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Atlantis Land of Dreams

Atlantis Land of Dreams by Edale Lane

A handful of heroes; an impending cataclysm. Can Ariel and her friends save the world as they know it? Communicating with plants and animals has become a rare gift, one Ariel cherishes. She loves her farm and her family, especially her three-hundred-year-old oma. As she grapples to preserve her connection with the spirit world, she realizes something is dreadfully wrong. Lysandra, a gifted healer, lives in the most splendid city in the world, overflowing with culture and prosperity. Despite her meaningful career, she misses the love of her youth whom she left behind. Now something is causing more illnesses and deaths at increasingly younger ages than typical for Atlantans. When both Ariel and Lysandra are called to the Ring of Stones for a meeting of scholars, masters, and gifted individuals, they reunite for the first time in thirty years. Pushing personal feelings aside, they must focus on discovering what’s wrong with their world and help fix it. Making a startling discovery, Ariel brings an ominous report to the council. Can the sharpest minds and most compassionate hearts of Atlantis create a plan to save their civilization, or is it doomed to be obliterated from the face of the earth forever? Captivating storyteller Edale Lane brings you an epic historical fantasy warmed with a second-chance sapphic romance. Atlantis, Land of Dreams, will transport you to a world of wonder and imagination, where myths of the past come to life and inspire a brighter vision for our future. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey of discovery and marvel at the beauty and magic of this legendary place that has captured the hearts and minds of generations.

Merely Mortal

Merely Mortal by Michelle M. Pillow

A gripping new first-person POV urban fantasy romance series by NY Times and USA Today bestselling author, Michelle M. Pillow. All I want is a simple, normal life. Unfortunately, normalcy is a luxury I can’t afford as a lowly human born into a powerful supernatural family embroiled in magic. They’ve always been quick to remind me that I have an expiration date. Imagine everyone’s surprise when it’s me standing above their graves, not the other way around. The fire that took their lives wasn’t my fault, yet everyone is blaming me, especially the vampires. Now I have a target on my back and a bounty on my head. Without the protection of my family, I’m caught up in a tangled web of supernatural dynasties and arcane power struggles. So when a handsome stranger and his young daughter take pity on me and offer me a ride, I don’t say no. It’s a mistake. One I hope doesn’t cost us all our lives. Sometimes, being merely mortal really sucks.

Spark Of Magic

Spark Of Magic by Hailey Gonzales

Gryphons And Grimoires

My name’s Gwen and apparently, I’m a witch. But there’s a catch. The coven I stumbled into says I have to win my spot. Even worse, I’m up against the handsome but broody son of two powerful mages—Zane Casimir. If I lose, my memory will be erased. This world is more dangerous than I imagined. The magic council hates me for my weak magic. The fae queen prides herself on tormenting me. And my competitors are all too eager to beat me down. To top it off, a grinning demon’s begun haunting my dreams. I should back away. Magic isn’t nice. It’s deadly. But even so, it’s all I’ve ever wanted. And I’ll be damned if I let this opportunity slip through my fingertips. I’ll survive this semester and win. I don’t care what I have to do. Spark of Magic is the first book in the Gray Stone Witches six-book series. This high-stakes and fast-paced series is packed with magical creatures, found family, complex characters, and a slow burn romance!

They Left Magic in Their Wake

They Left Magic in Their Wake by Marilyn Peake


At the end of the world, there will be magic. Earth has been decimated by climate change. Humanity has fractured into isolated tribes. A child born in the southwestern desert of the United States appears to have magical powers, a strict taboo in his part of the world. In four other locations, people discover magical items. No one knows how they work or where they’re from. Although these strange objects capture the imagination, using them is risky and dangerous. The five tribes at the heart of this novel: Southwestern Desert Tribe: Zadie and Nora have fled their tribe where human reproduction is so rare, pregnant women are burned at the stake as witches. Zadie gives birth to triplets, only one born alive. The surviving infant shows signs of having magical powers, another punishable taboo. Northeastern Mountain Tribe: Finley is a young boy too curious for his own good. Meddling with strange technology he finds in a cave, he eventually boards a flying ship that takes him far away from the only world he’s ever known. Tribe in Akihabara, Japan: Exploring post-apocalyptic Tokyo, Emiko, Katsuki, Rin and Ko discover ancient manga and D&D items, as well as glowing cubes they mistake for dice. When the long-dead neon lights of Tokyo begin to flicker, the teenagers get caught up in the most intense adventure of their lives. McMurdo Station Tribe—Located in the Land of Magical Ice, Formerly Antarctica: Settlers at the abandoned McMurdo Station practice a form of mysticism, their ancestors having fled religious persecution as well as the droughts and fires of Australia. Arthur Campbell and Harrison Clark are researchers studying the strange technology that runs the place. Vostok Station Tribe—Located in the Land of Magical Ice, Formerly Antarctica: The original settlers of the abandoned Vostok Station fled the extreme heat, fires and droughts of Brazil. Years later, giant squid and a spaceship emerge from Lake Vostok as the ice begins to melt. Salvador Siqueira and his crew leave their station to investigate.

The Saga of Bjorn Unfrid

The Saga of Bjorn Unfrid by John Simons


The omens are not good. Ancient forces are at play… …and ancient forces are known to be assholes. Bjorn knows this because he’s not like other people. He sees the past and future, ghosts and gods. Sometimes he talks to them. But he never expected or wanted to get dragged into the business of the spirit world. He already has his own problems, like how to start a conversation with the woman he followed all the way to Texas so he could stay close to her. He’s pretty sure that wouldn’t go over as a great opening line. Unfortunately, the spirit world and the physical world are tied together and Bjorn is tangled up in all of it. It’s a lot to handle all at once in your freshman year of college, and UH is not the college experience he was expecting. But when things turn dark and the lives of his loved ones are at stake, it’s the place where he must awaken to his destiny whether he wants to or not.

