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The Collapse: A Zombie Outbreak Story (Aftermath)

The Collapse: A Zombie Outbreak Story (Aftermath) by Alice B. Sullivan

What else could the dead rising be other than a sick joke? Karen Gallagher is a mother, a wife, and a scientist, and her past is catching up to her. As the world falls victim to a viral pandemic, Karen struggles to keep her daughter safe, forced to turn to the people who burned her all while harboring an awful secret.

Yesterday's Gone

Yesterday's Gone by Alice B. Sullivan

When the world falls apart, it doesn’t matter how. It’s who’s left to rebuild." -Sadie Gallagher Ten years after the Collapse, humanity rebuilds around a world teeming with infected. Determined to prove herself, Sadie’s only concern is turning eighteen so she can finally help keep her community safe. When an outsider shows up, fraying the threads of trust and security, Sadie's past comes undone, and her quaint life is ripped apart. In a world ravaged by the Collapse, a viral outbreak that turns its victims into flesh-eating monsters, eighteen-year-old Sadie Gallagher harbors an unshakable determination to prove her worth and help protect her community…until an unwelcome guest saves her from the hands of the undead, and her life takes an unexpected turn. Standing alone in her belief that her heroine is innocent despite her leader’s insistence of something sinister going on, Sadie wonders if her faith is well-placed or if this stranger has a hidden agenda of her own. A revelation looms on the horizon—one that will unravel a conspiracy involving the virus' origin and shatter Sadie's world. Yesterday’s Gone is a gripping tale of resilience, deception, redemption, and survival in a world where trust is scarce and danger lurks at every turn.

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