Café Vengeance


Café Vengeance by Clarissa R. Cottrill

In ruthless New York City, Dane Roman, an ambitious entrepreneur, risks his very soul for success. He exploits a deceased tenant and desecrates the corpse to orchestrate a catastrophic event for wealth. His dreams of celebrating with his girlfriend, Pilar, are shattered when Café Vengeance, embodying his desires, introduces unimaginable horror. Guided by an eerie quartet and a cryptic waiter, Dane faces judgment for his tainted soul in a macabre ballet of his own creation. Café Vengeance is no ordinary place; it’s a purgatory where Dane must atone for his sins before a greater darkness emerges. Can he find redemption or face eternal torment? Inspired by Dante’s “Inferno”, this novella delves deep into mankind’s ancient fear—eternal damnation. With each page, it pulls readers into a nightmarish modern day underworld, in an unforgettable tale of horror.

AdultHorrorHorror/Supernatural and Occult

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