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Inner demons by Gloria Oliver

Possessed, her life shattered and left behind like trash, she will gamble it all to get to the truth. Anyone standing in her way will be gleefully annihilated. Tamara Williams' life is in chaos. One moment she's cozying down with a cup of tea, and the next she's freaking out in a dark street with headlights heading straight for her! To her horror, she discovers she has three months of missing time in which she's wrecked her best friend's wedding, scorned and abandoned her family and even blackmailed her boss. Assuming she's lost her marbles, Tamara prowls for help jittery about what else she might flamboyantly combust if she suffers another attack. Then she meets a man who declares she didn't go postal but was instead possessed by a demon. Knowing she was taken for a ride and then tossed to the gutter, can Tamara hunt down the supernatural asshat and give it a taste of its own medicine? Inner Demons is a thrilling urban fantasy novel. If you like strong heroines, quests for revenge, and devils, then you'll love Gloria Oliver's dramatic tale. Buy Inner Demons to exorcise those monsters today!

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