nice guys often finish last, but sometimes last is all that's left. Majestic Mount Greylock always cloaked the small berkshire town of Adams in its shadow...until now. Until the skies illuminated. Until the Glowing began. When Kamryn Coe, her disheveled teacher, and a group of geeks that'd put a comic convention to shame witness the destruction of their hometown, they must combat a land teeming with drooling alien hordes, while Kam faces the truth of her own birth and its connection to the catastrophe unfolding around her. Time travel, extraterrestrials, humanity's end. TIME TO SAVE THE WORLD.

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