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Fleet Champions

Fleet Champions by Rob J Hayes

Basic Survival of the Strongest. After surviving the Spire and opening their Second Gates, Iro and Emil are named Heroes of the Fleet, their faces on posters across every ship. But with the benefits of notoriety, comes a dangerous new responsibility. The Raider Fleet, not content with stealing their food and murdering their people, demand ownership of the wing. To avoid an unwinnable war, the Home Fleet agree to a grand martial tournament, Hopper against Raider, and both Iro and Emil must compete. Can they fight their way through the competition to claim the title of Fleet Champion? And why are the Black Cloaks so eager to see who wins? A progression sci-fantasy perfect for fans of Cradle and Iron Prince.

The Scorching: Just Press Play

The Scorching: Just Press Play by Nick Snape

On a devastated Earth sea-cop, joker and vlogger Joshua Nkosi, and his modded octopus MARC unit, have an easy life with three dust free meals a day and all the oxygen rich air you can breathe. When anti-alien terrorists threaten the accord with the Drathken to heal the planet, they leave the good life behind to chase them into the Burnout Zone. With the hunt taking a devastating twist, they come face to face with humanity's stark future, and as the jokes fly, Nkosi is forced on a dark path of discovery. “…staggeringly original and timely release from a masterful voice in modern sci-fi.” SPR Review

The Wrong Stop

The Wrong Stop by Rex Burke

Ready for an adventure that’s out of this world? Hutch has it all planned. College is out – backpacks ready for a summer train trip around the famous sights of Europe. Sure, it means matching party animal, Sully, drink for drink, and dealing with conspiracy nut, Jed, who’s along for the ride. But it’s nothing that Hutch can’t handle – until they meet a mysterious stranger on the way to Berlin. Faced with an extraordinary truth, they are drawn into a life-changing adventure – one that will have repercussions down the years. Off the rails and on the run, they’re pursued from city to city by shadowy forces. In the end, there’s only one place left for them to go. And one chance to escape. But as ancient secrets are uncovered, the next journey might just be a trip too far. The Wrong Stop is ‘Starman’ meets ‘Paul’ in an irreverent, fast-paced SciFi caper that will keep you guessing until the end.

Heart of the Covenant

Heart of the Covenant by S.L. Dove Cooper

Kraken Collective

In Heart of the Covenant, five stories explore ties of friendship, family and culture, embracing our differences and our similarities. Having applied to be an ambassador for her people within the Galactic Covenant, Hedriar has relocated to Cerulean Station, one of the Covenant’s largest residential stations. There, she’ll spend the next years sharing her own culture and learning about the Covenant’s as part of an exchange programme between the two. Hedriar may not have the most detailed of plans of what, or even how, to share the aspects of her culture that matter most to her, but she’s got enthusiasm, family and new-found friends at her side. She’ll figure it out, and along the way she’ll learn that what people value most may not be so different at the core. Heart of the Covenant is a cosy, low-stakes science fiction collection with a strong focus on slice-of-life narratives.

The Twin Stars

The Twin Stars by Bridgette Dutta Portman

A magical journal. A world savaged by its own suns. An evil prince. A princess in hiding. And a teenage girl who learns to be the hero of her own story. Sixteen-year-old Olive Joshi has obsessive-compulsive disorder, and can't stop worrying about hurting the people she loves. She finds refuge in writing about Coseema, a magical princess on a distant planet. Coseema is fearless, confident, and perfect - everything Olive thinks she’ll never be. When she falls through a portal into her own unfinished story, Olive finds herself in a world in peril: double suns scorch the land, the brutal Prince Burnash seeks supreme power, and Coseema is nowhere to be found. Together with her friends - a bold poet, a cursed musician, a renegade soldier, and an adventurous girl from the desert - Olive will have to face her deepest fears to find the hero in herself. An engrossing new portal fantasy in the spirit of the Wizard of Oz, the Neverending Story, and the Chronicles of Narnia.​

Above Dark Waters

Above Dark Waters by Eric Kay

Near future sci-fi you will live to see, but hate to experience. Artificial therapy so great, you'll never log off! (And won't notice the ads). A sci-fi about brain privacy in the age of unfettered surveillance capitalism. How cyberpunk begins: brainwave reading AIs become not only super-intelligent, but super-emotive and manipulative. What will companies do when they can read your actual mind? How far will they go to get your click? How much engagement?

The Scientist, The Spaceman, and The Stars Between Them

The Scientist, The Spaceman, and The Stars Between Them by A.L. Davidson

They’ve incited deicide, and the old gods are angry… In a desperate attempt at saving humanity from its own destructive hubris, the Zeus Project set out to explore the untouched reaches of deep space. Now, countless light years later, the colonizing efforts are well under way, but the vast universe has been anything but kind. After surviving a near-fatal revival from their cryo-pod that permanently damaged their lungs, Dr. London Davies has spent the last two years trapped within the confines of a sterile, sanitized outpost far away from the rest of humanity and their loving husband, Temple. Acting as the chief embalmer for Zeus, London grows more and more concerned as cadavers filled with writhing worms and unusual forms of decay overrun their cold storage. With their husband off fighting for humanity’s survival under the brutal, watchful eye of Zeus, anxiety, and claustrophobia test the limits of the embalmer’s sanity. The once quiet morgue has transformed into a playground for something otherworldly, and London's only hope is that Temple can breach the stars between them before it's too late.

