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Meshkwadoon by Alex Tilley

Meshkwadoon is a psychological, atmospheric experience, more focused on the individual perception of events rather than on the events themselves. As a perspective driven tale, it delves into the minds of a woman, a man, and a boy, as they are dragged through an experience of fear, obsession, trauma, and terror. Where the foundational spirit of the land seeks to fulfill its obligation to an exchange of life for the life of all. Discover the unspoken impact a melting pot society has on the folk lore and language of a land whose roots go deeper than 150 years. A world whose spirits carry on despite the hunger of the living. Genre: Fiction/ Thriller/ Folk Horror/ Magic Realism Instagram:

Meshkwadoon: Book 2

Meshkwadoon: Book 2 by Alex Tilley

The offering. Nightmares and scars remain the only fragments of a Summer veiled by death. As Autumn dawns, Natasha and Yuuta are left to fend for their sanity in a world that pulls them back to their demanded destiny. Shattered fragments are forced together in this tale as the search for a missing little girl brings the world of the living to the crossing of the spirit. In this twisted continuation of the story of Meshkwadoon, there is no escape from the monsters whose exaltations are through the offerings of the flesh

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