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A Swift and Sudden Exit

A Swift and Sudden Exit by Nico Vincenty

An immortal, doomed to die. A time traveler, desperate to save her. When Zera travels back in time to 2040, she aims to investigate the geomagnetic storm that scorched the earth. Instead, she finds the beautiful Katherine, who speaks of past storms and asks with her dying breath, “Is this the first time we meet?” From WWII-era New York to early 2000s New Orleans and everywhere in between, Zera chases both storms and Katherine, thinking her immortality is the key to fixing the future. But as the immortal goes from a reluctant ally with a deadly hunter to a romantic complication, Zera wonders if the past is really set in stone, or if she can still save the world—and Katherine.

Ancient as the Stars

Ancient as the Stars by Maya Darjani

For fans of Lower Decks, the Expanse, and Firefly: a found family time travel adventure with humor, snark, and lots of heart. One kickass immortal sailship captain. Captain Karenna Yilmaz of the Earth Union Fleet has it all. Adoring husband? Check. The enduring loyalty of her crew? Check. Transformation into a beautiful ageless immortal? Check. Check. Check. But when a dimensional rift brings her low-down, dust-sniffing, no-good younger self hurtling into the present, Karenna's carefully-constructed life wavers. One snarky dust-addicted loser. Flight Officer Ren Yilmaz is pretty sick of the hand she's been dealt. Her supervisor is an idiot. Her ex-husband is vindictive and has ruined her career. And now, here's her perfect future self, who everyone fawns over, while Ren is still ignored and alone. They're the same person, 60 years apart Both their ships are stranded: one in space, one in time. Karenna needs to get her crew home safe and sound. And Ren has to get back to her reality and out of Karenna's shadow. Working together would mean literally facing their past–including old traumas and transgressions best kept hidden. But if they don't, they'll be stuck with each other until the end of time.

The Mysterious World of Professor Darkk And Miss Shadow: The Short Story Collection Book #0

The Mysterious World of Professor Darkk And Miss Shadow: The Short Story Collection Book #0 by Jeff Walker

It is a secondary world that remains hidden in the depths of the shadows, where fears and nightmares become a reality, and evil shrouds itself to all. That is where you will find Professor Darkk and his faithful student, Miss Shadow. Two mysterious individuals with unique abilities.They are the ones protecting us and safeguarding society from the strange, the bizarre, and the unexplainable things that emerge from out of darkness. These are six short stories of their adventures; Confronting demonic creatures, stepping into a haunted house, uncover horrors hidden out of sight, and travel to destinations out of time and into space.Prepare to step into their domain and push back the evil trying to breech into our reality. And read the included preview chapter of the coming novel (Book #1) to see where the journey will continue next. Welcome to the mysterious world of Professor Darkk and Miss Shadow.

Strange Timing

Strange Timing by J.C. Bruce

Alexander Strange has an unusual guardian angel -- she's the one who needs protection.Not enough that he's typing his fingers to the bone covering resurrected triceratops maurading in Miami or that he's on a quest to find a headless baby Jesus snatched from a Florida megachurch and golf resort.Now his shipboard mannequin is channeling a woman from the future. Her Fly immediately to Portugal, do not stop for Cuba Libres, and save your girlfriend's life or your guardian angel will also cease to exist.It's weird, but that's Alexander Strange's everyday nine-to-five as America's only full-time reporter covering news of the weird. Though even he doesn't anticipate that his converted fishing trawler will soon be home to multiple seances, that a mad scientist will try to blow him up, or that the Elvis impersonator he's hired for his wedding will ghost him. And his future in-laws? Now there's a real nightmare.

The Catalyst

The Catalyst by Anttimatti Pennanen

Jon and Gus comes face to face with the legend of an ancient weapon, the Catalyst. Is this mysterious artefact the answer in the fight against the Breathers, a way home, or something else?


Unity by Anttimatti Pennanen

Go to Comic Con (check box) Find alien technology (check box) See the galaxy and make new friends (check box) Defeat the ancient evil and save the galaxy (check box) But who will save Jon and Gus? After the blind jump, the crew of Unity find themselves lost in space with a broken Black Table, no map, and no allies. And if that’s not enough, they are being hunted by something lurking in the shadows. With the Light as their guide and science fiction on their side, can Jon and Gus give us a fighting chance?

The Limit of the Lonely Man

The Limit of the Lonely Man by Becky James

Evyn is running out of time. A princess could have a solution–or be her downfall. Newly made Rangers, Thorrn and Aubin race to find the cause of Evyn's strange illness, seeking out Princess Sabatha of Rush. Aubin’s self-doubt threatens the outcomes of the mission while King Gough is making political moves, hoping that Evyn continues her betrothal to Prince Gerlay of Dinahe rather than choosing anyone else. But destiny weaves around them, drawing the multiverses and their hearts together. What is Evyn’s calling as the Spirit Shaper, and what does it mean to be the Lonely Man? The third book in the thrilling King's Swordsman series, perfect for fans of sword and sorcery portal and multiverse fantasy.