My Name is not Alice

My Name is not Alice by Angelika Rust


Alice is a high school princess. Blonde. Beautiful. Shallow. Until she meets a little white rabbit, and her world turns upside down. The line between reality and fantasy blurs, then vanishes altogether. And Alice becomes a girl who attracts Trouble. Trouble with a capital T.

Evil Omega (Darkstar Pack Book 1)

Evil Omega (Darkstar Pack Book 1) by S. Rodman

Gay. Necromancer. Werewolf. Supervillain. Silas Northstar is an omega with plans. Become a supervillain Embrace necromancy Enjoy being a boss in the bedroom Not part of his plans, Being captured the night he goes into heat Liking the stupid alpha guarding him Having way too much fun with him It's all good though, as by the morning he has escaped. He can put the fiery night behind him and forget it ever happened. It's not like Dean, the stupid alpha, is going to come looking for him, is it? Please note this book touches on dark themes, contains strong survivors and emotional growth. It is high heat and knotty. There is no mpreg. HEA guaranteed. Although this book is first in a series that follows the same couple, there is NO cliffhanger and it can be enjoyed as a standalone.

The Three Wise Young Men Part III

The Three Wise Young Men Part III by Darío Aguilar Peregrina

Ever since the young Melchor, Gaspar, and Baltazar discovered they were descendants of the Original Wise Men, their lives would completely change for better and for worse due to some enemies they would encounter along the way. Nevertheless, thanks to their collective charisma, as well as the help of incredible friends from the Magical Multiverse, their main mission of delivering gifts had been an absolute success. Upon recommendation of Santa Claus himself, the Wise Young Men would be summoned by the Mansa (King) of Mukehele Zunduri to find an object that would bring peace and stability to the kingdom after being missing for many years... The Star of Bethlehem.

The Three Wise Young Men Part II

The Three Wise Young Men Part II by Darío Aguilar Peregrina

Two years after defeating Herodes the Great, Melchor, Gaspar, and Baltazar had fully assumed the mantle of the Three Wise Men and brought gifts to different parts of the world accompanied by their friends from the Citadel and Mexico City. Due to the great success of the three in the task entrusted to them by the ancient Kings, they would be invited to Santa Claus's Christmas celebration at the North Pole, where various characters from different fantasy realms beyond the Citadel Kingdom would attend. However, when an ancient evil spirit would try to ruin this gathering and at the same time the upcoming Christmas, the Wise Young Men would seek to stop it...

The Three Wise Young Men

The Three Wise Young Men by Darío Aguilar Peregrina

After years of fulfilling the wishes of all children every January 6th, one day, the Three Wise Men disappeared without a trace from the magical world they came from... Following this event, three young people from different parts of Mexico City who had stopped believing in the tradition and had a connection with the original Three Wise Men, would be chosen to embark on an unforgettable journey and find them. The Magic is real...


Bookstories by Sarah Tollok

“Every book lover says it at one time or another, don’t they? That they want to read ‘all the books’?” In 1960, junior editor Dottie Barber is up to her elbows in the slush pile of a New York publishing house. All of Dottie’s friends and colleagues know her to be a book lover through and through, but what they don’t know is that she has a special intuitive ability to understand pieces of a writer’s life just by reading their words. Only one writer has ever baffled Dottie’s empathic understanding: the mysterious author of brilliant stories submitted to the publishing house with no endings and no name. Every day, Dottie looks for a new envelope from the author, but each submission only adds to her bittersweet frustration. Nearly sixty years later, the mystery remains unsolved. Dottie’s career in publishing has amassed her a wealth of bookish friends, part ownership in a bookstore, and an enormous private library full of treasures and secrets, yet she still yearns to uncover the identity of the unknown author. She’s well into retirement when she meets Jim, a young playwright living in the basement apartment of her building. Despite being at opposite ends of their respective stories, the two become fast friends. Together, they search for the perfect reader—one who can help them finally decipher the author’s identity. A braided narrative of interconnected lives and stories, Bookstories is an ode to the authors, editors, publishers, librarians, booksellers, and countless others who make up the ecosystem of books. After all, it takes a world of people to bring about a world of books.

The Chronicles of the Virago: Book III the Triumviratus

The Chronicles of the Virago: Book III the Triumviratus by Michael Bialys

Makenna Grace Gold is the Virago. At barely thirteen-years-old, she has been entrusted by the forces of good to protect her twin siblings Emi and Noah from the evil forces that seek to destroy them. The infant twins are destined to lead our world into its next age of Hope and Enlightenment: if and only if they survive In this follow up to the series, the stakes have just gotten higher. Makenna’s Dad’s soul has been captured and is being transported to the lowest levels of Hell. Makenna must stay on Earth to protect her siblings while her two best friends Stephen Levine a gifted clairvoyant and Samuel Taylor a genius level Game-master, traverse the nine levels of hell to rescue her Dad’s imperiled soul and bring him back to Earth. The heroic efforts and talents of these three friends will be tested to their limits, while the future of Makenna’s family and the entire World is at stake. It will take all of their combined gifts to defeat the forces of Evil this time.

The Chronicles of the Virago:: Book II The Apprentus

The Chronicles of the Virago:: Book II The Apprentus by Michael Bialys

Makenna Grace Gold is the Virago. At barely thirteen-years-old, she has been entrusted by the forces of good to protect her twin siblings Emi and Noah from the evil forces that seek to destroy them. The infant twins are destined to lead our world into its next age of Hope and Enlightenment; if and only if Makenna can protect them. As she begins to settle into her new role as the Virago, Makenna receives a cryptic warning from none other than the Grim Reaper himself. She is told that her immediate future promises to be life threatening to both her and her entire family. It will take all Makenna’s new-found skills along with the assistance of her Fairy mentors Bree, Dee and Marigold, best friend Stephen and her sidekick Fluffy the wisecracking earthworm, to defeat the machinations of the malevolent, multi-billionaire Malvado Seaton. All this while Makenna and her family are on an international field trip with her classmates in China! And who is her mysterious new trainer Tai-Pan?

