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Order of the Shadow Dragon

Order of the Shadow Dragon by Steven McKinnon


Magic is the enemy. When he discovers all is not what it seems, can a young knight survive long enough to protect the world from the forces of darkness? Adrian Navarro burns for revenge. The lone member of a defunct military sect, the nineteen-year-old can’t shake the horrific nightmare of witnessing his father’s murder by shadowy fiends. So when a cataclysm devastates a neighbouring kingdom and his superiors blame a powerful sorceress, he gladly agrees to assassinate her to settle the score. Striking out across another realm’s border, the relentless soldier tracks the evil wielder of the dark arts. But after he’s ambushed by magic-users and captured, he’s shocked to discover his crusade for vengeance could be built on a stunning lie - and now the fate of the world is at stake. As he’s confronted by soul shattering truths, can Adrian overcome his greatest fear and save the world? Order of the Shadow Dragon is the action-packed first book in the Legacy of Light & Shadow epic fantasy series. If you like heroes who grow, fast-paced thrills, and humour along with the danger, then you’ll love Steven McKinnon’s high-stakes adventure.

Tall & Dark

Tall & Dark by Suzannah Rowntree


Ghosts, grifters…and a missing heir in 1890s Europe. It’s easier to conduct a séance when the dead aren’t trying to contact you. As Molly Dark knows all too well, the problem with being able to see ghosts is that they never tell you what you wish to know. For instance, how a proper young lady like Miss Dark is supposed to support an impoverished family after her father has died a ruined man. Or how she is going to impersonate a missing princess long enough to steal a fortune out from under the collective noses of a whole family of royal monsters. Or exactly why the charming imposter claims to be none other than Grand Duke Vasily Nikolaevich, when he certainly isn’t a prince…or a vampire. Alas, the dead normally have something far more unsettling to impart… Return to the Bête Epoque, an 1890s Europe ruled by monsters, in Miss Dark’s Apparitions! Leverage meets The Parasol Protectorate in this whimsical historical fantasy caper. Join Miss Dark in the spooky mansions of 1890s Europe - read Tall & Dark today!

The Call of the Valkyries

The Call of the Valkyries by T J Mayhew


A god powerless against his fate. A girl determined to make her own destiny. A prophecy that binds them together... Freydis dreams of being a shieldmaiden but her parents have other ideas. When she learns of her their plan to marry her off to a local fisherman’s son, Freydis’ need to break free from her life intensifies. With Olaf the Red’s arrival, she sees her chance of escape and, with the help of her friends, begins to put her plan into motion. Leaving her home, and family, behind, Freydis embarks on the most dangerous adventure of her life. But life on the whale road is nothing like Freydis expected and she’s soon asking herself: how will she survive her first raid if she can’t even survive her first voyage? With forces beyond her control, or understanding, conspiring against her, how long will she be able to resist the call of the Valkyries? The Call of the Valkyries is the first in a historical fantasy adventure series, featuring some of the greatest Norse myths and legends. Download your copy and discover a new adventure today!

Legacy's Price

Legacy's Price by T. L. Rolston


When Lady Elizabeth "Liz" Bryne suddenly manifests ancient magic during a duel, she finds herself at the center of an ancient mystery that puts her at odds everyone around her. Complicating matters, her grandfather, the King, has gone missing on a diplomatic mission and everyone seems to believe that she is somehow responsible. In order to clear her name, Liz will have to save the King herself. Failure means the end of Segen as she knows it. But when her journey forces her to confront the truth behind the incident that stole her memories, will she be strong enough to complete her mission?

Beyond the Burning Sea

Beyond the Burning Sea by T.B. Schmid & R.Wade Hodges


It has been over two hundred and fifty years since the sky fell and the Young Gods died.On the mainland of Niyah, the city states of Gundlaan strive to form a united nation. On the fringe of their western frontier, there are whispers of a sinister force gathering. The Laegis Templars, the mortal remains of the Young Gods' army, are dispatched to deal with the problem. But in the vast and untamed Deckoran Wilds, Death itself is never far away...Meanwhile, the SKS Peregrine, pride of the Sea Kings fleet, has done the impossible: she has traveled beyond the Burning Sea, long thought to be the southern edge of the world of Ruine. Now, all that remains of her crew struggle to find their way back, led by a young man bearing a book filled with dark secrets, who must decide whether to reveal the terrifying truth that pursues them...

Messengers of Ilbeor

Messengers of Ilbeor by T.J. Klapprodt


Messengers connect six races of the verdant and beautiful land of Ilbeor, and newly trained messenger Alanda feels the promise of her adult life as she steps into the world to find her fortune. Faithful dog Alis at her side, Alanda traverses the mountainous wilderness only to be punished by storm and sun before becoming the first elf-friend in generations. When she meets charming messenger Tostig and feels the spark of a connection unlike any she’s ever known, she believes her life has truly begun. After being greeted by tragedy and a brother changed by primal magics she does not understand, Alanda must travel the icy wastes with an unlikely companion to discover the answers to her brother’s prophetic gifts and her own heritage. With only a mysterious artifact to guide her way, she knows only one thing: her entire destiny is about to change. In Tostig’s attempt to race to her side, he is waylaid by the mysterious Sashu toward his own changed future as powerful magician and a hand of the gods themselves. As Alanda and Tostig uncover who they were fated to be, they learn the appearance of peace in Ilbeor is only given by the lack of outright war…and when they each come to the attention of vengeful elven mage Altoneir, they stand to find out just how much they have to lose.

Undine's Blessing

Undine's Blessing by Tessa Hastjarjanto


A dutiful daughter, a mystical archipelago, and a hidden power waiting to command the tides... Marella spends her days caring for her sick mother and selling her father's fish. Bound by duty and love, she dreams little of adventure. But when her mother must travel to the city for treatment, her father takes her out to sea, despite her fear of water. A storm steers them to Emberrain, home to a tribe of magical nymphs and a place of secrets, where Marella discovers a startling truth: her father is a frequent visitor to these mysterious islands. Soon she learns that Emberrain isn't the only secret he had kept from her. Marella has the power to control water and communicate with aquatic animals. Overwhelmed by the magical but dangerous islands, and the secrets of her father, Marella must learn to harness her powers to save herself and her new aquatic friend before they are separated from their parents forever. Undine's Blessing is a journey of wonder, where fears are faced and mysteries unravel, and a young girl learns that true adventure begins when you dare to embrace who you truly are.