The Bind of Blood and Bonds

The Bind of Blood and Bonds by Becky James

“Special Forces is harsh. It could be a lot harsher.” Treason takes many forms. Once trust is broken, it is hard to reforge. Thorrn discovers this all too clearly, much to his detriment. But someone wants Thorrn dead, and they don’t care how many lives they ruin in the process. Meanwhile, there is a spate of murders targeting Oberrotian officials, and Thorrn’s contingent is sent to investigate. Back to being the lowest of the low, Thorrn struggles to trust again – especially when he finds two of the most powerful mages in the world working together, and one of them is the woman he loves.

As Born to Rule the Storm

As Born to Rule the Storm by Cate Baumer

The star-crossed temporal romance of THIS IS HOW YOU LOSE THE TIME WAR meets the vintage setting and yearning of DIVINE RIVALS in AS BORN TO RULE THE STORM. Cadet Charlotte Amsel will trade her life to win a war- but not all at once. As part of an elite group of experimental soldiers, she can move through time, with each jump taking months from her own fated lifespan as she struggles to prevent the cold war from boiling over into an apocalypse. With her own side just as untrustworthy as the enemy, the only thing she cares about is keeping her best friend and fellow soldier (and in some timelines, lover) safe. But each time loop adds violent complications, and saving anyone before she runs out of life to give may prove impossible.

Order of the Red Hoods

Order of the Red Hoods by Tim Kreher

Werewolves, Melinda didn't believe in them until her bloodline called for her to. Dealing with paralyzing anxiety, Melinda wanted a quiet life, free from inciting situations. But after her best friend drags her to a lunar event, her life changes. A voracious howl erupts in the forest at the bottom of the rocky Lookout Point-a sound only she can hear. Bumping into an odd sibling pair, who know the truth, she is told that she is a descendant in a line of supernatural huntresses. The next day after an attack from a haired beast, the duo appear chasing it down. When Melinda follows them, she shifts through an invisible barrier, ending up in a different time. The three must find their way back, assemble a powerful weapon and kill the Father of Wolves before the next super moon. If they fail, a dark being will enter this realm and destroy the planet with apocalyptic destruction. Will Melinda be able to conquer this inherited task, or will she be subdued by the affects of anxiety?

The Celtic Deception

The Celtic Deception by Andrew Varga

Dan Renfrew hates that he’s a time jumper—seventeen year olds should not be stuck with the responsibility of saving history. But with no one else stepping up to stop Victor Stahl’s plot to take over the world, Dan and his time-jumping partner Sam have no choice but to jump back into history again. They land on the Celtic island of Anglesey in the year 60, hoping to find answers on how to stop Victor. But the answers they seek aren’t easy to find. Everyone from the druids who rule Anglesey to the Celts who take Dan and Sam in seem to be hiding something. And with two Roman legions on their way intent on wiping out everyone on the island, time is running out for Dan and Sam.

The Last Saxon King

The Last Saxon King by Andrew Varga

Sixteen-year-old Dan Renfrew comes from a long line of time jumpers—secret heroes who travel to the past and resolve glitches in the time stream that threaten to alter history. There is just one problem; Dan has never been told any of this. So when Dan accidentally transports himself to England in the year 1066, he becomes trapped in the past. His only hope of returning home is to set history back on its proper course in the Anglo-Saxon age. But Dan finds that fixing history is not that easy—chaos has descended upon England. A Viking horde is ravaging the north while an army of Normans is threatening to invade from the south. And in between them both, desperately struggling to maintain his throne, is the newly-crowned English king, Harold Godwinson. Dan must do everything in his power to return history to its proper path, but he soon discovers an even bigger challenge—a war has broken out in the time jumping community, and a band of malicious time jumpers is threatening the very future of the world.

Play it Back

Play it Back by Vanessa Lopez Aziz

27-year-old Carmen Santos thought she had the perfect life until the question “what do you want?” transports her ten years in to the past to relive the worst year of her life. She must navigate her senior year of high school all over again, complete with bad wardrobe, a dysfunctional Filipino family, and a best friend who’s still in the closet. Yet, the knowledge of the future is on her side, right? But her knowledge isn’t guaranteed to help her get the guy, fix her parent’s marriage, or even save someone’s life.

Simulation: The Great Escape

Simulation: The Great Escape by Hashem Al-Ghaili

SPSFC 2023

He tried to warn us, but no one listened. Estranged from his family after the tragic loss of his daughter, renowned astrophysicist Thomas Ernest buries himself in his research. He investigates a vast dark region of space known as the Great Void, where stars and galaxies never formed, making it the most exciting puzzle of 2492. Theories suggest it is home to violent black holes that could engulf the Milky Way. Other clues point to the void as the origin of alien artifacts peppering our solar system tied to the disappearance of multiple explorers. Obsessed, Thomas is convinced the death of his daughter is connected to its mysteries. Then the Voyager 17 space probe returns startling data. When Thomas uncovers the hidden truth locked within its transmissions, his superiors censure him and the international government impugns him, denying his findings. Fired from his research career and facing threats on his life, Thomas focuses on the reason behind their coverup. His unexpected discovery challenges humanity's understanding of reality and free will. If he cannot get the word out in time, the known universe will cease to exist. Does he have what it takes to challenge the deep state, or is the universe doomed to vanish into oblivion? An epic Sci-Fi novel filled with suspense, puzzles, mystery and action.

