Poetic Justice (The Oakhurst Murders Book 2)


Poetic Justice (The Oakhurst Murders Book 2) by Alex R Carver

Caught, escaped, and now on the run. Kieran Wright, the teen serial killer who terrorised the village of Oakhurst in Written In Blood has been captured, but before he can see the inside of a cell he escapes, leaving behind a trail of bodies. Constable Melissa Turner is engrossed with the aftermath of the murders and the revelation of who was behind them, and a case of vandalism at the local stables. Meanwhile, Detective Inspector Martins is given the task of searching for and apprehending the killer. As the body count mounts, and Wright becomes more and more desperate to get away, a storm builds overhead. Can Martins and the police catch Wright before more people die, or will the storm provide him with the cover he needs to make good his escape?

AdultCrime FictionMystery, Thriller, and Suspense/Police ProceduralsMystery, Thriller, and SuspenseMystery, Thriller, and Suspense/Detective FictionMystery, Thriller, and Suspense/Suspense

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