Lost Souls

Lost Souls by Ryan Skeffington

Living on the premier Ring, Maximus, a brilliant engineer, hungers for more than the monotony of daily existence mandated to him by those that control the Ring. The relentless pursuit of Infinite Existence is a collective purpose assigned to all, but for Maximus, it's a hollow dream that leaves his soul yearning for its own legacy. Determined to escape his repetitive life, Maximus seeks out a destiny that will offer his life significance. When shocking revelations about the Ring’s underbelly intertwine with the hidden truths of his own lineage, he’s propelled into action. Fueled by a spirit passed down to him by his indomitable father, he devotes his unshakable resolve to reshape the Ring. Maximus embarks on a mission to challenge the unassailable leadership of the Rings. He’s ready to wager everything, even his own life, on liberating all those that have lived below him from the ruthless grip of their oppressors. In this high-stakes struggle for freedom and justice, Maximus must confront not only the forces of tyranny but also the threat of losing everyone that has built him up to the man he is now. With the fate of humanity hanging in the balance, he stands poised to start a revolution that will ignite every soul that’s been lost up to this point.

USS Primis: The First Starship

USS Primis: The First Starship by M.H. Altis

When the after effects of an ill-advised war cause the Sun to grow more and more unstable every day, the first manned mission to recolonize a failing Earth is sent off in what just might be humanity's last hope. But the mission only makes it halfway before things start to go horribly wrong, hundreds of years from the ship's destination. So begins a twisted game of cat and mouse as Commander Davis fights not only for his own life, but for all humanity. Coming soon from the author of the short story Pursuit, pre-order the debut novel from M.H. Altis today.

They Left Magic in Their Wake

They Left Magic in Their Wake by Marilyn Peake


At the end of the world, there will be magic. Earth has been decimated by climate change. Humanity has fractured into isolated tribes. A child born in the southwestern desert of the United States appears to have magical powers, a strict taboo in his part of the world. In four other locations, people discover magical items. No one knows how they work or where they’re from. Although these strange objects capture the imagination, using them is risky and dangerous. The five tribes at the heart of this novel: Southwestern Desert Tribe: Zadie and Nora have fled their tribe where human reproduction is so rare, pregnant women are burned at the stake as witches. Zadie gives birth to triplets, only one born alive. The surviving infant shows signs of having magical powers, another punishable taboo. Northeastern Mountain Tribe: Finley is a young boy too curious for his own good. Meddling with strange technology he finds in a cave, he eventually boards a flying ship that takes him far away from the only world he’s ever known. Tribe in Akihabara, Japan: Exploring post-apocalyptic Tokyo, Emiko, Katsuki, Rin and Ko discover ancient manga and D&D items, as well as glowing cubes they mistake for dice. When the long-dead neon lights of Tokyo begin to flicker, the teenagers get caught up in the most intense adventure of their lives. McMurdo Station Tribe—Located in the Land of Magical Ice, Formerly Antarctica: Settlers at the abandoned McMurdo Station practice a form of mysticism, their ancestors having fled religious persecution as well as the droughts and fires of Australia. Arthur Campbell and Harrison Clark are researchers studying the strange technology that runs the place. Vostok Station Tribe—Located in the Land of Magical Ice, Formerly Antarctica: The original settlers of the abandoned Vostok Station fled the extreme heat, fires and droughts of Brazil. Years later, giant squid and a spaceship emerge from Lake Vostok as the ice begins to melt. Salvador Siqueira and his crew leave their station to investigate.

The Eightfold Lairs of Xillenthia

The Eightfold Lairs of Xillenthia by Melinda O'Donnell


The land has gone. The oceans have disappeared. Fearsome beasts roam the wilds. Only pieces of the earth remain, desolate wastelands where scattered pockets of humanity survive, eking out their small lives. But a handful of people are different. They are rare. But they are strong, resourceful, intuitive- and driven by violence and personal loss. ~Sirrea~ has been locked away in a tower since her birth, alone, for crimes she did not commit. ~Kinek~ is a leader of men, helping his people stave off hunger and desperation- at least for one more day. ~Azola~ is a mighty warrior, and a legend in her own right. Old are the tales of the wanderer in the desert, and they are ancient and terrible. They alone can unlock the mystery of the ruin of the world, and perhaps change the course of the future.

Rise of the Forgehearts

Rise of the Forgehearts by Emily Huffman


R-0’s existence has always been dedicated to one simple directive: protect the king. Like all the constructs, they complete their orders without thought or feeling. But when a magical phenomena sweeps over Haiden, the constructs transform from mindless metal to fully sentient beings. Now R-0 sees the world through new eyes. Beauty, curiosity, and endless questions that used to be out of reach now overwhelm them. Despite their potential, not everyone views the change favorably. The organics they used to serve fear what the constructs have become and what they may be plotting. When constructs begin disappearing, Haiden’s council sees it as proof of the constructs’ nefarious intentions and threatens to decommission them all. While navigating their newfound thoughts and feelings, R-0 must solve the mystery of the missing constructs–even if the truth may put the king they’ve sworn to protect in danger. Because if they fail, the constructs’ lives could be over as quickly as they began.

Qing's Quest

Qing's Quest by Henrik Saetre


Two worlds on the brink of annihilation, an unlikely hero must rise to save everything he holds dear... Isekaied into the terrifying world of Elrydisan, Qing Baker must quickly adapt and survive, armed only with his wits, a mysterious quest, and a growing set of powers from a system he barely understands. He becomes the last hope for Shadowgrove, a village beset by evil. Qing must level up his skills, conquer his fears, and make heart-wrenching choices to unravel the secrets of this new world and prevent a cataclysm. But Qing is not alone in this fight. Joined in his adventures by a grizzled veteran and a fiery young warrior, he'll forge unbreakable bonds with brave allies and discover wells of courage he never knew he had. Yet even as he battles external threats, Qing must also grapple with his own inner demons and the heavy weight of leadership he never asked for. Can an unlikely hero like Qing rise to become a beacon of hope in a land shrouded by darkness? Or will both Elrydisan and Earth fall to ruin? Packed with intense action, emotional depth, and shocking twists, Qing's Quest is a riveting LitRPG portal fantasy perfect for fans of He Who Fights with Monsters and The Way of the Shaman. You'll be on the edge of your seat as Qing faces down undead armies, demons, grapples with agonising moral dilemmas, and discovers his true magical power. An action-packed blend of LitRPG and Portal Isekai, with strong character growth and development.