The Arrow of Time (The Everyday Timekeeper's Almanac, #1)

The Arrow of Time (The Everyday Timekeeper's Almanac, #1) by B.T. Lamprey

SPSFC 2023

Only minutes after his tragic murder—and a hundred million years before he’ll be born—Aloysius Cook gets the offer of a lifetime. Joining a team of time-traveling commandos may not sound like a cushy gig, but at the moment Al’s only alternative involves a closed casket. If he hopes to survive working for The Institute at the Beginning of Time, he’ll need a crash course on temporal paradoxes, recursive causal loops, and the very real possibility of the multiverse folding in on itself like a poorly made origami giraffe. Luckily for Al, every new recruit receives a copy of The Everyday Timekeeper’s Almanac, the only guide to spacetime a time traveler will ever need. Compiled by an infinite number of researchers from across all possible realities, it contains every fact and every theory that might prove useful to a time traveler, plus helpful tips on how to avoid obliterating the multiverse. Armed only with his Almanac, Al must dive into the time stream alongside a short-tempered saint, a self-centered cyborg, and an embittered survivor of the climate apocalypse. To prevent a cataclysm that threatens The Institute itself, they’ll need to outwit a deadly cadre of rival time travelers—hopefully without stepping on any butterflies or becoming romantically involved with someone’s grandmother.


Duck by Pamela Zero

SPSFC 2023

Pulled hundreds of thousands of years into the future, a young girl fights for her freedom as she builds a new life. Duck, a young girl, is pulled forward hundreds of thousands of years into a terrifying prison lab. Duck finds a new family, but some things are strange now. The micro-thin bodysuit that she can't take off, the growlers that keep chasing them for experiments that make no sense. And once she gets out into the world with her family they are still hunted, this time by the Service, a galaxy-wide mercantile organization. The Service swears that one of the Visitors, as the people pulled forward are called, will fulfill a prophecy and renew the Service's source of power. Struggling to figure out new, time related skills, Duck and her family must avoid the Service while trying to build new lives.

In The Slip

In The Slip by F. D. Lee

SPSFC 2023

It takes a certain type of person to save the world, and Kong is not that person. Which is about to become a serious problem... Kong has been working as a Trans-Temporal Copyright Protection officer since he was fifteen years old, jumping through time to arrest people who threaten the status quo. And he's good at his job - the best. He's pretty certain he'll spend the rest of his life working cases until a bullet gets him or the time pressure finally crushes him. Or he might just medicate himself to death; that's always an option. The problem is, Kong doesn't believe in it anymore, whatever 'it' is. See enough of the past and you realise people keep making the same mistakes, again and again. It's not really so surprising he's lost hope. That is, until he meets a handsome stranger who changes the course of his life - and threatens to change the past, the present and the future of the human race. Now Kong must decide if humanity is still worth saving. And he needs to decide quickly because, for once, time is running out...



SPSFC 2023

***** WINNER of Firebird Book Awards 2023 - in 3 Categories (New Author, Genetics, Time Travel)***** near-future SciFi novel crossing space and time. In a future where genetic engineering is becoming the norm, even the simplest mistakes could be devastating.Sometimes it feels as though the world will end if you don’t finish your PhD. For Larry Milton, it’s true.Larry has discovered a dire warning from the future about Earth’s destruction — written in the DNA of a young girl. With the destruction of the planet at stake, and no one believing him, he goes to extraordinary lengths to help the messenger from the future save the world… and try to finish his PhD at the same time.

New Yesterday

New Yesterday by Frasier Armitage

SPSFC 2023

Find your past. Save your future. What if you could change everything in your life you wish you'd done differently? Fix regret? Unlock the potential of your past? That's what Adam Swann did in New Yesterday , a city where events in the present can alter history. He's living the life of his dreams, yet he can't shake a name from his mind -- the memory of a woman from a past he left behind. Who is she? And despite the dangers that remembering his former life would pose, why can't he bring himself to forget her? Adam will unearth long-buried secrets as he searches the city for clues to the woman woven through his memory, haunting his every thought. As the truth of his past drags him into a conspiracy that threatens everything he knows, he'll be forced to choose between the life of his dreams or facing the man he used to be.

The Mars Migration

The Mars Migration by Wayne M. Bailey

SPSFC 2023

When a pair of otherworldly spheres land on Earth in Canada and the UK, Amber and Daniel are instantly transported away from their homes to a strange world beyond a black hole. Amber and Daniel, are taken on an unwanted adventure to be studied by a race of people living without a sun in the desolate Dark Space. Meanwhile, their families and friends on Earth remain frozen, trapped inside a twenty-mile bubble surrounding each sphere where time does not pass. The governments on both sides of the pond struggle to explain what these anomalies are, why they are there, and exactly who is responsible for them. Stuck in an alternate universe on the brink of civil war, Amber and Daniel’s captors inform them that they will not be returned home, forcing them to say goodbye to their families and lives on Earth. Could an unlikely allegiance with their captor’s enemy help them secure a way home?

