Ark of Ascension: A Space Opera Adventure


Ark of Ascension: A Space Opera Adventure by Michael R. Schultheiss

A planet of zealots… An alien danger… Can she save her sister? Bounty huntress Evalla Taryu never wanted to return to her home-world, where religious zealots preside over brooding alien ruins and flickering holo-ghosts… But when Evalla learns her sister has fallen under the sway of a firebrand cult leader and plans to merge with a dangerous ancient alien artifact, she has to make an exception. Battling fanatics, assassins, her sister’s intransigence, and her own doubts, Evalla faces a terrible conundrum: can she stop her sister from sacrificing herself? Ancient alien powers, religious zealots, espionage, and family loyalties collide in Ark of Ascension, Mission 1 of Huntress for Hire. Get it now.

AdultScience Fiction/Space Opera

Content Warning: Mild space opera violence, mild cursing

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