The Enchanter's Counsel

The Enchanter's Counsel by Thalib Razi


All compasses point to Fridheim, a holy city at the north pole of a spinning, coin-shaped planet called Quatrain. A hundred years after the millennium-long “Old War” between the coin’s faces over its sacred and gemstone-rich rim, the city’s “New Peace” is threatened by earthquakes, extremists, and tensions between its goblin, elf, and dwarf inhabitants. The son of immigrants who run a café in Fridehim’s goblin quarter, Mizan al-Wasati has just graduated with a degree in gemstone enchanting and is determined to prove to himself (and his overbearing parents) that he’s worthy of a job in that prestigious, modern field of magic. But his journey home in search of work and love ends up putting him in the middle of his hometown’s postcolonial politics, a religious feud between mystic traditionalists and violent literalists, an awkward reencounter with his childhood crush – and a strange magical disaster that suddenly falls upon him and his friends to fix. The debut fantasy novel of Sri Lankan American Muslim writer and singer-songwriter Thalib Razi, The Enchanter’s Counsel turns the tropes of the high fantasy genre on their heads (or tails, if you will) and explores a world where East and West literally cannot see eye to eye, where the epics of good versus evil are just biased accounts from a forgotten era, and where people rely on convenient magical devices instead of the power in their bones. Nothing like our world, of course… Turn the pages to find out more!

Gabriel's Journey

Gabriel's Journey by Thomas J. Prestopnik


An exciting adventure novel for pre-teen and adult readers. Gabriel mouse and his friends enjoy a carefree existence in the field along the country road–until the night of the wild summer storm! When a fiery bolt of lightning destroys an abandoned barn across the road, their lives are changed forever. But was the barn really abandoned after all? Rumors have always existed of green-eyed beasts living there, but the mice had never seen them and so never believed in them. Until now. Six creatures have fled the burning barn like shadows in the night, secretly crossing the road into Gabriel's field during the storm, and now live in the nearby woods. Watching... Waiting... Now that danger hunts them down, the mice realize that the rumors are all too true. So Gabriel and a group of friends decide to search for a new home behind the walls of an estate where life is said to be perfect. But the situation is far from perfect before their journey even starts. Gabriel's best friend Simon is falling under the spell of the beasts and puts the mice in grave danger. Will Simon betray them all? Or will Gabriel succeed before all is lost? Let the journey begin...

Surviving Westcliff

Surviving Westcliff by Thomas Perkins


Westcliff was meant to be a new start. For Ash, her first voyage as a navigator is a chance to excel under her legendary mentor, prove to the world and herself that she’s fit for the job. For Baron, the expedition’s criminally-inclined security officer, it’s an opportunity to cash in on a supposed stashed fortune before debts get his knees smashed in. But from the moment their ship drops anchor and Westcliff is founded, things aren’t quite right. Livestock go missing. Strange sounds echo in the darkness. Baron’s fortune seems more fiction than fact. And when tragedy suddenly strikes, Westcliff’s residents find themselves trapped and under-provisioned, with winter fast approaching. Forced to take charge of a desperate town on the brink of violence, Ash and Baron will have to use every trick they have to find out who’s responsible. If they don’t, nobody’s surviving Westcliff.

Dawn of the Black Sun

Dawn of the Black Sun by Timo Burnham


A martial arts progression fantasy. In the world of the Silver Empire, there are magical talking swords, martial arts demigods and ancient mysteries lost to time. Ryushu lives the quiet and boring life of a fisherman's son until a single day rips his world apart. Now he must make the journey to the top of the titanic Mount Gharun to learn from the hyo masters--martial artists with the powers of demigods. Can he survive the brutal climb? Does he have the strength, not just of body, but of mind and spirit? Meanwhile an exile wonders the barrenlands, holding a sword that speaks. He slowly gathers a following as he prepares to take the emperors throne for himself. Dawn approaches. A Dawn of death and destruction. The Dawn of the Black Sun.

The Torn Veil

The Torn Veil by Timothy J R Rains


A Mysterious Correspondent. A Battle-weary Nation. A Covenant Sworn on the Altar of Hell. Aside from a few memories of her mother, the convent is all Kerstin’s ever known. But when she receives an invitation to work for the Duke of Klomm, she finally gets the chance to experience life outside the abbey. Only, the opportunity isn’t what she thinks. Offered up as bait in a dangerous undercover investigation, Kerstin must walk a harrowing razor’s edge. And with the Church watching her every move, one misstep could land her back in the convent—or worse, at the stake. Not to mention, the duke will most likely throw her off a bridge the second she outwears her usefulness. And that’s if the most nefarious wizard in the land doesn’t blast her into another dimension first. There’s nowhere to turn. There's no one to trust. And with the investigation taking a darker turn, Kerstin finds herself questioning whose side she’s really on. The question is, can she claim power for herself ... or will some washerwoman find her floating facedown in the canal?

The Grand Game

The Grand Game by Tom Elliot


One man. Assassin. Caster. A new world. And a Game that is as brutal as it is complex. Michael finds himself in the realm of the Forever Kingdom, with no memory of how he got there and who he is. Even so, he must participate in the Grand Game and forge a new destiny for himself. Dropped into a dungeon of monsters, and strange magics, would you survive in a Game where to lose means death? Alone, and with little more than his wits to aid him, Michael must advance as a player, slay his foes, and gain experience. All while navigating the intrigues around him and discovering his purpose. A world of Powers, Forces, and mysterious factions. A Game with endless opportunities for advancement and power. Join Michael on his epic adventure as he deals with the Game’s challenges, the machinations of the Powers, and the ambitions of his fellow players. The start of an exciting new portal fantasy epic!