Yesterday Pill

Yesterday Pill by Iain Benson

SPSFC 2023

Hunted.Disavowed.Wade will risk the world to save Cassandra.Anya knows Wade’s past and Cassandra’s future.Paladin wants Cassandra dead and will go to any length to ensure that happens.Cassandra has an uncanny ability to stay one step ahead.And so does Wade. If only he can remember.Anya abducts Wade and Cassandra at gunpoint from a restaurant, beginning a race around the Mediterranean and beyond. Realising Anya might hold the truth of his past before a seizure wiped his memory, Wade quickly learns more than he ever thought possible. Including a past he had with Anya.Finding why Paladin wants Cassandra dead, and how they keep finding them, will uncover a world-shattering secret.

Chrom Y Returns: The Chrom Y Series: Book One

Chrom Y Returns: The Chrom Y Series: Book One by L.V. Ditchkus

SPSFC 2023

Hundreds of years after a horrific disease destroys Earth’s male population, Sofia Andes7 and her wife embark on a perilous journey back in time to save humankind. While Sofia’s wife impregnates herself with five male zygotes, Sofia is transfixed by the sleeping sperm donor. Sofia’s first and subsequent trips to the twenty-first century awaken long-dormant feelings, and she begins to question the presumed differences between men and women. As she grapples with the ethics of stealing sperm from the unwitting donor, Sofia hatches a plan to spare him from the deadly virus. But Sofia’s altruistic plan may never materialize. Tenacious Sofia’s first priority is to protect her wife’s unborn babies from male-hating terrorist groups, questionable actions of their government, and a nefarious Artificial Intelligence. With humanity’s future at stake, Sofia will draw on all her strengths to save the people she can. However, the laws of time and space have their own imperatives, and saving everyone she loves may be beyond her reach.

Daughter of Sorrow

Daughter of Sorrow by Abigail Silver

Gracie has come a long way from the state-run orphanage she spent a year in at age 6. Now a highly trained member of the Overwatch and one of the most powerful elder children on Cybele, she is trying to keep the peace between her psychic kin and the planet's mortal population. When her father's dark past— something she thought she knew and had come to terms with— comes to light with a new and devastating twist, Gracie must decide what is real before everything she loves burns to ashes.

Visions of Fire

Visions of Fire by Abigail Silver

Visions of Fire follows Gracie Usuriel, a young pyrokinetic, as she leaves the safety of her father's farm to find her calling at Landing University. Eager to learn the truth about her father's past, which he always carefully curated when she was living under his roof, Gracie is unprepared for the brutal reality that awaits her. Will her strange and growing powers be enough to protect her from the darkness her father held at bay or will they be her undoing?

One World

One World by Lyssa Chiavari

IAMOS, S.C.D. 8378 One choice was all it took to put two worlds in jeopardy—but that choice could be the thing that saves them both. By choosing to betray the geroi, Nadin saved the lives of her friends in the future, but it may have cost her own. Imprisoned and sentenced to a fate worse than death, her only hope of rescue may lie in trusting the one person her heart tells her to distrust most: Ceilos, her one-time partner and a traitor in his own right. But accepting Ceilos’ help may be the only hope Nadin has of reuniting with Isaak... and saving both Iamos and Mars. Time is running out. Something is coming, something powerful enough to change the face of the entire solar system. If Nadin and Isaak can’t figure out how to stop it, all of Iamos will be destroyed. Little do they know that’s been the Liberator’s plan all along...

The Spring of the Sentinels

The Spring of the Sentinels by Eduard Lerperger

A small town plagued by mysterious disappearances. A girl tormented by apocalyptic dreams. An impending alien invasion. Welcome to Aurora Bay, Oregon—a picturesque town turned epicenter of strange and otherworldly events. After surviving a traumatic earthquake in town, Ava Mason, a 16-year-old book-lover, reluctantly returns to the place she once called home. Her life takes a turn for the surreal as she's caught up in a web of chilling disappearances and unsettling nightmares that bleed into reality. These dreams hint at a destiny tied to the mysterious Sentinels—towering entities of unfathomable power. When Ava crosses paths with Hailey, a secretive girl whose robot insists Ava is its rightful owner, the mystery deepens. Ava must confront her past, her fears, and unlock the secret of the Sentinels to stop the impending alien apocalypse. Each revelation plunges Ava further into a cosmic chess game. She's forced to grow and make hard decisions that could trigger dire consequences. She might be humanity's only hope. With the weight of the world on their shoulders

Child of Awareness

Child of Awareness by Abigail Silver

Follow Gracie Usuriel, a young firebird, as she grows up among an eccentric family of immortal psychics. Making friends with her sister's ghost and falling for a cybernetic diplomat-in-training are average days for the daughter of the most (in)famous man in the world. If Gracie's flames can't illuminate her father's dark past, they may consume everything she loves.