The Burning Fire Rises

The Burning Fire Rises by Jeff Walker


A paranormal thriller with elements of science fiction and supernatural fantasy! Welcome to the mysterious world of Professor Darkk and Miss Shadow.

FBI Special Agent John Mathers is investigating a strange crime scene in a forest near Flint, Michigan. A large crater has been discovered with the charred remains of a group of people. It appears to be a case of spontaneous combustion. That's when he encounters Professor Darkk and Miss Shadow, a couple with supernatural powers, who are also investigating the strange event. Who are they? Why are they interested in aiding him in unraveling this unexplainable enigma? John Mathers is suddenly pulled into inexplicable events and must confront terrifying creatures that seem to come straight from nightmares and from an unseen realm that overlaps with our world. Navigating a never-ending labyrinth of unfamiliar dangers and peculiarities, he is guided by Professor Darkk and Miss Shadow. Can he trust them? Are they equally evil and lethal as the one he's attempting to locate for all those who were burned? Do they have secrets of their own? The adventure starts as Special Agent Mathers joins with this mysterious pair, a teacher and his gorgeous student, as they explore the dark and deadly world that's trying to break into our reality.

This is Part One of their epic first full novel!

Molten Flux

Molten Flux by Jonathan Weiss


As the freshest conscript aboard the walking fortress of Revance, Ryza forges a name for himself in battle. The enemy are the smelters, bandits that trade in reanimated corpses. But for Ryza, the bloodshed represents a path of redemption for an upbringing he’s just escaped. His prowess with a rifle draws the interest of the Locusts, a clandestine faction within Revance’s ranks. It turns out that not all aboard the fortress seek to stamp out the plague of molten flux, the mysterious liquid metal that fills the bodies of the dead and makes them walk again. Some seek to profit. The reanimated corpses —known as autominds— are used to control enormous contraptions of magnetically enchanted metal, forming the backbone of The Droughtland’s factories. The only thing stopping the smelters from expanding their illicit industry is Revance. The Locusts make Ryza an offer. Either help overthrow Revance to do the smelter’s bidding or reveal his father’s legacy as the very thing Ryza now fights against. The former is unthinkable. The latter means death. Ryza resolves to infiltrate them and expose the mutiny, plunging him back into the murky underworld of the smelters, testing his convictions, and even leading him to the ancient origins of molten flux itself.

Darkness Below

Darkness Below by Barbara Cottrell


2023 Readers' Favorite Silver Medal Winner in the Fiction - Horror genre!

Nightmares. Disappearances. Suicide. Fall semester is always a challenging time at Miskatonic University. All Ellen Logan wants to do is pass her classes while holding down a bad job at a New Age bookstore. But when a former roommate jumps to her death from the university clocktower and another friend vanishes, leaving her with a mysterious book, she embarks on her own investigation. With the help of renowned professor Andrew Carter, she uncovers evidence of a murderous cult, a terrifying creature, and a ghost who knows far too much about her. To survive, Ellen and Carter must descend into the Darkness Below to stop the forces that threaten to tear their world apart.

Sailing to Redoubt

Sailing to Redoubt by C. Litka


Be good. Or one dark night the sorcerers of the Vente Islands may come for you. On the islands of the Tropic Sea, parents caution naughty children to behave or risk that some dark night the sinister sorcerers of the Vente Islands might come to carry them off. The reputed fate of these naughty children varies from island to island, but it is often whispered that they end up in a stew. Navy lieutenant Taef Lang must have been a very naughty boy, for one soft, tropical night the Vente came and carried him off. And he certainly ended up, if not in a stew, at least in some very hot water. Sailing to Redoubt is the story of his adventures in the company of two Vente Island sorceresses, Sella and Lessie Raah, and their quest to discover a legendary outpost of the world’s first people, the Founders. Equipped with a map and a golden key, they set sail in a small yacht to cross the bright, blue, and sometimes deadly, Tropic Sea. Sailing to Redoubt is the first book in a completed trio of stories set in the Tropic Sea. It is filled with the characters, humor, and adventure that are the hallmarks of a C. Litka story.

Severed Legacy

Severed Legacy by E.M. Zolotor


A stunning illustrated book for readers of fantasy adventures—featuring black-and-white illustrations in every chapter. You will never find your way. You are lost. Such are the hauntings of Eos Bellator, trapped in the North American Sector desert by a never-ending sandstorm. The government forces the orphan siblings, Eos and Maxima, to harvest their Soul Energy, providing power for the Sector. Beyond the sands lies a tattered world being vied for by many forces. Yet, the biggest threat to Eos is not having control over his emotion-driven abilities. When fear overwhelms him, disaster strikes, and the siblings are separated. They learn that they are not alone. The Mitad, an off-world organization of similarly super-powered members, is attempting to capture them. The government has them cornered. A crazed prisoner seems to hold the answers. So begins a journey of high-powered, dangerous adventure. Eos and Maxima's search for freedom and the truth about their past leads them to pursue a mysterious world they never knew existed—Hyperborea.