The Young Necromancer's Guide to Ghosts

The Young Necromancer's Guide to Ghosts by Vanessa Ricci-Thode


Lusi can see ghosts. And that's only the beginning of her problems. Lusi is a perfectly normal 12-year-old wizard except for the part where she can talk to ghosts. But everyone knows ghosts aren’t real, so at best they think Lusi is lying and at worst that she’s lost her mind. Her big sister Marsi is the only one who believes her, but Marsi is running away to escape Uncle’s terrible plan to make her marry his creepy nephew. Lusi can’t imagine being separated from her sister and leaves behind the rest of their family to flee with Marsi via merchant caravan to the Wizards Guild for help. All their plans are dashed to pieces when Uncle catches up to them in a matter of days. Uncle’s connections to powerful wizards make him far more dangerous than Lusi initially realized. But Lusi isn’t crazy or a freak for talking to ghosts: she’s a necromancer! Marsi is worried—they’ve always been told that necromancers are monsters. Lusi needs to learn more to set both their minds at ease. She must enlist the help of a ghost girl, a dragon, and a strange wizard from the other side of the world if she wants to control her unusual talents and keep her family safe.

Lurid Lantern

Lurid Lantern by Victoria Clapton


After discovering that all she fights for is a lie, a young commander joins her arch nemesis to defeat her king and save the three realms. Cahya is a commander in the army of Refulgent. Her mission is to defend Hikari, the Light Realm and defeat the Soul Smite army of Kurai, the Dark Realm. Yet, Cahya has a secret, and her world unravels on a chance meeting with the King of Kurai where she discovers a love that may have fractured the realms.

The Outer Darkness

The Outer Darkness by M. V. Prindle


An ancient and magical wall of Darkness surrounds the Land of Light, ringing the known world. Within it, an ancient evil stirs... The sources of Light have begun to fail. Demons muster at the borders. A horde of the risen dead shamble in from the west. The Fallen gods prepare to invade. Yet hope remains, for a handful of champions stand against the Darkness… Abraxes has forsaken his family fortune to escape his father’s control. When a god employs him to steal a sacred object, will he find the destiny he searches for? Anaya is a monk of the Iron Way. Her temple has been destroyed and her master murdered. Can she fulfill his dying command? Merrick has joined the holy order of the Royal Guard, just like his mother wanted. When he’s called upon to investigate a mysterious massacre, will his faith bear the weight of what he uncovers? Tallyn is one of the most deadly assassins in the world. When fate leads her to an ancient hidden city, will she survive the path the gods have laid for her? The hungry Darkness approaches. In this standalone work of dark fantasy from the author of Bob the Wizard, join the battle against the Fallen gods’ demonic children. And remember: Don’t let the Light go out.

The Songs That Beckon

The Songs That Beckon by M.A. Brown


Their grief binds them The Song calls them The Darkness wants to claim them As winter wraps Areth in its frozen embrace, nightmarish beasts descend upon the Hastings household kidnapping Mr. and Mrs. Hastings and leaving behind their daughter, Bianca, as sole witness. In the wake of their abduction her quiet world is turned upside down and shaken revealing the secrets and lies her parents have buried. As truths unravel it binds her to those who have similarly lost. Together they must wade through the thorny tangles of growing love and grief to find those that they hold dear before the looming threat of darkness is unleashed to destroy them all. Travel worlds in this dark, dreamy and romantic debut filled with dusty books and pining looks.

The Will of the World

The Will of the World by M.J. Lindemann


"May the will of the world guide your path." Plagued by the relentless husk, the populace must seek refuge behind barriers powered by crystal pylons provided by the Guild. But maintaining these safe havens comes at an extortionate price. As settlements are lost to greed, the tide of abominations surge, threatening to sweep humanity away. Four lives intersect amidst the storm: A mercenary with a penchant for thievery and a hunger for glory. An assassin on a path of vengeance for her lost life. A senator with machinations to save the world from inevitable collapse. A mystic with immense potential and little control. All four possess the power to save the world. Will their efforts avoid the coming calamity? Or incite catastrophe? If you enjoy the magic and intrigue from books and series such as The Sword of Kaigen, The Wheel of Time, and Shadow and Bone, you should check out The Will of the World.

Blood of The Hunted

Blood of The Hunted by Marc R. Micciola


When things seem their darkest, two heroes decide to rekindle hope by enduring great dangers to their body and soul, all in order to break free of the grip their cruel oppressors have on them. Blood of The Hunted is a tale of a group of rebels made up of mythological races striving to create a world where their people can live equal and free. Weylyn, leader of the rebel group known as The Resistance, his best friend Olwen, and their allies fight for better lives for the Tóráin, but their morale is lower than ever before. Their enemies, which include vile human monarchs, their soldiers, and a masked witch assassin known only as The Dove, continue to tighten their terrible grip on a people they believe are creatures born of a godly evil. After a desperate move to form an alliance with a neighboring nation that has worked towards equality between Tóráin and humans, The Resistance begins to gain traction for the first time. Weylyn, Olwen, and their allies look to spread their rebellion from their country to four others, hoping to weaken them before an all out war is waged to liberate the Tóráin who live there. What follows is a precarious storm full of horrifying violence, impressive resilience, fierce loyalty, and inspiring comradery that will have you jumping back and forth from tears to smiles from chapter to chapter. Blood of The Hunted is a book ripe with emotion, action, diversity, and intensity that strives to show the strength of marginalized communities, as well as the horrors of heavy subjugation and oppression. The story features heartwarming moments as well as gut-wrenching ones. It is a darker tale than most, but it only accentuates the lighter moments throughout the story. At its core, Blood of The Hunted is a story about resilience, family, and the will to see a better world for everyone living in it, no matter where they come from or what they look like.

