The Eye of Oblivion: Legends of Ayalon, Book 1 by Joseph McGregor Fouche

For six centuries the Theossian Alliance has held the people of Grynn together in grim cooperation. By the might of ancient magics, the wisdom passed down by Aya All-Mother, and fear of the nihilistic god of destruction, the Nameless One, this alliance was forged. In the wake of near annihilation, the people of Grynn united alongside their gods.Now, the gods are silent. The champions all but scoured from Grynn. Peace has bred contempt and suspicion. The people of Grynn turn on one another, all while the Nameless One's servants work to undermine all that the Theossian Alliance has accomplished.Those few still loyal to the old covenants gather to stem the tide of blood, but will they be enough to keep it all from tumbling down.Follow a variety of characters in this fantasy adventure in the wild and dangerous realm of Grynn. From gallant paladins, to the lowliest of street urchins, each facing trials and tribulations in their personal quests as the world falls to pieces around them. Subterfuge, powerful magic, and martial prowess rule the realm of Grynn, for by the All-Mother's decree "Might makes right."Featuring illustrations by Manuel Montero Reina (In Black and White for this print verson) and six microfiction stories regarding each of the gods of Ayalon.

AdultFantasy/Sword and SorceryFantasy

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