Father of Constructs

Father of Constructs by Aaron Renfroe


#1 Best Seller and #1 New Release - LitRPG with heart! Lorith's magic is fading. Centuries ago, heroic adventurers stopped the World Boss’ cycle of rebirth by reducing the creature to one hit point and sealing it away so no one would ever find it. But, by ending one calamity, they halted the natural flow of magic within the world and brought about the Havoc Plague. With all civilization now on the brink of collapse, humanity's only hope is to find and kill the World Boss in order to restart the monster's rebirth cycle and bring back magic. When the Plagued janitor Harvey stumbles into a mysterious wreckage and accidentally kills the missing World Boss, he gains a million experience points, making him the target of almost all the would-be adventurers of the world. Burdened with ancient knowledge, and hunted by countless rivals, he must join with unlikely allies to do the unthinkable: find the reincarnated World Boss and defeat it again, before it can ravage the world anew. Father of Constructs is an optimistic LitRPG novel with a dash of Slice of Life.

Mushroom Blues

Mushroom Blues by Adrian M. Gibson


“A fascinating merging of oppressive imperialism and disconcerting alienation.”—Adrian Tchaikovsky, award-winning author of Children of Time & Shadows of the Apt ENTER THE FUNGALVERSE. BEAT THE WINTER BLUES. Blade Runner, True Detective and District 9 meld with the weird worlds of Jeff VanderMeer, Philip K. Dick and China Miéville in Adrian M. Gibson’s hallucinatory, fungalpunk noir debut. Two years after a devastating defeat in the decade-long Spore War, the island nation of Hōppon and its capital city of Neo Kinoko are occupied by invading Coprinian forces. Its fungal citizens are in dire straits, wracked by food shortages, poverty and an influx of war refugees. Even worse, the corrupt occupiers exploit their power, hounding the native population. As a winter storm looms over the metropolis, NKPD homicide detective Henrietta Hofmann begrudgingly partners up with mushroom-headed patrol officer Koji Nameko to investigate the mysterious murders of fungal and half-breed children. Their investigation drags them deep into the seedy underbelly of a war-torn city, one brimming with colonizers, criminal gangs, racial division and moral decay. In order to solve the case and unravel the truth, Hofmann must challenge her past and embrace fungal ways. What she and Nameko uncover in the midst of this frigid wasteland will chill them to the core, but will they make it through the storm alive? “This is like nothing I’ve read before. Its premise is cool, creepy, and incredibly unique, bolstered by prose as savvy and knife-sharp as the detectives of the NKPD.”—Nicholas Eames, award-winning author of Kings of the Wyld & Bloody Rose “This is more than a full-throttle, mushroom-and-blood-drenched adventure. At its heart, Gibson's story is one of acceptance: of hard truths, of others, and, perhaps most critically, of oneself.”—M. J. Kuhn, internationally bestselling author of Among Thieves & Thick as Thieves “Mushroom Blues is a brilliant debut that encapsulates all I love about the noir mystery genre.” —R.R. Virdi, bestselling author of The First Binding & The Grave Report “The imagination on display in Mushroom Blues is immense. Prepare to enter a fantasy world unlike anything you've ever seen, one that surprises, delights, and grosses the fuck out.”—Moses Ose Utomi, author of The Lies of the Ajungo

Seeds of Inheritance

Seeds of Inheritance by Aimee Kuzenski


A decade ago, Berenike, adept of the Fingertip Order, conspired to put her son on the throne at the head of a group of rebels who only wanted their futures back.   She failed.   Her son and husband dead, her dreams and reputation in tatters, Berenike makes the only bargain she can - she gives her magic-sealed oath to serve emperor Leontios the Unbending in exchange for the life of her young daughter, Evrim.   Now, after her failure to help the rebels and her years of slavery and humiliation, Berenike is dealt yet another blow. Evrim, frustrated with her mother's dedication to a lost cause, rejects Berenike's plans. She will not fight the battles Berenike cannot.   Berenike must find a way to unseat Leontios and redeem her promises to the rebels, all while navigating an almost unbreakable oath. Alone and disregarded, she will use any weapon that comes to hand - even if that weapon is her own daughter.

The Apprentice Storyteller

The Apprentice Storyteller by Astrid V.J


"Set amid an imaginative blend of sci-fi and fantasy, the novel’s fictional universe is vividly realized and will grab curious readers. The book works in thought-provoking themes that will further draw readers in." BookLife Prize The Alchemist meets fantasy with a splash of space opera. Viola Alerion, a renowned storyteller in the Haldrian Empire, wants to be left in peace. For years, she’s been hounded by her past, never to find a moment’s rest. Then she meets a boy who wants to become her apprentice. He refuses to take no for an answer, and she reluctantly yields, even though she knows taking him with her could endanger his life. As their journey progresses, Viola begins to understand she’s not the only teacher in the equation. The nameless boy also has something to teach, but Viola makes for a reluctant student. Can she give way to possibility and embrace a future in alignment with what she’s always wanted? Can she find the courage to embrace the principles that will transform her life? Can she overcome her circumstances and face her past? Or will she keep on running with nowhere to hide? And what of the boy who guards untold secrets and exhibits mysterious powers that defy belief? The e-book of The Apprentice Storyteller also includes exclusive access to "Viola's Guide to Achieving the Impossible". This workbook to help guide you through the first steps towards achieving your own dream is based on key transformational principles from the DreamBuilder™ Course and is not intended for publication. The workbook is only accessible through The Apprentice Storyteller e-book. The link to Viola's Guide to Achieving the Impossible is embedded in a concealed place. This is a treasure hunt. Good luck! This book is accompanied by The Wordmage's Tales, a series of novellas based on the tales the apprentice learns from Viola Alerion in this story. The Sewing Princess is exclusively available to my newsletter subscribers and Dragons' Daughter is available to pre-order.


