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Festival of the Night: Vellum I (The Scrolls of Vilenzia)

Festival of the Night: Vellum I (The Scrolls of Vilenzia) by Wes M. Henshaw

An evil tinge to the annual darkness known as The Festival of the Night has set off a chain of events forever in the making. The evil, derived from its own darkness, is one that must be repelled for all would succumb, or far worse, to such. All is not lost. For in light of the darkness, the hidden forces, that of the Union of the Jenine, have been quietly, steadily preparing for this eventuality. The supposed saviour will be granted tools of knowledge from the Gods – The Scrolls of Vilenzia. But will this be enough to aid her and newfound friends, and sway the balance of forever more? I truly hope so . . . Grehn will break free of the clichéd shackles of palace life; to finally venture beyond the walls of a city she has only ever known, to distant lands unknown.

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