Have Mercy

Have Mercy by Tyler Miles

The Bluest Eye meets The Ocean at the End of the Lane in this gritty magical realism story that offers a unique and captivating journey through a world where reality and fantasy blur. Ten-year-old Danae is a little biracial girl who has dealt with the loss of her mother and, having grown up in the projects, a childhood of poverty. When she comes home from school one day to find her father dead in his bed, she loses her grip on reality and slips into a fantasy world where her dog is a magical knight and monsters are real. As she navigates this new world, she must also find the strength to deal with her father's death and the eccentric and sometimes criminal people entering her life now. With ghosts, witches, and found friendships of the unlikeliest kind, Have Mercy is a magical realism story that delves into themes of race and color, loss and grief, and the power of imagination. As Danae tries to make sense of what's happening, the reader is left wondering what's real and what's not, and whether Danae can trust herself and the world around her.

Wings of Fire

Wings of Fire by Stephanie Mirro

Stealing objects for supernatural clients is my bread and butter. Murder? Not so much. As a phoenix, I’m used to burning hot and rising from the ashes. That’s why I chose to make my living as a world-class thief. Some say it’s dangerous. I call it fun. Or it is until someone beats me to my latest mark, stealing the prize and killing a fae duke in the process. To add insult to injury, I get blamed for the gruesome murder. With my freedom on the line, I’ve got three options. One, confess my failure and spend a few centuries as the caged pet of my sadistic, bloodsucking client. Nope. Two, take the blame and let the hotter-than-hell grim reaper take me to jail. Also a hard nope, unless he sweetens the deal with an offer to burn up the sheets. Is it any wonder I choose door number three? I’ve got to find the real killer, steal back the goods, and remind everyone how I got my reputation as the world’s best “acquirer” in the first place. There’s just one problem. That sexier-than-sin grim reaper I mentioned? He’s determined to see me go down.

Paragon Exordium

Paragon Exordium by Mikel Melwasul

aragon Exordium is an easy-to-read character-driven fantasy novel that combines classic magical elements with a modern-day setting full of non-stop action, world-building, and high stakes. -In Paragon, Georgia, the battle for survival has begun.  After the Shattering, everything changes. When technology falters, the remnants of humanity must unite against an onslaught of creatures beyond their wildest imaginings. Basilisk, orcs, elves, dwarves, and other terrifying creatures now populate the planet.   With the creatures causing havoc, strangers are forced to join forces. Private military officer Peter Blair grapples with enigmatic dreams brought on by a black sword, and his inability to save everyone. While journalism student Sarah Young discovers newfound magical powers and the responsibility they bring. With refugees flooding in and danger on the rise, Peter and Sarah must embrace their new reality or risk surrendering Earth to the Fae - losing everything they hold dear.   Fans of The Walking Dead and Lord of the Rings will be enticed by this genre-bending epic that rings with themes of survival, sacrifice, and self-discovery. 

Life Sucks After You Die

Life Sucks After You Die by Crystal-Rain Love

All Danni Keller wanted to do was go to a bar and drown her sorrows in some alcohol, but she managed to get attacked by an incubus. Now she's being guarded by a hunky but oh so irritating vampire (who bit her too) while the incubus stalks her. Being guarded by the sexy vampire probably wouldn't be that bad if not for the fact her perfect boss has finally noticed her. Try dating while a vampire guards you way too closely and an incubus tracks your every move, waiting to pounce. Then there's some creepy hunter guy who also wants to kill Danni. The sun wants to kill her. Human food wants to kill her. Don't even get her started on her family. Life sucks after you die.

The Fifth Horseman

The Fifth Horseman by Freida Kilmari

No name. No past. One giant future. The only thing worse than suddenly waking up in a magical house with the insanely gorgeous Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? Being the Fifth. With no memory of who I am, where I came from, or what I’m doing here, I’m thrust into a new life with four people who I might want more from than just friendship. But with no past, how can I possibly plan for a future? The only clue as to who I am? Four different species' magic resides within me—Vampire, Fae, Shifter, and Witch—and between them, I might be the most powerful creature on the planet. For fuck's sake. Look out world, Horseman of Magic coming through!

Ghosts of the Catacombs

Ghosts of the Catacombs by Janna Ruth


I'm a ghost whisperer, not a catacomb crawler. But when you live in Paris, sometimes you end up being both. Hi, I’m Alix. During the day, I’m a history student at the time-honoured Sorbonne University. After class, I hang out with the ghosts of the revolution, the many undead misunderstood Parisian artists, and adventurous scientists that glow in the dark. None of them are alive, but they come to me to solve their problems with the living. When a recently deceased catacomb tour guide asks me to retrieve a mysterious personal item from the underground, things take a turn for the weird. Suddenly, I find myself in a city of ghosts, hunted by murderous cave crawlers, and stumbling across haunting secrets. If I’m not careful now, I might end up a ghost myself. Urban Fantasy with a French twist. If you like cave-crawling adventures, hopeless romantics, and ghosts, you'll enjoy Ghosts of the Catacomb, the first instalment of the Parisian Ghosts series. Travel to Paris today to embark on your catacomb adventure.