Fourth World

Fourth World by Lyssa Chiavari

IAMOS, S.C.D. 8378 Nadin's planet is dying. As its atmosphere drains away, her people are forced to live huddled in domed cities for protection. With only enough resources to support the population for one more year, time is running out. Nadin thinks she's found a way to save Iamos, but it will mean defying the planet's rulers, the geroi—and betraying the geroi could cost her everything. When a strange boy from another world appears out of nowhere outside the citidome's glass walls, Nadin knows for sure that her plan will work. But to build the device that can save her people, Nadin must first find the legendary city of Elytherios. And to do that, she'll need the help of the mysterious alien boy named Isaak. MARS, 2073 C.E. All Isaak wanted was to get through his senior year at the Academy in one piece. Everything would have been fine if he hadn't found that ancient coin among his missing father's possessions. The coin seems to have a strange connection not only to Isaak's family, but to Mars' ancient past. But how is that possible, on a planet that was supposed to be dead until just forty years ago? Now Isaak's got agents of the Earth's government on his tail and a deranged factory worker stalking his every move. Everyone is desperate to get their hands on something called the Key. And the only way to escape is to unlock an even bigger secret, one that could change his life—and the fate of Mars—forever.

Tomorrow Lives Today

Tomorrow Lives Today by W. O. Torres

SPSFC 2022 SPSFC 2023

When a weapon composed of dark matter mysteriously arrives from the future, twenty-four-year-old Brody Rodriguez's chill life gets a super-powered upgrade. A clandestine government agency led by Agent Gonzo and a squad of sinister spies kidnaps Brody and his future tech to save democracy … or at least their version of it. Brody’s only ally is his time-traveling granddaughter, Isabella Rodriguez who wields a future tech of her own. Brody must convince his future wife “Dez” to stick around his chaotic life long enough to fall in love with him or watch him die. As an impending A.I. War inches closer, threatening humanity, Brody will face who he was, who he is, and who he is meant to be.

Black Table

Black Table by Anttimatti Pennanen

SPSFC 2022

Jon and Gus, science fiction fans from Finland with a penchant for fist bumping and pop culture references, travel to the Portland Comic Con where tragedy strikes. Their hero, Dr Wells, suffers a heart attack. With his dying breath, the doctor exhorts Jon to “find the …” as he pushes a book into Jon’s hands. Following clues inscribed in the book, Jon and Gus discover an alien structure with a mysterious Black Table which they accidently activate, transporting them to an alien world. Jumping from world to world via the Black Table galactic transportation network, Jon and Gus embark on the adventure of a lifetime where they encounter monsters, alien tech, giant vessels made of water and make new friends. But those friends are facing an unstoppable and mindless enemy. An enemy that is destroying the galaxy, and Earth is next in its path. Can two fans from Finland save the day? Black Table is a rollicking yarn of two likeable, wise-cracking friends who like nothing better than pranking each other. That is, except when they are not doing something more serious, like saving the universe. JOIN THE FIGHT, JOIN THE BLACK TABLE NETWORK!

The Other

The Other by Marilyn Peake

SPSFC 2022 SPSFC 2023

Gold Award, Fantasy / Science Fiction category, eLit Book Awards. Fear can blind you to the truth. The news is ominous and terrifying. People are seeing UFOs and strange, alien-looking creatures with humanoid shapes, green skin and large black eyes. In places where this occurs, doctors report the spread of a mysterious virus that scrambles people’s thoughts and causes hallucinations. Many experts believe the virus came from the aliens. The pathogen has not yet been identified; there is no cure. Psychology professor Dr. Cora Frost has a different theory: the bizarre symptoms are nothing more than mass hysteria, not unlike the hysteria that caused people in our not too distant past to see witches flying through the sky, which justified hanging them or burning them at the stake. Intense stress within societies gives rise to scapegoats. Doing field research within the compound of a cult in Roswell, New Mexico that reveres the exact same kinds of aliens being reported on the news, her entire worldview is shaken and upended. In a shocking series of events, her past and future collide, forever changing her life.

The Trouble With Love

The Trouble With Love by Maurice X. Alvarez

SPSFC 2022

Teenage thief, Kormèr Lezàl, tumbles through his inter-dimensional portal to the distant future and into the middle of a fire fight on a distant world. Swept into a web of industrial espionage, an impossible jewel heist and romantic intrigue, there's trouble at every turn, but he'll do whatever it takes to win over Averia's beautiful chief of police... if she doesn't arrest him first.

