The Blood King


The Blood King by Keith Ward

He's 278 years old. And just getting started. Lord Fathim, ruler of Walkland, has used the magic of Proxies to live a long time. But he wants more -- more life, more power, more slaves. He’s ruled his country for centuries, and his plot to take over the rest of the world is ripening. He has one small problem, though: he's going insane. The Proxy system which has lengthened his life is also breaking his mind. There is a cure. He knows one person -- Mavel, a powerful and famous Span Seer -- who can help restore his sanity. Her dark magic can do that. When his mind is restored, he can put his plan in motion. Mavel knows it, too. She also knows something Lord Fathim doesn’t -- a secret that could end his reign forever. But only if she can find the courage to risk it all. You see, she has failures in her past. Innocents once died while Mavel hid, and her cowardice gnaws at her like an animal digging into a fresh kill. This ancient Span Seer holds the key to Lord Fathim's future, and thus the future of all. Will her own fears block her? Can she stop the Blood King's reign of death?


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