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The Crownless King by David Cocco

When the dead rise again, nothing is safe. Thousands of corpses have risen and mutated into aberrant horrors, engulfing Torme's world with terror. This legion of mindless creatures threatens the entire continent, and perhaps the world, with their insatiable hunger. The war against the undying has gathered people of all walks of life together. Some desire to prove their worth or obtain glory, while others aim to use this undead madness for more sinister schemes. A vanishing tower hidden among the ruins of the dead hides away the mastermind behind this horrific reality—and Torme is hellbent on tracking it down. As he battles rotting monsters with his legendary weapon, memories of his distant past resurface. Torme’s transformation from boy to man, his days as a gallant knight, and the false crimes that he is accused of all blend together into his journey for justice. But when the truth is revealed, can this gruesome reality truly be brought back from darkness?

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