The Sphere: A Journey In Time

The Sphere: A Journey In Time by Michelle McBeth

SPSFC 2022 SPSFC 2023

Adelaide loves her job, but who wouldn’t enjoy traveling to the past to unravel the great enigmas of human history? The rules and regulations of her mysterious workplace may seem rather severe, but their need becomes apparent when a coworker returns from a mission decades older and unable to remember his life in the future. Adelaide embarks on a desperate journey through time to save her friend before he becomes trapped in the past. When her own timeline takes an unexpected turn, the fates of everyone she knows are at stake, and the secrets she uncovers put her own life at risk.

SWARM: The Griffins' War

SWARM: The Griffins' War by Vicent Casil

Moran is a soldier from a distant future, and he and his men have a war against a mass of mythical creatures to save their metropolis. But their only hope lives in the past. It’s 1969, and two college friends from Berkeley, David and Nathan, plan to visit one another’s state for homecoming. First, they visited Michigan, where Nathan lives, introducing his cousin Raymond. The three went duck hunting and were oblivious to their journey of entering a portal that took them in Moran’s time.

The Dent in the Universe

The Dent in the Universe by E.W. Doc Parris

SPSFC 2023

It turns out "Move fast and break things" is terrible advice when developing a time machine. To resuscitate his fading celebrity, tech CEO Stephen Lucas would sell his soul for one more hit. When the subspace network for his holographic gaming empire crashes, his hardware guru makes a discovery proving that Einstein was right once again— information can be sent backward in time. Lucas sees a dream product for procrastinators. Want a pizza now? Send your order back in time 30 minutes. Forgot to make reservations at that chichi french restaurant two weeks ago? No worries. Buy that PowerBall ticket. Invest in that stock. Make a FaceTime call to a loved one that passed away a month ago. It’s the time machine for the rest of us. In a culture built on instant gratification, Lucas knows he has a hit that will seem like a dream come true on Wall Street. But when he rushes into beta testing before fully understanding the power he's unleashing, he learns that the stuff dreams are made of can quickly become the stuff of nightmares. The road to Hell is paved with cool inventions.

Aboard the Timeline

Aboard the Timeline by Bastian Gregory

Aboard the Timeline It's the story of a bored boy, Pete who doesn't find anything interesting at school. One day he becomes so bored, and time stands still and he escapes to Outermind. Here he befriends various living beings in different worlds, and along the way becomes aware of a constant conflict going on in these different lands. Ultimately, Pete is asked to make a difference, and the question is whether he is up to the task? Anyone who has a passion for words and wordplay will enjoy reading “Aboard the Timeline” In this wonderful children’s book , Bastian takes us on an adventure with his main character Pete, a young boy who at first seems to be lost (in many more ways than one!) but who ultimately finds his way together with the help of his companions, the lovely dinosaur Reginald and the ancient Greek thinker, Philosophocles. Bastian manages to keep the reader engaged page after page, with clever puns and witty plays on words, which makes his story even more entertaining. Here is a quote from a teacher on Amazon: “My 10 year old son and I read this together and we both really enjoyed it. Redolent of Salman Rushdie’s Haroun and the Sea of Stories/Luka and the Fire of Life plus Walter Moers’ Captain Bluebear series, it’s a consistently chuckleworthy, highly imaginative, multi-layered yarn that carried us wackily along its narrative tracks from start to finish. There’s a great cast of characters - from a doddery old dinosaur to an ebullient Ancient Greek philosopher (“Philosophocles”) to some suitably dastardly demons - and the illustrations, which perfectly complement the text, are great fun too. Highly recommended!”


PANE by Bailey Elizabeth

Sam lives by her “try anything once” motto to a fault. On an otherwise normal night out, she takes an experimental drug from a stranger at the bar that lets her see into alternate timelines. When she witnesses her own murder in a parallel world, she realizes that the mysterious series of hit-and-runs plaguing her college town are anything but accidents. Sam and her friends decide to stop the killer once and for all, but time travel has unforeseen costs, and one of them will have to pay.

Deus Ex Machina

Deus Ex Machina by Raquel Rich

Grace knew killing her soulmate to save her son Jordan’s life would trigger a new plague. She did it anyway. When a plan to stop the man responsible came together, Grace jumped at the chance for redemption, bringing Marc, Charlie, and Kay along to 1930s Germany. However, the plan derails fast when a betrayal lands the group in 2006 Las Vegas instead, leaving them stranded. Refusing to accept defeat, they seek help from others in 2006—namely, Jordan. But he seems to have his own agenda and is reluctant to help. Meanwhile, Marc is unwilling to forgive Grace’s selfish decision and turns cold toward her. As the ice thickens between them, and Jordan’s agenda begins to unfold, Grace is fraught with regret. If she had known who her son would become, would she still have saved his life? Official Book Trailer:

Apprentice to the Time God

Apprentice to the Time God by Clarke Graham

“Time God?” All Andri knew about them was they were time travelers going throughout the galaxy protecting the weak and the innocent. He read the invitation again. They wanted him to try out for the Time God’s apprentice. A farmer’s son, his only aspiration was to take over the family farm when it was his turn. Andri accepted, to bring honor to his family and his planet. But even at the trials, he found there would be those willing to kill, to become, the Apprentice to the Time Gods.