They Left Magic in Their Wake

They Left Magic in Their Wake by Marilyn Peake


At the end of the world, there will be magic. Earth has been decimated by climate change. Humanity has fractured into isolated tribes. A child born in the southwestern desert of the United States appears to have magical powers, a strict taboo in his part of the world. In four other locations, people discover magical items. No one knows how they work or where they’re from. Although these strange objects capture the imagination, using them is risky and dangerous. The five tribes at the heart of this novel: Southwestern Desert Tribe: Zadie and Nora have fled their tribe where human reproduction is so rare, pregnant women are burned at the stake as witches. Zadie gives birth to triplets, only one born alive. The surviving infant shows signs of having magical powers, another punishable taboo. Northeastern Mountain Tribe: Finley is a young boy too curious for his own good. Meddling with strange technology he finds in a cave, he eventually boards a flying ship that takes him far away from the only world he’s ever known. Tribe in Akihabara, Japan: Exploring post-apocalyptic Tokyo, Emiko, Katsuki, Rin and Ko discover ancient manga and D&D items, as well as glowing cubes they mistake for dice. When the long-dead neon lights of Tokyo begin to flicker, the teenagers get caught up in the most intense adventure of their lives. McMurdo Station Tribe—Located in the Land of Magical Ice, Formerly Antarctica: Settlers at the abandoned McMurdo Station practice a form of mysticism, their ancestors having fled religious persecution as well as the droughts and fires of Australia. Arthur Campbell and Harrison Clark are researchers studying the strange technology that runs the place. Vostok Station Tribe—Located in the Land of Magical Ice, Formerly Antarctica: The original settlers of the abandoned Vostok Station fled the extreme heat, fires and droughts of Brazil. Years later, giant squid and a spaceship emerge from Lake Vostok as the ice begins to melt. Salvador Siqueira and his crew leave their station to investigate.

Magic on the Cards

Magic on the Cards by Marina Finlayson


Never trust a werewolf. I’m the weakest cartomancer who ever lived, but I can use Tarot cards to work magic. Most days. That makes me the natural prey of the Soldiers of the Light, the jumped-up werewolves who police the magic community. They’ve hunted cartomancers for centuries because of some stupid ancient feud. Never speak to a werewolf. I’m helping the local vampires track a rogue that’s menacing our little town when I knock a handsome stranger off his motorbike. He’s badly hurt but refuses medical help. So I take Mr Tall, Dark and Suspicious home—and find out he’s a Soldier. Because that’s just the kind of day I’m having. Never, under any circumstances, fall in love with a werewolf. He’s my sworn enemy, but sparks fly between us. Now I have a monster to catch and a town to save, all while guarding my secret—and my heart—from a man who would kill me without a second thought if he knew the truth.

Cascade of Sparks

Cascade of Sparks by Mary Stephenson Su


Elves, Magic, and Trouble of Imperial Proportions Born with the ability to see magic, Zaria hides her gifts in an attempt to fit in with her elven community. It’s easier to focus on school and go with the flow. She’s not one to speak up, especially not for the new elf from the Imperial Center who is as infuriating as he is handsome. Jovan is new to the valley, and he's never quite fit in. His ambitions are bigger than life in a small town, and he’ll do what it takes to go after them. Never one to hold back, he calls Zaria out on her refusal to stand up for the truth—and sparks fly. When Jovan finds himself framed for a crime he didn’t commit, only Zaria’s unique gift can save him. They’ll have to work together to clear his name. Will Zaria risk everything to save Jovan, or will she leave him at the mercy of his accusers?

The Eightfold Lairs of Xillenthia

The Eightfold Lairs of Xillenthia by Melinda O'Donnell


The land has gone. The oceans have disappeared. Fearsome beasts roam the wilds. Only pieces of the earth remain, desolate wastelands where scattered pockets of humanity survive, eking out their small lives. But a handful of people are different. They are rare. But they are strong, resourceful, intuitive- and driven by violence and personal loss. ~Sirrea~ has been locked away in a tower since her birth, alone, for crimes she did not commit. ~Kinek~ is a leader of men, helping his people stave off hunger and desperation- at least for one more day. ~Azola~ is a mighty warrior, and a legend in her own right. Old are the tales of the wanderer in the desert, and they are ancient and terrible. They alone can unlock the mystery of the ruin of the world, and perhaps change the course of the future.

Whisper for Eternity

Whisper for Eternity by Melissa Stone


An immortal scholar. A missing goddess. A lost history. The last thing Linndan expected when the gods dragged him back to Melphor was being tasked with locating Tehaksha, the missing goddess of the underworld. Threatened with remaining stuck on Melphor, he agrees to help. His search led him from one end of the country to the other, uncovering the theft of an ancient and evil book in the process. Despite his protests, Empress Hihaye prevents Linndan from completing his task, declaring that the theft is a more pressing matter. The gods are no help, insisting that he deal with this as well. What he finds at the end of his journey will change Melphor forever.

The Wind at Oak Hollow

The Wind at Oak Hollow by Melissa Widmaier


2nd Place Winner in the 2023 Firebird Book Awards for Dark Fantasy Families can be complicated, especially when the fate of the kingdom rests on yours. Marl Ganwin is more than just a mischief-maker. He's a pain in the ass--the Wind spirit's favorite youth. The Village of Na-ir tolerates his antics, giving him free rein to ramble and rumble. But things take an unexpected turn when Wind forces him to accept an unfathomable fate. Can Marl's family and the entire village survive the implosion of his gifts? Or will his choices send their peaceful world order into a whirlwind? What will he lose when he accepts his power? The first installment of the Realm of Light series!

Red Flags

Red Flags by Michael Procopio


Mateo Álvarez-Moreno is an undercover agent at the Department of Supernatural Activity (DOSA) and has recently been assigned his worst mission yet: as the lead on the reality TV dating series Red Flags. As if being the first gay and non-white lead suitor wasn’t overwhelming enough, intel from DOSA suggests that one of the other contestants is secretly a demon. Mateo has been tasked to apprehend the monster before it can kill or maim the other contestants and crew members. There’s just one tiny problem. One of the guys he’s falling for might be the demon he’s supposed to kill. Now Mateo must put aside his feelings until the mission is complete or he risks starring in the most murderous season in Red Flags history.

A Song to Wake a Thousand Sorrows

A Song to Wake a Thousand Sorrows by Michelle Manus


A woman with unimaginable power. A king hellbent on ruling the world. An ancient force that could mean salvation or destruction.

