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Queens of the Wyrd

Queens of the Wyrd by Timandra Whitecastle

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Raise your shield. Defend your sisters. Prepare for battle Half-giant Lovis and her Shieldmaiden warband were once among the fiercest warriors in Midgard. But those days are long past and now Lovis just wants to provide a safe home for herself and her daughter - that is, until her former shield-sister Solveig shows up on her doorstep with shattering news. Solveig's warrior daughter is trapped on the Plains of Vigrid in a siege gone ugly. Desperate to rescue her, Sol is trying to get the old warband back together again. But their glory days are a distant memory. The Shieldmaidens are Shieldmothers now, entangled in domestic obligations and ancient rivalries. But family is everything, and Lovis was never more at home than at her shield-sisters' side. Their road won't be easy: old debts must be paid, wrongs must be righted, and the Nornir are always pulling on loose threads, leaving the Shieldmaidens facing the end of all Nine Realms. Ragnarok is coming, and if the Shieldmaidens can't stop it, Lovis will lose everyone she loves... Fate is inexorable. Wyrd bith ful araed. Queens of the Wyrd is the brand-new epic Norse fantasy adventure by Timandra Whitecastle. If you love mothers as heroes, epic dragon battles as well as stand-out characters you can root for, BUY QUEENS OF THE WYRD TODAY!

Bloodwitch (The Living Blade 1.5)

Bloodwitch (The Living Blade 1.5) by Timandra Whitecastle

They say blood is thicker than water. They're wrong. An ancient priesthood recruited Jan from the parlours of Babuk. They said it was because she had talent at waterwielding. They'll live to regret it. Jan survived something she shouldn't have. But she doesn't remember it clearly. Now they pry into her mind, and she cannot stop them. Yet. Jan must learn how to control her own waterwielding gift, to defend herself from those who would reach within her and steal her very name and memories, and she must make a choice ... Who is she, really? Acolyte? Watermage? Bloodwitch Buy Bloodwitch today to enter the action-filled adventure today!

Touch of Iron (The Living Blade 1)

Touch of Iron (The Living Blade 1) by Timandra Whitecastle

A magic sword. A fated quest. When the world is on the brink, one woman dares to defy destiny… Is the Living Blade real or just a legend? With it… Prince Bashan could win back his kingdom. Master Telen Diaz can free himself of the burden from his past. Owen Smith sees a once-in-a-lifetime chance to gain untold knowledge. … but for Noraya Smith, the Living Blade will bring nothing but suffering and sorrow. "Realistic, character-driven fantasy that manages to both sever limbs and warm the heart." - Kirkus Reviews

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