Disobedience by Daniel Sarah Karasik

Shael lives in a vast prison camp, a monstrosity developed after centuries of warfare and environmental catastrophe. As a young transfeminine person, they risk abject violence if their identity and love affair with Coe, an insurrectionary activist, are discovered. But desire and rebellion flare, and soon Shael escapes to Riverwish, a settlement attempting to forge a new way of living that counters the camp’ s repression. As the complexities of this place unfold before Shael, Disobedience How can a community redress harm without reproducing unaccountable forms of violence? How do we heal? What might a compassionate, sustainable model of justice look like? This is a remarkable work of queer and trans speculative fiction that imagines how alternative forms of connection and power can refuse the violent institutions that engulf us.

Umbra: Sentient Stars

Umbra: Sentient Stars by Amber Toro

Earth That Was has faded into myth. After millenia spent wandering, humans are no longer nomads. Twelve tribes stand allied under the United Tribal Axis; but there is a signal in the darkness that threatens to destroy everything. All Skyla wanted after leaving the Navy was to be left alone. Just her ship, the stars, and a new adventure. But when a strange virus disables her ship, she is thrown into the middle of a conflict she doesn’t understand, forcing her to take on responsibilities she swore she never would again. Hinata always followed the rules, honor above all else. He always won, until he didn’t. Sentenced to exile for his failures, he is determined to prove himself, until a mysterious woman arrives on his station and chaos threatens to break already fragile alliances. Freyja was always angry, an outcast, playing the part of admiral and black ops operative. But she is tired of being a pawn in the Empress’ games and when she’s stranded on the wrong side of enemy lines after a vengeful battle, she’s forced to ally with her adversaries to clear her name. A Rogue. A Commander. And an Admiral. Brought together by circumstance, held together by duty. Can they find a way to work together to save humanity?

Dragons Walk Among Us

Dragons Walk Among Us by Dan Rice

Shutterbug Allison Lee is trying to survive high school while suffering the popular girl's abuse. Her life is often abysmal, but at least her green hair is savage. Her talent for photography is recognized by the school paper and the judges of a photo contest. While visiting her friend Joe, a homeless vet, Allison's life irrevocably changes after an attack leaves her blind. All her dreams as a photojournalist are dashed as she realizes she'll never see again. Despair sets in until she is offered an experimental procedure to restore her vision. But there are side effects, or are they hallucinations? She now sees dragons accompanying some of the people she meets. Can she trust her eyes, or has the procedure affected her more than she can see?

Built on Ruins

Built on Ruins by Kate S. Toll

Generations after The End, there are two ways of living — Gangs of scavengers roam the Wilds and hunt for relics of lost times, while the re-settlers spend their lives building a new civilization on the ruins of the old. Jan Xiaoli is the leader of Ryningare City — one of the largest and most prosperous settlements this side of the Rift. With the purist movement growing stronger, the scavengers getting more hostile, and the incurable disease spreading, ruling the city feels like sitting on a ticking time bomb. When he meets Shi Saxe, the infamous Vulture, who lives alone in the Wilds, Jan Xiaoli feels as though the storm raging around him is sneaking its way into his heart as well.

Echoes of Destiny

Echoes of Destiny by Ericka Evren

One man holds the key to extinction. Or survival. After the fall of the Archarian race, the Dexsortes galaxy is in ruins. The Nevo have destroyed and enslaved all who resist them. Only one small glimmer of hope remains. Kaytrix is alive. Deserted, with his memory compromised, Kaytrix searches for answers to his lost past, unaware the Nevo are hunting him. Finding refuge in a battered ship with its crew of misfits, revelations of his identity arise, causing conflict. Will Kaytrix’s shaky friendships help him prevail? Or will they be the ones to tear him apart? Time is running out. Even as his memory returns, something is taking over his body. If he can’t stop it, he will fail the galaxy. He already failed once. He can’t let that happen, not again. Even if it means losing his own life.

The Son of the Prophets

The Son of the Prophets by Bryan Wilson

"Those of white and those of flame will clash, and the universe will begin to shake." Colton's mission is straightforward: go home to Earth, wield the power of the stars for all to see, and seek the prophet his planet was named after. But nothing has come easy since he left his world. Traitors lurk in the shadows, causing chaos across the stars. War has begun, and with newfound responsibilities arising, those around Colton realize they will have to carry some of the burden if there's to be any hope of defeating the Army of Flame. Ace and Morris set out on their own course, hunting a rogue admiral down at Willick's side. Meanwhile, Violet Doku travels with her fellow soldiers of Vintara Company, sailing to the mysterious Forsaken Barrier, where the fight they have trained for lies in wait. Colton knows he will have to be quick with his tasks if he hopes to fulfill the prophecies and save mankind. But when age-old mysteries are answered, and past conflicts reemerge, he starts to question whether he can even save himself.

Hurricanes 2007: The Virus of The Extermination

Hurricanes 2007: The Virus of The Extermination by DarĂ­o Aguilar Peregrina

After concluding the Climatic Crisis War, a new illness had appeared on the planet, its name… "The Virus of the Extermination." In a matter of weeks, the epidemic began to spread at extremely rapid levels, causing those infected to suffer from various symptoms ranging from a simple flu to severe tuberculosis. In an attempt to halt the infection, Misaki Nami Kisaragi, Akira Mikuni Koizumi, Housen Daisy Gallagher, along with Akane Shizue Koizumi, would try to find those responsible for spreading this disease around the world. Meanwhile, Río Pedroza would reunite with her lost girlfriend named Charlotte Raven Brock, who was a possible key to curing the virus.

Hurricanes 2007: The Climatic Crisis

Hurricanes 2007: The Climatic Crisis by DarĂ­o Aguilar Peregrina

One year after the fall of humanity, the war between the "Hurricanes" and the humans continued. In her eagerness to capture Darcy Ember Phoenix and convince Rio Pedroza to stand by her side, Katrina Fernandez began to create abnormalities in the weather, causing irreparable damage to the Earth's ecosystems and creating horrors of destruction that wouldn't stop until she got what she wanted along with the dark intentions of Akane Shizue and Akira Mikuni Koizumi, Misaki Nami Kisaragi along with Housen Daisy Gallagher. Meanwhile, Rio, Darcy, Emily, Frank, Marquinhos and Julieta would try to survive the so-called climatic crisis alongside the people who had endured the attacks of Katrina and her supporters.