Vampire Menstrual Syndrome: The First Cycle

Vampire Menstrual Syndrome: The First Cycle by S.C. Hunter

Vampire Menstrual Syndrome is the unapologetically queer-feminist supernatural comedy-horror series that no one asked for. The first day of Vanessa’s period takes a deadly turn when she is unwittingly sacrificed by a suburban cult of pretentious teenagers. After being exsanguinated, Vanessa crawls out of her shallow grave and is understandably upset. Caught in a horrible cycle of ingesting and excreting blood, Vanessa needs answers…fast. Thankfully, Vanessa’s roommate, Wyatt, is bored of his monotonous summer retail job and is a long-time fan of all things supernatural. Wyatt encourages Vanessa to investigate her own murder so that they can find some answers about her unexpected afterlife. Together, this dramatic duo will go to any lengths necessary to figure out what the hell is going on in their mundane little city. Interrogating and traumatizing teenagers? Easy. Catfishing knowledgeable strangers from a paranormal chat room? Fire off some eggplant emojis. Befriending an occult horticulturalist? That’s a green thumb’s up. Rubbing elbows with a pompous warlock? If they must. However, with each misguided step into the Underworld, Vanessa gradually realizes that her murderer—her maker, is trying to hunt her down. Unearth a conspiracy as old as sexism itself or survive long enough to have an afterlife crisis? Hopefully, those two options aren’t mutually exclusive. Vampire Menstrual Syndrome…and you thought cramps were bad. Content Warnings: The First Cycle, as the name implies, is the first book in the trilogy lovingly known as VMS. As a result, this book has a cliff-hanger ending. This book contains scenes of graphic violence and body horror, hard drug and alcohol use, talk of dysphoria, experiences of queerphobia and microaggressions (in the past), flashbacks of war, death, non-stop period talk (yes, clots and all), and, of course, blood. This book also contains queer romantic tension, steamy make-out scenes, and nudity--with a proposed spice rating of 1 chili pepper.

Stone Soup

Stone Soup by E. B. Mann

On a dark and dismal morning, Green Eyes awakens to find herself scratching at her mother’s door. She’s had the dream again—the one in which she’s a cat trying to climb a mountain to save a girl in distress. The confusing dream haunts her as she treks to the nearby village to sell the mysterious wooden figurines her mother carves. She lives her life in fear: Will today be the day she earns enough money to please her? Or will she return home to face yet another beating? She never knows what to expect until she walks through the cottage door. Her only hope is that her mother won’t damage the wooden prosthetic she must wear after losing her hand as a baby. As she’s on her way home, she encounters Arduon and Paduon, a pair of wise-cracking crows who tell her she’s not who she thinks she is. They urge her to go in search of her true self, but Green Eyes resists, afraid of her mother and of the dangers of the world. It’s only when she learns that her mother is in fact a witch who put a spell on her that Green Eyes finds the courage to escape. Armed with the crow’s wisdom—and a magical sword gifted to her by her friends in the village—she sets off on a journey to discover her true identity.

Wicked Little Things

Wicked Little Things by Justin Arnold

Join a coven. Catch a killer. Get a makeover...? When his cousin is murdered, recently outed 16 year old Dane Craven, is forced to return to his unbearably small hometown of Jasper Hollow. It would be easy enough for him to keep his head down if it weren't for three inescapable facts. ​ One, Dane is a witch with fiery powers he can barely control. Two, he's been claimed by a coven of fashion forward 'mean girls' desperate to give him a makeover. And three, Dane is pretty sure he's responsible for the death of his cousin. ​ Being the gay best friend to a trio of teenage witches was never high on Dane's list of aspirations, but fortunately for him these girls have the necromantic powers he needs to figure out who killed his cousin. Plus, he could do with some new clothes. While on the hunt for his cousin's killer, Dane discovers life in Jasper Hollow isn't all bad. There's the cute boy who works at the local coffee shop and enjoys long walks in the woods, for one. But when the rabbit-faced killer comes for Dane, he'll be forced to come to terms with who he is and where he belongs before it's too late for him and everyone in Jasper Hollow. ​ Wicked Little Things is a spooky, campy, horror complete with mystery, romance, and a whole lot of sass. It's Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina meets Caleb Roehrig's The Fell of Dark. ​ ​ "Think The Craft meets Mean Girls, with a pinch of AHS: Coven, then make it super gay. A bitchy, witchy, spook-fest that delivers scares, gore, and so much more! Camp, funny, and with moments of devastating darkness, this book really is full of Wicked Little Things." - Rory Michaelson, author of The Lesser Known Monsters Trilogy “Throw The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Are You Afraid of The Dark, Mean Girls, and Heathers into a cauldron, stir in a little queerness (for flavor) and you've got this book! Wicked Little Things brings the creep factor of urban legends, and mixes in humor, found family vibes, oh yeah, and a possible deal with the "devil" to create a sassy, spooky read that readers will come back to again and again." - Lou Wilham, author of The Hex Next Door

Chasing The Alpha's Son

Chasing The Alpha's Son by Penny Jessup

The second book in Penny Jessup’s best selling The Alpha’s Son series. It’s been three months since their kiss on the beach and Max hasn’t heard a whisper from Jasper. With Christmas fast approaching, and despite vowing he would chase Jasper to the ends of the world, Max is ready to give up. Until Alpha Jericho announces he’s sending a select envoy of Elite Pack wolves to an allied wolf-pack stationed high in the rocky mountains, where they will bear witness to a Blood Moon. A week in a cozy ski-lodge sounds as romantic as you can get, so Max decides to give things with Jasper one last shot. But life in the mountains is rockier than expected and finding alone time with Jasper is harder than Max thought. Political unrest between the packs is galvanizing Jasper’s determination to keep them apart, and new and old suitors are emerging in the pursuit of Jasper’s affections. Running headfirst into snow storms, Max begins to question if the destiny he’s been chasing is what he really wants. And when the Blood Moon arrives, bringing irrevocable change that no one saw coming, Max and Jasper’s connection will be put to the ultimate test. Will they find the path between souls among the snow covered peaks or will the mountain roads lead them to an unexpected destiny?

