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A former professor of Classics with particular interests in Greek drama and epic poetry, Jacqueline Fellows is contrarian, idealistic, and unconventional. She is named after a grandmother who could (reportedly) levitate tables.



The Devils' Crucible

The Devils' Crucible by Jacqueline Fellows

"Broken, shattered, empty husks driven by a whirlwind. The clans shall be riven from their heart and cast into the furnace. And this before the snows return." Three hundred years ago, the human race would have died out if not for a few who created and swore to abide by the Resolution, which bound the remnants together with a common purpose and gave them the tools to survive in a harsh land. Little by little, the clans grew and prospered despite innumerable disasters wrought by the relentless battering of talieth and vargoda. But now a new cataclysm approaches, one that will strain the very bonds the Resolution was meant to safeguard - and even salvation brings untold devastation.

The Sherangivan

The Sherangivan by Jacqueline Fellows

"You go no farther than your own mind; and what could be more familiar to you than yourself?" A new city on the rivers, its walls pristine and untested. Encroaching strangers, aggressive, seeking a new land of their own. A brutal triple murder in the woods. And a young man caught in the middle of it all, tormented by dreams he doesn't understand.

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