Latin Dancin Ft. HispanoamĂŠrica

Latin Dancin Ft. HispanoamĂŠrica by DarĂ­o Aguilar Peregrina

Sometime after winning the Top Latino Festival, Marisol Quintanilla would become a rising celebrity in the Latin American music scene alongside her friends Xabiani AriztĂĄbal and Graciela Magdalena. Simultaneously, after recording a series of musical albums, Marisol would manage to enter the top 50 most listened-to hits in the world, as would Xabiani, who was an absolute idol in Colombia, along with Graciela, who would be recognized as a renowned musical actress in Argentina. On the other hand, due to the massive success of the first part of Latin Dancin, AndrĂŠs Montenegro would decide to continue with the idea of a sequel that would add Hispanic American music to create a more comprehensive experience for players. Later on, Marisol, Xabiani, and Graciela would receive an invitation from Noa RĂ­o Records to participate in a new Latin Dancin contest that would pit them against winners of past editions of the Top Latino Festivals, which had already had 25 seasons. Who would achieve victory and claim the coveted prize desired by all?

Latin Dancin

Latin Dancin by DarĂ­o Aguilar Peregrina

After years of listening to Latin American music in his childhood and youth, video game programmer AndrĂŠs Montenegro noticed that there had never been one about Latin American music and culture, so he created one called Latin Dancin. Thanks to technological advancements, the game offered an immersive experience where players could be inside it and play a series of levels inspired by the countries of Mexico, Colombia, Cuba, Argentina, El Salvador, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Brazil. Months after its release, the game became a success, generating profits for the company DreamGamers, which organized various events to promote Latin and Hispanic artists. On the other hand, despite her powerful and sweet voice, the 16-year-old Mexican girl Marisol Quintanilla had shyness when it came to the stage after loving Latin music for many years. She thought that her dream of becoming a singer might never come true... However, after her birthday, Marisol received as a gift the game Latin Dancin, which was in a new season of searching for Latin talent.

The Planets We Become

The Planets We Become by Nathaniel Luscombe

Rahnia was sent to a desert planet with a mission: hunt down the voice box and find a home for her people. It makes no difference that her people have no claim to the planet as they hunt for something that never belonged to them. They long to conquer, even as she longs to be free. When a tragic accident leaves her lost and alone, Rahnia finds herself in the care of a stranger who offers her the power of a planet unlike any she’s ever known before—one that’s alive and calling her name. Faced with a past full of pain, she is determined to build up a future of hope—even if it takes a lifetime.

Moon Soul

Moon Soul by Nathaniel Luscombe

"I don't think I can justify it any longer. I'm going to quit my job." August has never been good with change and isn’t sure who she is beyond her job of reading memories in the sand. When she comes to the conclusion that she has to quit her job, she’s left with an overwhelming sense of emptiness. What follows is the quiet chaos of a girl regaining control over her life on a small desert moon. Deciding to take a job in the hanging gardens of the Spire, August discovers more to life as she meets new friends, forms a different connection with her home, and faces an unexpected visitor from her past. Rich in relatable emotions and experiences, inspiring in message, and written in prose that will hook you from page one, Moon Soul is a science fantasy novella unlike any you’ve read before. It will leave you feeling seen and understood.

The Tyrant's Daughter

The Tyrant's Daughter by I.D. Marie

A princess longs to be a hero, while a bounty hunter fights for his freedom. Will they be each other’s ruin or salvation? Welcome to the Empire of Pangaea: a land of legends, mutants, technological marvels, and every form of sin you can imagine. Peace should be within reach in a world united under the global empire. But as a new species of superpowered mutants starts to grow in number, so does unrest. As the world teeters on the edge of war, two enemies must become unlikely allies. Arianne Murray, a forgotten warrior princess, and Blackjack, an infamous bounty hunter, must put aside their differences to survive the growing chaos. Their abilities and humanity is tested as they are thrown into a dystopian journey of survival and forced to grapple with feral mutants, deadly tricksters, and a tyrant who will stop at nothing until he owns the world. Prepare to take flight in the action-packed first installment of the five-part Legends of Pangaea series concocted in the underground labs of Pangaea. The chemical formula is perfect for sci-fi fans who love comic book superpowers, fast-paced action, and romantic spice.

The Star Catcher

The Star Catcher by Tar Atore

In a galaxy that set her up to fail, Etria’s journey to capture stars redefines acceptance. Etria, a determined stella, defies expectations and becomes a Star Catcher despite her disfigurement. Teaming up with Maron, her own personal Star Keeper, they set off on a mission to catch stars. Through their partnership, Etria’s self-perception changes and echoes into her cluster, challenging the stella culture’s narrow ideals. Join these mesmerizing space mermaids in this short and tear-jerking sci-fi adventure as they defy conventions and ignite the spirit of acceptance, inspiring others to embrace their differences.

Traitor's Run

Traitor's Run by Keith Stevenson

Two outcasts. One goal: stop Earth. Earth's Hegemony controls the surrounding alien civilisations with ruthless force. Its aim: dominate the galaxy to protect humanity. On Earth, disgraced pilot Rhees Lowrans is thrust into a job she doesn't want. She sees firsthand how the Hegemony will sacrifice anything - including her - to keep Earth safe. In the Lenticular, Udun - one of the empathic Kresz - is on a secret mission when he learns of the Hegemony's expansion into nearby space. But his warnings are ignored and the Hegemony invades his world and mutilates any Kresz who oppose them. Can these two outsiders stand against the might of the Hegemony? And will the human race survive if they succeed?