The Alpha's Son

The Alpha's Son by Penny Jessup

Max Remus couldn't care less about finding his mate-unlike the rest of his fate-obsessed pack. He totally prefers hanging with his bestie, eating his dad's steak sandwiches, and drawing in his trusty sketchbook. But all that is about to change at the Blue Moon Festival-a summer camp where Elite Pack wolves go to find their mates. The festival is a right of passage for every teen werewolf, and this year's festival will be one to howl home about. The alpha's son, Jasper Apollo, is attending for the first time. When Max finds himself inexplicably linked with the exceptionally handsome but totally jerk-faced heir, he's forced to grapple with the unexpected feelings clawing at his soul. If Max rejects his destiny, will fate's bite be worse than its bark? ​ Netflix's Young Royals meets Teen Wolf meets Twilight--the first instalment in a thrilling new series, The Alpha's Son is a heart-wrenching Young Adult, Boys Love, wolf shifter romance; full of yearning, comedy, and adventure. Start reading now! And may the Moon Gods light the path between souls. ​ "Full to the brim with teenage angst, werewolf lore, and plenty of pining, this supernatural romance is perfect for fans of Wranglestone and The Fell of Dark." - Philip Ellis author of Love and Other Scams ​ "The Alpha’s Son is an adorable debut filled with humor and intrigue. With the perfect amount of teen angst and awkwardness, Jessup weaves a story, who's end you won't see coming, about following your heart and knowing your worth.” - Jordon Greene author of Every Word You Never Said

Mandrake Manor

Mandrake Manor by JP Rindfleisch IX

Inherited magic. A secret neighborhood. And... a formidable Homeowner's Association? When Mathias Mandrake becomes the unexpected heir of Mandrake Manor, he and his friends are thrust into a world of witchery and mystery. Juggling romance, nosy neighbors, and looming fines, they must decide: is the magic worth the mayhem?

Dead Culture

Dead Culture by Ross Young

Millicent Havercroft, a cheese merchant, and proud market stall holder, has been beheaded and placed on a shelf in the Gloomwood library. The city is suffering a spate of horrific food poisoning attacks. Augustan Blunt has been dumped by his long-time, on-again-off-again girlfriend. An organisation calling itself the ‘culture’ is covering the city in anti-food propaganda. But worse still… Something has happened to the Grim Reaper’s mid-afternoon snack. Somebody’s cheesed off…

Dead Festive

Dead Festive by Ross Young

There's no such thing as Christmas in the Grim Reaper's own slice of the afterlife, but there is Bleakest Day. As the festive season is in full swing, things are taking a sinister turn. Who would steal the Grim Reaper's baubles? Why does everyone hate the demonic refugees? Did Detective Blunt remember to get Sarah a present? The afterlife is in turmoil once again and it's down to Detective Blunt and the few friends he has to get to the bottom of things. On Bleakest Eve, everything is going to come together. The question is... who's been naughty and is anybody nice? Welcome back to the afterlife. Just remember, don't call it Christmas....

Unusual Light

Unusual Light by J. Elizaga

Engineering student Ana Juliet (AJ) takes a summer job as a swing-shift security guard at a hospital morgue--the same morgue once investigated by the police for unusual calls received during full moons. And the calls happen only when Matt, a guard assigned to the overnight shift, is on duty. AJ scoffs at the idea of otherworldly activities. But soon after, she witnesses a mysterious orb. The orb reveals itself to be the ghost of Binni Almond, a teenager who went missing thirty years ago. Despite AJ’s shock, she befriends Binni. She vows to use her problem-solving abilities to find Binni’s family and solve the mystery of the young girl’s disappearance. But darker spirits are afoot. As AJ descends to the morgue’s basement to capture evidence of Binni’s remains, Matt’s visions worsen. Evil spirits surge around the premises. And AJ is in danger of getting caught in the middle of a paranormal showdown.

The Aqua Human

The Aqua Human by J. Elizaga

A teenager in the Pacific during World War II, evades capture by escaping to sea. She survives a tragedy and discovers new physical abilities underwater. Alone, she grapples to survive on land. But under the sea, she finds friendship from the most intelligent marine creatures. Over the decades, Amaya searches for the answer about her mysterious transformation while hiding her secret. But her secret may have finally been captured on film.

Phantom and Rook

Phantom and Rook by Aelina Isaacs

Arlo Rook has decided it’s time to move out of Garren Castle, home for orphans of all races, magical or not, at 100 years old. It’s not the first time he’s left home, but after a setback that landed the Hedge Witch in the hospital a year ago, he ended up right back at square one. But now he’s ready to strike out on his own, despite his friend’s worries that he’s not ready for the ‘real world.’ Then, he crashes into a mess of copper curls and bright eyes, sending apothecary goods and his life into a chaotic mess. Thatch is a mysterious and incredibly wealthy benefactor of Levena, only spoken of but never seen. He requests a night of Arlo’s company and a tour of the city, which Arlo immediately declines. But that’s not the last time they see each other, and it certainly wasn’t the first. Arlo doesn’t remember him, no one remembers Thatch after he visits, but Thatch never forgot the Witch with a familiar soulmark on his face. Thatch Phantom is an immortal, the last of his kind and perpetually bored. When he’s not closing inter-dimensional rifts and corralling demons, he’s visiting his favorite city of all, Levena. Centuries ago, when life was particularly dull, he set up a scavenger hunt for a starving village, providing them with a year’s worth of supplies. He anonymously returned year after year, upping the ante and providing less practical things, as the village had become a city and was wealthy beyond belief. Festivals were thrown in his honor, and have continued every year since. Hundreds of years later, The Game is still put on by the fabled ‘Scarlet Illusionist’, but no one has figured out who blesses them with the puzzles. Once again, Thatch is listless and has decided to throw a wild card into this year’s Game. Whoever discovers him will win one wish of their choice, no restrictions. Aside from the obvious, such as no falling in love, murder or resurrection. What he didn’t anticipate was crashing into the one person whose soul mark flares like a beacon when Thatch is around, teasing the immortal with the one thing he wants most. Someone to call home. What follows is a wild chain of events filled with magical coffee shops, villains with vendettas against cheese makers, moving tattoos, grand puzzles, and second chances at love, and life.

