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It's in the Cards (Zelda Harcrow Series Book 1) by Lisa Hogan

On a planet ruled by magic and invention, the space race to reach one of Gaia’s moons is in full swing. In the country of Tesla, this race is led by Harcrow Alchemy Inc. and, more specifically, Dr. Zelda Harcrow herself. A brilliant alchemist gifted in magic and intuition, Zelda buries herself in her work, driven by the pleasure of discovering new formulas and creating new technologies—and not least by her love of blowing stuff up in the name of alchemy and science. But when an explosion destroys her lab and nearly kills her assistant, Zelda must open her eyes and face the world beyond her lab and family company. With a persistent assassin on her tail, a handsome inspector knocking at her door, and an old flame reappearing out of nowhere, Zelda must learn that things aren’t always as they seem. Especially when her mother is reading her tarot. Can Zelda decipher the truth in time, or is her fate written in the cards?

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