FRACTURED: Where Science Fiction meets Fantasy for an Epic Transformational Journey (The Sleeping Phoenix Book 1)

FRACTURED: Where Science Fiction meets Fantasy for an Epic Transformational Journey (The Sleeping Phoenix Book 1) by ishKiia Paige

Fractured is ishKiia Paige's debut novel of The Sleeping Phoenix Series. It is Part I of a transformational journey in a large, in-depth, science fiction fantasy epic series. Zreyas Rittak is second in line to be Emperor of the Janquar Nation. He harbors a weakness for his brother, and he will do anything to ascend to the throne in order to protect him. But his universe crumbles and all his plans are derailed when an anomaly helps the Dark One escape from his once-hidden dimensional prison. Chaos ensues when fractures crack the skies. Zreyas takes extreme measures to protect his brother and ends up being hunted by his own people. Can he adapt to his new circumstances and protect his brother from the Dark One? Will his primitive weapons and skills be enough in a world of advanced technology he isn’t accustomed to?

Daylight Chasers

Daylight Chasers by Rue Sparks

"I wish this day would never end" - One heart's desire leads to a tumultuous journey for an unlikely pair. Keenan, a guide at Daylight Chasers, is hired to lead Isabella through a day that "nearly" never ends. As the top agent, he excels at calming the excitable and inspiring the timid, as they journey across the globe one time zone at a time. Despite his years of experience, Keenan soon realizes that he is going to need a lot more than his familiar script when it comes to Isabella's expedition. When the planned activities all start going south, Keenan finds himself struggling to respond to Isabella's mercurial moods. With each adventure sending them further from the planned path, Keenan begins to wonder how can he be the guide when even he is feeling lost? This short story is a modern fable on mortality, bravery, and acceptance. ---- Content Warning: This book covers the many nuanced emotions surrounding death and loss.

A Night at The King's Inn

A Night at The King's Inn by Alec Arbogast

FIRST PLACE WINNER - 2021 ROYAL DRAGONFLY BOOK AWARDS: HISTORICAL FICTION CATEGORY AWARD-WINNING FINALIST - 2021 AMERICAN FICTION AWARDS Theodore is an introvert. Friends are a bother and being put in social situations is cruel and unusual punishment. Avoidance is the name of the game when it comes to relationships and he's adamant he wouldn't have it any other way. But deep inside he yearns for something...more. When his vivacious, thrill-seeking sister Alice invites him on another one at her atypical adventures, Theodore finds that his life predicated upon comfort is about to be turned on its head. They venture to an ultra-exclusive speakeasy in Manhattan's West Village, where he happens upon a vintage gramophone that does more than play a simple tune. He cranks the lever and a portal to another world snaps open. Before he can react, Theodore finds himself in a posh hotel, navigating a mysterious and menacing masquerade ball in 20th century London. In the maze-like halls of the hotel, he brushes shoulders with a coquettish young woman who, coupled with the mysterious allure of the masquerade, ensures he'll return to this foreign world to uncover more. But as he delves deeper, he finds himself in the middle of a socioeconomic conflict across a mercurial and hostile landscape where cocktails and charisma are more dangerous than loaded guns. If he wants to lead the substantive life a part of him has always known he deserves, he must not only outgrow his circumspect ways and face the dangers of a socially adept furtive society, he must also face the demons of his own past which crawl to the surface as he unravels the mysteries of a bygone world.


Gauntlet by John G. Doyle

Time travel, the power sought after and craved by everyone and held by none. Until now. Not only is time travel very real to Jericho, he’s used it in the usual ways one would expect—getting rich, predicting world-changing events and, more importantly, traveling to whenever he chooses just for kicks. But just when he thinks his secret is safe, he discovers two other time travelers. One politely wants him to stop while he’s ahead. The other wants to end time as we know it and bring the planet to the brink of destruction. So, no pressure.

A Matter of Time

A Matter of Time by Lizzy Gayle

Arizona circa 1888 may be a fun place to visit, but the Time Capsule Fantasy Resort didn’t mean to crash land there. It’s up to Walter Doyle, inventor of the new technology, to find and repair the missing cloaking device without altering the timeline. Easier said than done when he runs into a real-life, real-sexy Annie Oakley named Sadie. From the moment she points her shotgun at him, he’s smitten. All Sadie Rogers wants is to be left alone to mind her ranch and her son, something the men in town wouldn’t be keen on if they found out her husband was dead. Keeping a low profile gets more complicated when the handsome Wally shows up on a hush-hush mission from Washington. When his top-secret contraption kills a man on Sadie’s property, she hides the evidence. Though, she might be convinced to turn the thing over in exchange for Wally posing as her new fiancé to help save her ranch… With sabotage afoot and a town full of corrupt cowboys and nosy neighbors, can Wally and Sadie find a way to solve both their problems? Maybe. But they’ll create an even bigger one while trying—how to hold on to love that transcends time itself.