The Rains Came Down

The Rains Came Down by Julian Shaw

SPSFC 2023

A world where nature has claimed the streets of London… where ageless people are perilously addicted to sucking marbles… and where the deaths of three men from another world threatens the order of the universe… In this, his debut novel, Julian Shaw has created a life-affirming and enchanting parallel universe, remarkable for its torrential bursts of action and overwhelming floods of emotion. ________________________________ When Gareth Edwards dies in a train crash, he emerges in The Meadow , a realm existing somewhere between life and death. Hunted and on the run, he finds refuge with a travelling circus and journeys with them across the splendour of this strange world, where pubs organise rebellions, cave dwellers archive Earth’s disasters – and where a network of monasteries are commissioning expeditions into the Welsh mountains that are too dangerous to speak of. Gareth joins one of these expeditions, only to find something yet more perilous waiting for him – something with origins that reach beyond this world and into the trauma of his past.

Wolves of Duty

Wolves of Duty by Charlotte Murphy

ASPEN ANAI is the Female, one of three laecan children born under unique circumstances, known as the Triquetra. Destined to usher in a new generation of Alpha wolves, Aspen has always known her purpose and is content being the gilded vessel for the two males who must compete for her, in physical challenges known as the Mating Games. When fellow Triquetrian, Caius Caldoun threatens their traditions and social standing by refusing to compete in the games against current Alpha heir Sabre Riadnak; Aspen starts questioning her destiny and the motives of those she thought she could trust. Thrust into political upheaval and social discord, Aspen is forced to choose between the duty she has always known and the happiness, freedom and love, she has only begun to taste.

Fallen Divinity

Fallen Divinity by Bri Mooney

Can you outrun fate? Prepare to be immersed once again in the enthralling world of paranormal romance and dark fantasy in "Fallen Divinity," the electrifying sequel to the Descent into Hell Series. As Aradia's journey continues, she finds herself standing at the precipice of an inescapable fate, with the weight of her past and the future of her loved ones resting upon her shoulders. In the wake of her reclaimed memories, Aradia cherishes the love she has found, a kingdom she is willing to sacrifice everything for, and the unwavering support of her loyal friends. But in the depths of Hell, a stirring darkness threatens to unravel the delicate balance she has fought so hard to achieve. As she delves deeper into the enigmatic missing pieces of her memory, Aradia uncovers secrets that could shatter everything she holds dear. Each dangerous question she dares to ask carries the potential for devastating answers, not only endangering her own life but also the lives of those she cherishes most. In "Fallen Divinity," the consequences of Aradia's ignorance loom ominously, with the power to inflict unimaginable pain upon herself and all those she loves. Can she defy the forces that conspire against her, or will the price of her ignorance be too high to bear? Immerse yourself in this spellbinding tale of love, sacrifice, and the relentless pursuit of truth. "Fallen Divinity" will captivate fans of paranormal romance and dark fantasy as it plunges them into a world where the line between destiny and devastation blurs, and the choices made shape the very fabric of existence.

Scorched Feathers

Scorched Feathers by Bri Mooney

One hell of a bargain. One hell of a fight. Aradia finds herself ensnared in a web of celestial intrigue when she is abducted by a group of self-proclaimed guardians—the enigmatic angels. Among them is her forbidden love, Asmodeus, a captivating demon determined to rescue her from their clutches. As Aradia and Asmodeus manage a daring escape, she awakens to a daunting reality: her memories have been ruthlessly erased by the guardians. In a race against time, Aradia grapples with her fragmented past, relentlessly pursuing the truth while clinging to the flickering memories she shares with Asmodeus. In a high-stakes battle against fate itself, Aradia must navigate the treacherous path between love and damnation. Will her relentless efforts defy destiny and avert a nightmarish judgment day? Indulge in the intoxicating blend of dark fantasy and gothic romance that will set your heart ablaze. "Scorched Feathers" is the captivating first installment in the Descent into Hell Series, promising an adrenaline-fueled journey that explores the depths of passion, survival, and the harrowing price of temptation.

Dusk Undone

Dusk Undone by Bri Mooney

Waking up dead has its perks. An outcast, Raeden, had always lived on the fringes of society. So when she mysteriously vanished, her absence went unnoticed, much like her life. Little did anyone realize that her absence was the result of her death. But death has its own sticky consequences. It not only takes away a person's life but also clings to their memories and emotions. As Raeden's soul departed, it left her with a choice: recover her memories and find closure or remain a restless spirit forever. For most, the decision would be a no-brainer. But Raeden? Well, she's never been one to shy away from a challenge. With two reapers assigned to her case, she's catapulted back into the mortal world. Now, Raeden must navigate the intricacies of the living while grappling with her own mischievous ambitions. After all, who says a dead girl can't have some fun along the way? But this isn't your typical murder investigation. Raeden's journey unveils a treacherous web of secrets lurking in unexpected places, and a convoluted tapestry of dark humor. In the midst of her quest, she finds solace and companionship with the reapers, Booker and Sonja. These otherworldly beings, who are already entangled in a romantic relationship, become unexpected allies in Raeden's twisted fate. As they unravel the wacky circumstances of her demise, Rae's journey is laced with her own unique challenges. Panic disorder, Autism, and ADHD dance their way into the mix, adding an extra layer of complexity to her already adventurous life. Through wild encounters, perilous situations, and unexpected twists, Raeden's vibrant spirit shines as she navigates the realms of the paranormal. So buckle up and prepare for a tale that blends dark fantasy, paranormal romance, and a dash of dark humor. Join Raeden as she embarks on a journey that will make you laugh, gasp, and fall in love with her resilient spirit. Discover the extraordinary in the ordinary and embrace the enchanting chaos that accompanies life, death, and everything in between. Indiana Jones meets The Librarians.

Scorched earth magic

Scorched earth magic by Elana Mcdougall

This is part two to Hidden Magic. It’s about A young woman who leaves behind her home (hollows), magic, and lover for a fresh start on her own. When she returns everyone discovers that she wasn’t only hiding herself, but a daughter of her former lover’s Sebastian Saint-Remy. She must save herself, her daughter, and Sebastian from evil.

