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The King & Kishar

The King & Kishar by Timothy S Currey


Every word King Adzi Akkatha writes on sacred stones is binding, and lasts for all eternity. 
But how can he rule when he has been cursed to forget everything? His city is in chaos. Hinatsi rebels clash with his soldiers, and their mysterious leaders try to capture the King. With the help of High Priestess Idza and General Qanatha, he must relearn their laws and customs, and who he was as a King. His former self seemed cruel and cold, and he is plagued with doubts. He is an imposter in King’s clothing—do they even have the right man?  They must flee to the great Temple of Mesopos where the King’s memory might be restored. The rebels are never far behind, and day by day the curse progresses.  There is little hope they will reach the temple in time.  Even if they do, will the King want to continue ruling as a cold tyrant?

The Dragon That Never Was

The Dragon That Never Was by Timothy S. Currey

Every young woman in the village receives a dragon egg when she comes of age. Young Kleia watched every single egg hatch with a heart full of longing. Raising a dragon of her own was her destiny. Her reason to live. Nothing else could give her life meaning the way a dragon could. When she eventually got a dragon egg of her own, she learned that destiny is not always what it seems. This is no ordinary tale of dragons—the kind with daring adventure, great battles, intrepid heroes, or comforting victories. This is the tale of The Dragon That Never Was.

Death of the Tree Path

Death of the Tree Path by Timothy S. Currey


Their healer has died. Their forest is dying. They refused to leave … even when soldiers came to take their land. Riekalt has been a grim man since the death of his wife, the village healer. She gave her life to save the village. He can hardly sleep. Is it her he keeps hearing at night? When soldiers come from Gweidor to take their land, the villagers of Wolfshead Hill begin to know the end has come. They claim to come in peace, and offer gold. But they come with a trail of corpses in their wake. There is one desperate hope left to the village. Riekalt’s only son Laester begins to show glimmers of the powers that claimed his wife. If he cannot control or suppress the new magic … it might destroy him. How can Riekalt hope to save his village, if it might mean the life of his son?

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