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The Eye Of Syl (Sylmanara) by Michael Aguero

A chance discovery by two diplomats could not have come at a worse time. Ruins lost and treasures buried, rediscovered on a continent embroiled in war. The relics within could be a source of great danger, or just the thing to get the war moving. The Triple Crown may lack the resolve for a proper expedition, but the College of Wintermoore and the Church of Atterley do not. Rivals from centuries past, each desires the treasure for themselves, and will do anything to get it. A race is on, with a trophy of impossible danger, and the fate of the world in the balance. Eye of Syl is the first book in the Sylmanara trilogy but can be read as a standalone novel. Character driven, with a focus on worldbuilding, and a tight plot, Eye of Syl is a fresh epic for the modern reader.

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