The Girl on the Red Pillow

The Girl on the Red Pillow by Angelika Rust


An average abusive childhood, a tendency towards depression. Annalee’s life could be normal. If only she could get rid of the dwarf. Annalee doesn’t mind what people call her. After all, a name’s just a name. What she does mind, though, is the dwarf trying to wall her in. Struggling between reality and hallucination, a black cat and a talking skeleton her only companions along the way, Annalee fights for her sanity, and a way out.

Valkyrie Cursed

Valkyrie Cursed by Rosie Wylor-Owen

Rowan McQuaid should be dead. Valkyries don’t survive vampire bites. But after releasing a tomb full of rabid vampires, Rowan is still breathing. Her survival means one thing: somehow, she is immune. When witches are slaughtered in their homes, Rowan discovers the vampires are hell-bent on killing the descendants of those who imprisoned them. And every drop of blood spilled is on her hands. Forced to team up with the mysterious vampire Nate Hallewell, Rowan must find and stop the rogue vampires before they kill every witch in south east England.

Leza of the Alpha Line

Leza of the Alpha Line by Rachael Balke

For supernatural beings, the island was supposed to be their sanctuary from violent humans. But a violence has found them nonetheless. Leza won't sit idly by while her home is threatened. What lengths would you go to protect your home? Fighting for her family brings her to her destiny.

Wild Spirit: The Curse of Win Adler

Wild Spirit: The Curse of Win Adler by Victoria Wren

Struck down with a mystery illness, sixteen-year-old Win Adler's life in Boston is shattered. Once a high achieving student, Win's illness forces her to become withdrawn, losing many friends along the way. When doctors can’t find a cure, her father’s last hope of recovery is to take her home to Hickory House, her mother’s ancestral home in the woods in the old colonial town of Cedar Wood. A fresh start in a new town, a new school where no one knows her past, plus a cute neighbor across the should get better, right? Living with her Grandpa and older sister in a quaint town should be ideal, but Win soon discovers she lives at the heart of an old town ghost story, a tale of witchcraft and tragedy. And Win learns that her family is unusual, and have some rather interesting secrets. Someone is watching the house, a mysterious hunter, someone who knows her family’s dark secrets, and as Win starts to change in more ways than one, she must uncover the truth about this man, and what he wants from her. She is getting stronger and faster as she learns more about her family’s strange curse. All Win wants to do is settle into her new life, but on the night of Luke Fraser's bonfire, the party quickly gets out of control, and Win must use her new talents to help her friends and get them to safety. She must unearth the secrets of her past to survive the fight of her life before she runs out of time. The Curse of Win Adler is the first book in the exciting, paranormal fantasy series 'Wild Spirit'. This is a story for young adults, teens, but anyone who loves paranormal romance fiction, with some action and adventure and mystery will love this fast-paced, dynamic read! If you love contemporary shifter fantasy with magic, curses, and romance then you might love this book!

Keeper’s Reign

Keeper’s Reign by Eliza Leone

When Onnie's grandfather asked her to inherit his legacy, she wasn't expecting a magical bookshop, a talking cat with an attitude, and a town full of fantastical beings. Except that's exactly what she got. Alku is a quaint town nestled in the forested mountains of the Pacific Northwest, and it carries with it secrets. Many of them. It's where the current Keeper protects and curates the world's written knowledge archive, and Onnie's elderly Grandfather happens to be the current one. The bookshop has chosen her to be next. Onnie's tossed into the magical deep end but finds more allies than expected. A story about self-acceptance, family, and learning to lean on others, Keeper's Reign is the first part in a trilogy following the final Keeper and the dangers she faces.

Accursed Son

Accursed Son by Eric Avedissian

Armand Tarkanian is trapped in the ultimate dead-end job: embalming decedents under his abusive uncle’s watchful eye. Every day he goes through the motions, making death look beautiful while his life is anything but. A car accident leaves him indebted to Berj, a mysterious man with rune-carved gold teeth and a penchant for worshipping old gods. Blackmailed and desperate, Armand feels more trapped than he was under his uncle’s thumb. But the embalmer harbors his own dark secret, a bloodline curse that allows him to communicate with the dead. When the spirits show him how they were murdered, Armand must choose between fealty to the sadistic and manipulative Berj, or joining the Legion of the Lamb, a monster-hunting biker gang with their own agenda. What began as a dangerous game between secret societies has led Armand on a frightening quest to save the only family he’s ever known and a chance to get closer to the rebellious misfits who saved him. Heartfelt and evocative, Accursed Son is a story featuring generational clashes, found families, and the rewards of tempting fate.

The Rivener

The Rivener by Garrett Godsey

Step through a gateway hidden inside your dreaming mind. From the gritty streets of San Francisco to labyrinthine dream worlds conjured from humanity's collective psyche, this is a philosophical, page-turning, dark-fantasy odyssey. Meet Kid, an American foster system survivor turned clandestine courier for an underground syndicate, The White Lotus. With the disappearance of their previous runner, Kid must navigate through a harrowing night filled with deranged stalkers and nightmarish creatures born of his darkest fears. Then there's Alice, a teen prodigy from The Young School — an enigmatic institute for violent psychics, also known as travelers. These travelers have the power to traverse The Dream, a parallel universe birthed from humanity's collective consciousness, capable of manipulating society, acquiring superhuman abilities, and even discovering immortality. Alice yearns to harness these mystical forces to gain her freedom. When an assignment goes dead wrong in Chinatown, Kid and Alice's paths intersect. This streetwise runner and covert operative of parallel worlds find themselves in a reality-defying struggle for the survival of humanity. Can they channel their abilities, love, and determination to mend the very fabric of existence, defeat an ancient evil, and safeguard both realms—The Dream and The Real? This visionary dark-fantasy novel, woven with elements of thriller, horror, science-fiction, and the supernatural, resonates with readers who appreciate intricate world-building, in-depth characterization, and an engaging, fast-paced narrative. Praise for The Rivener “The Rivener' offers a profound, immersive experience resonating with wisdom and truth. With endearing characters and a formidable villain, it's a soulful, thrilling narrative akin to The Sandman and The Matrix." - A Page of Words and Wishes "Littered with feeling and philosophy, violence, and mythology. This had me gripped from start to finish.” - Christopher Badcock, Those You Killed "Absolutely brilliant. An epic mix between Gaiman’s ‘The Sandman’ and everything I wanted but never got from King’s ‘Dark Tower’.” - The Misfit Bookshelf "The Rivener pulls you in from the very first page and doesn’t let go. You emerge completely invested in the world and its characters and are left questioning the nature of reality.” - Book Naked