Saving Schrödinger's Cat

Saving Schrödinger's Cat by Mark Jenkins

n the 25th century, deep under the Earth's shattered surface, the dying remnants of humankind live in a dwindling Colony devoid of Nature and only one can travel to the past to save humanity from its dark fate. Clinging to life underground, after a cataclysmic all-out nuclear war, the remains of the human race are desperate for a way to change the past. Harnessing the power of an artificial wormhole, their only hope to avert global annihilation is to travel back in time and alter the discovery of nuclear fission. Humanity's future rests on the unlikely shoulders of Proteus. Born with a unique genetic mutation, scientists discover that he is the only one capable of surviving the ravages of time-travel. After decades of preparation, Proteus is sent backwards to early 20th century London... but Time doesn't want the past to change and it pushes back. To complete his mission, Proteus must manipulate the course of history, all the while battling enemy agents and avoiding the forces of Time, if he's ever going to save the future from the past.

4 Years Trapped in My Mind Palace

4 Years Trapped in My Mind Palace by Johan Twiss

14-year old Aaron Greenburg is trapped in a vegetative state. He's awake and aware of everything around him, but the doctors don't realize it. After being placed in a care facility, he receives a new roommate--an old eccentric jazz musician with dementia. When Aaron talks in his mind to stay sane, the old man hears his thoughts and replies. But no one believes the old man because they think he's crazy. And when the old man thinks he's living in the past with his dementia episodes, it pulls Aaron into those moments in time and he gets to experience 1920's New York City, World War II, and much more as the two develop an unlikely and unique friendship. 4 Years Trapped in My Mind Palace is a humorous and heartwarming coming-of-age story, entwined with an end-of-age story, that will capture your imagination and renew your faith in the power of friendship.

The Ghosts of Tantor

The Ghosts of Tantor by Adam Gaffen

They think they're ready for this mission. They're wrong. The Terran Federation is finally at peace and ready to begin serious exploration. The TFS Pike is the newest ship in the Fleet, purpose-built for deep space missions. Four kilometers long, with a crew of four thousand, she’s well-equipped for the years ahead. If only her crew was as prepared. Ensign Nicole Crozier, the former Premier of the Luna Free State, has left politics behind to pursue a career in the Fleet. But her stint as the Artemis Minister of War has landed her in Tactical instead of Science, her passion, and she’s not happy about it. Still, she’s been promised a chance to switch tracks, so for now she’ll deal. Everything changes when Nicole discovers a rogue planet, and she’s given command of the landing party. She’s irritated her superior but that’s the least of her problems when an ancient alien artifact emerges from the ice. As Nicole and her team explore the interior, the planet and her team vanish. The crew of the Pike must use all the tricks and tools available to get their missing people back. When they finally do, Nicole brings aboard a discovery which could change the course of history. Or end it. If you're a fan of Star Trek: Voyager, Battlestar Galactica 2003, Interstellar, or 2001: A Space Odyssey, then this is for you.

Braided Dimensions

Braided Dimensions by Marie Judson

Kay Halefin is drawn into a world beyond anything she conceived as a professor of ancient languages. She follows Baird, a medieval bard, into the past. Enigmatic, enchanting, he “kens her spirit.” But he has a partner in his time, Kyna - healer, weaver, magic worker, and Kay’s doppelganger. Living in Kyna’s mind, Kay gains knowledge of magic, time travel and mind melding. Yet her new skills will soon be tested by the most powerful mages of that time who would like to control Kyna and the Thirteen, her magical council. With a golden crystal and other tools, Kay begins to wield her own powers as she finds herself tangled in a web of connections with the past, as she tries to keep danger from those she loves in the 21st century.

The River Twice

The River Twice by Brenda W Clough


Calla Ang has always known her own power. Her grandmother is the dictator of Jalanesia in Southeast Asia, and Calla's future is to follow in her footsteps. But after the Victorian time traveler Jack Wragsland invites her to 1867 to show Charles Darwin what a real scientific revolution looks like, Calla returns to the 21st century to discover Jalanesia is no longer the country she knew. As she and Jack thread their way deeper into an interlocking maze of alternate realities, there always seems to be a second chance...until suddenly there isn't. The only certainty Jack and Calla have as the universes change is each other. But if she can't learn to handle power wisely, then even love will not be enough to save Calla, Jack, or her country.

The Star Collector

The Star Collector by Matthew William


Space-sheriff Joe Corbit has just stumbled upon the greatest artifact in the history of the universe. Too bad it's a threat to our very existence. When a distress call leads Joe to the ruins of a lost, alien civilization, he finds an illegal archaeological dig underway. The Chinese Galactic Empire is working with the Martian mob to smuggle an artifact across state lines. One deadly shoot-out later, and Joe finds himself in sole possession of the curious trinket. His plan is to auction it off to the highest bidder... that is, until he finds out why the Chinese were after it in the first place. They believe it to be an ancient alien super-weapon, a device that has already sent one intergalactic species into extinction. Joe must fend off the powerful Chinese Space Fleet all while trying to figure out how to deactivate the artifact. Otherwise... it will be our turn to go extinct.

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