The survivor of a brutal childhood, Clare Brighton craves the kind of wealth and notoriety that will mean the horrors of her past can never again touch her. With nothing but a battered guitar and a Songweaver’s talent, she comes to the capital of the Faelhorn Provinces, determined to gain her place. But there is another, more dangerous power that dwells within Clare. An entity she calls the Song, it is ancient and fathomless…and no longer content to be held in the cage she has trapped it in. It is a power the ruthless Jackal King has long been searching for, and should he discover she possesses it, the cost will be far greater than her life. Clare has sworn that she will never again let anyone control her. But escaping the Jackal King’s notice will require the one thing she never wanted to need: help. It will come first from the two lords who have taken her under their wing. Next from the second prince of Faelhorn, who Clare alone knows is not what he seems. And finally, from the Song itself. The Song has the strength to save her—if it doesn’t destroy her first.

Seeds of the Fallen

Seeds of the Fallen by Miriam Yvette


Celestials. Light vs. Darkness. Enemies-to-lovers? A secret identity hides the truth, but what happens when it becomes a cage? The irritable and uncommitted Lucan Greystone has to live under an alias, his true self, hidden in a human body. No one can know he's a celestial of the cosmos, as those were the wishes of his mother before she was taken. But when a murder attempt sends Lucan to a small town, he must depend on the Harrow family to trek the long, perilous road back to his friends, all while suffering Elene Harrow's company, the town's heathen who nearly killed him. Elene Harrow wants to undo the wrongs of her past, even if that means fulfilling a Vow of Marriage and leaving her romantic life in the hands of another. Upon meeting Lucan, she finds his existence a danger, yet he's always the one who rescues her, even when he can barely stand her. When Elene discovers one of Rima's children ensnared in darkness, the journey may be more than they bargained for.

After Silence

After Silence by Natalie Northwood


Pity is he who rules the world. Inevitable is she who burns it. Norandia, a human-inhabited land abandoned by its slaughtered deities, is on the brink of war with the rest of continental Halivaara. But it isn’t just humans who call Halivaara home. Here dwell eight other territories, seven nonhuman species called Dwellers, and six reigning kingdoms. Today, they know no peace; historically, they never have. Cerys Odessa is a mage hiding in Norandia, where Dwellers are burned at the stake for daring to cross the border; if they find her, they will kill her. But when Vanadey, one of Norandia’s extinct deities, suddenly resurfaces to burn towns in an act of revenge, Cerys realizes that maybe her hidden magic can help stop the brewing war that Vanadey started a millennium ago. But Cerys can’t rise against her on her own. With the aid of an outlawed shapeshifter, Cerys must cross enemy lines to seek alliances with the last living dragon, a mage queen who enslaves men, and the king of the werewolves if she hopes to stop Vanadey before war consumes Norandia and everyone she loves. After Silence is a dark, gritty tale of forced heroism in a land of murderous deities and brewing war, where every character has only those they love to lose—and love is everything.

The Serpent's Quest

The Serpent's Quest by Nerine Dorman & Toby Bennett


How long have the stars been the same? Longer than weary eyes may count. Tonight, a wanderer burns on the surface of Khusu’s pool, and soon all other lights will seem pale. How many ages have rolled since the gods have seen a sail from the world beyond? The rising sun shall rob them of their isolation. My time is coming. They called me fool, but none have known my pain. The pattern shifts; neither man nor god may know its final weaving. What some call madness, I call vision. I have seen, and now one comes – haunted, driven before the winds of a fate he dare not face. I have called the Serpent from his prison. A man of war, seeking peace, yet disease and ruin will follow in his wake. What he bears will cast a shadow to drown the distant lights of Tel Aphos and make the gods who dwell there remember fear. All that remains is to find the one to serve me when the general falls. Is that you Hetephes? Are you to be my handmaiden or will you choose your false father? So many others have failed. You are restless in your narrow bed. Do you sense me watching? Do you dream? Should not the God of Visions and Crossroads know? It is selfish not to share. It matters not! The ships are here, the star returns, and no novice’s dream could encompass what is to come… If you want to know that, you must share The Serpent’s Quest.

Obsidian Murders

Obsidian Murders by Nicole Brona


A journalist who's kinda weird. A 500-year-old vampiric detective. Two young women dead from an unknown, magical source. 
Tessa O'Hara is tired of people thinking she is crazy. Growing up sensitive to the supernatural and deemed mentally unstable by every therapist she’s ever seen, Tessa moves to Washington D.C. to start fresh. But when there are two murders in her neighborhood that reek of magic, she's a bit freaked out and utterly regretting her decision to become a semi-functioning adult.

Seeking aid from a vampiric detective, a grumpy house faerie, and several local Wiccan covens, she is determined to use her abilities to help. But Tessa and her new friends are at a loss when the case abruptly goes cold with no leads or suspects.

Can Tessa help find the killer before another woman is found dead?

Obsidian Murders is the first book in the all slaying, no laying Midnight Detective Agency urban fantasy series. If you enjoy a sassy main character, magical sidekicks, and puzzling mysteries, then you will love this novel.

Child of Vanris

Child of Vanris by Nikki McCormack


At five years old, Kasiel was found with the pointed ends of his ears cut off. Despite that brutal start, he’s lived twelve peaceful years with the man who took him in. Keeping his hair long over his mutilated ears helps him hide the fact that he is Vanrian, a child of the enemy. Everything changes when mercenaries arrive hunting for Kasiel. The last people he expects to come to his rescue are Vanrian soldiers, one of whom claims to be his spirit brother, whatever that means. They plan to take him across the war zone to deliver him to his real father, a man whose name strikes terror in his enemies. With his secret exposed, Kasiel can’t return to his old home. This is his chance to find out who he was supposed to be. It means traveling to a foreign land where they have unusual psychic abilities he may share. It also means leaving behind everything he’s ever cared about. If he is to survive, he will need to learn their language and culture and earn his place in their society. Meanwhile, the man who cut Kasiel’s ears will do anything to keep him out of his true father’s hands, even if it means killing him.