Legend of Samantha Torres

Legend of Samantha Torres by Jacob Ryckman

For twelve year-old Samantha Torres, her Type 1 diabetes used to just be a frustrating nuisance - one more thing for her mother to tell her she wasn't being responsible about. But when her cruise ship crashes on a mysterious jungle island and separates her from her family, managing that chronic illness becomes a struggle for her life. Luckily, she receives some help from a 3,000 year-old woman named Belby, who claims that Samantha's powers indicate that she is supposed to protect the island from intruders. Specifically, she has to stop a bunch of creepy zombie-people - who most likely have kidnapped her mom - from reaching the magical tree at the center of the island. With just a single bottle of insulin, some awesome gravity-bending superpowers, and a quippy attitude, Samantha is guaranteed to succeed and prove to her mom once and for all that she can be responsible. After all, putting yourself in harm's way to fight a bunch of bad guys is super responsible…right?

Witches of Worth

Witches of Worth by Journey Windrow

It’s the witching hour on Samhain. Born-witch Amaris Rutter is on a mission to safeguard the familiars of the Salem Council of Witches. But her best intentions turn her world upside down as she's crushed between warring factions of the Cabinet of Witchery. To make it worse, Amaris finds herself caught in a web of intrigue that leads to disaster. This fast-paced spin-off from the Mage of Boston series is an enjoyable standalone that also offers fresh insights that enrich the mage series. It slots neatly between The Reluctant Mage and Stone and Bone, enriching both. Immerse yourself in a world where magic, mystery, dominance struggles, and the power of second chances collide.

Lost in the Waking Well

Lost in the Waking Well by John Notlad

Dreams are made of memories, as is waking life. Who’s to say which is real? Clara— the girl of Allen’s dreams. She was his world in that other life. . . The one before he awoke from his coma. Now he has Elizabeth, a wife he has no memory of, and Goose, a daughter he no longer recognizes. Despite their love for him and the man he used to be, Allen’s only desire is to return to the life he had before he awoke. With the help of a local research doctor and a cocktail of drugs, Allen returns to the world of his dreams in search of the woman he loves. But dreams can be fickle. Answers are carefully guarded. And for his broken mind, the line between fantasy and reality grows blurrier with each excursion.

Out on a Limb

Out on a Limb by Luis Paredes

"How many perverts d'ya think sucked on those toes before the police rolled in?" With that question, Out On a Limb kicks off an irreverent, foul-mouthed, and horrific urban fantasy noir series following the exploits of private occult investigators Rebecca Suarez and Peyton Marx. In this fast-paced novella that readers can devour in an afternoon, Rebecca and Peyton are stumped by their strangest case yet—a tree growing human legs. The dangling gams become the least of their concerns when nearby trees start consuming more than just carbon dioxide. Now the investigators must use their powers and the NYPD's magical tech to find the mage responsible for this heinous crime and stop a bloody disaster from creeping across the Empire State.

Elemental Ruin

Elemental Ruin by Alx Chan Yee

Why would me being Magik be an issue? Fae and Magiks have not been at peace for millennia. Arabella Huŏ. A grieving witch accidentally teleported to the Fae realm of Ifaeris. A student from the Lazipeus University of Magik, unable to control her power. After being imprisoned by the High King of the Fae, she is forced to work with the feared Prince Cassius. Together, the two must discover who has been the cause behind the disappearances of the Fae. Cassius Disaris. The unloved son of King Elliot. A Fae descended from the Spiritus Elemental Fae bloodline. Both feared and beloved by the common fae, he has the power of shadows. Bound by his father’s rule over the land, the prince is obligated to work with the witch, who, immediately upon seeing her, is filled with loathsome aversion. With a tongue as sharp as Cassius’ and the clever mind of Arabella’s, two creatures with history that dates back over two millennia must find a way to put aside their own personal opinions if they desire to rid each other from their presence.


Undiscovered by Ashley Anglin

Sometimes truth is stranger than folktales. Bilingualism and plate tectonics were the only kinds of shapeshifting Arden Araujo’s troubled geoscientist dad prepared her for. But it turns out, the outlandish prediction that wrecked his career–a devastating North Sea tsunami–might not be the unlikeliest truth he took to his grave. In the 2097 tsunami’s aftermath, environmental first responder Arden expects her mission in hard-hit northeast Scotland to involve the usual grunt work, maybe a little freediving if she’s lucky. Instead, she stumbles upon a critically endangered species of Orkney and Shetland legend, hiding in plain sight among the refugees. They trust that she can help restore their kind, despite storms, aftershocks, and policy decisions way beyond her pay grade. Increasingly at home on the shores of their life-giving sea, she may have found her calling; true love might not be a mere children’s story either. Yet the deeper she’s immersed in their tale, the less sure she feels that she’s the right hero to protect the hidden treasure of their existence. UNDISCOVERED is a unique sci fi/fantasy fusion: climate fiction, hopeful fabulism, and a feminist hero’s journey, told in lyrical prose (and occasional Spanglish).

Plant Lady

Plant Lady by M. A. Phillips

Plants are easy. People…not so much. Fern is a practicing witch with a green thumb. She's earned an enchanting reputation for helping people improve their fortunes at her tiny plant shop in Utica, NY, but she'd trade it all to reclaim her grandparents' garden nursery. Her life takes an unexpected turn when an ex-boyfriend suddenly appears at her Pagan circle's meetup as they plan for their annual witches' ball. Will he uproot this Plant Lady's plans, or will new opportunities bloom?

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