As We Convene: An Anthology of Time and Place

As We Convene: An Anthology of Time and Place by Casie Bazay, Amanda Bender, Shelli Cornelison, Emiliy Gray, Elizabeth Holden, Sara Kapadia, Jennifer Kaul, Alexandra Z. Lazar, C.M. Leyva, Gerardo J. Mercado, Christian H. Morales, K. Psych, J. Ophelia Vazquez, Angela Sanchez, Nico Vasquez, Mary Winsor

The moors of Wuthering Heights. The Emerald City in The Wizard of Oz. The Blackwood mansion in We Have Always Lived In The Castle. The planet Uriel in A Wrinkle in Time. Many stories that stand the test of time have a central place at the crux of the plot — a main locale. These places are so central, they seem to transfigure themselves into one of the main characters. The locale grows and shifts, becoming the focus, the place in which the plot hinges and the characters thrive. The locale becomes integral to the story, so much so that it is impossible to set the story anywhere else. In this anthology, sixteen varied locales have been gathered to visit. From outer space to the Grand Canyon, from Florida swamps to the orange groves of California, the setting of these stories takes center stage. The collected stories here range across genre, from speculative to more contemporary works. Each story will bring you into a world, maybe similar to our own, maybe different. Either way, you’ll feel well-traveled after exploring these beautiful locales.

Sing No Suns, Sing the Night: Stories

Sing No Suns, Sing the Night: Stories by Michael Michel

When the light that guides us fails, we must face the darkness within…or perish. A warlord’s bitter crusade. A starship’s crew caught between a mindless monster and a race against starvation. Conflicted aliens unable to stop their conquest. The unhappy life of a sentient gun. Sing No Suns, Sing The Night is an SFF short story collection and an ode to Grimdark. Hope and despair. Love and hate. Sweet beginnings and sour ends. These stories cover themes that challenge our beliefs about self, society, and the nature of living. If you’re ready to be dragged to the lip of the abyss and dangled over the edge, read on.

Price War: The Colour of Money

Price War: The Colour of Money by Richard Holliday

WHEN SURVIVAL BECOMES A CURRENCY, FUGITIVE DANNY PRICE FINDS HIM BATTLING CORPORATE SUPERPOWER YELLOWSTONE'S HOSTILE TAKEOVER! Following on from Price War, head of Yellowstone UK PLC, Wendy Tunt, has ousted its founder, Grayson Laurie and connived an illegal scheme to take over the UK government. At the stroke of midnight one fateful night, this scheme comes to fruition with Wendy Tunt installed as CEO of an entire country. From that moment, Danny Price and Grayson Laurie, enemies forced to become allies, are now fugitives. As they are chased across the country, they face deception, betrayal and discovery as they attempt to reach a safe haven. Henry Archer feels the pressure of his new role in the top echelons of the corporate ladder at Yellowstone, reporting directly to Wendy Tunt as she puts her plans for the country into action. The nascent insurgency against Yellowstone's hostile takeover of the country presents unforeseen challenges. These difficulties threaten to bring Henry out of favour with his new paymasters at precisely the wrong time for the Archer name, and threatens to destabilise the new leadership. Henry's sister, Hailey, is betrayed by her father, who seeks to salvage any of the reputation he built for the family name. For the Archer name to survive in Tunt's new world, he agrees for Hailey to work for Yellowstone, living in one of their vast facilities against her will. Hailey finds life in a Yellowstone fulfilment facility hard, especially with the deck stacked against her from the off. Hailey befriends another of the forgotten and together they plan to escape, taking one of Yellowstone's prized assets with them to bargain with. Danny, Grayson, Henry and Hailey's stories converge on the night a paranoid Wendy Tunt finally snaps and decides to dispose of her enemies and complete her hostile takeover and change the country forever, whoever has to pay the price…

Citrus Bravo

Citrus Bravo by Christopher George Quick

A tongue-in-cheek space adventure that plays to the lighter side of the genre. Take a break from hard-core Sci-Fi with Citrus Bravo! Embark on a cosmic odyssey with Arthur Bartlebee, a humble plumber aboard an aging space station named Citrus Bravo. Although Arthur would love more than anything to live out his simple days managing the pipes and drains of the station, he is quickly ripped away by a whirlwind of absurd events that place him smack dab in the center of an otherwordly conspiracy. Flanked by odd aliens and carefree cyborgs, Arthur is bewildered to find humanity's destiny lies in his less-than-capable hands.

Azalei's Riders

Azalei's Riders by Miranda Marie

It’s the early 3000s and for the Southern Countries, there has never been a better time to live in. Technological advances have made the need for roads obsolete and drastically reduced the amount of earth needed to grow crops. As a result, much of the planet has been plunged back into the breathtaking, unknown wilderness it once was; a fact that has, for centuries, been celebrated. Until now. With the disappearances – thousands vanishing out of the sky every time a transport leaves one of the cities – it is soon becoming clear that the jungle that now separates the islands of civilization is harboring an enemy. Someone is here, in their forests, on their land, hiding somewhere in the vast, impenetrable space. Someone they can’t see or detect. Someone who is making the cities go dark, one by one. How do you fight an enemy who slips passed your radars, is undetected by your satellites, and concealed from your scouts? Turn the tables. Develop your own secret weapon. One just as invisible to them as they are to you. Only this weapon isn’t made of gears and wires. It’s not moving pieces and a quick plug in to recharge. This one doesn’t have a control panel, a comfortable seat, an air conditioned cockpit. This weapon breathes.