A Strange Bunch

A Strange Bunch by Nikola Stefan


An epic fantasy saga based on myths, legends, and folk fairytales which have enthralled generations worldwide. To lose everything, and remain apart, darkness always round her, darkness in her heart!
To wander the world, without peace or cheer, shadow ever pursuing, and escape nowhere! Deep in the forgotten past, a dark force awakens… The sole survivor of a mysterious devastating attack is hounded by an unnatural pack with a black horseman at the helm. She finds herself on a perilous quest alongside a group of enigmatic misfits, brought together through chance encounters and unforeseen alliances. Chosen by the gods or beguiled into believing so by the far-seeing daughter of a witch, the companionship seeks to unravel the secrets of a fateful prophecy. Experience the thrill of swords and sorcery in wandering a medieval world of mythical creatures, dark forests, and lost cities with these unsung heroes – in a race for their very lives, as they battle deadly shadows rising from the depths of time!

Path of the Guardian

Path of the Guardian by Paolo Danese


The kingdom that had protected him for so many years had now betrayed him. It had torn everything away from him. Now he was alone, and the end was approaching. Boren is a young man with a past far more mysterious than he realizes. He is now desperate, alone, and on the run. His family has just been slaughtered by the assassins of Ferdul, the usurper king of the island kingdom of Siskail. Why me? This is all he keeps thinking. But the answer will not be easy to find. Rescued by one of the last warrior mages, the duo will need to travel far and face their worst nightmare. Little do they know a threat long-forgotten is looming. Path of the Guardian is the first book in the epic fantasy trilogy Portal Wars.

Thornbane the Lost

Thornbane the Lost by Paul Sating


A kingdom plunged into chaos. A woman branded a demon. A power she didn't choose becomes her only hope. On the morning of the bell tolls, Cynn Jade wakes to find her world shattered. The baron and his wife, murdered. Hexed by powers she doesn't understand, Cynn is forced to flee all she knows. Hexed by enigmatic powers, she becomes a demon, an outcast shunned by the very world she could save. Changing her name to protect the family line will only go so far as she discovers the true depth of the war she’s fighting. Lost in a world she can no longer call her own, she must rely on the kindness of strangers. A ranger, who knows more of her story than he’s sharing. A goblin, exiled by her own kind who must do the last thing she wants to do to keep Thornbane alive. A mage with an unsavory reputation for pushing magic too far. Haunted by a demon's shadow and ostracized by her people, Cynn is an exiled heir. If she embraces her cursed transformation, she can unlock a powerful hidden magic. But will doing so save the barony or consume her soul? To regain not only her throne but also save her people, Cynn must find a cure to the curse. Her quest leads her down a perilous path, forcing her to face a magic far older and wilder than she ever imagined. As the shadows deepen, the question lingers—will this newfound power save her or become the instrument of her destruction?

However Many Must Die

However Many Must Die by Phil Williams


Wild Wish was trained to do one thing: kill. Saved from a lonely backwater existence by a global war, Wish couldn't believe her luck when she got into the Blood Scouts. Now she gets to share tents with an all-female platoon of night-stalking, giant-slaying, boat-sinking, battle-swaying legends in the making. The problem is, they keep dying. And they've been given their worst assignment yet. The enemy Dread Corps are combining magics deep within the nightmare lands of Low Slane, to unleash a weapon that could sway the entire war. It's up to the Blood Scouts to stop them – with a journey that gets more dangerous with every step. Far behind enemy lines, death hangs in the air. Monsters lurk around every corner. Are Wish's skills – and positive attitude – enough to keep her Blood Scouts alive? Or will the cost of survival finally break her? Get ready for the first epic entry in a new series, and a new world, of dark military fantasy from Phil Williams. Start reading today!

The Lost Noble

The Lost Noble by R. Litfin


In the world of Edenarth, faerie technology has advanced the realms immeasurably. Crystal ball communications, magic mirror displays, and portaling for fast travels are just some of the things that the Clans of Fey have engineered for human consumption—at the right price, of course. Politically, countless kingdoms and realms vie for power and prestige. It is a world filled with terrifying dragons, fearsome trolls, clueless humans, eccentric alchemists, syndicates and pirates, mysterious mermaids, faeries and their magic. In the realm of Kelemer, Adella lives a life of peasantry with her parents, always having to hide from a shadowed past no one will name. One night, they are visited by the grandmother Adella never knew she had: Queen Cassandra Everheart, ruler of the ocean kingdom of Adamaris, the neighboring realm to the south. After years of hiding, Adella learns why her family has been hunted as Cassandra apologizes for banishing Adella’s father for marrying outside of the royal bloodlines. Adamaris has since been bereft of an heir, and with Adella being the rightful crown, she is presented with the choice to leave and attend Royal High, a finishing academy for nobility. Within three years’ time, she will be expected to become Queen of Adamaris should she embrace her birthright. Naturally, fifteen year old Adella is stunned, but reluctantly agrees. She is then whisked away and thrust into the opulent castle halls of Royal High to learn alongside other young royals from across the realms. But a strange darkness haunts Adella in the shadows of the palatial school, and through a series of increasingly dire events, Adella finds that not everyone is as they appear in the world of royals. For under the surface of all kingdoms, a terrible and dark force is rising; an ancient breed of Dragon Kin, once thought vanquished by five guardians of light, are fighting to break free from their thousand year exile. Can Adella Everheart understand what her dreams are telling her before it is too late? Or will the darkness consume everything she loves? ~~~~~ With her peasant life stripped away, and a crown thrust upon her, Adella Everheart must face the darkness haunting her at Royal High before it consumes everything she loves. Who would have thought high school could be so easy?

Through Blood and Dragons

Through Blood and Dragons by R.M. Schultz


Steeped in blood. Ruled by those with dragons. Cimeren is a world divided by a mysterious forest and the vast Lake on Fire. Suspicion brews on both sides, and the south has fallen into chaos as battles and quarrels rage between kingdoms. In the border outpost of Nevergrace, Cyran Orendain is dealing with the loss of his brother and his lord as he strives to face the mounting challenges of a squire of the dragonguard. But when Cyran’s guard-master is called to face the most powerful of the southern kings and bear witness to a secret stolen from the north, Cyran is dragged into a war that has been bubbling under the surface for centuries. Dragons are not only weapons—they are engines of war. And even though Cyran is not trained in the ways of the dragonguard, he must adapt and learn to become one of them or his homeland and all of Cimeren will be destroyed. But he was not born a champion. He may break, and he will bleed.


