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The Artist and the Anarchist (The Age of Invention) by Harlow Banks

A mystery surrounds her heritage. Can she uncover why she’s the target of villainous men before her life runs out of steam? Scotland, 1884. Amy Carter is eager to open a new chapter. An ostracized orphan celebrating her seventeenth birthday, the budding artist is delighted to leave her snobbish boarding school and return to her adoptive family of inventors and scientists. But her happy immersion in mechanical experiments and a trip to London turns to dismay when she discovers she’s been followed home by a stalker. As her godfather and his son rally to protect her with their inventions, Amy beseeches a lawyer to reveal her secret inheritance… but only receives a dire warning. And when her whirlwind journey through the marvels of France and Spain uncovers more mysterious clues, she fears the truth will only lead her deeper into peril. Can she unravel the deadly puzzle without getting ground up by the gears of intrigue? The Artist and the Anarchist is the fast-paced first book in The Age of Invention YA science fiction steampunk series. If you like engaging characters, aesthetic and historically rich backdrops, and a sense of wonder, then you’ll love Harlow Banks’s enriching story.

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