Rise of the Phoenix King (Crown and Crest Book 4)


Rise of the Phoenix King (Crown and Crest Book 4) by Shari L. Tapscott, Jake Andrews

The epic conclusion to the Crown and Crest series! After serving Camellia for the last five months, Henrik is prepared to sacrifice his future to remove the people he loves from the princess’s clutches—even if it means he must say goodbye to Clover for good. But Camellia isn’t willing to turn away from her wicked ways. Just when it seems peace might be possible, she rises again, more powerful than anyone could have predicted. Armed with magic to control a legion, the princess is determined to overthrow Lawrence and take the crown by force. For the first time in Caldenbauer’s history, humans, Woodmores, and High Vales must band together to defeat a foe who grows stronger with each passing day. Alliances must be formed, but it’s difficult to forgive the wrongs of the past. A new era is on the horizon, but darkness looms before the dawn… Rise of the Phoenix King is the last book of Crown & Crest, a connected fantasy romance series full of humor, adventure, and a good helping of epic action. The books are perfect for readers who enjoy feisty female characters, handsome male leads, plenty of banter, and an enemies-to-lovers style romance.

New AdultFantasy/Epic and HighFantasy/Romantic and Erotic

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