Forged in Cursed Flames (Crown and Crest Book 2)


Forged in Cursed Flames (Crown and Crest Book 2) by Shari L. Tapscott, Jake Andrews

Lady Clover’s life suddenly takes a turn for the worse when she’s framed for necromancy by Princess Camellia. She and the princess both know she’s not a dark magic user, but little good that does Clover when Camellia disappears. The kingdom is in turmoil over the abduction of their beloved princess, and Clover is determined to find her way into the rescue party—even if Henrik, the most handsome commander in all Caldenbauer and the man of her reoccurring dreams, is in charge. He suspects Clover’s guilty. Clover thinks she should have pushed him into the troll pit when she had the chance. Once again, they’re at odds, but they have no choice but to play nice if they want to find Camellia—especially when they discover their mission will take them into the heart of Ferradelle, the High Vale elves’ territory. They’re going to need a guide. Thankfully, they know an elf who just might help them…for a price. Forged in Cursed Flames is the second book in Crown and Crest, a connected fantasy romance series full of humor, adventure, and a good helping of epic action. The books are perfect for readers who enjoy feisty main characters, handsome male leads, plenty of banter, and an enemies-to-lovers style romance.

New AdultFantasy/Epic and HighFantasy/Romantic and Erotic

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