Searlight by R.R Echevarria


In a world that slumbers under eternal night, the immortal king of the Prism Lands is dying, and with him, the world. Crown Princess Sunsea escapes the castle in hopes of saving her father before his condition is revealed to the ever-hungry for conquest empire. Valk Hawkborn, her sworn knight, chases after her. A Prism Knight, he posses the ability to manipulate overlight, holy powers granted by the moon and stored inside his crystal arm. The fall of the world gives birth to new powers: necromancers, vile puppeteers that play with the deceased bodies of their victims, and they have set their eyes on the biggest prize there is: the body of a king once believed to live forever. The race across the Prism Lands begins - the princess searching for a cure, her betrayed knight chasing after her, and the necromancers building their forces to take control of the kingdom.

Demon's Vow

Demon's Vow by R.W. Hert


An inner demon. A secret portal. The struggle for survivial may just end them all... For as long as sixteen-year-old Zade can remember, he’s fought against a powerful presence inside him. When he’s in control, he’s able to wield this dark soul’s powers to protect the nearby village. When he’s not, the demon’s thirst for blood can’t be controlled.The villagers know there’s evil lurking outside their borders, but they don’t realize it’s not the “demon ninja” they should fear—it’s the monsters he fights against who are trying to find a secret portal hidden within the town.After rescuing a young woman form an attack, the villagers capture Zade and force him to live among them. As Zade struggles to keep his demon at bay, he becomes the village’s unlikely hero. He must prepare them to fight their greatest battle, all the while waging an internal was that could destroy them all.Daemarkin: Demon’s Vow is the first book in a captivating fantasy series about perceptions, expectations, and one young man’s struggle to find his place in a strange world. If you like magical settings, incredible plot twists, and demon ninjas, then you’ll love R.W. Hert’s can’t-put-down story.

Heir of Amber and Fire

Heir of Amber and Fire by Rachanee Lumayno


They're only huge, scary, fire breathing creatures. Seriously, is that any reason to be afraid of a dragon? When my father the king announced my upcoming political wedding, it uncovered family secrets I never knew existed and forced me to go on the run. Now I, Princess Jennica of Calia, am not only trying to escape my arranged marriage, but am hoping to figure out the truth of my heritage. Because my dear father may not be what he seems. To learn the mysteries of my past, I'll have to team up with a group of ragtag mercenaries. Including a handsome dragon Seeker whose surliness can't stop me from being drawn to him despite myself. They're taking me to the dragon who once kidnapped my mother, and who hopefully has the answers I seek. Because I'm running out of time to save my kingdom. And in order to save my kingdom, I might have to betray my new friends. Journey to the Gifted Lands, a fantasy world of seven kingdoms, each known for their own unique power or ability. Heir of Amber and Fire is the first book in the Kingdom Legacy series set in this magical world.

By a Silver Thread

By a Silver Thread by Rachel Aaron


A new DFZ series from the author of NICE DRAGONS FINISH LAST and MINIMUM WAGE MAGIC, now complete at three books! In the world’s most magical metropolis where spirits run noodle shops and cash-strapped dragons stage photo-ops for tourists, people still think fairies are nothing but stories, and that’s exactly how the fairies like it. It’s a lot easier to feast on humanity’s dreams when no one believes you exist. But while this arrangement works splendidly for most fair folk, Lola isn’t one of the lucky ones. She’s a changeling, a fairy monster made just human enough to dupe unsuspecting parents while fairies steal their real child. The magic that sustains her was never meant to last past the initial theft, leaving Lola without a future. But thanks to Victor Conrath, a very powerful--and very illegal--blood mage, she was given the means to cheat death. For a price. Now the only changeling ever to make it to adulthood, Lola has served the blood mage faithfully, if reluctantly, for twenty years. Her unique ability to slip through wards and change her shape to look like anyone has helped make Victor a legend in the DFZ’s illegal-magic underground. It’s not a great life, but at least the work is stable… until her master vanishes without a trace. With only a handful left of the pills that keep her human, Lola must find Victor before she turns back into the fairy monster she was always meant to be. But with a whole SWAT team of federal paladins hunting her as a blood-mage accomplice, an Urban Legend on a silent black motorcycle who won’t leave her alone, and a mysterious fairy king with the power to make the entire city dream, Lola’s chances of getting out of this alive are as slender as a silver thread.

Bone Traders

Bone Traders by Rachel Ford


A missing giant. A sinister conspiracy. A decision that will change the fate of a jarldom. The bone trade is big business. Black market buyers will offer many silvers for fresh giant bone, to carve into charms or use in dark enchantments. When cloaked men kidnap the giant Njal Frostborn, everyone knows why. He's destined to be murdered and sold in that terrible trade. His best friend, apprentice wizard Idun Wintermoon, is determined to save him from that terrible fate. But to do so, she must defy the head of her order, and face powers far beyond her ability. To survive, she's going to need an ally. Luckily for her, Lissette Forlatt - a down-on-her-luck sellsword - is on the case. Together, they'll brave worse than the elements and rogue mages in their quest to save Njal. What they discover might shake the jarldom to its core. If they live long enough to tell the story.

Fragments of Skyonae

Fragments of Skyonae by Raleigh Markovski Falcone


Commander Ryoko Hyakutake earned it. Her new title, honor, and the respect of the Skyonian Imperial Military. But she'd throw her reputation away in an instant to bring back those she lost. Crippled with survivor's guilt, she, along with the rest of the military, search for the remains of a sacred sword across the war rotted ruins of Macloc to strike back against the god Xilmire and the Corruption: a curse that morphs Skyonians into malformed beasts. When Ryoko becomes the first person to slip free from Xilmire's grasp, she uncovers both a conspiracy against her within the ranks of the military and the horrifying secrets of the god's curse. Each new revelation about the curse could put her life further in peril. But there is a chance those secrets could save her people. Will she uncover the curse's secrets in time to save everyone? Will she save herself? Or will the Skyonian Imperial Military destroy itself?