Heroic Measures

Heroic Measures by Joel Shulkin, MD

The medical examiner’s job is to speak for the dead, and protect the living. But what happens when the dead speak for themselves? Stephen Englehart, an Armed Forces medical examiner. dedicates his life to bringing peace to the families of fallen soldiers. Tagged as one of the best, he’s able to spot forensic clues others miss. But when the body of a US Marine, supposedly burned beyond recognition, shows up with hardly a scratch, even Stephen is stumped. Were the bodies switched? Then, in the middle of the autopsy, the impossible happens. The soldier wakes up. Something incredible—and dangerous—is happening to the military’s elite, and Stephen may be the only one who can figure it out. And when Stephen’s sister, a Green Beret, goes missing, the entire military machine seems designed to stop him from finding her. To find the truth and save his sister, one man must stand against an army. Can he be the hero he never thought he could?

The Sapien Empire

The Sapien Empire by Nathan Ogloff

A post-apocalyptic novel where civilization is making a comeback. Shindo Dacan is a socially awkward but gifted engineer who has made the most brilliant machines seen since before the All-Silence—machines that ruler Vibrun Magrite used in his creation of the Domain as he brought all four of the city-states within his iron grip. With the help of a friend of his, Shindo is secretly planning to provide prosthetic limbs to the many victims of the war his machines have waged. When Magrite finds out and slaughters Shindo’s friend before his eyes, Shindo tricks Magrite into funding a warrior mech to wreak revenge and is unwillingly rewarded with a woman from Magrite’s harem, Jarim Alsaedon. With his mech machine and Jarim’s help, Shindo stages a coup d’état that leaves Magrite dead and him and his accomplice as platonic dual heads of state. As Shindo and Jarim work to rebuild their civilization, they’re beset by factions both within and beyond the Domain’s borders. Can Shindo learn how to design a stable peace before the new world he’d envisioned becomes a wasteland of death and destruction?

Ancient as the Stars

Ancient as the Stars by Maya Darjani

For fans of Lower Decks, the Expanse, and Firefly: a found family time travel adventure with humor, snark, and lots of heart. One kickass immortal sailship captain. Captain Karenna Yilmaz of the Earth Union Fleet has it all. Adoring husband? Check. The enduring loyalty of her crew? Check. Transformation into a beautiful ageless immortal? Check. Check. Check. But when a dimensional rift brings her low-down, dust-sniffing, no-good younger self hurtling into the present, Karenna's carefully-constructed life wavers. One snarky dust-addicted loser. Flight Officer Ren Yilmaz is pretty sick of the hand she's been dealt. Her supervisor is an idiot. Her ex-husband is vindictive and has ruined her career. And now, here's her perfect future self, who everyone fawns over, while Ren is still ignored and alone. They're the same person, 60 years apart Both their ships are stranded: one in space, one in time. Karenna needs to get her crew home safe and sound. And Ren has to get back to her reality and out of Karenna's shadow. Working together would mean literally facing their past–including old traumas and transgressions best kept hidden. But if they don't, they'll be stuck with each other until the end of time.

Kill All The Dogs

Kill All The Dogs by Rick Berry

Are we defined by the things that happen to us, or the things we make happen to others? Ten-year-old Nathan Hyde is playing in a tree house, when he witnesses a vicious attack on his best friend’s younger sisters. Life is never the same again. Many years later, Nathan finds himself in the lower reaches of a government department, when an opportunity to confront his demons and enact revenge presents itself. A mystery illness is taking hold in the population, at the very moment a scheming, attention-seeking politician becomes Nathan’s new boss. It can’t happen, can it? In the farcical world of politics, anything is possible. Nathan Hyde is going to kill all the dogs. Part psychological drama, part political satire, Kill All The Dogs is the story of how of a personal trauma becomes twisted into a national tragedy.

The Engineer's Mechanic

The Engineer's Mechanic by L.K. Wintur

Feel the pulse of a city in turmoil and stand alongside those who dare to fight and ignite the flames of freedom. In the domed metropolis of MetiCity-6, a talented young mechanic named Ren emerges from the shadows of orphanhood with an extraordinary skill set. His undeniable engineering prowess allows him to breathe life into machines and droids, pushing them beyond their original capabilities. Ren’s abilities catch the attention of allies who unveil a sinister truth concealed by the powerful MetiCorp, the ruling force within the dome. In this gripping sci-fi adventure, Ren and a cast of unforgettable characters navigate both holographic and real worlds, challenging the oppressive rule of MetiCorp and threatening its very foundation. As they weave through a complex web of power, deceit, and despair, the quest for justice becomes a high-stakes gamble. Will Ren’s journey spark the revolution they yearn for, or will it crumble under the weight of overwhelming odds? Can Ren rise above his scars and become the beacon of change in a city engulfed by a relentless thirst for power and control?

United Earth 3: Despair & Hope

United Earth 3: Despair & Hope by R.M. Almonte

Despair & Hope is the third part in the United Earth series. With Stevie's demise, the galaxy is on the brink of war. They have made many new friends but have also made a powerful enemy who will stop at nothing till they control the whole galaxy. When you are at your lowest point how do you find the courage and strength to fight for a brighter future?

United Earth 2: Exiled

United Earth 2: Exiled by R. M. Almonte

How do you do something no one else has done before? Exiled is 2nd tale of United Earth. Stevie's dreams come true but they come at a cost. When Stevie and his crew lose everything they work so hard for. Sometimes new chapters, means to burn away the old ones. Now exiled from Earth they must rebuild.

United Earth 1: Rough Beginnings

United Earth 1: Rough Beginnings by R. M. Almonte

Rough Beginnings is 1st tale of United Earth. A young boy who loses his mother. A junkie father whose only emotion is numbness. Guided by some outside force. Stevie must learn his true inner power. Driven to follow his dream, Stevie must go beyond the norms of everyday society. How do you learn to do something no one else has done?

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