Speak The Ocean

Speak The Ocean by Rebecca Enzor


For Mer handler Finn Jarvis, the feral mermaid performers at Oceanica Marine Park are nothing more than ruthless aquatic predators, violent and unpredictable. That doesn’t stop the public from flocking to one of the world’s most popular tourist attractions. To them, the Mer are magical entertainment, too beautiful to be dangerous. They don’t see what happens to the ones who dare swim out of line. Newly caught Erie doesn’t know what the evil landfolk want from her. Alone and voiceless, she watches the other merfolk from the confines of her tank. Broken into submission, they’ve become shells of the once vibrant creatures she knew. But Erie refuses to be subjugated. She’ll get the crowds to see her as something more than simple entertainment—starting with her captor, Finn.While Finn trains Erie in her routine, she secretly teaches herself the air-words he and the other trainers speak. And when the language barrier falls, Finn starts to realize that the gap between human and Mer is smaller than he thought, and maybe it’s not the Mer who are monsters, after all.Set against the backdrop of a familiar and beloved fairy tale, this stunning debut, as brutal as it is beautiful, explores the morality of subjugating other species to the whims of entertainment, daring readers to find humanity in the inhuman.

Demon Gates

Demon Gates by Robert Day


‘When in the city of the ancient ones, those from the endless darkness shall step through the flaming gate, HE shall come, from the shadows of the Dragons Wing, bearing the Eye and Horn of the Dragon. The land will sing with his passing and they will know fear that oppose him, for he is the Lord of the skies and protector of the Realm.’ :The Child's Prophecy. T.E. 2147 The land of Kil’Tar has a long and bloody history of war between the Kay‘taari and the Ashar’an. Aided by Dragonkind, the Kay’taari have protected the world against the Ashar’an and their demonic followers for many centuries. With demonkind banished to the Voids, and the Ashar’an all but destroyed, Kil’Tar has enjoyed an era of peace. However, the seals binding the portals to the voids are failing, and the Ashar’an are abroad once again. Both the Kay’taari and Dragonkind are nowhere to be found on Kil’Tar. Can Valdieron, a young man raised in the small village of Shadowvale, fulfill his destiny and rid the lands of this menace once and for all, or will he falter, and condemn Kil’Tar to demonic destruction?

The Stranger of Ul Darak

The Stranger of Ul Darak by S. C. Eston


Sometimes saving a world means rebelling against it. In an age long forgotten, nineteen hundred and eighty-three Seals were forged—magical disks placed around the world to repel the cosmic chaos beyond. In the centuries that followed, the Sentinels were tasked with protecting those Seals. For countless generations, they succeeded. Until now. At six years old, Shéana is recruited to the order of the Sentinels. A decade later, she displays powers unlike anything any Sentinel has shown before. When she feels the world stirring in pain, she knows the shield surrounding Tyronia has been breached. The great chain is broken. And the order of the Sentinels lies in discord. In the isolated village of Valdur, young Arth struggles to belong. Spurned by the other children, he ventures south to the endless mountains, and the strange barrier marking the edge of existence. The Final Horizon. Here he witnesses the impossible: a man emerging from beyond the veil—where nothing can possibly exist. A man Arth knows he must protect. Now the fate of two worlds rests on a knife’s edge. Only the courage of a village boy and the power of a fledgling Sentinel can save them. But to save their worlds, they must reject all they’ve been taught, leaving behind everyone and everything they’ve ever known.

Born of Scourge

Born of Scourge by S. Jean


Legends say when the skies grow dark and scourge starves the land, a star will fall in order to save humanity. Only when the star is sacrificed at the end of their journey will light return. It's a cycle—one humanity refuses to break because stars are plentiful and their sacrifices easier than learning the true nature of the scourge. When Sol finally falls, it's not because of humanity. It's because he's had enough of watching his brethren be sacrificed. He has one goal: end humanity and end the cycle. Unfortunately, he has to pretend he cares before humans get wise. It doesn't matter how soft the princess who catches him is—Celena will be dead by the time his journey ends. Nor how kind his assigned companions are—the outgoing Mira with her ballads, the brave Nebora with her axe, and the hero Loren with his soft voice and friendly smile. For centuries, humanity has lied and their kindness is a ruse to bring about Sol's own destruction at the end of his tale. He will not be fooled. No one cares about the cries of the stars they've destroyed over and over again and Sol will make sure this time, humanity is the one sacrificed. At least, that's the plan until his traitorous heart begins to care for the humans he sought to eradicate.


Sidetracked by S. K. Kelley


Jayde Palmer considers herself a typical college student, but life is messy. The day before her 19th birthday, a chance meeting with a beautiful young man named Ice Monroe disrupts Jayde's plans for a quiet, relaxing summer. She assumes he's too good to be true—until he calls. Jayde takes the bait, and things go well at first, but the relationship takes a bizarre turn when Ice drops a bombshell secret:
He is a magical human-feline shapeshifter, known as an immortal. As Jayde comes to terms with the existence of immortals and struggles to work out Ice's true intentions in dating her, a series of unexpected and uncomfortable encounters with a figure from his past leave Jayde increasingly unsure who she can trust or what she should do next. Even so, it's clear that something is wrong, and she may have no choice but to act on instinct. --- Sidetracked is part one of a four-part series about dark secrets, difficult decisions, strange dreams, a secret government program, and mental illness. With cats and a little bit of magic!

Flight of an Orphan Thief

Flight of an Orphan Thief by S. M. Radjy


Living on the streets of Thapis, Ayla doesn’t know where she really comes from—and she tells herself she doesn’t care. Her only concerns are to survive until the next day and keep her fiery temper in check. When she is framed by a redhead rat-excrement-for-brains who barely even qualifies as her nemesis and gets in trouble with the law, Ayla is given an unexpected second chance as a messenger for the wealthy Hammond merchant family that seems too good to be true. But just as she starts believing in fresh starts, Ayla finds herself ensnared in a cobweb of intrigue between Hammond House and their rival, Rouka House. When she embarks on her most critical mission yet, she is betrayed and caught. That’s when her feral nature, so far dormant, emerges. It puts Ayla on the wrong side of history, and she realizes she cannot go back to her old life until she figures out who—and what—she really is.

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